Dead By Daylight Stream #1 | PS4 | Survivor Gameplay | PaRappa0405

Dead By Daylight Stream #1 | PS4 | Survivor Gameplay | PaRappa0405

We’re live. Doesn’t appear yet on my channel. I’ma check again. Okay now it — now it appears. Okay, yeah, okay we’re live so I’ma do my… My sp– my– not speech, heh. Someth– I wrote something down and I’ma read off of it. Anyways, “Hey, what’s up guys? It’s All-Stars PaRappa! And yes, I’m gonna start saying that. Or who knows? Maybe I’ve already been saying that! Anyways, I know my channel has been quiet for a while now, but now I am back to live stream some Dead By Daylight! But before I start, let me tell you a bit of backstory. Back when I first got the game, which was like 2 months ago or something. I used to play very often, but weeks passed and I stopped playing the game. Heh, well, actually, this is my first time back! Surprising, huh? *dog bark in the background* Well enough talk for now. I’ma start the game.” Yeah, th– th– that’s actually really true… of what I wrote down. And in my opinion, this is a really fun game! The thing is, I don’t– The games that I play on my channel like Overwatch and well, this game now: Dead By Daylight. Not many people have it in my friend list. So I don’t really get to play with friends when it comes to live streaming and you know… *DBD start-up and main menu theme starts playing* Anyways, yes, I’ve already played the game and I know how to play the game. Oh, there’s new content. Tempo Runner, alright. New Dead By Daylight website. Oh, they made a website of it. Nice! And the outfits are 75– 75% off. Nice! (Fog) Traveler’s, Gold & Silk, Tragic Love Opera, Wicked Wares… I think that’s how you say it. I dunno. xD Collection, alright. Slash Enthusiast, I think that’s how you say it. “Prepare for a bloody triumph. The Slash Enthusiast outfit includes the Silver Ghost Face, Unknown…” ‘aciliant’ (Wrong pronounciation?). Ah, I said that wrong. “Assailant”. There you go. “…jacket and Bone Handle Clip Point knife. This calls for a selfie.” Oh, that’s funny ’cause Ghostface’s Mori – He just he stabs you like three times and then he takes a selfie with you. That’s funny. There’s just patch notes. And I’ll stop reading these. “A new season is starting. Your rank will be reset:” Yeah, as you can see, my Killer rank is the lowest. I’ma explain that. The thing is, I don’t play Killer– Killer like at all. I only play Survivor. And as you can tell right here in my message here: “Dwight Fairfield=Best Survivor!!” Yeah, that’s pretty obvious. Dwight is my Survivor main. Okay there’s (Daily) Rituals. Okay. Stop talking PaRappa. *Survivor Theme starts playing* Okay, I’ll start a match. I already played. Leveled up my Dwight for a bit. There’s not much to it. I’m not really that good as you can tell. I’m not like a pro so PLEASE don’t expect like ‘Pro Gameplay’. Also, I’ma check one thing. Where can I go to check my profile? ‘Cause like you know how since I have my mic(rophone) on I don’t want people hearing me in-game but if I have to, then that’s how I’m gonna play. Okay, yeah these are my Survivors… yeah, I don’t play any other surviv– Survivor. Just Dwight. That’s the thing. Don’t– but don’t worry I’m gonna play other Survivors, but for now, I’m just gonna play Dwight. See what’s in the Bloodweb. I’m running low on Bloodpoints so like I currently can’t get anything at the moment. Okay… “Options”. Hmm, it doesn’t seem like I can mute myself like I do in Overwatch. Looks like I’m just gonna have to go forward. Anyways, if you’re wondering why I dec– why I decided to (live) stream Dead By Daylight is because if you can– as you can tell on my channel, I’ve been live streaming a lot of Overwatch and I feel like people were– people were most likely getting tired of that so I got that out of the way for now. And yeah, I chose– I’m choosing to live stream Dead By Daylight from now on. I just hope finding a match right now won’t be too long because I just want to get straight into it. You know what I mean? Yeah. The thing is probably in the near future, I’m gonna buy more DLC for this game ’cause at the moment I have not bought any DLC. So I’m just sticking here with my Survivor main, Dwight. Okay, we found a match. Okay, alright, off to our first match. I hope I don’t die. That’s the thing. (I’ll continue this later, it’s very long.) There you go find something finally appeared in the loading screen I Wonder who we’re going up against I hope it’s not someone too annoying Whoa now it says three people are watching Well, nevermind who went down went down again to one Okay, we’re