Daily Consistency = Massive Results: THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy | Core Message

Daily Consistency = Massive Results: THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy | Core Message

100 thoughts on “Daily Consistency = Massive Results: THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy | Core Message”

  1. My jaw dropped when the video hit 5:00. I started logging my work activities last summer with time stamps on excel. My patience has been replenished. Thank you for posting the video!

  2. Brother, from my heart I would love to thank you for your time and effort. Thousands of people including me have learned a lot from your videos. Stay motivated, stay curious. Best luck!

  3. I would choose the second option, take those 5k a month and invest them in whatever is on demand, while the guy who took the first option is getting 2.2M after all that Ilegal activity he/she must be on, the rest of that life will be about making sure nobody realizes his increases in pay are unrealistic, that includes money laundry of course…

  4. cumulative , a good thing…not compound , however…

    lets say you consistently exrcise to build muscle…cumulatively you can get muscle mass .. if it were compound you would get the dize of godzilla…

    getting e ads on your y t vid can ,of course , become compound…because of expanding number of responders and repeat ad click royalties….

    i don't think darren means that…he iyscsaying steady repetition of daily effort builds up …cumulatively…
    Insurance sales
    karate practice
    music practice
    computer programming ..


  5. Why did he assume that frnd who is getting 5000 per month is not having growth or conpounding … i think thats a misleading assumption

  6. I went the second route. That way I get a lot of free time to be with my family and friends. I have time for my hobbies and gaming. I even make enough to invest early on. Stress free and no worries.

  7. I agree with the concept albeit not to the degree it is purported to work. The introduction just shows the power of compound interest which is a mathematical, objective formula, which literally has no relation to rewards produced from consistent effort. Some people work more/less efficiently than others. Also, people plateau given their own physical or mental restraints. Also, if this were true, there would be basketball players shooting 99% from the court. A professor who creates a novel new math proof would then next year discover the math for black holes and then the mutliverse and then build rockets to travel trillions of light years away the next year. An exponential reward function doesn't materialize from consistent effort.

  8. I felt the core values that you mentioned were very important. Using this method in my art makes me feel better about my progress.

  9. The most ironic thing is that what the productivity game is doing is exactly giving shortcut and instant gratification to those who are lazy/not willing to read full books. It sure provides informative knowledge, but it filters out your personal thinking process whiling reading and will never become part of yours

  10. Personal Development Hacks

    ๐Ÿ”ฅ That was a supper video! Thanks for sharing this! Appreciate it very much! ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘

  11. hmmm the first point could be more effective in a way… you take option B for the first few weeks THEN go to the smarter long term option A… It actually works out well in life. For example… Go hard core on your diet and fitness for like 3 weeks then just tone it down and make sure you keep to consistency ๐Ÿ˜‰ The key to it is to realize what step of the process you're in. It's seasonal.

  12. Independent Observor

    Ridiculous video, only an idiot completely devoid of any common sense and absolutely zero financial knowledge would pass an option offering a 10% weekly compound growth. But considering the likes and views, I imagine there are many who find such rudimentary videos informative.

  13. Unfortunately real life doesn't work in this straightforward way! There are a countless number of very mature "unrecognized geniuses" in art, music, theatre, and other low-demand pursuits, who, in 30 years are still barely getting by and starve their families too, but stubbornly refuse to take up something more down-to-earth that actually pays almost right away after the education is finished (like nursing or accounting).

  14. Nice little tip on 'note at the top of the hour'. It was yt algorithm that suggested your video. I haven't checked your channel yet, but was wondering if you had a tip on "how to" focus.

  15. Mantas Valciukas

    I kinda started understanding this principle, when I first started learning about investing, like index or mutual funds all are great ideas, not because you put your money in there and not because you get that growth each year, but because everything that you put in the previous year is going to help whatever you put in this year to make even more money and same goes for skills, even if you learn like programming or lose weight or whatever it is, it might not be as important or as effective as you'd like it to be, but when you decide to move on to learning the next skill, the skills that you've learnt before will help you excel in the new one as well.

  16. I agree, this was the model I intuitively understood from my childhood growing up on the wrong side of the tracks. I sacrificed my time and comfort and worked at any menial job I had to if that's what it took to move incrementally forward by getting a college degree. Ultimately I became an successful entrepreneur and now live a very privileged life, but in hindsight I also realize random luck was also a big factor in my success because there are millions of people who made sacrifices and worked just as hard as I did who didn't become financial independent. But you can't fear failure or fail to try because then your fate is sealed.

  17. Isaac Landin Flower

    One of my favorite quotes from The Compound Effect "When most people set out to achieve new goals, they ask 'Okay, I have my goal; now what do I need to do to get it?' It's not a bad question, but it's not the first question that needs to be addressed either. The question we should be asking ourselves is: 'Who do I need to become?' You probably know some people who seem to do all the right things, but still don't produce the results they want, right? Why not? One thing Jim Rohn taught me is: 'If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become."

