Court of the Dead: Mourners Call | Game the Game

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call | Game the Game

(upbeat quirky music) Hey, friends. Welcome to Game The Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott. And every week on this show, we bring you a cool new tabletop game. This week, we have Court of the Dead: Mourner’s Call. And I have some amazing guests, including the game’s creator. Right here, we have Tom Gilliland. Hi, how you doing? You promised me a mustache twirl. (Becca laughs) Right next to Tom, we have Sam de Leve. They are the co-creator, writer and a player on Callisto 6 here on Geek & Sundry and Project Alpha. Perfect, adorable as always, charming. We have Mica Burton. Mica is a cosplayer and Esports host. Aw yeah, all of those nerdy things. Hi, everybody. And of course, we have Pat Marino, the game designer. Hey everybody, that’s me. Yay! Guys, I’m so excited to play this game. Let’s do it. I feel like there’s weird pressure that like, the people who created the game are here, to do well. And also, beat them because I feel like that they have an upper hand over us. That’s a really good point. I feel the opposite pressure because if I mess things up, I have people right here to correct me. And I don’t have to worry about you guys, in the YouTube comments. (laughing) Just sayin’. All right, so first thing’s first. And this is where Pat will jump in, shall we deal out our ulterior motives? Let’s do it. Okay, great. Tom, we should probably put our cards back in the deck, that we stole out. Oh I see, so you’re cheating out the gate and you’re just going to call it part of game design. I get it. That’s legit, isn’t it now? It’s the secondary ulterior motive. The one you as a player have.
Yeah, ulterior motives. Cheap motives. So we each have three ulterior motives. We’re all going to look at them. This is kept secret throughout the whole game and it’s going to inspire our strategy. Now this will also determine our faction. There is the faction of bone, the faction of flesh and the faction of spirit. I’m a little bit of all three, you know what I mean? And then we put our faction token, once we choose, correct? Yes.
Correct. Oh, snap. And where do we put our secondary ulterior motives? This’ll be the discard pile over here. In a dusty crypt somewhere, and never to be seen again. Next thing’s next, we need starter Mourners. Do we not?
We do. After declaring our faction, mine be bone. I am with you on bone. As am I. Uh oh.
No, guys! I’m flesh. In our practice game, we were all over the board. And I thought, nobody went with bone. Except for Pat over here. We were all thinking the same, clearly. I do feel the spirit within me. Hallelujah
We’re the lone wolves here. Okay, so we need our starter cards next, yeah? Yes. Okay so, oh! Wait, before we can do that we have to assign death. Which is essentially, the first player token. Correct.
And there’s a very specific way you do that. Which is, whichever player is hypothetically closest to death. Yes. Or the furthest from the beginning of life. That’s probably a better way to put it. Yeah, I’m not gonna put any bet. Someone might appreciate that. All right, oldest player goes first, Tom? Well, I’m 12 so– It must be me then, right? Alrighty.
Do we have to disclose our– I’ll just follow the sword, right away. All right, now that that’s decided, Tom, you will go first of the bone starter cards. Which is a real bummer for me and Pat. Yes. But if you’ll reveal it face up.
So what can I deprive you of in terms of starters? Spirit, right Sam?
Yes. So you can choose from those. I am the only flesh patron.
Well, well done. (everyone discusses Mourner cards in unison) Okay, so let’s all reveal who our first Mourner is. And Tom, why don’t you tell us about yours? I am Ruse of Calvum Harrows. Calvum Harrows is where they store all the armaments for the Underworld, and artifacts. And Ruse is sort of, the master, crazy curator of those things. That sounds like you, the side show. Yeah, that would be pretty dang close, wouldn’t it? Master, crazy curator, okay. I’m going to hear that all the week, I’m sure.
Put that on your business card. (laughs) My Mourners are the Whists of Ruin. The Spirit Disciple Assassins. I’ve got the Reaper Shieve, right here. This is PathFinder. So, every action phase I get to draw an extra Etherea from the supply, which are these sparkly lil’ blue gemstones. We’ll explain what that means if you didn’t watch the how to play. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it. I got Grimmdigits and the Cryptlorn Troupe. So I gain one flesh influence any time I draw a Mourner. And if it’s specifically a flesh Mourner, I gain two influence. I went with Goliad, who is the Giant Skeletal Protector of Voxxingard. And he’s going to give me two bone influence every time I complete one of my Wallows’ side quests. Unless the Dread Script is above five, in which case I’ll get three influence. All right, now I’m going to give everybody two Etherea to start. Duex. All right, a duex, a duex. Give me sparkles. So many sparkles.
(Tom laughs) All right, now we need our starting characters. So there is a guild figure on the bottom left of each of the cards we just described. Who’s got what? I could take a Council of Osteomancy, if you would. Indeed. And for taking such, I will put my token on the board there. Can I get a Shroudrieves Coven, please? Yes, Mica. Thank you, and I will give you a token. All right, Shroudrieves.
A Mortis Knighthood for me. Right on, Mortis Knight. Now, what we’re doing is placing our specific token on these bottom Underworld Guilds trackers. And at the end of each round, whoever controls the most of that type of guild figure will get the bonus listed below. Yes. The Whists of Ruin summon one of the Dreadsbane Order. No way. Who would’ve thought? Here you go. And Ruse of Calvum Harrows gives me a Council of Osteomancy. Disagree. Boom. That’s not what I want. What? (Becca laughs) You’re right, what am I doing? Just trying to get them on the board. I’m trying to throw you off mid-game. You went. Yeah, you’re Mortis Knighthood, okay, cool. I will never question your Mortis Knighthood again. (Mica and Tom laugh) All right, time for a little Ethereal distribution, I’d say, yeah? Okay, so the way that we will distribute our Etherea, which is one of the resources in the game, is that Death will role the dice. And the bones say what? Three, two, five, 10, 14. Good math.
Ooh, that’s a light draft. Roll better, please. I will work on that part. (Becca laughs) I appreciate that. Where’s the perfect 30? All right, here’s 14 Etherea. Tom, you will take these 14 Etherea, as you well know, and you will split ’em up into as many piles as you like. And then we’ll go around and draft said piles. But Tom, picks last. So you know, you don’t want to make bad piles because then you’ll be left with the dregs. And the way that we decided how many dice you would roll was the number of players. Okay. Let’s try that configuration.
Sam’s first pick? All right, I would like a pile of three Ethereas. So there’s three, there’s three, there’s two, two, two, two. So I will take a three. Worked for me. May I have a two, please? I will take a two as well, thank you. As will I. Now, these extra go into the Dirth Forge. Which means that they’re going to be left over at the end of the round, and we’re also going to have to do a– what do you call it? A secret reveal.
Blind bid? Blind bid to decide whether or not we reach the Tithe, The Celestial’s demand. But those two are going to go into it, no matter what. So now, let’s go to our round phase order cheat cheat. Thank you so much for having one of these, I love these so much. Wallows cards time. Each round we will each get a Wallows card, which is something that goes face up in front of us. It’s our little side quest. Oh, thank you. How about you pass back. Thank you. Brilliant. All right, Pat you read yours first. Whatcha doin’? Mine says, if I gain a bone Mourner card this round, I can roll a die and gain half that many bone influence rounded up. A bone moaner, bone Mourner? Say that ten times fast. Bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner, bone Mourner. I think you got it. You’re one short, but it’s fine. (Mica laughs) I’ll show myself out. Disqualified.
(Becca laughs) Take my name off the box. Take my name off, I’ll take it. You can put my name there. If I have at least one guild, what is it, guild figure?
Yeah Guild figure, in at least two spare locations I gain this artifact for the remainder of the game. And I gain two Unity coins if anyone plays the Shard Court card. We’re coming for you.
What artifact? That’s not gonna happen.
Those are her swords. The card itself, yeah. The Twin Blades Faithbearer and Seraph’s Woe? Yup, Seraph’s Woe. So basically, if you complete the top you get to keep the card and the power on the bottom for the rest of the game. Oh, oh, ooh!
So you’re just going to gain two Unity each turn? I mean, unless the Shard is not one of our Court cards? Right, but if somebody plays– oh, that’s a nice one. Well, we’re all gonna try to not let you have two guild figures. What are you talking about? Don’t look at this. A little mortal suppression. I got Aide the Stitchwitches Harvest, I’ll make you someone special. If I have greater than or equal to six of the flesh influence, then some stuff’s gonna happen. I’m gonna pay an Etherea and get a guild figure. I don’t know if I want to do that because I am bone faction. So we’ll see if I get that much flesh this turn. All right, because I have Filthhusk The Blightmaker, a Raker’s going to attack the Vadlum Gates. And I have to roll in battle to fight that. Or, if I fail to fight or lose the fight, we’ll have penalty, both in losing guild figures, and in increasing the Dreadsgrip Threat. Sweet, so you just spawn this Raker. Yeah. And where’s that going?
The Vadlum Gates. I can do it multiple times, yes? Yes.
(Becca gasps) Just this round. One Etherea for one guild figure? Okay, maybe I– it’s fine. So I have the Nicturn Tree. Guard the dormant gate. It’s sort of a big tree, sits between the different realms. Has roots in all the different planes of existence. The first time I reduce the Celestial track by one, I gain a Unity.
Ooh. A unity utility. Well, we should throw out that you created the lore for this game. That is correct. This is your baby. I mean, Pat over here, he did the nitty-gritty of actual, the game mechanics. But the story is your brain child. That is correct.