in the red forest, okay this map I go I go against a lot of spirit players in this map for some reason and Someone deseed, okay Okay, I’m not hearing any heartbeat though killer ain’t near me that’s good got a fixes generator All right, do I yep Ghostface run its Ghostface Hey, what’s up, man? Shoot okay, he’s on me. Yeah, I’m probably not a very good player, but they just got a run for this close face. Okay Okay, so you apiece told Gotti serious, okay Well, I’m exposed Why did I do that? Okay, I Got a run. I’m exposed and it goes three Whoa, whoa whoa. Whoa, that’s way too close for personal No, no, no, no cheese, he’s right behind me. That’s not good It’s worth because we already locked someone cuz they deseed okay. Oh, I can’t wait. Alright, I was gonna start wiggling but wasn’t happening Oh, well looks like damn I’m gonna get home No, okay, it’s gonna hurt okay It looks like we may be off to a bad start for dory I’m sure it’ll be some matches where I actually do pretty good. But for now we’re going up to weights with someone that hooks us Okay, he’s still near cos heartbeat still going on here somewhere Don’t tell me it’s not I saw him he’s over there he’s looking for you to thank you for the save. Oh Geez easy on you, okay? He’s right, okay Okay, he’s on the other person thank you for the save by the way okay, I Hear a generator. No Jen’s done yet. We need a finish one in this one. I was on having stuff Okay, let’s go back to it But wow, I I actually can expect it for it to be a ghost but uh surprises are surprising God also got a check behind me because you could also come up behind me Where is he I hear him. Oh, geez Hey nice shot. I heard you didn’t notice you Can’t wiggle I should know that This person is good they keep getting me either they’re good or I’m just terrible That hurts come on scruff let scruff let scruff I it’s not near I don’t hear the heartbeat. Oh Okay, okay, I’m in danger. Oh are you body blocking Huge got it, right? No don’t run to the treat. Okay, he’s not on me, I believe I’m not just gonna I’m just gonna fix this generator and just run Because I’m really in danger here. Oh you want to heal me Thank you, sorry sister, I’m really close to finishing this generator I am really in danger close to dying. Thank you Okay, where’s the next generally you got to find it Okay, I’m gonna hide it in the back because I don’t want to get caught, okay Here’s another one. Okay. I mean, let’s just get straight to the point just fixing generators He’s not in there at least I don’t think he is You see across the map that I’m wondering where oh, he’s over there shoot We are not doing good This isn’t good, I feel this fix is genuine go for the safe if I see them I see them But if I can see them turn here to see me wait did I just see him Danya don’t spawn hit the great river Almost there I’ll save you it’s not striking What barely hit the great on that? Okay, he’s somewhere near me Is he behind me or am I running – oh, there he is Shoot, okay while he’s distracted. I’ma go safe and go for the safe Okay, can you see me he sees me I’ll save you Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go get out of here run No, no, I’m party blocking get out of the way get out the way if it’s a lagging lagging But for me, what’s up, what’s up? What’s up? I’m trying to body block. I’m not really good at this Ryan Shoot okay, I got to run. I am terrible body bucking come over here man. Come here after me. No, okay, okay It was worth a shot honestly, uh, she if she’s gonna get hooked again, I’m gonna go free to save We’re okay Shoo shoo. Shoo. Is he after me? Okay, when he grabs her am I or is he on me oh this guy’s good Go Get on you, okay? Well, it looks like it’s overcoming weight, but I haven’t got known I can actually Kent game over I Think I did kind of okay. Yes for my first match. Oh Well looks like I just I just uh, let’s see. How do you say it get laid the inevitable. There you go Okay, one of you have to survive Please tell me one of you are gonna survive. I’ll expect a steal they do Okay, I think you’re gonna hook this person wait did you let you escape how’s the other person doing It’s good me oh they have a key find a hatch Okay You’re safe you’re being targeted I think okay Boult that there you go You’re fixing again You’re still in danger? Oh Yeah, I think he’s behind you yep Damn I think you will try to want AV right there Are you gonna go for the hatch? Okay, you’re gonna be hooked again You’re hiding behind here making sure he doesn’t find you, okay Okay, we’re not doing so good There he is I want