Clash Royale: Season 2 Update! 🏝️ First look at a NEW Pass Royale, Tower Skin & Arena! TV Royale

Clash Royale: Season 2 Update! 🏝️ First look at a NEW Pass Royale, Tower Skin & Arena! TV Royale

Keep watching this video to find out
what’s coming in Clash Royale Season 2. What’s up? I’m Drew
from the Clash Royale team and I’m here to tell you all about
Clash Royale Season 2: Shipwrecked! We are shipwrecked on the conveniently-named
Shipwreck Island. This is a brand-new arena, where you’ll fight
most of your battles in Season 2. Pass Royale has
35 new reward tiers to unlock. Keeping with the summer vibes
of Shipwreck Island, we have a new tower skin. The Sandcastle is
the unique tower skin for Season 2. This tower skin can be unlocked
at reward tier 30. The Season 2 emote
is the first King emote since we launched Clash Royale in 2016. These rewards will only
be available this season. As always, there is
a guaranteed Legendary in tier 35. Earn chests, gold and more,
with Pass Royale! Season 2 will have several
new challenges for you to enjoy. Unlock cards, chests, a new emote
and more from these challenges. Fisherman, the newest card,
is now available for everybody. Trophy Road has been updated, so that these cards
can be unlocked at certain trophies. Good luck on the Season 2 Trophy Road. Also coming in Season 2,
we have a bunch of new balance changes. The Magic Archer is getting
a big damage buff, with +16%,
and a small hit speed nerf. The latest card, Fisherman,
is getting a hitpoints buff. And he’s also getting a buff
to his anchor range. P.E.K.K.A is getting a hitpoint nerf,
but also a melee range buff. Our favorite elixir-guzzling Lumberjack
is getting a hit speed nerf. Barbarian Barrel is getting
a 15% damage nerf. And finally, Valkyrie will no longer
outrange long-ranged melee troops. That’s it. Keep an eye out
for Season 2: Shipwrecked, coming to Clash Royale on August 5th. Remember to like this video,
subscribe for more news and we’ll see you on Shipwreck Island!

100 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Season 2 Update! 🏝️ First look at a NEW Pass Royale, Tower Skin & Arena! TV Royale”

  1. I wanted to save my Pass progress for an opening at season 2 start but everything i didnt collect just disappeared… WTF?? pls help

  2. taco cat the funny

    For some reason I never seen a legendary chest at the end Idk if it is android or Apple I had luck to have a legendary card I hope you guys see this

  3. It should be a much better game if they fixed the matchmakeing system to a win lose rating system so u dont play people that are high in ranks and drop down after the season. I usely w8 till the season ends before ranking up. Cause then u get a good chance to go higher in ranks cause the the people that were 6k r back on there ranks… Also the 2v2 is very bad cause its random and when the season starts ull get high people agains u cause they all farm crowns for the pass.. Thinking about to quit the game cause unfair matchmakeing in start and mid season

  4. Funny Supercell just Give much afford in the video then the update..

    Supercell you can't challenge EA.just get Over time job

  5. please do it in the royale pass that when you reach 35 tiers you can continue because you have nothing to do and let you play against the same or a similar good player because when you are 10 and playing against 12, it is not fer and almost always lose

  6. Hello i have an idea for the Next update of chash royale, as the electric wizard more before leaving casts a discharge spell, i would like the ice wizard more before leaving to Cast an ice spell, that is the idea i had to improve the ice wizard, so people would use it more, Answer me if you read this message. Thank you.

  7. Tell me why I wasn’t able to get a “guaranteed Legendary card” I already finished the pass and I didn’t get a legendary card as “always”

  8. I see a lot of people said : "why nerf pekka"
    well , Supercell wants to balance him to be a CONTROL CARD , NOT A BEATDOWN CARD !
    they nerfed the combo pekka + wizard , and , pekka+executioner with this balance
    and buffed like a control card , for killing hog rider , battle ram
    well pekka was buffed for be a control card , and nerfed like a beatdown card

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  10. не ну уроды,что сказать.За,что дровосека.УРОДЫ.Это былА моя любимая карта,но не надож было её испортитить.УРОДЫЫЫ МРАЗИИИ

  11. It says you have to be arena 7 or above to get the legendary is that true or can you get a legendary without being in arena 7?

  12. can someone please explain to me why I didn't get a guaranteed legendary after they just explain that you would get one after passing tier 35?

  13. Nerf the freakin Hog Rider already! A level 13 Hog has over 2000hp, very fast speed, and 384 dmg per hit. Wtf is that?

  14. Jogo já foi ótimo viciante! Hoje está totalmente injusto! Se você pagar não precisa jogar muito para está no topo, se não pagar 💰 morra jogando. Aff tudo bagunçado…

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