Skeletal, bony brain child. Yeah, all that dungeon mastering put to good use, I suppose. Yeah, oh, we like that here. We like that very much in this building. Okay, well, now we go next, to the Court card drafting. So, depending on the number of players, it changes the draft. But I’m going to deal everybody three, yeah? Correct. Okay, or maybe Tom, you should. All right. Let’s just go around. Oh gosh. Bam, boom. Maybe I should’ve just dealt. (laughs) Two, and last, but certainly not least. Okay, look at your Court cards. Keep one and pass the other two. Do you pass it to the left? Oh, I guess. What charity have you sent my way? I see. Wait a minute, there’s three here! There are three, I goofed. Oh, okay. Guys, now it’s time. The party is beginning, it is the action phase. And on the action phase, on your turn, you can do one thing until everybody passes. If someone passes, they can always jump back in. So long as not everybody else has also passed. Okay, I am good to play Auraghast, The Arbiter of Souls. I elect to use her second power. So I am going to spend the first one. So, plus one on the Celestial track. No! I’ll select any player to contribute two Etherea to the Dirth Forge. You and that player, let’s see, select any player to contribute two Etherea to the Dirth Forge. So I am picking… Now, well, you guys with the greedy hands on the three are more interesting. All right Sam, you’re up. You and I will both contribute one. And we will both pick up a Unity token for doing so. And this is to the Dirth Forge, you said? You know, looking out for everybody. I definitely believe that. Unity, unity. You could take that to the bank. Excellent. Sam? All right, I am going to use my action phase to play a Court card. So that I might complete a movement of my guild figure without paying the influence cost. Oh snap. Gallevarbe on the move.
So, as I send this member of the Dreadsbane Order out to the Anthenaeum, I don’t have to pay any influence to do so. Sweet. All right, we’ll discard that card. That was your action. Oh my gosh, this was the part I should have planned for. Becca, what’s wrong with you? Okay. I’m trying to get all this flesh business going on. So I can do my Wallows card. So, if we’re going to have a flesh party then I’m just gonna use this Etherea to recruit a sweet Conclave of Shadows. Ooh, nefarious.
For a cost of three. There you go. Thank you, and it just goes into my crypt on my board. I’d have to use a different action if I want to put them on the greater board of Illverness. Okay, for my action, I’m going to play the Ellianastis card. So I am going to pay one Etherea, I am going to get one spirit– Mourner? Mourner, that’s what the word is. And you draw two, keep one. And I draw two, keep one. We’re gonna push up that scary little Dreadsgrip thing.
Dreadsgrip is moving. And then I also get one spirit influence. And now that I’ve gotten, once I pick a Mourners card, I also get one flesh influence. And you paid your Etherea? My Etherea has now been paid. All right. Let’s see. How do I dual a Mourners card?
That’s a Pat question. Yeah so, as your turn action you would pick any other Mourner card in play. And this card, and that card would have a dual. They each roll a die, if you win you get some benefits. If you lose, you lose some influence. Ah, I see. Does a Mourner card die in that scenario? It does not, if I’m remembering all the card texts correctly. But, there’s some influence exchange. And an opportunity to deactivate it for the round. So, it’s not out of play, but it is out of contention for this round. Cool, that sounds pretty sweet. And then, I have a question with The Jilted Bride. It says, when it comes into play you may exchange any of your Mourners cards. Does that count as drawing a new one? So, if you had a Mourner card that was no longer effective for you, you might use her ability to put it back in the deck and draw a replacement.
But– Nah, it’s not as fun.
The Jilted Bride is looking for a new spouse.
(laughing) Okay, I’m going to keep the Knightshade Duelist then, and I’m going to discard The Jilted Bride. Perfect, the discard goes to the bottom of the pile. In probably worth noting that The Knightshade Duelist is Tom’s likeness.
Yeah, it is! And you also get to bring in a Dreadsbane Order? It’s Tom, there it is. Guild member, yeah? Yes, I do. Which one? I bring in a Dreadsband Order. One token, please. Here, let me give you this little token. That’s also gonna move the Dreadsgrip. (Becca gasps)
Yes, it is. Uh oh. Pat? I have a tough choice here, but I think what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna play the Kier card. And I’m gonna use her second ability, which removes any Raker from the board and steals the benefit. (Becca gasps) So, Kier just went out and did Sam a favor, and destroyed that Raker. And what reward am I stealing? We’ll need the white ring. Second ability, she doesn’t come out. Oh, you’re right. You will gain one bone guild figure and decrease the Dreadsgrip by one. Okay, Dreadsgrip down. Does it specify a figure type? Should say the picture. Looks like Mortis Knight. So you’ve already got a Mortis Knight, already. So I’m gonna move it up to the two spot. Perfect. All right, so, I will play Death, as Death. I am playing his second ability. Take the Death figure, which I have taken. I will also reduce the Dreadsgrip by one, and the Celestial Meter by one. Gain a Unity, which will also trigger my Wallows card. First time I reduce the Celestial track by one, gain a Unity, so I will pick up a second for that. Ho, ho, double Unity turn! Unified. Uh oh, Tom, you’re making me angry. Well, what can we do about that? Nothing, that’s just my state. Feeling the need to expand my reach, I’m going to recruit a guild figure by paying three Etherea and moving up the Dreadsgrip Threat by one. So I can pick any guild figure that I like for this? Yes. Fantastic, the Dreadsbane Order comes to me. I saw that coming, somehow. Mysterious. All right, I have so many questions, Pat. Okay, first of all, my Wallows card. When do I need to have this completed by? Can I wait and reap the benefits of locations before I have to resolve my Wallows card? So, it has to be during the action phase for you to be able to capitalize on the benefit. Gotcha, so I would use this benefit as if it were an action? Correct. Or, in fact, it is an action, okay. And my other question is, when I recruited this guild figure, was I supposed to take an influence in that, no? No. I’m going to use my Reaper Shieve to just take two sweet Etherea from the supply. Because I’m a member of the Bone Faction. Flip it over to show I used it. That’s it. Okay. I am going to move one of my little figures to Mortiss-Veth and I’m going to go down one in the bone faction. I’m done. Interesting. I think I’m gonna do something a little different. I am gonna play Demithyle, but I’m not gonna deploy him onto the board. I’m gonna use his second ability to gain a bone influence and two Etherea. Tom, whatcha doin’? I am going to pass. No, the first pass of the game. I do not pass. I’m going to send this member of the Dreadsbane Order from my crypt to the Dirth Forge. Hm, Dirth Forge, to the Dirth Forge? To the Dirth Forge. Okay, that makes it my turn. Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead. Oh my gosh, you’re gonna like her. She’s my favorite! Anyone you would be awesome cosplaying as I’m just gonna have to show you first. Okay, so, I’m gonna pay one Etherea. I’m going to move up my little flesh-o-meter. And I’m going to move a guild figure to Cryptus Akohr. This guy, and pay a bone influence to do so. And then Gethsemoni is goin’ with her friends to party. Is that the location? So, for that one, because he used her ability, you don’t have to pay any influence to move the figure. Yeah! That’s part of the benefit. And it would’ve been flesh, ’cause it’s a flesh location. My turn? Yeah! Okay, I’m gonna play this Paladin of the Dead Relic dude. And I’m going to do the secondary action, which reveals the top three cards of the Wallows deck. And I may put one of the revealed artifacts into play for my own benefit for the rest of the game. Yeah. I’ll let you have the fun of turning them over. None of these have artifacts. Well, snap. So that was useless. You do gain two bone influence, I believe, as a consolation prize. Woop, woop. No one goes home empty-handed. Okay. Pat, quit hatching a plan! I see it, I see it behind your eyes! I’ve had my plan since we started. (laughs) Oh! I’m gonna spend five Etherea to recruit a bone Mourner card. You very casually dropped a gauntlet right there. I’m gonna keep The Order of the Old Bones, which is gonna give me another Mortis Knight. The Dreadsgrip should go up by one because I recruited a Mourner card. And my Wallows objective is resolved, which was if I gain a bone Mourner card this round, which I just did, roll a die and gain half that many bone influence rounded up. So that’s gonna give me three. What? And, Goliad the Preserver tells me I gain two bone influence anytime I complete a Wallows objective. So I will get two more. I just want to point out he’s also of the bone faction, so everybody should be worried right now. Yeah. Pat is running away. Okay, so, Pat’s strategy, get all the Mourners cards, got it. I am spending one Etherea to move my Councilman of Osteomancy to Calvum Harrows, please. Calvum Harrows. Brilliant. Sam? All right. I’m going to play Cleopsis, Mortals’ Sorrow, to increase the Dreadsgrip Threat while I steal two influence. From Mica. (Becca gasps) Okay, where? Two spirit influence. Okay. Oh, snap. So then you get ’em? They’re mine. They’re all yours. Tom, did you spend Etherea too? He did, he spent one. Oh, influence, what am I doing? Yup, so it should’ve been bone influence, I believe. So I give you back one Etherea, great. Just trying to mess up your strategy by having to keep the rules squared. Ix-zee-all? Xiall. Xiall! That is Xiall-tastic. Okay, that’s The Great Osteomancer. It’s gonna cost me one bone influence to play him, but I want a Mourners card, ’cause somebody makes me think that’s a good strategy. Then I’m gonna go up the Dreadsgrip. Uh oh. And I will earn two Etherea. (gasps) It’s like I have a plan, but I don’t. I am going to play The Knightshade Duelist. And I want to duel one of your cards. Okay. This one gives me influence every time I complete Wallows objective. So I’ve completed mine for the round. And this one says once per action phase, before completing my Wallows objective, I can trade it for a different one. Hm, I want to duel that one. That one seems beneficial to you. All right, so we each take one dice? Mm-hmm. All right, ready? Aw, in the event of a tie, what do we do? If your roll is higher than or equal to, you’re gonna win. Yay! My Mourner is deactivated. Yes, it is. For the remainder of the round, and you’re going to gain two influence of your choice. I’m gonna go up two spirit, right back to where I was. And I keep him, right? Yes. Let me pop in real quick. But I’ll pop him over since I used him. Is he a one time use? He’s a per action, so I’ve used him during my action phase. Just real quick, the Mourner I got is Scarpul, an Unerring Deadshot. I can fight Rakers from Wallows cards I draw, without having to move a guild figure to that location. That’s so convenient. Ooh, and I also get a Mortis Knighthood situation. Mortis Knighthood. All right. So you have three Mortis Knighthood, Pat? Mm-hmm. Okay, and then, I’ve got one. Council of Osteomancy, that’s me and Tom. Great. Dreadsbane Order, you’ve got one, Sam’s got one. Nobody’s got those Gravedancers. And I’ve got one Conclave of Shadows. And Mica has one Shroudrieves Coven. Yeah, anything else? Nope. Great. Okay, I am going to spend a bone influence and move a Mortis Knight to Voxxingard. I will pass. All right. In the spirit of continuing to play Court Cards, Exraile, the Traitor Angel will allow me to exchange two influence of one type for three of another type. So as I decrease in influence of bone, I do increase in spirit. Enhancing the spirit. I’m gonna spend all my Etherea to get a flesh Mourners card, in the hopes that it will help me gain two more flesh influence. Ooh, we got Wraif Lord of Blades, Bodyguard of the Queen. If you control Grendall’s Pillars during the resolve locations phase, gain two. But I need them now! Once per action phase, you may move a guild figure controlled by another player. You must pay the normal movement cost. I’ma go with this Bodyguard of the Queen. ‘Cause I like things that are all the time abilities, versus a one time ability. I like getting more bang for my buck, ya know? I will take a Shroudrieves Coven, if you could. And on the Shroudrieves board, there I go, sweet, thank you. Is it my turn? ‘Tis! ‘Tis? Okay, I’m going to–
Not getting it here. Move my cool little dude here. What is his name? Oh, that’s a Gravedancer. No, that’s a Dreadsbane Order. I’m gonna move my Dreadsbane Order to hmm. What is that location over there? I cannot read that far. Which one?