to run or is he on you Okay, he’s on you careful because you have the key, okay Drop palette, okay, you’re running away There he is Waynflete until ring-around-the-rosy. Ooh That was close, I don’t teabag I don’t teabag Not only T. But I only tea bag when Killers are like not killing me. Here’s somebody That’s that’s the only time I teabag but I never teabag There he is Oh bolt it again, okay. He’s trying to trick you. Oh Oh, he’s catching off he’s catching up his catch Wait, what was that? Was that adrenaline that kicked in? He’s still on you, how are you doing okay you’re fixing again He’s chasing good Oh That almost hit okay adrenaline, I think again that Was I swear he always swings so close? Just break the palate do it Okay balls Okay bolt again Yeah, look, he ain’t playing ring-around-the-rosy. He’s annoying at this point break it. Okay now he looks okay How are you oldest? He’s near you but don’t think he’s on you whoa, whoa walls waits for the faster Where is he? Okay, he’s still on you. Okay, this guy’s relentless. I’ll say that See them from here running in circles ring around Rosie Yeah, it’s crazy. Okay so Lori I think just gonna waste time for for the swing mint just to fix fix gin Teabagging he’s gone. He’s still on you And you can still see them Break the pallet man gotta do it to do that admit. You may be able to catch up That’s really cool Jen is now done. Okay, but she sounds really close to him. You might want to run Whoa, they escape find the exit, okay You’re the last one The other player escaped you gotta run Especially especially if he’s on you at this time meters ticking well times ticking I find an exit I Believe I fixed two generators Behind you make sure you you doesn’t sneak up on you. I’ll go to the other exit. Okay. He already almost halfway So you can still win this Right, there he is I hate it when that happens. You’re so close to victory to you. Uh, she finds you well, they find you Because if you die when you’re so close to victory I know how that feels that’s happened to me a lot and it just sucks. Oh It’s over you’re the last one Hook right there game over That really hurt to watch oh Well Oh, well no, it’s the first match I ended up dying I guess I did okay Nike I actually tried body blocking does that keep looking pretty okay, I guess Guess more introductions charts All right Two deaths and one escaped and DC Alright Is when you finish to load and we’ll go on to the next match. All right Hey look now have more Power points. Why did I forget what it was called right here. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Let’s go into the next match There’s this Brooklyn here good go for it There you go. Now I have proof thyself on rare ice put again. Now, I’m low in blood points. Oh That’s not good I’m not gonna be able to receive everything on this bloody web But once I level up I’ll be level 20 It’s good for me. Also someone just joined since two Watchers. Nice Okay, they left Finally found a match. All right I’m ready I’m gonna switch it up with proved thyself for now Also, yes, I did get the achievement adept to white. I got on Tuesday, I believe it was actually easy cuz it was my first match and I joined and I Don’t know the teammates think I were really we’re really good and I ended up winning the matching I got the Adept to why achievement it was cool All right now the magic started let’s get in I Have a water bottle one do I have mint you’re drinking it? Sorry Dang it charge your fill Get in there Okay, we’re in the cold wind form torment Creek, all right, look there’s a generator right there there’s this hill right here Okay, I’m gonna go for this generator Just hope that the killer isn’t so close Also, I’m hearing sounds it’s not together already Hey another storm everyone’s really next to each other wait look someone else’s proof. I proved thyself Wait, why’d you oh, it’s the rain. Oh Shoot wait, you’re the obsession If there is it’s a wraith I don’t really go up against many Ray’s Okay, they’re down There’s someone hiding over there he’s still near us world world world war there. He is Oh Claudette we might have to run Okay, okay, okay Kay I’ll check he look he’ll fall he’ll follow me wait no. Yes I’m gonna go for the save Come on, let’s go. Get out of here. Run run run run run come On get up come over here. Follow me go That’s very unfortunate unfortunate Okay, that hurt oh Come on come on follow me phony what I didn’t lose you. Did I Keep mine, you can hear me. Come on. Come here. You’re gonna come after me, buddy You can’t hear me I know you can wait did I lose