Crisis In The Multiverse…Thanks Flash!

Crisis In The Multiverse…Thanks Flash!

Greetings comic lovers and welcome back to
casually comics the channel where we chat all things comics from reviews of comics new
and old to history to anecdotes to really wherever our whims take us. It’s history time today time to take a look
back at a story that everyone will tell you is important if you hang around comic circles
long enough and well they’re not wrong. We’re going to take a look at the first
comic to implement the concept of a multiverse which is now such a core comic book staple
that both Marvel and Dc regularly make giant mega events centering on the concept, whether
it’s destroying it recreating it, expanding it, Apex Lexing it it’s made it’s mark
whether you think it’s overplayed or not there’s no denying it’s importance. But how did it come to be well like the silver
age we have the flash to thank. Both the first and second flash. If you love taking a look at comic book history
hit that like button. So we’ve talked before about the rise of
the silver age, if you missed out on that fun you know the drill card and link. The cliff notes too long didn’t watch for
those who really have no time is that there was a superhero lull, burnout after world
war 2 that led to many superhero titles being cancelled ending the golden age of heroes
which was folllowed by a boom in other genre comics particularly crime and horror. Which went hard nsfw one now infamous and
famous it’s both depending on who you talk to EC comics cover had a decapitated woman
on it. That coupled with concerns of depravity and
comics spreading delinquency and deviance led to the creation of the comics code there
were senate hearings people burned books comics were nearly regulated by the government seduction
of the innocent was written it was a whole thing. So those other genres were pretty much crushed
because of the censorship which led to a resurgence in the safer easier to regular plus tried
and true superhero comics leading to the dawn of the silver age with the re-emergence of
a new flash. But the space between silver and golden age
was unique cause well people hadn’t hated the the golden age heroes at all more like
shifted interest and so in 1961 Gardner Fox who also happened to be the writer who had
written the first 3 golden age flash stories starring the first flash jay garrick would
put forward a script introducing Earth 2. Ladies Gentlemen comic book lovers everywhere
I give you the birth of the multiverse. The cover is famous it’s one of the historic
comic book covers a man cowering in fear about to be crushed by a pilar when two very distinct
flashes rush to save him from either side. This cover was also referenced by CW’s Flash
which does a lot more homaging than people sometimes give it credit for. The cover also claims that this is a spectacular
story sure to become a classic I mean that’s a huge flex but they weren’t wrong so well
played cover arrogance well played. The comic opens with jay garrick talking to
a barry drawn like he has an oversized head not an uncommon occurence for early silver
age barry How can you possibly claim to be the flash barry allen when I Jay Garrick am
the flash and have been for more than 20 years. Yeah this story employs realistic timescales
which is going to make earth 2 an interesting place indeed you’ll see. This is a great opener for new fans it’s
a what’s going on two flashes and for older fans it’s an acknowledgement heck yeah there
are two flashes how many are we up to know heck yeah there are 10 flashes there’s not
that many but we can get there challenge accepted. Our story begins with barry who is running
late it’s one of his ironic character traits that persists to this day that he’s the
fastest man alive and perpetually late for all things. He’s going to meet iris who’s hosting
a charity event but she’s not mad he’s late but that the magician she hired to entertain
the kids is and of course it’s oprhans in early comics it’s always orphans maybe bruce
can come by and pick one out for the next time a robin bites the dust. They have to have dark hair though there are
rules. Barry decides to help out by getting his good
friend the flash to perform instead he’s got all kinds of tricks like playing tennis
with himself. I mean I guess that’s pretty cool, the kids
like it and that’s what matters. For his last trick he decides to try a disappearing
act climb a rope and vibrate it and himself out of phase he’s never done this before
the kids are getting peak flash today. But in the process he vanishes and finds himself
in an odd place keystone city rather than central city nobody recognizes him but all
the dates are right and suddenly he has a thought that he recognizes this place. So he changes back into barry allen and goes
to phone book to look up jay garrick then goes to his house to accost him with his own