Grendall’s Pillars. That one.
HushHyde? HushHyde! Okay. I was gonna flick it and then I realized that was a bad idea. (laughs) Might’ve worked. That’d make a mess. I’m gonna spend a spirit point. Sweet.
That’s it. Pat? I wanna move on the board. I just gotta decide where looks good. I think Curio Cryptus. I’m gonna spend a flesh influence and send a Mortis Knight there. Ooh. Well done, well done, great. Thank you. Oh, dang it. Tom? Well, well, well. What’s he thinking over there? Oglavaeil, the Executioner appears. And is going to regulate your Mortis Knight in Voxxingard. Ooh. So I take him back. Sick burn. And I spend one bone influence to affect that. Oh, does that kill him? It does.
Oh, no. Ouch. He broke the rules, gotta go. Sam? I pass. (gasps) Ooh, okay. Well, I would like to play Odium, the Pit Wreaker. Boom. That’s this fellow. And they are going to any location, and I would like to go to Grendall’s Pillars. I hear it’s pretty dope there. And does that move up the Dreadsgrip? I get the free placement. Yup. Sweet. If I only continued reading. Okay, cool. And I get to, anytime an opponent moves there, I gain the influence cost that they would move. And I don’t have to spend a flesh to go here? Correct. Great, okay. I am going to spend my last Etherea, oh no! And I would like to summon a Shroudrieves Coven, please. I’m gonna slide you up. Thank you very much. And spawning that moves up our Dreadsgrip. Yes, it does.
We’ll get better at this. I’m going to put–
Our dark nature is running amok.
Uh-huh. You at the Dirth Forge, is where I’m putting you. So new figures go to your crypt. Just kidding, you’re going in the crypt. Future turn to deploy. I’m gonna keep you here because I care about you. (Becca laughs) Tom, how many Etherea do you have over there? Three. All right, I’m just– We’re looking slim. We’re at eight for the quota. We got four in the supply, but I’ve noticed some people have spent all their Etherea for the Tithe. Yeah, that was a poor choice. I think it might largely be on you, Tom. Just pointing that out. I was ready to shoulder that weight, sure You just want the Unity. Yeah, you get three Unity if you contribute the most to the Celestial Tithe of Etherea. Is it Pat’s turn? It is. I am gonna play Shard before Mica completes her Wallows card, so she doesn’t get the Unity bonus this go-around. I’m gonna decrease the Dreadsgrip by one. I’m gonna gain a Unity. I’m gonna push this up by one, and gain an influence. Brilliant. I pass. Oh, wow. Yeah, you gotta hang on to that Etherea. I pass as well. Oh, okay. Not me. All right, I got all these figures in my crypt. And they wanna come out and party. I want a little, a little Theater of Memory. I will spend a spirit to deploy, who’s that? That’s a Conclave of Shadows. That’s it. That’s it?
Mm-hmm. All right, now I’m gonna do what I was gonna do. I’m gonna spend a spirit to put you at the Dirth Forge, little buddy. Dirth Forge! And now, I take this! This is mine now, right? You’re in two spirit locations, yes. Yay! So now this artifact is mine. Okay, Pat, I see you have only one Etherea left, but you got a lot of influence to spend. What will you do? I will spend that influence. I’ll spend one bone to replace the Mortis Knight that was in Voxxingard, that Tom so kindly assassinated for me. (laughing) Oh, so generous. Tom, will you pass again? I am passing again. Okay, Sam? I pass again. Okay, me, me? Let’s see, where’s nobody hanging out yet? Vadlum Gates looks pretty cool. I wanna go there. I’m gonna go there, spend a bone influence. My turn?
Mm-hmm. I am going to play Mortighull, did I pronounce that right? Yup. And I’m going to get three Etherea, please. Ooh.
What? In this Etherea-starved environment. Mine! Pat? I will pass. Ooh, one pass. Pass. Pass, two pass. Pass. Three pass. Whatever, I’m going for broke. (laughing) I’m gonna spend a flesh to go to Life’s Ebb. Okay.
I pass. Pass. Pass again. Pass. Pass. Pass! We have all passed and now, if we look at our round phase order, it’s time for the Dreadsgrip Threat check. Well, there ya go. So, because the location limit is one, we gotta resolve something here in this Dirth Forge, don’t we? Absolutely.
Indeed, we do. So is it a duel? It is a dice roll each. And if you roll a one or a two, you have to bring your figure back to your crypt. So that can change who controls the location. I got a six. Uh oh. Only a two for me. Oh, Sam. Oh, looks like my little Shroudrieves Coven stays. Okay, now, what would have happened had they both rolled three or above? So if they both rolled high enough to keep their figures on the board, when we resolve locations, there would be a tie. And only Death can break one tie. So, neither of them would’ve gotten the benefit for the location. Got it, but they are allowed to both stay there, if they roll well. Okay, got it. Next step is the pay Celestial Tithe. So everyone take their Etherea in your hand. Now we’ve got four in the Dirth Forge, we need to come up with our player count plus three, based on our Celestial Suspicion, which is only one. So we need eight total. Well, I’ve got all mine ready to go. (laughs) I’m hoping that you guys come up with four collectively. I mean, or, I’m putting in. I’m putting in some. I’m putting in some. As am I. I have some. Three, two, one. Okay, we good.
Called it. Ugh, you knew, you knew! Okay, so, Tom you put in three, which means you get three Unity. Yay, me! And everybody else that put in something, gets one, which was a bummer for me. You guys got your own? Beautiful. This also never quite made it to the supply. Yup, everything’s set. And then you’re out for the next round. Oh, okay. Oh, are all four of those going away? Right, because we redraw. Mm-hmm, we spent ’em. I have one little Etherea! Can I also just comment these are so cute? They’re beautiful. Like, they’re not just squares, they’re little raw gems, and I love them. So, Becca, did I catch right? You didn’t contribute anything? Yeah. You’re gonna lose an influence of your choice. Way to not be helpful.
Way to be a team player. Oh, crap, I didn’t realize, but I don’t think that would change my choice there. I’m gonna go down in spirit. Feeling dispirited? Okay, so, now we’re gonna resolve locations and guilds! Huzzah! Okay, starting with location one, is the Dirth Forge. So, plus three to Mica. Wonderful. Thank you very much.