you Be careful he can also cloak Cater kitchen Okay, I think I lost him You’d be on the lookout good you can still see him when he’s cloaking Come on I know you’re not going You’re gonna come after me. I’m injured. Oh, well tonight’s great skill check right there. Okay, is he really awfully? I’m not so sure I’m never too sure with the Wraith because he can flip bullying. He coaxed he can still see him Okay, he’s he’s not he’s actually not on me. Okay? I See another generator over there. I’ma go for it I like the ambience in this game It really gives you the adrenaline Oh here there he is I’m gonna fix gender one for it Come here fix – Jen come after me. No It’s you know, I spot another generator see on me There he is. I saw I can’t be on here because then you’ll find me. I’m gonna have to run away Can they be in here in this little corner go for this generator I Would have gone for that one over there, but know you’ll find me It looks like the end huh, mr. Lorry Damn that’s hitting great skill trips Hmm okay for a second. I thought I thought I was hearing the heartbeat. I barely hit that great skull check those nice Okay, okay we’re doing pretty good I can fix myself up and we should be good See someone else someone else. Is he on you? Shoot That isn’t good He’s right there so it’s in a cloak and come after me want right Are you coming for? Come on great. We’re not done yet Okay There’s an exit right there I got you don’t worry I’m not gonna let you die that easily If it has to happen now be the one to die Come on, let’s get you out of that That’s fine How am I running towards him where she was getting towards me Okay, okay he’s right there Come on race He doesn’t exit gate right here. Just need to find a generator. But again, there’s a hook here. I Hear a gen being done or that’s almost completed Okay, let’s fix this generator don’t bring him to me though Oh welcome to the stream Nice nice, uh right here. So we’re gonna be careful Oh Buddy don’t go near me Oh No runs That was my fault also, is that lag that I do this Well, you do not want me you do not want that generator being completed Oh well Please don’t let me die. We’ve come so far and we’re doing pretty good. Don’t let me die, please Come on we can we can win this. Please. Don’t let me die Okay, are you coming for the safe He is right behind you Where’s the other person, okay Okay, but that person is down okay, I Know where the exit gates are this one over there and this one over there. Okay. I Know where to go Okay, if you’re gonna come save me then you might want it okay he closed keys cloaked He’s cloaked. Wait wait for it. Wait for it. Okay, I see him. There he is. What’s up grave? I see you Okay body block and I’m down again Come on Wraith this put me on the hook, man Man, if I die, I’m gonna be very disappointed Fine you guys I’m myself because I I could have borne if I die. Oh, shoot. Yes Come on, come on. Come on. Come on leap. I Don’t know who’s who’s being chased is he chasing you but it Ain’t no, he’s he’s on the other person. Come on. It’s I Don’t think he’s on us we may have to Okay, I’m gonna go around That person’s down. I’m gonna go around and then once he’s like over here in this area, I’m gonna go What the obsession deseed? Okay believe I was fixing this generator. Wait. No, I wasn’t nothing. Wait, whatever. I’m gonna go for it Okay, I don’t know where he’s at. So my plan got thrown off. I just hope it goes good. I hit a great What’s the first person that got injured oh, okay. He’s right there are you gonna heal me Okay We better be careful because he’s like really close to the exit Was I should say the exits are really close to each other Well, so he’s on that person too. So I say once we’re done you follow me and you should like heal me Because I hope that person chases the the Wraith away, okay, follow me follow me follow me did he find us Oh See on me come on, come on come on come on tonight And all there’s a negative get over here Come on where is he exit getting frantic I Don’t think I do not like this situation very much Spot it please my victory. I’m gonna hook away from dying Okay, I’m very nervous my heart’s pounding Boy That is really loud We have won our first match, I’m very sorry Claudia Come on Lori Well, oh my god, it’s tired every time Uh, what’s they called when you like win a match you feel so tired. You have no idea well, unless you play they came of course I Am out of breath. I’ma drink some water now Again if you can hear me drinking, I’m very sorry. I don’t want to do any ace ace tomorrow. I’m not into that Okay, yeah look