DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Teaser (HD) The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends

DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Teaser (HD) The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends

– [Narrator] Suit up for the biggest crossover ever. – [Green Arrow] We’ve got your backs. – [Narrator] Crisis on Infinite Earths, The
CW’s crossover event begins Sunday December 8th. Presented by Boost Mobile –
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100 thoughts on “DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Teaser (HD) The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, Legends”

  1. WTF Where is Tom welling? and is it only me who thought there going to play avenger theme song at 0:07..🎶Tae ta tai🎶🎵 ta taein🎵🎶

  2. Literally the last ratings ploy…I mean publicity stunt….I mean HUGE EVENT that the Arrowverse has before it dies from utterly collapsing ratings.

    Arrow ending
    Flash ratings not so hot
    Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning are bleeding viewers every week

  3. I have to be honest I really don't want blacklighting to be apart of this crossover because they were never apart of the arrowverse and I honestly do not like there show and I feel like they are going to ruin it

  4. So were having atleast 3 supermans in this supergirls superman Brandons superman and Tom welling probably dean Cain too at least 2 supergirls 2 flashes black lightning bat girl I heard batman too its going to be awesome

  5. God I hope rouths kingdom come superman has a big part in this cross over across all 5 shows or at least legends not like John Wesley Shipp popping up last year and immediately getting snapped out of existence which was bullshit btw or the news of welling only shooting 1 scene but I don't expect anything more out of him other than walking up in a flannel shirt in like a montage like Barry's time travel effect in season 1 or whenever that was, welling is not superman never was and never will be and I liked smallville!

  6. Can't wait for team science/tech to gather consist of Cisco,Winn,William,Curtis and Luke Fox. Hopefully Gambi and the rest of the gang can join B.L in the crisis too

  7. Absolutely inane, to even think of attempting something like COIN on TV, on a TV budget. This is why DC has ended up as Marvel's shoe-shine boy

  8. I can't believe people are saying that this crossover has too many characters. People saying Crisis on Infinite Earths is adding too many characters is like when my family learned literally 3 days ago while watching Batman: Hush that Batman and Catwoman are a thing and I am just like: "… You're kidding me right? They've been a thing for more than 15 years in comics and you only learned this now??? You've even seen Michael Keaton's Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Returns and you've never picked up on this relationship???" So yeah, when that happens, I just question everything in existence.

  9. I am so disappointed that this incredible event is an arrow verse thing, I really hoped that the DCEU would do this, Man these CW showrunners are going to turn in into a soap opera drama again, for God's sake this is one of the best comics in history, just destroys the infinity saga of Marvel with it's complex plot and events, Should definitely make it a HBO Max thing since they are buying DC universe originals , then there will be enough budget, quality and complexity

  10. Too bad Warner Brothers/DC couldn't have invested serious thought, time and money to have the CW Crisis On Infinite Earths transcend beyond the small screen to the theaters.

  11. I hope we get to see killer frost , vibe , mad dog , spartan , ralph and dinah and felicity aswell since there all heroes and part of the teams

  12. Imagine Oliver saying “Anti-Monitor, You have failed this multiverse” and then lets his arrow go to kill him. The arrow has to be special, made of some type of element that can kill the Anti-monitor, maybe a positive matter arrow, since he is basically from the anti matter universe

  13. You know they're only going to have Tom Welling's Clark Kent appear just to have the Smallville universe get wiped out. Lol. He'll never truly suit up as Superman. And no, the CGI suit at the end of Smallville doesn't count as him suiting up. And Brandon Routh looks amazing in that Kingdom Come suit.

  14. Yeah let's bring back a Superman from a movie over 10 years ago like an of the kids will know who that is. 😞😞 dc just wow.

  15. I wonder if batwoman gonna pull that whole feminist bullshit like I have this problem with rules or doesn’t want to follow a white mans lead like Oliver queen🙄

  16. Awesome we'll finally get to see the real superman, not that wuss in SG made to uplift SG, not get beaten though, exhibit the book of what you call it that can control all of existence in one episode, superman is the only one who can read it which means SG is just a whamen but ultimately lacks every strength needed when it is important, which leaves the ultimate question, did she ever best superman in the supposed "Real fight" between the two…No he wasn't in his right mind so therefore was incapable of thinking or doing anything the way he normally could, so that…"You beat me at full strength" was really just a pick me up….Ehem.
    The real superman, from the original movie played by Christopher Reeve to the movie that continues it, Superman returns, to now…

  17. if they are too scared and don't cast someone as batman in this imma be annoyed xD or just throw dude from Titans in there because he's been a fucking great bruce wayne so far

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