backstory which is exposition for the audience for those who don’t know how jay garrick
became the flash he inhaled some hard water in a lab after he knocked over an experiment. Ok look if you thought they were giving out
powers on street corners in the solver age you hadn’t seen the golden age where they
essentially came to you in the mail. Hard Water. Where’s my super speed. Still this is good exposition cause there’s
a reason narratively for barry to be telling jay this. It’s to gain his trust even though to me
it’s very threatening like someone shows up at your house and is like I know everything
about you and your life but I’m not sketch I swear. He quickly tells them that he;s the flash
too and show them his nifty ring where he keeps his costume he then postulates that
there must be two earths vibrating out of phase The way I see it I vibrated so fast
I tore a gap in the vibratory shields separating our worlds as you know two objects can occupy
the same space and time if they vibrate at different speeds. He then tells his story and establishes the
concept that central city is the twin of keystone. Also that on his world the flash is a comic
book written by Gardner Fox who is inserting himself in a very early example of metaness
into this story and that he must have picked up snippets of jay’s adventure in dreams,
a plot that would later inspire cinematic masterpieces like cool world. Barry goes onto say that jay was his inspiration
and why he took on the name of the flash and when he says the comic was cancelled jay says
that was the year he retired but of course time kept moving so now Jay is older but looking
to get back in the action cause a series of crimes have occurred around keystone that
can only be stopped by the flash. But what’s better than one flash two flashes. Whoever these crooks are they;re in for double
flash trouble. Prepare for trouble make it double I can’t
hear the word double without thinking that anymore. Pokemon has ruined me. Chapter two these silver age books love the
chapter thing. We see the dastardly villains who have teamed
up the thinker, the fiddler and the shade they’re sitting in a very classy hideout
talking about how they’ve each upgraded their tech and are ready to best the flash. And each have a unique item to steal. They all get along so well and are so polite
to each other it’s like they’re part of a book club or what I imagine a book club
is like. I want to be part of an evil book club. First up the thinker he’s out to steal the
neptune cup. Meanwhile jay and barry decide that the scooby
doo approach is the one to take so split up. Jay ends up going up against the thinker who
has a mind control cap that forces people to do his bidding creates projections etc. By increasing the energy given off by my brain
to it’s fullest capacity I can work scientific miracles. I’ll let the we only use some of our brians
thing slide cause its 1961 but people still do it. It’s not true I expected more from you thinker. Jay shows up but whenever he gets close to
the thinker he moves out of reach eventually he’s exhausted and is all am I just that
old ahhhh. But then the thinker steps out of the closet
he was hiding in. to be like haha I was merely projecting an
image of myself at you. So the thinker is a camper good to know, I’m
not gaming with him. He then makes jay knock himself out on a wall. Barry goes up against the shade who is robbing
a boat of historical curios which ones, well does it matter, not to the shade just give
him all the curios. He’s blanketed the boat in darkness but
barry runs over and makes the darkness a tornado… I love how some of the science in this is
so legit and the rest is just basically differently phrased magic. The shade escapes by shooting darkness mixed
with oil at barry who defeated goes to meet up with jay who’s sitting there living in
embarrassment but they decide it’s not them it was the scooby doo approach with its lure
of solo victory and praise no it never works so it’s time for a proper teamup together
cause there’s one villain left the fiddler. Also the comic starts calling jay the old
flash here which makes me snort cause they call barry the new flash but in my head I’m
like the young flash. That’s what they meant and you know it. Chapter 3, Fiddler is driving through town
on his giant fidlle shaped car. How did he get that made he’s standing on
it and using his fiddle to make glass fall and spread general pandemonium which leads
to the cover panel actually happening in the issue. See this is the best cover bait sensational
but accurate. The flashes find his car at the museum with
jay going there’s the fiddle car nobody’d notice it there the museums in such an out
of the way place. 1 how outlandish are the other cars that no
one is noticing this two he rode on it standing fiddling people to their potential deaths
