Dawn Allen Speedster ENDING EXPLAINER! The Thinker’s Plan REVEALED? -The Flash 4×20 Breakdown!

Dawn Allen Speedster ENDING EXPLAINER! The Thinker’s Plan REVEALED? -The Flash 4×20 Breakdown!

rejuvenate your fractured scaphoid
compare the south allows for assembly No initially we set out to enlighten the
world now you want to rule it I am leaving you Clifford nothing can get in though out
you dare orchestrate an exodus on the eve of humanity’s greatest reckoning
made a power to my husband but my husband is dead I think is worse
victim the enlightenment will come for you too I won’t be all that remains oh you are
nothing without me special delivery
Wow super pregnant looks like you do about 21 days from tonight I’d say if I
were guessing so you know who is it uh someone sent us a diaper bag mm-hm it
looks like it’s a gift from someone who wanted you both to know how special you
are someone who understands that time is
precious and right now is all we’ve got left only speaking dad we got oh what’s
it that wall-e well they already sent us a bassinet which apparently was owned by
Moses it was their note was it some delivery girl you Whats good youtube warstu here with a video
on the flash now if you’re into the flash season 4 this is the channel for
you it’s so make sure to subscribe we do videos or we came along so last night’s
episode of the flash was episode 20 therefore she is and damn guys we are
only three episodes away from the seas from the flash beam over this year and
it’s finally getting good so we’re gonna do the reviews like we normally do go
over the main points first so damn and the post-credits scene the after clip
scene was amazing so coffee shop girl mystery girl jitters girl whoever you
want to call her knocks at the door and the door said number 5 on it so that is
foreshadowing and that Jessica Kennedy Parker has actually been confirmed to be
part of season 5 and her story he’s been building up to season 5 so that is why
the 5 was there so she turns up with a random gift for Joe answer seals baby
it’s worth noting that it’s being confirmed that Joe and Cecile’s baby
isn’t meta-human so your theory Crafton can do some hard guessing I guess you
could say now so pink is everywhere she’s wearing pink so this is try to
make you think the Cecile’s and Joe’s baby is actually going to be a
girl it’s trying to confuse you but what was the most interesting thing about
this scene was when she seen Aras she didn’t she looked upset
so everyone is saying that this character will be dawn Allen part of the
tornado twins but I ain’t convinced because it’s not really much evidence
until we see a scene with her with iris and how she interacts but anyway we’re
gonna know in the next couple of episodes who she is but that’s not even
the most craziest moment we found out that yes she actually is finally going
to be a speedster but her lightning is very different it’s like multiple colors
which is interesting and the mechanics wife in the post-credits scene basically
betrayed Clifford DeVoe aka
the thinker just like I thought it would happen and the thinker was like the
Enlightenment would come for you so basically the Enlightenment it was
revealed what he is during this episode Clifford wants to turn everyone into a
drone in some aspects he wants to make he base he wants to make everyone stupid
and not to rely on the internet or rely on technology which is kind of good in
ways but bad in other ways so they that those two points were the major plot
points now is the mechanic going to work with team flash I think she’s gonna work
with team flash now and it was very disappointing after we reported that the
accelerating man the flash from Earth 19 will actually be actually be coming to
the flash TV show all we got was a split a second
cameo even shorter than the cameo before when gipsy and breacher went to the
agency and Cisco turned the job down so those two and no longer he was kind of
really sad in this episode because of it but there was some epic moments in this
tells that a infinity war kind of fan ass versus I guess you could say the
Avengers so to speak because like gipsy could hold they were actually held him
so it remind me of the scene with Scarlet Witch and vision where gipsy was
hurting the thinker so obviously in this situation gipsy would be Scarlet Witch
and if I will be thinking I’m not gonna ruin scene but if you’ve watched the
movie let me know in the comment below guys just did this scene remind you of
it and as soon as the mechanic said we’re supposed to be helping them you
knew this was going to build up to a post-credits scene where the Vosges
white actually portrays him and this will be the downfall
so now team flash most likely will have the thinker on their side it’s going to
be very interesting so throughout the whole episode Cisco was distant because
gipsy wanted an answer it was very interesting and Harrison wells Harry
wells from earth-2 is losing his intelligence which is never a good thing
but Cisco said it can be changed back so essentially that’s what we change
everyone in the world they will lose their intelligence so they had to go to
mercury labs to kind of boost the signal I guess you could say so DeVoe has what
he needs but now he is working solo and we got a backstory of how just how so
how the mechanic and the thinker met she was really against the plan at first but
when then then when she was doing some I guess you could say charity works and
salvation work and there was a nuclear strike and everyone died she kind of
went to Clifford Davos side but it’s a bit questionable about whether he
actually set that up guys very interesting episode very good episode
they’re still trying to bring killer frost back into caitlin snow as we know
she can’t get to her powers back it’s just the case of waking them up so very
good episode guys really happy with this episode next week’s episode looks pretty
good as well we get a minute back black a minute
black black back with her very good English accent jokes not really she
hasn’t got a good English accent but anyway guys let me know who is mystery
girl does this confirm she is Dawn Allen no it doesn’t confirm she’s doing Alan
she could be anyone she could be a very very variation of reverse-flash she
could be a variation of the kind of character that was half Alan half
thought I really hope that’s the version she could be the diverse daughter but I
think I’m gonna rule out the fact that she could be Cecile and Joe’s baby but
maybe not I think whatever this storylines
building up to they are building up to a storyline where she knows about a
possible threat that’s coming because if she was tied to the thinker storyline do
not think we would have actually got some information that I mean yes she was
writing the speech or symbols weeks ago but that was just to let the audience
know that she was a speedster so that shouldn’t be any new information to you
guys so anyway guys please like subscribe and comment that would be
awesome and I will catch you guys in another
video very soon guys catch ya later

