Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018, NBA Season

Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018, NBA Season

With Wesley Matthews out of tonight’s games Dennis Smith jr Luca dodge Harrison Barnes and DeAndre Jordan complete the line. He gets it in a big time way He can shoot over the top of you knocks down perimeter. Probably the easiest – he’s gonna see this evening Marcos owns this game Order by one point on Saturday night then broke things open in the second quarter And for most of the second half that maintains Oprah’s need a road win. Haven’t had one all year This battled back 11 straight games on the road Davey been in the starting lineup a lot of players are out in the lineup for Chicago will touch on that as the night goes on miss Barnes hits a little fade away from the 3rd And it’s only going to continue Longest redirected sue did a spin shooter and he’ll throw steady themselves with exports 6th Street have their first leave the game Del Carter jr 19 years old from Atlanta. He was in a Gong zone Said he was probably only about 70% It says he’s back at 100% and the numbers reflects the high-ceilinged in Sackville Dean has Boss warfare peppers were showing they came up. He has now made after those two 15 in his last 16 Saturday that was a defensive three-second Starter along the Dorian finney-smith then he Smith receives to kick out past Lake want Drive Would be an easier shot to Justin Play Kind of reminiscent of what went down on Saturday night slow-start mentalis found their footing and prepared to lead going into the second at least out by to the free-throw line that concerned the slow the Game down and disrupt the other team’s offensive rhythm The big fetish believe up the second quarter Hart with a turnover and then a missed jumper by Antonio blows another $2, ah, there’s the backdoor cut in the first quarter The only points he had with three free throws that he made well, they need some storm right now Cleveland knocks down the point shoot I think 21% because what he’s shooting for the year Nice pass better finish the white pal. The defense is very disruptive right now So a double-team on will be and drive that funky holiday are Lopez bullet pass out of the post Blocked by clima against over to go for Chicago. That’s at a joint e3, two three one larger rebounds his own business Long right now the ball movement has gotten better. That’s a good look for Cleveland. It’s a good three-ball to clean up on by 11 JJ wants to free. Yes, sir By and large part since they played so well that group staying out in the floor the only thing to change did the time out was To Robin Lopez offensive rebound after the missed shot by Jabari Parker. It’s actually Isis The offensive rebound also just like they planned it Here’s what sent to the basket Jason seems to happen for Brunson gonna have to dig in here against Zach Lavine challenges the shot which still goes in a Throw-in after Lavine got caught on the sidelines and took a timeout. He curls catches drives and heads for the bed Hopefully Dallas, too Fuck that stay with it and the boys are making up supported foot through all those spins and fake trumpet Yeah up here the Twitter’s down Or three that is the drought. That’s what he talked about. Azula’s ability to really stupid The first Three system.out mall of Dallas is 14 point leave in Hutchinson three has made it a one-point game JJ’s back That left-hand finish off seven points in the first half for Barnes Good catch underneath the basket. He dished it back outside the Straits it To step back from heel Look good tonight sister falls away by steal by DF j & d SJ a flash up the floor and what way to get on TS j Don’t bother to make the best take a shot Pull up a sack with some consistency escape Lauren just had this year was the 19 points 13 rebounds against the Wizards left rebounds late DeAndre short third the league averaging 13 Well, he’s seen him 360 The generosity of mavericks front row season ticket holders will be sitting courtside toes on wood on wednesday night Smit caught inside turning slamming due to the restricted area which was Last in the NBA nice pass another shot restricted area transition the artsy crowd at a time out like that, too That young team as this day gets all the way to the room Partner trail 3 laundry belt Wendell Carter jr. Sliding over the toilet To get that 14 Safari Parker houses over baseline jumper is Luke on the house League that was carted bad that’s a huge block came in from the weak side Seconds another possession now deep in the clock for Dallas to see if Barnes can make something happen Looking for short intercept. Bye Fancied analyst They have longer with that point every time this has happened yeah something good has happened to Dallas is like I’m good, like something something good is about to happen. Now. That was a Dwight Powell 3-ball and this is a one-man show Almeida three. One two three tribes. He’ll set the screen for JJ JJ We can superficial lead the team on Sakhalin they’ve done that a lot tonight Late in and with the Knicks Levine got to the defense kick out back Taras made a three-pointer in the first half here. He is riding in step That’s a bitch call me again Artist Contested three-pointer want by Mexico a moment ago is second the game push jumping The Bulls heard 14 pounds in the four free throws the rest of the way the devil’s junk shop Levine to Parker Parker Pulls under 96 in this game Separation holiday recovers well after you left to speed down the spring His numbers 20 shots Barnes got around the deep into the pain This thing is too to the dry indigestion Latest budget for the defense play the dexter there to be Leeta sport for Dallas Bulls around the timeouts now Luka and he’s found as bad as things Seem to have been but things start, you know Things could seem bad and they turn quickly Oh on a little defense here at the end Networks went on the road for the first time since last March a long losing streak of road games comes to an end Harrison Barnes leads away Three of the last four the mound someone overall 103 98 the final tonight in Chicago