Stockpile. Vadlum Gates, that’s me. And I’m gonna take an influence of my choice and an Etherea. Let’s take a little bone. Great. Three is Curio Cryptus, with a plus two influence of different types to Pat. I’ll go one flesh, one spirit. And plus two influence of the same type to Mica, again, at Mortiss-Veth. I’ma do two flesh. Calvum Harrows, it is, let’s see, that’s Tom. So you get one guild bone, one guild figure of bone. Okay, I am taking the Council of Osteomancy. So I will move you up in your Council of Osteomancy track. Theater of Memory, (gasps) that’s me! Surprise! Ooh, I can take spirit influence, but I don’t want to. I want a guild, and we’re gonna go. (gasps) There’s nobody on Gravedancer’s Circle, that looks fun. So Gravedancer’s Circle, I’m gonna put my token. And the Dreadsgrip inches further. See if I care. (laughing) Life’s Ebb, oh my God, that’s me again! I’m gonna take a Shroudrieves Coven, please. Give the people what they want, I suppose. Moving Dreadsgrip up. May I have a Shroudrieves? You may. Higst Anthenaeum, that’s gonna be one spirit influence for each spirit guild, and that goes to Sam. Oh, fantastic. All right, and then Voxxingard. Pat, you get one bone for each, you just get one bone influence. One for that, and one for the guy over there. So all of your figures count. Oh, I thought it was for everybody in Voxxingard. It’s everybody all up in the whole, the whole– The whole world. And Cryptus Akohr, that’s me again. I’m gonna take that bone. Sorry, flesh influence. For each flesh, one, two, three? Three and four. One, two, three, four. I ain’t mad at it, okay. And then 11, HushHyde. You can remove any one guild figure from the board. That will take us down the Dreadsgrip Threat, as well as adding Celestial Suspicion, and gives you two Unity. Me, I get to do that? I get to remove anybody’s figure from the board. Any of your figures, but they go back to your player board. So you don’t lose them, but by sort of, doing the thing for the greater good and slowing things down a bit on the board, you get quite a bit of Unity. I take my figures away. Just one. Okay, I’m gonna take that dude. So down one. And up one here. And then two Unity. Nice.
Huzzah. And Grendall’s Pillars, that’s me. I can do the same. And I will, for the greater good. But first, if you control Grendall’s Pillars during the resolve locations phase, gain two flesh influence. So I’ll take that. And can I do it in this order? I take that and then I remove? Yes.
Can I move Odium with that? Excellent. Oh, that’s genius because he was– It was gonna get moved next time anyway. Okay, so, that’s gonna go down one Dreadsgrip, up one Celestial Suspicion, one Unity for me. And one influence of my choosing. I’m looking real slacking on the spirit, so I’m gonna need that, yeah. My first Unity. Wow, that was locations. Okay, guilds. Mortis Knighthood, it’s Pat, three Etherea. Council of Osteomancy, it’s Tom, two influence of your choosing. Dreadsbane Order, that’s gonna be Sam again. Ah, my shield. Gravedancer’s Circle, that’s me. I’m gonna lower the Dreadsgrip Threat. I’m going to take one Unity, and one influence. Let’s just go with bone. And then Shroudrieves Coven is a tie. Can Death settle this? Death can only settle a tie in which Death is involved. Sorry, Death. So do we just not do anything for that? Correct.
Okay. Sorry. You could’ve given it to one of us, but you decided not to. Now we’re onto clean-up. Pat, help me with the clean-up here. So, clean-up. Any of our special figures, Demithyle, Kier, and Odium, that were on the board are gonna return to go about their business. Any face down cards that were used in the previous round are gonna come back, face up, and be usable again. If we were out of Unity, we’d move to scoring, but we are not, so we’re gonna move into the next round. And reset with the top of the order. Oh, one more thing in the clean-up. Everybody take your Wallows card, throw it in the discard. I did not get six flesh in time to use it. You get to keep yours because it’s an artifact and you quickly did the quest. So you have it for the rest of the game. Wah, wah.
And why don’t I have two really cool blades to put near me? I feel like this is an oversight. That’s a sideshow question. (laughing) Okay. The gauntlet’s been thrown. Get some time in the blacksmith shop this afternoon, apparently. Yes! (laughs) All right, second round. Guys, this is so exciting.
I have a question. Yes. What is that figure? That is Malavestros, which is a Court card that has not made his appearance yet. Okay. Ethereal distribution. I’m gonna need Tom. Let’s have some dice. Roll all these dice please. So you know how you rolled last time? Yeah, the opposite of that.
Don’t do that again. Roll better. Ooh. I think that may overall still be better. 10, 16, that’s better. By two. It’s going in the right direction. Okay, math whizzes, I get it. Okay, 16 Etherea to divvy up how you see fit. I will take a pile of three Etherea. You know I’m not gonna take a one, that’s crazy. I’m gonna be greedy, I’m sorry. Same. Tragedy of the Ethereal commons.
I’ll take the three. And one for the Tithe. Oh, yikes, we’re bad at this, guys. Yeah, it’s like. The hardest part about being a freelancer is not spending all the money you have to pay for taxes. When you work for it and they just take it away from you right away, it’s great. So Etheral suspicion is the IRS in this metaphor, to be clear. Pretty darn on the nose.
Yeah, that’s pretty much the prototype, right? I bare a Marauding Harbinger Demon. We know, but what’s your card? (laughing) You’re too kind. Add at least one guild figure to my crypt anytime during the current round, and I’ll immediately gain a Unity. If I don’t complete that objective, increase the Dreadsgrip Threat by one. So this is kind of win-win, as long as I have Captain Dread’s shield over here. That’s awesome. I got the Celestial Shackler Circlet. Stolen power with promise? If you have at least one unplayed Court card at the end of the round, gain this artifact for the remainder of the game. Once per round, you may use both actions on a Court card. I want that artifact. Okay. I have The Scryer’s Skull of Gig-ax. Gig-ax, Gygax? Gygax. Geery-gygax. If you have guild thingies, miniatures. Figures. Figures, that’s the word I was looking for. In at least two flesh locations, gain this artifact for the remainder of the game. And the artifact is when gaining the Mourners card, look at the top three cards of the deck and choose one. Shuffle the other two back into the deck. I also have an artifact. I have the Trueburn Lantern, which is one of my favorite pieces of lore. Maybe Tom can do it justice. It’s similar, if I have guild figures in two bone locations, I’ll get it. And if I earn the artifact, I’ll gain two Unity anytime anyone places the Relic Ravlatch card. I have encountered a Raker. The Cleaving Splighters, divided they conquer. So a Raker attacks Grendall’s Pillars. (gasps) No. Which I will have to deal with. Potential reward, help from the Conclave of Shadows with the guild figure, or I’m gonna take a big loss in guild figures. All right. Ooh, that’s a smart way to do it. Yeah. Way better. Not my first rodeo. Okay, for you, for you. Wait, this is a rodeo? I’ve completely misunderstood what I came here to do. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve got one of those electronic bulls. Mechanical! And we are passing right this round. We’re passing right? I am ready to pass whenever you are. Reach, reach, you got it? I’m gonna put this here for you, okay? Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Oh, that’s an easy one. That distresses me. All right, Tom, you’re first. I’m leading off with some help from Xiall. Good ol’ Xiall. Spend a bone influence. I will take a Mourner card, move the Dreadsgrip up one. And if you may, pass me the two Etherea to go along with this whole party pack I just got. What party pack? I am going to take Warden Mahvaego. What does that do? The Keeper of the Keys. Seems like the jailer of the Underworld. Once per round, you may turn any Mourner card face down to deactivate its ability for the remainder of the round. The card is turned face up at the end of the clean-up phase. All right. I will play Relic Ravlatch. That I might reveal the top three cards of the Wallows deck. Put any one revealed artifact into play for my own benefit for the rest of the game, while discarding any cards not kept. Can we grab three Wallows for Sam? I will wallow in my plethora of–
Wallowing Wallow cards. My wealth of Wallows. (Tom laughs) Let’s see if I get any artifacts.
No artifacts? (gasps) Happened to me too! This is fine. Everything’s fine.
They have all of them now. And going according to plan. Are all the artifacts out?
No, I think there’s two left. Well, well, well, here’s what’s happening. Kier is going to remove any Raker from the board and gain the Wallows card benefit. ‘Cause I don’t want to trouble you. You look busy.
Well, you’re such a helper. You got plans. So, if I defeat them, then I (gasps) I get a… Hmm, a flesh guild figure. With the Shroudrieves we are both at two, right? Yes. I think it’s the Conclave. Yes, it is the Conclave, sorry. I just saw red figure, not specific red figure. And then minus one Dreadsgrip. Well that’s nice. Okay, Mica. All right, well I’m really excited. Gimme that Death, please. Oh! Take the Death figure, you also get a bone influence. Oh, one of each influence. One of each influence. Oh, he’s so cool! I like him. I’m going to keep him here. That is my turn. All right, I am gonna play Demithyle again, but this time I’m using his top ability. So I’m going to put him in any location. And that location is gonna have to be… Oh, let’s go to Vadlum Gates. And he will recruit for me there a bone guild figure. I will take another Mortis Knight. That’s that, but now I have figures in two bone locations. So I’ve completed my Wallows objective. So in the future, I will get points for the Ravlatch card being played. And on top of all that, I gain, normally it would be two bone influence for completing a Wallows objective, but because the Dreadsgrip is above five, it is three bone influence. Okay. Pat, you and I will both put in an Etherea to gain a Unity. You’re helping out the Dirth Forge! Which had this one that got thrown away. Delivery. All right. Sam? All right, I’m going to relocate a guild figure. A member of the Dreadsbane Order will join their sibling at the Higst Anthenaeum. Because I laugh at your location limits. So long as I bear the shield. I’m gonna play Ellianastis. Ellianastis? Ellianastis. Ellianastis. I’m gonna pay an Etherea and I’m gonna take two spirit Mourners. Choose one, Dreadsgrip’s goin’ up one, and I get one spirit influence. Oh, what are we doin’, what are we doin’? Okay, fine. I’ll go with the one that you all gasped at. (Sam laughs) Okay, I’ve got Socopharie, the Whisper Thief. And that gets me a Dreadsbane Order. Hey blue. I’m going to play my best girl, Gethsemoni. She’s so pretty. I love her so much. And I am going to pay two Etherea. I’m going to take one of these bad boys, but I get to choose first. All right, I’m gonna keep that one. And I’m going to discard this one back. Because I gained a flesh card, I get two influence. I also steal one influence, whomst I’m stealing from youmst. Me? Yes, youmst. (Tom laughs) And ’tis my round. God, there’s so much going on here. Did you get your figure as well? For the card?