down a mainstreet. 3 don;t do the museum like that jay it’s
a wonderland of learning and fun. The thinker and head are back at their nice
den of a lair talking about how they both defeated the flash when they realize wait
that’s not possible quickly come to the conclusion there must be two flashes and also
start to worry about the fiddler so they rush off to help him the flash rogues are best
rogues what a support network, sometimes unless some captain cold level pettiness is happening,
like it wasn’t even a question it was a lets go help our friend Shade even says I
hope we’re not too late. But when they get there the fiddler has control
over the flashes making them dance and rob the museum for him. However he didn’t tell them not try to escape
so the just waited til all the villains are in one place and then defeat them super easily
cause it is page 24 and we are out of time, high tech villain upgrades are no match for
the limited page space. The two flashes part ways with Jay vowing
to come out of retirement he had such a good time. And seeing how barry vibrates back to his
earth he vows that maybe one day he’ll go visit. And then gardner fox pats himself on the back
The only ones who’d really believe it would be the readers of flash comics That’s why
I’m going to look up Gardner fox who wrote the original flash stories and tell it to
him! He can write the whole thing down in a comic
book! Comiception!! It may seem so standard now that’s it hard
to think of a time when it was different but two earths was a huge revelatory concept. It opened the door to so many things. If jay was around than so were the other golden
age heroes and earth 2 became a haven for those heroes. It would expand to why don’t we also write
stories about the heroes of earth 2 now that there’s interest again and we can sell them
on the same stands under the headers golden age and silver age. The difference in time would lead to legacy
heroes some who would travel to earth 1 like black canary who was the daughter of the first
black canary who came over to earth two for ollie. Oliver queen ok guess he really does make
good chilli. We would eventually have superman and batman
tales from this earth as well with older versions of the heroes and the concept would grow why
just two earths. The other earths would house characters from
acquired comic book companies like the fawcett characters would get their own earth. We would play with outlandish concepts that
once would only have had solo stories like the crime syndicate. The multiverse would prove so successful for
dc marvel would later create one of their own. Of course it would eventually get convoluted
and DC would try to fix it with crisis on infinite earths but at it’s dawn it was
clean and simple and a way to let people have all the heroes they wanted. It also did very well in not having either
flash step on each others toes so there wasn’t a need for my flash is better than your flash
although that still probably happened. It established the concept of legacy passing
in a very tasteful way respect for the mantle one took on and respect for the person who
took it on. Everyones so nice in this story even the villains
you know minus the trying to kill people with falling glass. Not cool Fiddler. So that was it the story that gives us the
multiverse and more metaness than one may have expected. What did you think? What are your thoughts on the multiverse? Would you join the flash’s evil rogue book
club? I would but if you don;t read the book captain
cold probably tried to ruin your life. I’m Sasha and thanks so much for watching
casually comics don’t forget to do all the youtube things like share comment subscribe
and stay tuned for more videos coming soon. Bye

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  1. Dude’s name is Shazam. The L has been taken.Yet Mary Marvel still makes sense. Not you Captain Marvel jr. You do not make sense.

  2. Into the Flasher-Verse
    ….wait a tick

    (Also as SOON as you said Simple and Clean I started singing. You are permanently sucked into Double. For me, it is 'simple and clean' spoken together.)

  3. I love the multiversal and AU stuff both Marvel and DC, even my favorite genre of fiction is alternate history. Any chance you could do something on the Marvel's Exiles at some point?

  4. 5:20 I have to talk about the original Jay Garrick's origin in flash comics #1. I love and hate how he got his powers from a total lack of lab safety. He stays up late at his university lab and he decides to smoke right there next to school equipment. His smoke was so good that he leans back and drops glass containers that were on the table. This third bit is unimportant for the origin but he didn't have a lab coat or apron either. I am humored and annoyed by this origin.

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