100 thoughts on “Dawn Allen Speedster ENDING EXPLAINER! The Thinker’s Plan REVEALED? -The Flash 4×20 Breakdown!”

  1. #WarHedz Damn This Episode Was Fire For Once Great Episode, Who Is Coffee Shop Girl Now Then? The Thinkers Plan Is Totally Inzane Don't You Think? – Let Me Know What You Guys Think Please – Hit That Like And Share Guys – Peace #Warstu

  2. MasterCrazyKnightz

    AH im want her Name Im hoping its Dawn Allen Wait a minute What if the Dual Lightning is the Lightning Of a Twin Siblings Like How Twins are like that Maybe Don has lightning in the opsite way I would think as a Descendent of a speedster Maybe Lightning Is a DNA Thing Lightning in A speedster is Like DNA not just a connection Maybe i dunno

  3. Another great video mate. Just had a thought that maybe she didn't want to be seen by Iris because she was Iris' daughter? I know it sounds dumb, impossible even, just thinking out loud. Just imagine if she turned out to be a gender-swapped version of Godspeed because of the multi-colored lightning trail, but didn't Godspeed have a yellow lightning trail?

  4. Amirul Syafiq B M Andy

    I want to say dawn allen but she has devoe book and episode 15 jay said he was training a speed ster. I want to say joes daughter but she only keeps avoiding iris and she has purple and yellow lightning like flash, iris, speed force or maybe even earth 19 flashs daughters

  5. She is definitely an heir to the Allen family. She could be Barry and Iris’s daughter or granddaughter. Perhaps in the future she comes from Barry and other family members that tie in are dead, and Iris is one of the few who are left. Remember, Barry is no longer the main Flash in the Future. Especially the distance his possible granddaughter is from. Wally West would most likely be the Flash at the time. Wally or even Bart.

  6. So let me get this straight….. You know what the devoe and his wife story line is sooooo confusing and dumb…..

  7. I figured that the coffee shop mystery girl was the daughter of Joe and Cecile and is from the future. The fact she is a speedster is making me think that initial guess was correct – the symbols she wrote were the first sign. They have been setting up the wife (mechanic) leaving the Thinker for some time now, so to say that she is going to work with Team Flash is a no brainer – the surprise will be if she does not.

  8. I think newly minted "Delivery Girl" is the feature decedent of Wally West.. Purple lightning represents the same color of lightning for the only other Female speedster West ( When Iris got Barrys Speed force ) & same color golden lightning as Wally.. interestingly her lightning resembles lighting Shown inside Actual Speed Force, biggest character so far directly related to Speed Force was Savatar ( Trapped inside all those years, mastered it's power, became fastest speedster ever, ect. ) & Wally basically got his speed from Savatar.. just a theory in this time of deep speculation..

  9. I think it does say she is dawn Allen because the colour is red and white Iris was the speedster it was white. so is a mix of the two

  10. The girl is most likely Barry and Iris's daughter Dawn Allen. Maybe season five will be her asking them to find and rescue her brother and that's why she's alone in the past.

    But, I guess there is a possibility she is Joe and Cecile's daughter. Maybe they will make her a version of Sela Allen, or in this case Sela West, and she becomes the unpowered girl who's parents are killed and is seriously injured and placed in the speed force to heal by the Flash, in this case Barry not her father. Becoming a living embodiment of the speed force. In which case maybe Cobalt Blue will be the villan introduced for season five.