No! No, I didn’t! I get a Conclave of Shadows, please. I’m gonna move you up on the, ooh, you’re not on the Conclave of Shadows track. Oh, well then. Take that, give me that. Get onto that Conclave. Conclave party! Yay! You know, Becca, move my green on the Osteomancy to three. Ooh, pulling ahead. Yeah, yeah, just make some moves. And about 12 Etherea, if you don’t mind. (Mica laughs) Wait a minute! Wait a gosh darn second. I’m gonna put this guy over in HushHyde. And I spent my spirit influence to do so. Okay, I’m spending an Etherea. I’m moving my two Councilman of Osteomancy. Oh man. Influence. Huge risk. Tom? What’s that?
Influence. Oh, right, right, right. Why do I keep doing that? It’s a spirit, put me on the Dirth Forge. I’m gonna risk it. Ooh.
Pushing the limit. Oh right, you can send out two for the price of one! I like that. Two for the price of two. You pay one per figure. One per figure.
When you move ’em in groups. But one action.
One turn, yes. Living dangerously, as one does, I’m going to spend three Etherea and increase the Dreadsgrip Threat, to recruit a member of the Dreadsbane Order. Dangerous. I want Grendall’s Pillars. So we’re gonna spend one flesh influence to go up there and party. I am going to play Malavestros. So I get to place him to any location and change its effect to plus one Unity for all players present. I don’t like the fact that you keep selfishly putting up the Dirth Forge thing or keep getting influences and things.
I won’t now! So I’m just gonna put that there. Okay! I’m gonna play Cleopsis. I’m gonna use her nicer ability, and not steal influence, ’cause that would push the Dreadsgrip up. Instead, I will take a Unity and push this guy up by one. Unity! But I will move one of my Osteomancers from the Dirth Forge to, actually, you know what? Yeah, move both of them to where Malavestros is. I will play Kaylahkyll. And by paying two influence, decrease the Dreadsgrip Threat by one. But, much more importantly, gain two Unity for myself. Can you do that multiple times? Because it’s got a colon. Nope, it’s do this, get that. Thank you. Is it particular about the type of influence? Does it have to be spirit because it’s a spirit card? No. But you do get to take another action this turn.
The symbol would show. Oh, why, yes, yes, I do. And so as I pay one influence, I can send this member of the Dreadsbane Order somewhere interesting. I will join you for a short period of nostalgia in the Theater of Memory. Excellent. You, me, and Homer. (exclaims) That makes it my turn! I don’t know what to do, so I’m just gonna do the Reaper Shieve. And I will draw two Etherea from the supply, because I’m a member of the Bone Faction. I’m going to the Cryptus. Cryptus Akohr! Oh, you coming to hang? I’m coming to hang. Pat? I feel like if I leave the Dreadsgrip where it is, Tom’s gonna have a window to push it back up and gain a figure. I don’t like that. So, I think I’m gonna be proactive, and get a figure myself. Sneaky, I should’ve done that. So I’m gonna spend three Etherea, and I’m gonna take a Gravedancer’s Circle.
Dirty schemer. I was not paying attention to the fact it had gone down.
Who was it again? Gravedancer. Gravedancer. So, Warden Mahvaego is gonna slap the cuffs on Socopharie, so she is tapped for the rest of the turn. Wasted your turn, I wasn’t gonna use her anyway. (laughs) Sam? While I briefly checked my accounting of the Dreadsbane Order, I am one higher than currently marked. Yup, ’cause Theater of Memories, came to party. Yup, beyond that, I pass. Woo. My turn. I’m gonna spend a bone influence to be at Mortiss-Veth. Just hanging out. I wanna duel that gain, that once per action one. This one? Yeah.
Okay. ‘Cause you already completed your Wallows, correct? Yes.
Wonderful. So, dice over here?
May I have the dice please? Ooh, you need those dice! I also want to point out that they are cool and marbled, and not just regular dice. They’re beautiful.
And I find them wonderful. Good colors. Two.
Haha, four! Nice, oh, you just dueled! That makes it Pat’s turn. Yes.
It does. I’m playing Mortighull. And I’m just gonna take three Etherea from the supply for doing so.
Ooh, interesting, okay. Nice way to compensate. Okay, I will play Exraile. Reduce the Dreadsgrip by one, take one Unity. Ugh, Unity! Not liking this Unity.
Also gonna use my extra turn and I will pay three Etherea. Move this back up. What?
That was smart. See, Pat, thanks for showing me how that worked. (Becca sighs)
(Mica laughs) And I am taking Mortis Knight. You really got my hopes up when you moved the Dreadsgrip down, and I thought, oh, wow, look! Oh, I can get something! No. And then you just, you took it. Foiled! I need one of your tokens for the Mortis Knighthood. Your little counter. That one. On the board. Okay, Sam, are you gonna do a thing? I’m going to pass. You’re gonna pass? I would like. I wanna win Mortiss-Veth, so I’ll just do that. I’m gonna just spend a spirit to put my buddy at the Dirth Forge and just have everybody out there. Party at the Dirth Forge! Party at the Dirth Forge! All right, Pat? I will pass. Okay. I am going to spend a spirit and contest HushHyde. Okay, you gonna pass again, Sam? I think so, yes. Okay, I’m gonna party in the Theater of Memories. Because that’s what I’ve got to spend. Yeah, Theater of Memories. That’s gonna be cool, everybody loves it there. We love the theater, don’t we? It’s true. The theater. My turn? Yeah. I’m gonna spend a, can I move from a place to another place on the board? Mm-hmm.
Okay. I’m gonna retcon a silly move that I just made. But it’s okay, I’m gonna spend a spirit to move one of my buddies from the Dirth Forge. Can you move the blue buddy to Mortiss-Veth. Here, right here, yeah. And then I’m gonna end my turn. Oh, my. Pat? That is a crowded location. ‘Tis. I’m gonna pass again. Okay, Tom? I will move one of the Osteomancers to Curio Cryptus. Better spend that influence. All right. Sam? I play Oglavaeil, the Executioner. I select any guild figure. I spend one influence of that type to return that figure to the supply. Not to the crypt, but to the supply. So say goodbye, because you have been forgotten in the Theater of Memory. Okay, okay, who do you wanna send? I’ve got a, let’s see, that’s a Dreadsbane or is that a– Yeah, that’s going to go away. That’s a Gravedancer, okay. Gravedancer’s goin’ away. Forever. There can only be one. Mm-hmm, you’ve got that locked. (laughs) I do my best. I have one thing going for me! Hmm, I’m gonna pass. I am going to activate my Assassins Loach and Drim Dram. And I’m going to return your buddy to your crypt.
Wow, guys. Just turn that over there. C’mon, I’m just living my life, you know? Livin’ your death. Livin’ my best death, okay. (Sam laughs) Dyin’ my best death. Yes. Pass again. Pass. Pass. Pass. And pass. Okay! If I, yeah, okay, that’s resolved. Locations, so next thing that we do. Check that Dreadsgrip Threat. Ooh, threatening. It’s not great. No, it’s really not great. We all gotta roll a bunch of dice. Let me get ready. Let’s see, let’s go by numbers. Vadlum Gates. I’m gonna roll one and Pat’s gonna roll one. Do I get, if we’re starting at one– We’re not doing locations, we’re just getting Dreadsgrip, rolling to make sure we stay alive. So I had a six, Demithyle is safe. Five.
Safe. Okay, Curio Cryptus, that’s Pat and Tom. Why’d you do it, Tom? Six and five. Mortiss-Veth, I’ve got one, you’ve got two, Mica. Ooh, two, what does that mean? Next time you’re supposed to call it. We’ll just do whoever was closest to you. Wait, what? You’re supposed to call which one you just killed. Oh, gotcha. Or sent home? Twos, where the threat is at, twos go home and ones go out of the game. Gotcha. Crypt. And now, roll for your second figure there. Oh, I have to roll again? Yeah, you roll for each figure. Oh.
Don’t roll a one. Okay, five stays, that’s just one figure. Six, okay, it’s me and Sam. Sam and I. Sam and me? Now, normally you’d point to one and roll for it so that– Me roll. Aw, I wanted to pick the other one. Sam is immune. Okay, oh, you’re immune, yes. Okay, Life’s Ebb, got it. I’m gonna roll again for Life’s Ebb and then that’s Tom. I’m cool. Cool. And then eight is, Sam doesn’t have to do that. Voxxingard, you’re good. Crypus Akohr. Cool. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. 11, that’s gonna be Tom and Pat again, HushHyde. Six.
Solid. Okay, you guys lived. Now we will resolve those locations again, but for the benefits. Dirth Forge, plus three to Mica. Tithe first. You right, you right, you right. When you’re right, you’re right. Good thing you wrote a round phase order checklist. And how much do we need? We’ve got three, we’re gonna need nine. Is it the person who paid the lowest loses influence, or as long as you pay something? As long as you pay something, you get a Unity. If we all tie, like if we each put in one, we’ll have enough, and everyone will get a Unity. So it’s even across the board. So it’s whether or not someone wants to steal Tom’s Unity, in order to not let him win. Steal my Unity.