lik I almost did the best except for that person no But that’s why I run unbreakable because just in case the killer like leave me alone I was having breakable and I just hidin grass But by the time I already picked myself up They already have most of the generators completed and I just like basically go to the exit gates and just bring myself up and the killer won’t even get me because He won’t expect to have a break up until it actually happens But by the time it happens usually he’s already across the map and he can’t reach me and I ended up winning the match That’s why I run. I’m breakable So yeah, that’s your first victory I feel bad for that Claudette that got killed though they did it really well they helped me Yeah, we did pretty why I did. Tell her to follow me if you notice I did that so that she can follow me So that she can heal me She’s given me a fortune unfortunately for us when the killer lost the race I already heard us fixing the generator by the time it was done came and Found us. He attacked the Claudette and caught it little dying. I feel bad, but I don’t know I had no choice Let’s go on to the next match Okay, I’m back sorry for the he ate the small he aided steer I think to say see Let’s get back in the game really good Yeah, as I was saying you can also you can also hear the song basically they did by Daylight, you know what? I mean? Just listen you Hear that that’s what I mean But this is this this is only the survivor version of the theme there’s two other versions as he heard earlier earlier when I started the game, that’s the The regular version I believe and then when you play killer II another version of the theme will play Thing is I don’t usually hear it cuz I don’t play killer. I played survivor only I plays a My main here Dwight Found a match Hey, hello bill, how are you doing? Hello, David and hit a little Meg. Let’s start this match. I Would need to wait for it’s David, I’m sure he’s doing something right now Level 20 nice Now this now this is a lot No one left behind and won’t make it. Okay Really close to doing that I’m gonna go for this one and never go for it won’t make it Okay for a second. I saw you I squatted but now you’re back to David Anyways now I do early on we need to wait on all right now starts Are we going up against now? Okay, only one offering slightly increase it. Look does that mean someone else in the team has it? I don’t know This carry it survivors can attempt to wiggle free from the killer’s grasp it but survive if a survivor I can’t read right If a survivor succeeds before the killer hooks, like I didn’t finish it Once enough generators have been repaired The survivors goal was to activate one of them one of the two exit switches which will open the exit for survivors to escape or you can escape through the hatch for The last one and two gents have been done Dropping a pallet on the killer momentarily stuns them Yes, I’m just reading off of the tips here has started Okay as the ruffs resting-place Auto Haven wreckers so I think it’s something like the gas station also I see someone Hello, David No Jen’s here right here We’re clear I see them sitacles face. No, it’s a wraith. He’s after me Get away from me Reyes. I see you I’m not blind go see your two buddy. Good to see you. No really it is Yeah you go for it, okay, how much drop the palette no, I’m not gonna go over there. Okay. Well come on come on you Okay, you’re still on me, all right No bill you just needed a Crouch I don’t think it’s on you. Oh man. Sorry about that bill Shoots that still had me go go go go go He’s still on me, nope, no no no, no dang it got stuck right there Nope, not gonna drop it. Okay, come on Okay, he’s still on Oh Dang it. He got me he got me also. Hello. Welcome to your stream It bill it’s at you. I’m gonna get hooked just gonna hurt Man still sorry about that Alright, um, I think that’s bill I think he’s on you man. Wait is he Okay, I don’t think so I think okay you’re fixing a generator you over there oh hey you look you fix again nice But you shouldn’t be in danger much cuz he’s over there I’ll fly see I still see you right Here on there Jen. He’s after you my wanna run Whoa, wait, are you going to the basement? Okay, he got you though Wait, did you lose him? Okay, I’m gonna start struggling so this isn’t good If I starts struggling now, then I’m gonna get killed on my next took Are you I don’t know what you’re doing you’re on City you’re still in the gym, okay Drug link time. It’s about to start now. He’s still on you. Okay, this isn’t good. I got to wait now Meg Come