  11. why do i think its iris' baby as barrys lighting is red and iris' was purple so does that mean she gets a bit of both

  12. Sega The Phoenix

    Berry and Iris daughter just because of the lighting color but not just that she quoted something that Berry and joe said in season 3. And she was not scared to confront Iris she didn’t want to mess with the time line just yet probably

  13. The CW wants to trick us! It's not Dawn Allen, with the lightnings of Barry and Iris, that's the speed force!! When she payed the coffee of Cisco and Ralph, she wrote with the speed force language and her lightnings are the same of the storm of the speed force ( storm than we saw at the episode 23 of season 3 and the episode 15 of season 4 )

  14. Quan Nguyen Manh

    I think the scene showing the mystery girl writing speedforce symbols is much more than a way to say that she's a speedster, it's saying that she actually knows the speedforce in and out. It's very likely that she learned, or will have learned, about the speedforce from Barry Allen and also she might be much faster than Barry right now. The symbols are kind of a language to describe events in space and time, and she seems to be fluent in it, so she's not just another speedster, but a very knowledgeable speedster.

  15. I think that the speedster with the purple lightning is the daughter of Ceceal and Joe because she was oddly specific about the birth date and she also said she said the gift is from someone who cares a lot as if she had no chance to tell her parents that she loved them

  16. Her color is just like when I was was a Speedster it's purple and very is a Speedster and it's orange is she maybe is

  17. I think she is Barry and Iris’s daughter, because a pass episode; Harry said that he was “training her, in the future” that is when Iris said “ a girl speedster”.Also when Barry came out of the speed force he said that they” were going to need more diapers, indicating that they had more twins.

  18. New theory.. classic sci-fi time travel rules u are not supposed to meet a past/present incarnation of yourself…why is she running away from iris..she has met everyone except Iris..this is the kicker

  19. Imagine_ Violet

    She looks like sher belongs to caitlin and barry! I MEAN DOES SHE LOOK LIKE IRIS!? No offense just saying…

  20. Logan Paul Alert

    She's berry and aris child she have purple and yellow flash color remenber iris used to be purplr color and barry color is yellow

  21. I would like to say she has the same lightning as berry and iris when she was a speedster, maybe she’s their daughter and her mother/iris died during her early life as a baby.

  22. This isn't Dawn Allen, it's Jenni Ognats, the granddaughter of Barry and Iris, her mother is Dawn Allen and father is Kevin Ognats…she is from the 31st century and is a part of the Legion of superheroes. in the comics she goes by the name of XS. The legion travels back in time on a mission and ends up on the 21st century and Jenni gets separated from them. Even in the comics they have the same colored lightning…this is my guess based on the comics.

  23. Also Barry does not have yellow lightning, it's obvious his lightning is red, it's always been red..the reverse flash has yellow in his lightning

  24. Just a Theory
    In episode 16 when Iris was a speedster her lightning Color was purple
    so if u combined (Barry's lightning + Iris's lightning) = Mystery Girl lightning Color!
    and maybe she was annoyed when she saw iris about something happened after The Flash Vanishes in the future!!

  25. her lighting color is a combination of Barry's lighting color which is orange and Iris's which is purple and that girl has Iris's lighting color and Barry's lighting color it all makes sense now

  26. What does she say under her breath???? Also if you put on captions right before she runs away she says "you"!!!!!

  27. Don't you remember at the Nazi wedding she said "remember to say I do" Why would she say that its almost like if her existence depends on it

  28. This woman is clearly from a different timeline, her speed lightning color is from Barry's + the velocity 9 serum. I reckon she probably travelled into the past because she is dying from the velocity 9 serum.

  29. It could Barry and Iris’s daughter but it could be Barry’s twin sister because if it was Iris’s and Barry’s daughter wouldn’t it be Dawn West Allen? I mean she looked exactly like him like wouldn’t she have some of Iris’s main features at least.(like black hair or something) and I’m not trying to be racist but if it was Joe and the other woman’s daughter (sorry cant spell her name) wouldn’t she be a difficult skin color?

  30. Actually I think she is the daughter or grand daughter of Mr. Allen… Remember the marriage scene??? She is the well wisher. Can't be a villain..

  31. You can tell it’s iris and Barry’s baby because the flash has a orange streak and iris has a purple streak !?!?!?!

  32. omg she might be the daughter for joe but she became a speedster and traveled back in time for what ever reason…

    i might be wrong i didn't read the comics

  33. The new lady speedster might be either daughter or granddaughter of Barry and iris somewhat like Bart Allen in young and might be some kind of similar situation to Bart in the series young justice where in the future of Bart’s world it’s a apocalypse but who knows but something must happen between her and iris for her to be so angry and avoiding of iris

  34. I saw it yesterday (the flash premiere) her name is Nora Allen from the future and she is Barry Allen and Iris's daughter.

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