All right, ready? Three, two, one! Ooh, we got four, we got four. Five. Oh, wait, five? Yup. Oh, sneaky. So three Unity for Pat, one Unity for everyone, except Sam. Yup, I had no Etherea left to spend because someone rolls very little. Oh. And I have to spend very much. It comes all the way back to me, is that the deal? It does! Somehow you’re at the bottom of all of this. There’s a conspiracy here and I will figure it out. I really thought you had some, Sam. I thought you had maybe three. Acting! Mica, three Etherea for you at the Dirth Forge. Vadlum Gates. Nobody gets it. Nobody gets it. Dang, Curio Cryptusm, nobody gets it. Mortiss-Veth, you’re the only one still standing, Mica. That’s me! You get two influence of the same type. Nicely done. Calvum Harrows, that’s Tom. You’re gonna get one guild figure of bone. But if you do that, you will move the Dreadsgrip up to 10. Or you could just take one bone influence. Okay, I gotta take the bone influence. Okay, taking one for the team. Theater of Memories, we get nothing. Life’s Ebb, one Unity? For Tom and I?
For each player there, yup. Great, can you pass a little Unity our way? I certainly can. Oh, look who gets one. Okay. And eight is Higst Anthenaeum. Sam.
Wait, Life’s Ebb. Oh, wait, you did the Unity thing, sorry. Unity instead, yeah. Because out friend, what’s their name? Malavestros. Malavestros. Higst Anthenaeum, ooh, you get all that spirit influence for each spirit guild. That’s like all your figures! One, two, you got three. If I had more, if I had the army that Becca Scott has recruited with her absolutely unearthly charisma, drawing them unto her. That’s not in-game points. That’s just, I like the figures. That’s fair. We just like the little pretty figures. I just want to figure out how you got your charisma into game mechanic. That is–
Aw, aw, that’s sweet. The conspiracy widens.
(Tom laughs) You’re the only one who sees it. Other people think I’m evil.
See, she’s the bottom of it. Not me.
‘Cause they see the truth. All right, one bone influence for each bone figure up in Voxxingard. One, two, wait, I see three, four, I see four. I have three, plus Demithyle is on my team for this round, so that’s four. Oh, and they’re all Mortis Knights, okay, great. And then, 10 is Cryptus Akohr. Nothing for us. Wait, I have a quick question. Because I have Death and I can break a tie– You can break one tie. But I just wanna see, what is that benefit at the end? It is one guild figure, but it also makes the Dreadsgrip Threat go up. Okay, so I’m gonna break this tie. I wanna take that. So how many flesh guild figures do you have total? I have three. Nice, so that is three flesh. Oh, maxed out! It went too far, it went too far. Too influential, too influential! Throw it that way. Out of control. HushHyde, no fun over there. But Grendall’s Pillars, well, guess what. We’re resolving locations and I’m gonna gain two flesh, just for being there, controlling it. And I also can remove one of my figures to bring the Dreadsgrip Threat down. And gain Unity and influence. We’re starting to see some of the ulterior motives. Like I don’t think that Tom’s is to have the most influence in any particular faction. For some reason. Well, that evidence would be pretty damning, wouldn’t it? (laughing) The worst slow play ever. I’ll just not achieve this at all. (laughing) Both playing the long, long game. I’m gonna remove Theater of Memory to my crypt. And that will allow me to lower this Dreadsgrip. Everyone loves me, Celestial Suspicion, nobody steal it. I take that Unity, and I’m gonna take an influence. And we’re gonna go with spirit. Next is guild resolution. So, let’s double check, because I actually had to discard a person. So Mortis Knight, I think I still got one. No, I have none.
Oh, it was the Dreadsbane that I had you discard. That’s what is was, yeah. Because that’s my Order, so you have none Dreadsbane. Oh, okay, I get it, no big deal, that’s fine. You were getting your chaos in my Dreadsbane Order. I will have order, Becca. (Tom laughs) Fair enough, I bring the chaos, I’m okay with that. You’re definitely more bone faction than spirit. All right, take your three Etherea over there for your Mortis Knighthood, Pat. Coincil of Osteomancy, I’ve still got one in the game somewhere, yeah, yeah. Okay, Tom, you get two influence of your choosing. Dreadsbane Order, this is gonna be Sam. You keep your–
I keep my shield. Yup, ignore the location limit. And then, Gravedancer’s Circle, we’re tied, Pat and I. Conclave of Shadows, I pulled ahead. So I get to lose one influence to get rid of someone’s guild piece. I had a lot of ties in locations. And I don’t like it. Sam, you did kill one of my pieces, but luckily for you, I already took away my Theater of Memory piece. I really want Life’s Ebb, so I’m sending Tom back. And you have so much Unity, and I know you’re up to no good with it. But that’s a bone figure, right? Without the bone influence to spend, you can’t kill a bone figure. Denied!
Dang it. Yeah, you know, the thing you just said? (laughs) I’m gonna try it again. I mention it more in terms of my bone figures. So, Mica, that means you’re in trouble over here. ‘Cause I can’t get rid of his bones. No, I can’t get rid of anybody’s cool stuff! Oh, yeah, I have to do that, okay. So does that destroy it or just send it back to the crypt? It’s a minus. (gasps) It is an assassination. Oh, snap, sorry about that. Becca did murder. I just, you know, we looked at the board, it made the most sense. A little light murder between friends. I’m sure this won’t come between you in any way. Or cause some sort of feud that takes them out while we… (Tom laughs) Wait, hold on, I agree. (Sam laughs loudly) Oh, well then I did that right by accident. Dreadsgrip Threat go up, which, I brought it down. So I feel okay about that. And I’m going to get a guild member of any type. It’s gonna be my Gravedancer. Oh, I get a brand new one. Yes.
Yup. Yeah, yeah, Gravedancer, yeah. We’re gonna need a bigger crypt. (Becca laughs) Yeah, this place is turning into Manhattan. (laughing) Great. Cool. So, let’s see, clean-up time. I’m going to, I finished my artifact, because I didn’t play this Court card. So I’m gonna discard this Court card, Gallevarbe. And, at the end of the round, gain this artifact. Anybody else got some artifact resolutions? I just flip back over my– Flip everything face up.
I have a clean-up. So Ruse gives me two bone in the clean-up phase. Ba-boom. And because I did add at least one guild figure to my crypt, the one that I sent to the Theater of Memory, I got a Unity. Ooh, wanna pass down a Unity? We are getting low on Unity. So it looks like the next round might be the last round. Uh oh.
I think so. And let’s see. So let’s discard anything that is discard-able of Wallows. Am I missing any clean-up steps? Demithyle is going to come off the board. Malavestros stays. Demithyle is the Reaper. He’s got more important things to do. Okay, great. Well, it seems that our third round has begun. You guys excited, how you feelin’? Unity diminishes. And accrues in a mountain toward Tom. I feel like that happened when I wasn’t looking. And that makes me very uncomfortable. A little anemic here, though, that’s the problem. Yeah, you were busy accruing the influence of the flesh, Mica. Maybe I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. And my Unity tokens are dabbling, and it’s very sad. We should speak to the lack of Unity tokens on the board right now. Now what happens when we run out, it’s not just at the end of that round’s natural ending. It’s, as soon as they run out, everybody gets one more turn. And then we go finish up our final round phase order. And count our points. And remember, all that matters in your points is Unity tokens, influence, and whatever your ulterior motive gives you points for. So keep that in mind as we go into this final turn. With Mica going first, because you have Death! My little buddy! Yeah, so Ethereal distribution is up to you. Let’s roll all five dice. I will try not to be garbage, but as my D&D dice rolling has told me, I’m probably gonna be garbage. (Becca laughs) Think like a rogue, think like a rogue, think like a rogue. Oh, don’t say that! I always roll bad when I’m playing as rogue. 25. See, that was all you had to do! You have to do math. I’m an acting major. I can’t do math.
16, 18, 23? 23? Is that right? That’s a lot! See, this was so simple. Two, four, six, eight, 10, 12.
Clearly. 14.
Now I’m just gonna sit in a room all day, rolling dice.
16, 18.
‘Til I get it right. I messed that up.
18? 20, 22, 23. All right, how many of us are there, five. Five of us, so six piles if you want anything in the Dirth Forge. Which, we spent these three, actually. Oh, right. One, two, three, four, five, six. All right, I’m gonna try and be speedy about this, guys, I promise. I’m just really bad at math. Okay. We do have to spend rather a lot to assuage the Suspicion of the Celestial set. We do, unless people are gonna be nice and start calming those angels down. What? Just telling them, you know, hey, nothing’s going on, nothing’s happening here. So, there are our piles. Pat’s first pick. Pat’s first pick. What would you like? I have a bit, so I’m debating. I can pass and take two influence instead, which does directly equate to points. But I think I’m gonna keep the flexibility to maybe have some for the Tithe, so I’m gonna take four. Okay, we have piles of four and piles of three. What would you like? I gotta go four. All right, can someone pass that down? To the most magical mustache in the world. Solid. Pile of four or pile of three? I will go for it. Ah, four it, I get it. I wasn’t thinking about taking two influence as an option. But now I am, I’m taking two flesh. I don’t care, I’m going for broke. And then I take four? Mm-hmm. And does all of this go to the Tithe? All seven goes to the Tithe. Wow, guys. You’re welcome. Thank you. Good, then we only need to pay three when the time comes, assuming we don’t further increase suspicion against us? And all we need to do is pay more than Mr. Unity over there. Mr. Unity? That’s your new name, do you like it? That’s not a bad name. Does that come with a cape? (Sam laughs) It comes with some pauldrons, is that okay? Pauldrons I’ll do, sure. Okay, I’m passing out Wallows cards. Please be good. Flip ’em up! So, I heard some like, some dislike. Nope, I’m fine, everything’s fine. I’m very happy.