  18. F****ing AMAZING!!!! Finally something I can show my parents and loved ones that I am Hustling on the 'Compound Effect'. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCTION!!!!! Much success ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Thank you for doing the work and sharing it for free. I am considered a successful person by any matrix measured. But I still have a very difficult time doing anything consistently over a longer period of time. This has been driving me crazy. I will follow the advice and commit to small sustained long term action. I believe that is what has been missing in my approach.

  20. Well done video… for those who havent read the book yet this video gives you the general idea in a clear way…now i want to watch other videos about other books๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

  21. The accumulated revenue theory is not realistic. Life doesn't usually work like that. Random interference etc. It's a nice idea but to guarantee an increase of ten percent every month just isn't realistic.

  22. Can't be touched

    You get compound effect from meditation,cold showers,fasting and exercising,in two months you can become new man!

  23. Great message and great video. Align your daily tasks with your values and goals.. Now that's productive!!!

  24. The idea of compound growth is great. However, the hard part is measuring growth, esp. with many things in life that are more qualitative (e.g. skills and relationships). Also, growing constantly at a positive % in something is very difficult and it depends on what one is trying to grow in, but one thing that is common among anything that is being improved is that improvement and its growth starts diminishing and it becomes very difficult to grow more due to limited resources.

  25. Hi there,
    Nice video man! Appreciate it!
    Btw the video below may change someone's life:

  26. see people keep directing me here when i talk about having no drive or ambition.. but this demands a huge amount of drive. To make constant small changes with absolutely no perceivable pay off and relying on an end goal which one with no ambitions or goals simply doesnt have is damn near impossible isnt it? i mean this entire process is designed to use your GOAL to cause you to make small choices that align with it..if not having a goal is your problem this system loses its entire core….

  27. An old way of expressing the same concept is The Chinese Bamboo Tree story. Look it up. Basically, you plant the seed, water it, nourish the soil, pull the weeds, etc. week-in, week-out for what seems like an eternity. Meanwhile, you donโ€™t see any visible signs of growth for awhile. Frustrating! Then, suddenly, it grows 80 feet in one year! What was happening under the surface was the plant building a root system to support exponential growth.

  28. What a great video and explanation, this is very good to keep in mind. It's all about delayed gratification and patience

  29. Valentine Igwedibia

    I haven't read this book but I can feel my life is about to change after I read this book. Thanks for making this video for us. You the best !!! Gonna order this book right after this comment.

  30. Summary of The Compound Effect:
    1. Small, unsexy but Smart Decisions Made Consistently Everyday lead to incredible results
    2. Trade the "Microwave Mentality" of Immediate Results for Immediate Alignment with your Core Values
    3. Core Values are your compass you use to make your decisions and filter your actions through everyday

  31. This is wonderful! It can be easy to be discouraged at first when you want to see big results fast. But that pretty much has never happened! I'm becoming someone who is able to put in more and more work, just yesterday I spent all day working on my channel. It's the first day I've had where I was able to do that without feeling totally drained. A victory can seem small, but with CONSISTENCY, you are able to get a big victory!

  32. Exponential growth is another name for this principle. It works both ways though. Banks don't tell customers that this is how COMPOUNDING interest works on credit cards. Short term fun but long term debt slavery with unbelievable interest compounding on top of interest. Over the long haul…It can destroy you. The compounding effect can be seen behind the wealth of a lot of rich people because they understand the value of DELAYED GRATIFICATION. It's the biggest difference between the rich and the poor. Instant gratification mentality VS delayed gratification mentality.

  33. Thank you! I really needed to see this video. I will read this book now. Because of this video…I know I'm on the right path.

  34. I must respectfully disagree with your video and the book. I am 64 years old and retired, and here is what I see happens in the real world. Yes it is true that effort produces results, but it is MORE important to be NOT-fat, handsome, clean-dressed, and friendly. It also helps if you have large breasts and a pretty face if you are a woman. Those things plus a LITTLE talent will make you very rich. If a person lacks some of those BASIC traits, then working yourself to death will not get you very far.

  35. I Support You! I have purchased your yearly subscription because you focus on the Best books and Add visuals and this is HUGE! Because I am primarily a visual learner. And as a bonus you summarize expertly.
    I have purchased many of these already but this is great to do a quick 10 min. Review daily.
    Keep it up!

  36. While I definitely agree that small, consistent efforts can bring enormous results, not everyone can make it on 15K in that first year especially if you have a family. So, you might have to work two jobs for a while, get up early, work weekends, work late, whatever it takes. That's how I wrote my first book. Got up at 4:30 every day for years.

  37. Daily consistency is my main focus when it comes to working on my projects and goals. I focus on working every day even a little, rather than fool around all week and then cram on the weekends. I do this with an all-in-one productivity app called LifeHQ that has journals, todo lists, pomodoro timer and habit tracker all being held together as a daily mission to be accomplished. It's hosted here: www.lifehqapp.com

  38. Excellent. And because you're firm on staying on your core values (learning and creating), your tangible result (this video) is awesome. Well done.

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