CORSAIR & ORIGIN PC’s Flashy New Custom Rigs

CORSAIR & ORIGIN PC’s Flashy New Custom Rigs

[Julian Huguet]: Hello everybody
and welcome back to GeForce and
our coverage of CES. We’re here at CORSAIR’s booth
to see how they and ORIGIN PC use NVIDIA GeForce RTX
20 Series graphics cards to power their systems.
Let’s see what they’ve got. Of course, CORSAIR has a ton of stuff
here at CES that we’re checking out, so I’m going to talk
to Dennis some more about that. Now Dennis, tell me a bit
about the Vengeance PCs. [Dennis Jackson]: So, when we launched
the Vengeance PC, from the beginning, we utilized NVIDIA
GeForce graphics. And the latest 5180 Series
is an update to bring in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
into the Vengeance Series. [Julian Huguet]: What’s the
philosophy that CORSAIR has when they’re building
the Vengeance system? [Dennis Jackson]: We want to bring
everything that we can to that DIY gamer, that wants that best
experience for Esports and for the full range of games
that are out there, but also be able to
upgrade it as well. It gives you all of the CORSAIR smart
case, the all-in-one cooling solution, the Vengeance RGB memory,
so you get everything that you want from all the best CORSAIR ingredients and
then keeps you gaming into the future. [Julian Huguet]: Of course,
if you guys really want to go off, you have an amazing system
called the CORSAIR ONE. [Dennis Jackson]: We have the two lines,
the CORSAIR ONE and the CORSAIR ONE PRO. And what you end up with is a full
system with industry standard parts. We use Mini ITX
standard motherboards. We also have standard memory,
standard power supply. And we utilize all of our pump technology
from our all-in-one cooling systems to give you the best performance in
as small a form factor as possible. [Julian Huguet]: CORSAIR has been
making some big moves in the last couple of years.
There’s a lot of well known, respected companies now under
that pirate flag. There’s Elgato, there’s ORIGIN PC,
and there’s Scuf. What’s the thinking on adding all of these
respective brands to the CORSAIR lineup? [Dennis Jackson]: CORSAIR has
always been focused on the best-in-class performance
for content creators, for gamers,
for, just, DIY performance PCs. So as we look at filling out
our product portfolio, we look for those types
of brands that are out there, where we can help build out
their engineering resources, and also bring
their technologies in, so we can have the best
solutions that we can deliver. [Julian Huguet]: We’re checking out
ORIGIN PC’s offerings here at CES 2020, and I’m with Kevin,
the CEO of the company. And you’ve got to show me the BIG O.
What’s this thing about? [Kevin Wasieleweski]: The BIG O is back.
It’s the 2020 Edition. It’s a fully customized, liquid-cooled,
top-of-the-line PC and an integrated liquid-cooled
console in one chassis. [Julian Huguet]: So, what you
guys have combined here, is really what makes it special.
What’s inside the BIG O? [Kevin Wasieleweski]: Inside on the
PC side, it’s totally customizable. You can up to an Intel 9900K. On the GPU side, it’s the highest-end
single GPU you can put in there, so 2080 Ti or a Titan, and then it also
has an integrated Elgato capture card. So you can stream
and record your console. [Julian Huguet]: So, you’ve got the choice
of an Xbox One S or a PS4 Pro on one side,
and then RTX graphics on the other side. You really can have, like,
the best of both worlds in one system. [Kevin Wasieleweski]: Yeah. It’s basically
the ultimate content creation and entertainment machine.
And even if you just want to have your kids playing on the console,
and you’re on your PC, you can enjoy them both separately
on two different displays. [Julian Huguet]: You have two here that
are color-coded based on whether there’s a PlayStation or an Xbox
inside of it, but I know ORIGIN. You guys do customizable
to the extreme. So, what can people make
their rigs look like? [Kevin Wasieleweski]: Oh, you know us all
too well. So, we can paint the chassis whatever color you want,
HD UV printing. And then now Scuf is part of the
CORSAIR family, so you can also get a Scuf controller to match
your PC exactly how you want it. [Julian Huguet]: That’s so cool!
So, you guys have now also been acquired by CORSAIR,
right, as of July 2019. What’s it like for you guys now
working with such a huge builder
of different components? [Kevin Wasieleweski]: I mean, being part
of the CORSAIR family is awesome. Now, iCUE is being integrated
onto our PCs, so everything will be controlled by iCUE,
their powerful software tool. The BIG O actually has
a CORSAIR 280X chassis, so it’s the smallest BIG O
we’ve ever built. So they just have such high-end components
and everything they build is top quality and all about gaming. Everything
just works together beautifully. [Julian Huguet]: So, speaking of iCUE.
That’s the update for your RTX laptops that you’re
showing off at CES as well, right? [Kevin Wasieleweski]: Yeah.
So we recently also announced iCUE is coming to our EVO laptops,
our 16-inch and 17-inch. So now with one software,
you can control all of your lighting on your peripherals
and your PC. [Julian Huguet]: Well, we hope you enjoyed
seeing just some of what CORSAIR and ORIGIN PC have to offer
here at CES 2020. Stay tuned,
and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. It's crazy the power in that form factor! Some day when the are few years old I'm going to buy one for a price I can afford 🤞 #RTXOn

  2. "— so you get everything that you want from all the best Corsair INGREDIENTS…"
    🤔 Well that's a first. "Ingredients" over the use of the term 'components' or 'hardware' or even 'elements'.

    😁 I like that smooth, sly Hyundai hatchback feature! 🤣

    Also, KevSki posts cool randoms on the 'gram when he's out doing activities.


  3. I will be going with a lot of CORSAIR products when i build my first PC later this year. They get great reviews plus i like the look of them. 😀

  4. Рачок Чувачёк

    Крутое видео. Желаю тебе удачи в дольнешем. И успеха.

  5. Don’t be fooled. Don’t use Corsair vengeance LPX, use its ballistix sport lt, it uses E type die and the one the LPX uses is a roll compared to e type

  6. PlusJesterEntertainment

    Still wish origin would sell the “REAL Big O” with all consoles. I’d save all my money for that… if I didn’t already spend it all on a rtx system.

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