Okay, Mica, read yours. I got Brittlebone Raker. A Raker attacks Mortiss-Veth. And I have to fight at that location. Where’s Mortiss-Veth? Where is Mortiss-Veth? Mortiss-Veth, oh, you are already there.
I’m already there! And you are by yourself there. Wonderful! Oh, so we’ll put the Raker there. So you don’t even have to move there. You can just fight. Now if only you had Scarpul, like me. You wouldn’t even have to pick a character. That’s true, that’s true. I have the chance to commune with the Stones of Longshadow Hill. And that means, if I reduce the Dreadsgrip by one, I’ll gain a Unity, but increase the Suspicion by one. Well, I’ve got the Oathbreaker Knight. That’s a Raker attacking Voxxingard. These are fallen reapers. Boxing at Voxxingard? Where’s Voxxingard? Oh, up there. Ooh, so close. Skee-ballers. Cool, cool, cool. Love skee-ball. All right, I face the Leacher Legion. Which places a Raker at Life’s Ebb. It is terribly busy over there. Aw, man. Life’s Ebb is having a party. Would you say it’s the life of the party? (forced laughing) The Life’s Ebb the party? I’m sorry. I also am sorry.
Never apologize for that. Scavenge the Strewn Wastes. The first time you gain a Mourner card this round, gain a bonus based on the card’s faction type. And then the bonuses are listed, they aight. All right, so. Let’s see, we’ve got our Wallows cards, now we need some Court cards. I might have to play a defense strategy to keep things from Tom. Yeah, don’t pass the Unity. We’ll see if he tries to blitz it to speed the end of the round, if he thinks he’s in the lead. Not sure that’s what I’m gonna do. Little Blitzkrieg Bop. Ooh, thank you! That’s good news for you, Sam. Or there were just no good choices (laughs) and now I get to not choose from good choices. You get some of that ill fortune. Oh, I see. Huh. I know, right? Yeah. Now I really don’t love whatever you did pick to leave me these. (laughs) Hopefully it was slim. I have such a tough choice here. I’m gonna leave this here for you. That’s the better play. I have a real weird card. I have to see if I can figure out how to use it. Does the person with Death go first? Indeed. That’s me! That is you. I’m Death! (Becca laughs) So since I don’t like risks, I’m going to play Kier. And I’m gonna remove any Raker figure from the board and gain the Wallows card benefit, without having to roll dice, because I used all my good luck right then and there. You did.
Quite a bit of luck. Yeah, so I’m going to defeat the Raker, get two Unity, and I’m gonna move that scary Dreadsgrip down. Nice.
Nice, nice. And then, goodbye little demon buddy. You were only here for about 30 seconds. Ellianastis. I am gonna use the secondary ability. Reduce the Dreadsgrip by one, gain an Etherea, gain a Unity. And increase the Celestial Suspicion. And because I reduced the Dreadsgrip, I also complete my Wallows objective. So I gain another Unity, and increase the Suspicion again. And anytime I complete my Wallows objective, if the Dreadsgrip is above five, I gain three bone influence, which maxes me out. I see, I see. Okay, I’m gonna play Ravlatch. From the top three. And I’m gonna gain two Unity because Tom played Ravlatch, and I’ve got his Trueburn Lantern. Oh! It finally popped up! It’s all the way on the other side of the table and I forgot. Oh, well look. The Handmaiden’s Pane. Okay. So I get that. Like mirror pane, not like handmaiden ouch. Well, I guess it cuts both ways, somewhat. I suppose if you break the mirror. Indeed. It would cut both ways. And what does that one do, Tom? Oh, mirror, mirror, who to be now? Let’s see, if the Dreadsgrip and Celestial tracks are below four, and you reduce either track, gain this artifact for the remainder of the game. I achieved it by virtue of Ravlatch. Yes, Ravlatch finds it for you. So, once per round, you may copy the ability of a Mourner card you control. That will be a handsome reward. Oh, goodness. All right. Demithyle is going to make an appearance. Our Exalted Reaper General, found in the Dirth Forge. And I get one guild figure matching that location’s faction. And where do you want to put them? Sorry, you said, Dirth Forge. Processing what I already heard. And Dreadsgrip went up? It has not yet. But it will. Yes.
Indeed. It seems like somehow Pat got up in the Dreadsbane Order. That displeases me. I don’t know how that happened. I don’t have any Dreadsbane Order. I think my Gravedancer’s Circle token might have bounced over.
Oh! Do you just have one? Yes.
That checks out. That feels a little more comfortable to yours truly.
A disruption in the Order. I will tolerate no disruptions in my Order. Just got five of those when no one was looking. (laughs) But I will toy with the Gravedancer’s Circle. And get such a figure who will join me. All right, my turn. Odium, the Pit Wreaker. ‘Cause I see we’re getting low on Unity. I will take two of them. And that Dreads, oh, the Celestial Suspicion will go up one. Dreadsgrip Threat go up from Demithyle?
It did, yes. There we are. Good call. Is it my turn? Sam, did you add a token to the Gravedancer? I ought do so, thank you kindly. Mica? I’m gonna play, oh, this is actually convenient. How would you pronounce this? Exraile. Exraile, I’m going to play Exraile. And I’m going to down the Dreadsgrip real quick. And I’m going to take said last Unity. (Becca gasps) (Sam gasps) End game triggered? Yes.
The fuse is lit. I’m gonna take the last Unity, thank you very much. Now, does Mica get an additional turn after this one, or– I may complete an additional action this turn. So she gets the second turn to complete her current turn. And when it comes around again, she will have the last turn of the game, in the action phase. So, now for my second turn, I would like to steal two bone from you. And put the Dreadsgrip up one. Okay. And then can I put this back please? And then I go up two bone. Interesting. I’ll make it count, I’m gonna play Auraghast. And this increases this by one. Select any player to contribute two to the Dirth Forge. You and that player each gain one, but if I select myself, I gain both of the Unity. So I’m gonna go ahead and help pay the Tithe there. And we need two Unity from that pile. This old Unity? Oh, so we can continue to earn Unity right now? Correct. Oh, excellent. Oh my goodness, look at that horde too. We were talking up Tom this whole time. Oh, goodness. It’s the redirect strategy. Well, my hunch is that Tom’s ulterior motive is that they get doubled. Okay, I’m playing Kaylahkyll. So I will reduce two faction, or influence, rather. I will reduce the Dreadsgrip by one, I will pick up two Unity. Two Unity. And I get an extra turn, which I will– Nicely done. Use by moving one of my figures, Curio Cryptus, to Voxxingard. Tom, why?
You have another influence to spend for that?
I can’t take care of it. ‘Tis your turn? Yeah. He gallantly bounds. Is that your last turn of the game? Okay. (exhales sharply) You guys gettin’ the last turn heebie-jeebies? I’m gettin’ it. We got some Rakers that are gonna do their dirty deed at the end of the round. What, wait, what do Rakers do? So, some of them have, they all have a penalty if you don’t defeat them. But not for the other people at that location? No! Okay, that’s what I thought. Which is why Tom looks sad. Womp, womp. Sam, you got a power play? Death! (Becca laughs loudly) Goodbye to Alf.
Well played. All right, I’m going to take this opportunity to decrease the Dreadsgrip Threat by one, decrease Suspicion by one, give myself some Unity. And complete an additional action this turn. I’m going to use that to send this fine, gentle Gravedancer to the Dirth Forge, alongside Demithyle. Okay, my final turn. I’m feeling very nervous, you guys. No pressure, no pressure, no pressure. All pressure, all pressure, all pressure. (laughing) I am playing Shard, Mortal Trespasser! I know that helps you. It does. You’re gonna gain two Unity, okay. I’m going to use my Celestial Shackler Circlet to use both actions on a Court card. Say it 10 times fast. (laughing) I’m gonna use everything on here. So it’s gonna go both down and up in Dreadsgrip, both down and up in Celestial Suspicion. I will gain one Unity, and I will gain two influence and then take another turn. So let’s, ah, they can be different. So we’ll just do one bone, one spirit. And (groans and pants) I’m not nervous, you are. (laughing) And then my second action this turn is gonna be Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead. Your girl. And let’s see. I would like to pay two Etherea in order to get myself one more Mourner in the flesh guild. And because it’s the first time I’ve gained a Mourner card this round, I gain a bonus based on the card’s faction type. That’s gonna be bam, bam. Quite a combo. Influence in flesh. Yeah, I’m not messin’ around. Pat, you may design games, but I play ’em! (laughing) Wow! JK, JK, JK. Okay, we’ve got Wightshiv the Errant. And I don’t want that, thank you, thank you. That’s gonna give me Shroudrieves Coven. And I’m gonna go up there. I’ll take one Shroudrieve, if you would. Mm-hmm. (exhales deeply) I’m so nervous. It’s just a lot of adrenaline. Okay, and then I move the Dreadsgrip up one. And I will steal one flesh influence. Anyone just at the threshold somewhere? Yeah. (laughs)
That is perfectly fine. And I will take that, great. That was my last turn. And is my turn the last, last turn? Yes. Oh, okay. Well, I’m going to, I mean, it doesn’t really matter. But I’m going to duel you. Sure.
I suppose. We can do that. Just for good measure. Just for good measure. Go down fighting. (Tom laughs) That is a one.
So I have to get better than a one? Yup. Yeah! So I gain two influence. I assume this one ’cause it hasn’t triggered yet? Yes. And I’m just gonna pop right back up on that one right there. And that ends my turn. All right.