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  1. Need to keep playing Archi! He made so many plays for the bulls that kept them in the game when he was on the court running the offense. He needs to keep starting until Dunn gets back

  2. I swear if Luka doesn’t win ROTY white folks are going to start a race war….they have this boy’s nuts all the way down their esophaguses.

  3. It’s time to fire hoiberg, i know my bulls aren’t anywhere near ready to compete, but they shouldn’t look this bad defensively

  4. A little tired of the bulls disrespect here. You upload our highlights last and you don’t even upload our commentators when it’s our home game. #SEERED

  5. Jabari parker gotta play defense man and better defense 🤦talking about "u font get paid to play D. So they just pay u to play offense and poor defense 👎hell nah both sides help u win not just one

  6. I’m sorry guys can we just take a minute to recognize Justin Holidays cross? Like that boiii saucy and the foul godddamn!

  7. Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores

    BULLS must trade R. Lopez, that guy doesn't defend at all. no blocks. no steals. BULLS NEED a good CENTER asap!

  8. Thank you for putting the Mavs full game highlights on your channel please keep them coming I post and share a lot.
    Luka is a beast, Dorian Finney-Smith is becoming a good player & Maxi Kleber needs to see more action.

  9. Awful game. BB IQ in dallas beside Doncic and Barea is non existant… Its like… hmmm there is open man on the three point, meh I'm gona solo drive vs 3…So many bad decisions
    They have everything to be decent team they just need to control some egos and play as team.

  10. Im From Chicago the bulls are so trash and honestly I’m disappointed. They need to change the GM, Coaching, and whatever the drills they are practicing. #NODEFENSE

  11. If Dennis Smith Jr. doesn't get his shit together he will continue to get about 25 minutes a night… his 1st half of this game was awful… You are blind if you cant see that JJ is best running this team outside of Luka… So when Dennis isn't aggressive when he has the ball in his hands the offense stalls… When he plays off the ball & gets mad cause hes not controlling the ball & just sits on the 3 pt line & doesn't cut or move around hes pretty much useless as well… So Dennis best get his shit together or Rick will continue to give his minutes to JJ, Harris & Jalen

  12. Proud to be a dallas fan. Luka, Smith and Dandre. Yep thats a solid big three. Mathews balling and for some reason barnes can actually shot. Shoutout to my favourite shark, CUBAN. He a G for drafting luka.

  13. I would like that when a note-taker write down a basket, the name of the scorer or whoever appears on the screen to touch with his finger on his name is recorded and he can comment on the notary.

  14. When hoiberg replaced thibs I thought it was because the team needed a more offensive minded coach. Now I feel they are more consistent on offense, but are in my opinion really bad on defense. Like who is the defense leader on the team? In my opinion they don't have anyone that stands out on defense. All good teams have a defensive leader as well as an offensive master mind. The 90's bulls had Scotty and Rodman who were savages on defense. The warriors today have green, raptors have kawai, the Celtics had Garnett and now have smart. The best defensive player the bulls have at this moment I think would be Wendell, and he will be much better in the future, but he is just not adapted to the level of competition yet.

  15. Mavs will trade Salah because of Maxi. He’s just that much more talented offensively than Mejri is. It’s not even near close, Maxi is a real 3pt threat also. Maxi is everything we all thought Raef Lafrentz would be😂.

  16. Bulls offense seems to be getting worse. Those low level IQ shots, bricking 3s and still shooting them, ball movement is stagnant. Everyone expected defense to be trash but the offense is trash also, can we please fire hoiberg starting to think him and paxson got some closet man love for each other.

  17. The Bulls need to stop playing favoritism by keeping Lopez because he is WHITE ! The Bulls need a real center and make Carter a power forward he is not a 7 footer and he will make a good power forward

  18. Trey Young? Check his field goal %. You'll find out he is inefficient and a ball-hog at the same time. ROTY should be Luka this season

  19. After the game against my Lakers I started watching Mavs games cus I wanted to see if Kleber and Powell had a 1 off game but nah those guys r really the defensive back bone of that team. Wasn’t no fluke game by them I guess 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  20. How is no one in the comment section gunna talk about how smooth their offense was running when Barea was playing point. lol.

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