All right. Is it time for the rest of the phases? Yeah. Okay, Dreadsgrip Threat. So…
That’s in an ugly spot. Ooh, it’s at eight. Everybody has to roll one that is sharing a space. So we’ll start with Dirth Forge. All right. Sam, you don’t need to roll. Just roll one. Great, you’re good. Okay, good, good, good. Five, six, seven. Life’s Ebb. So that’s me and Tom. Need a bone. Unless the Wallows card resolves first, no? Right, ’cause we do have some of these. Yeah, if our Reapers– End of the round, during clean-up. Nope, not what I wanted. Oh, no, that is not. But that’s okay, they didn’t die. They just go back to the crypt. Okay. Eight, you’re good. Nine, Voxxingard.
That’s you and me, Tom. Six.
Safe. Safe. That’s nine, I’m good. 11, same. Four.
Four. And Grendall’s Pillars, I’m cool. Okay, so that’s Dreadsgrip Threat. Celestial Tithe. Okay, so right now it’s at 11. Good thing we already have seven. Ooh, and more. One, two, three, four, seven, eight, nine. Nine that were good. So we need two more, yeah? Mm-hmm. Okay, great. Oh, that’s what’s happening. Ready? Wait, I’m not ready, I’m not ready! Now, you still lose an influence if you put nothing in, right? Correct. Okay. Three, two, one. Who got the most? One, two, three, four, five, six! That’s three Unity. I mean, you can’t take it with ya. Oh no, wait, I’m stupid! You can’t take it with ya! I’m so stupid! Oh no! I could’ve totally won that! We should’ve said that out loud. I didn’t, I forgot about, I didn’t know that Etherea didn’t–
I considered it and then didn’t, because I’m a bad person. (laughing) Oh, I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I was conflicted as well. Part of me wants to use the power of the camera. I was very, very sure. But since I took so much Unity crap all turn– Aw, that must be real hard for you. Cry into your swimming pool of Unity. (laughing) It’s a Scrooge McDuck thing. Resolve locations and guilds. Briefly, I have nine guild figures, and only eight spots on here. So, help me. When you picked up that Shroudrieve, did you account for that? There’s three of them there, right? I’ve got three Shroudrieve. I’ve got two Conclave. One there, and one in the crypt. I’ve got one Gravedancer. Two Gravedancer. Two, thank you. Okay, that’s my mistake. Oh, dang. Sorry about that. Yeah, I’m also sorry about that. Slip that in there. Oops, it was an accident. (Sam laughs) Okay, cool. That would’ve been a nice tie to break. It would have, I totally didn’t put any– I got robbed of one, too. You haven’t broken a tie yet, have you? No. Okay, ’cause we’re about to resolve locations. So now you still can. Although, that’s multiple ties to break. Oh, no tie. I get. Dirth Forge. It’s gonna be three well-coveted Etherea. Oh good, it’s just what I always wanted. That’s why when you put one there I was like, meh, okay. (laughs) I’m sure that’s what it was about. Vadlum Gates, that’s just me. I will take one influence of my choosing. And (groaning) Okay, hmm. I’m gonna go bone. No, sorry. Spirit, great. And one super helpful Etherea. Curio Cryptus is two influence of different types for Pat. Yup. Well, I definitely have to take a flesh, ’cause that’s gonna push me over in points. And I don’t think the others are gonna matter too much. But I will go up again in bone. And Mortiss-Veth, Mica, two of the same influence. I’m gonna push myself up two for bone. I’m hardly into the second. More points! Yup. Calvum Harrows, that’s Tom. You’re gonna get one guild figure of bone. But that would push up the Dreadsgrip, which doesn’t matter, or one influence of bone.
I’ll have the influence. Yeah, good call. Theater of Memories, Sam. You get, do you want one spirit influence or one spirit guild figure? I want an influence at this point, I think. Ya know, choice is there. Life’s Ebb is just Tom, but did you resolve, didn’t, we still, this is clean-up that we resolve this Raker? Yeah, that was someone else’s Raker. Who was that?
Okay, so one Unity. Oh, that was my Raker, in fact. Yeah, so you’ll be paying a penalty on that. Yes, I will be paying a penalty on that. Which, do we resolve that now, more or less? Since that’s the location? What’s the actual wording on that, does it say? Let’s see, if I fail to fight. Okay, so it’s clean-up then. ‘Cause that’s when leftover Wallows cards are resolved. I have the same issue. And you have it in Voxxingard, I assume? Which is, you guys are tied up there. Bums-ville. Cryptus Akohr, that’s me. I’m gonna get so much spirit influence. One for each. One, two, three, four, five. So I’m maxed out. That’s a bummer, because I’ve got four more on my cards here. Did we forget, perhaps, the Higst Anthenaeum? I think we did. Oh, I can’t count, sorry. Higst Anthenaeum, get all your spirit. All right, that should be four. Nice.
Brilliant. One, two, three, four. Exactly enough to get through the– I didn’t mean to skip you, I’m so sorry. I take it personally. (laughing) Fair enough. HushHyde is gonna be a tie. And Grendall’s Pillars, that’s me. I can remove something for a Unity (gasps) and an influence. And I certainly will. And it just goes back to my crypt, yeah? So who cares what it is? I will take a Unity, and I will take the spirit influence. Dreadsgrip goes down one. And this one goes up. Yes. Okay. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Why is all this Etherea here? I don’t think it’s mine. I’m gonna put them down there. Okay. How’s everybody? I’m still very nervous. It hasn’t changed. That’s fair, that’s fair. Time for the Underworld guilds to be resolved. A little Mortis Knighthood. Looks like Pat gets more Etherea. Oh, good, you so wanted that! So beneficial. I’m so happy for you. Council of Osteomancy, that’s Tom for two influence. Bang, bang, nice. Dreadsbane Order, Sam, you keep your token. Gravedancer’s Circle, that’s me by a hair. Dreadsgrip Threat goes down one. I will take one more Unity, and one influence, thank you. I’m just the lowest Unity of this group. You all got a pile. Okay, Conclave of Shadows. I could spend one, no. And Shroudrieves Coven, I am going to take a guild member. Ooh, mm-hmm, a guild figure. A brand new one, right? Mm-hmm. So, if I’ve got… I think I know what your objective is. I think you do, ’cause you called me out right away. (Sam laughs) I’m gonna take a Council of Osteomancy. Great. And your last little– Oh yeah, I have 10. And I will just go here. Nope, already had it. And then, one Dreadsgrip Threat. Clean-up situation? Yeah, clean-up. So, ulterior motives or– We still have to resolve a couple Wallows cards. Ruse picks me up two bone. But I have a busted Raker encounter. So I’m gonna lose three bone and drive the Dreadsgrip up one. All right. I am also driving the Dreadsgrip up by one because I failed to fight. I will also lose a guild figure, who will be Demithyle. Who is going away in clean-up anyway. Me, I got nothing. My Wallows is spent. I have nothing. Nothing here either. But I will take my four more flesh influence that doesn’t matter, I’m already maxed out. Put it in my pocket. Should’ve been playing for that! Should we go around for ulterior motives? Pat, did you have anything else there? Nope, I’m all set here. All right, so. Yeah, let’s start with (trips on words) Ulterior motives. Tom. Okay. Much to your surprise, I did not have the Unity one. I gain four points for each bone Mourner card I have in play at the end of the game. I have two, so that’s eight. Oh! Nice. Unfortunately I couldn’t mill it at all. So my ulterior motive was to exert mind control on Tom. But what it says on my card– (laughing) is that I gain four points for each spirit faction location I control at the end of the game. So two. Okay, okay. Can I break a tie with that? ‘Cause I have a tie at the Dirth Forge. Did you break any other tie? No. Then you can break for control. Four more points to me! And you had control ’cause Demithyle was there. Yup, exactly. Okay, yup. Oh, right. Okay, mine was, as Pat knew, gain seven points for each set of guild figures you control. A set is one of each faction. So I think that’s 21 points. No. 14. Just 14. Well, what was I missing? I think I have three.
I think a spirit. Ah, I’m short on spirit, yup. You were dispirited, we talked about this. Mine is quite nice. Mine is gain four points for each opponent with less flesh than you at the end of the game. Oh, there you are. So that’s nice, that’s a good chunk. Yeah.
Not me, though. Not you.
I held ya back. But that’s everyone else. That is a huge harvest. That’s why I was like, I’m gonna just stay here. Pat? I had the same objective, but for bone influence. Yup, that checks out. All right, so. Okay, let’s start with our influence. (inquisitive music) Okay, I did my maths. And I feel 99.999% confident about all maths done here. (Tom laughs) In fifth place, with 25 points… Tom, why’d you hang your head? Oh, the shame. Fifth is a great place.
I knew what that number was. We’re among friends. Yes, yes, it is Tom. The mind control worked. Influence matters.
I’m the first, best loser? In fourth place, with 33 points, Sam. Yup. In third place, with 44 points, Mica. Ah! Second place, 47 points, that’d be yours truly. Whoa.
I knew it! Also did the math, so who knows? Narrow, narrow, narrow. And Pat, you complain about never winning your own game. Until today. 51 points on the board, sir. Huzzah! If only we challenged your bone influence. That’s what it was. A phrase I say far too often. (laughing) Thank you so much for coming and playing. I love this game and I can’t wait to play it again. It is so interesting that the rules, we could play this for a much longer time and still enjoy it just as much. And it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, it was perfect. I love it, and congrats on your game, guys. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks so much for being here. All four of you. Really appreciate you. And I hope to see you again soon. And thanks so much to you guys at home. We love you and we’ll see you next time on Game the Game. Bye! (upbeat quirky music)

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    Was the Auraghast card played correctly? It says choose any player (not players) to pay 2 Etherea. In the video he paid one and she paid one.

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