on, you’re so close Let’s go let’s go that was David so that was Bill Schuette I probably not should have not have done that it tells him where it came from You still on me? Okay, wait, you guys are following me? Wait, do you want to heal me you want to heal me? Are you guys gonna heal me? Bill, okay. Bill’s gonna go on the generator. Thank you for this by the way You know, let’s all go fix on this Jane He hooked hit David we can’t let him die Go ahead and heal me sorry about that You guys are gonna leave alright, I’m gonna go for the safe It’s a huge risk, but we can’t let David die. Okay, I see you. You’re on me, buddy. Oh Shoot dang it. This didn’t go well Are you I’m not sure are you guarding David or did you just come out of that basement? I’m after hurry. Okay, David. Don’t worry. I’m coming Are you on me? No, no, no, my man 20 sorry David looks like I just got myself killed from this No, did he not struggle? Yeah, I was struggling so I’m dead So I basically killed myself because it he followed me It’s kind of sad man Sorry, David Anyways spectate now Yeah, I’m dead so is the David okay, he’s on you bill, how are you doing Okay, he got you found you this isn’t good. We can’t let him win bill. You got at least escape man But you have a breakable tool That’s really far Died I Really thought we were in this good Well, I thought I was gonna do really good this match unfortunately, I Did then happened it went terribly? But hey, a lot of things don’t go a lot on your way. So it’s to be expected of huh? Anyways, welcome to the stream. Hello Dog I believe you’re going for the save bill Okay He’s on you bill watch out I’m good He’s still on you man be careful there is Shoots those in trouble now. I think this is it I believe Wait bill may be able to escape and I mega said This is over there kill the song run bill run Find the hatch bill He’s still on you man be careful Drop the palette. All right, I’ll stop this rivet find the exit He closed the hatch There’s his exit right there bill, but I believe you know what you’re doing here. So Pipes picking go so you my owner hurry. I Think you lost him bill because he went for the hatch enclosed I Don’t like that Tony makes me nervous. Oh, it’s almost halfway though. This isn’t good You’re going for the thanks again, we don’t know. I don’t know if he’s on you Come on come on, you better escape bill. It’s already halfway. I Think he spotted you bill. He’s on you. There he is Down that’s game it’s over bill Over that really sucks all this died Hello bill, how’s it like to die it isn’t good I believe Well, there’s nothing we can do here so let’s just move on to the next round Why was it gonna see round next match? My bad? Yeah, I have more blood points and see what why I took a blow when Do I believe in the boogeyman? I never really thought about that. So I’m not too sure probably not though I’m really so closely getting this perk I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get Nolan left behind though because then he’s gonna start appearing and Consuming things and I won’t be able to get through. Oh wait, we found the match real quick Do you have game? What does that mean? What do you mean? Hey look another Dwight But it’s a much better Dwight Kermit’s sniper whitey Our YouTube channel. I mean I have YouTube channel too cuz I’m live streaming on my youtube channel right now. Well, that’s beside the point Just wait waiting for see Jax 10 Bucks to worry about it hit that one. Oh, you don’t know it is a it is a newest survivor. No, I don’t have them Any worried about hit that one hour mark, that’s cool Three offerings escape cake escape take a petrified Oh I was hoping it was gonna be the cake the escaped cake three times because then it would have been ooh jackpot You know what? I mean? She is coming with the plague. I thought the plague already came out. Give me like a new skin Survivors in the dying state can still escape by crawling to the eggs agates or the hatch? I believe you can get an achievement for that if you escape while crawling Yes, they are came out oh so they’re coming out cool nice Okay match is about to start better be careful Also, it’s what’s that wraith person the same one I believe so I mean I may be wrong But I don’t know it seems like they’re the same same skin And I think they play the same way right torment create cold wind for him. I think. Oh, okay. No, it isn’t I thought it was the same map Hello Dwight Hearing something Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is the demise of the faithful chapter, huh? Then it came out already I believe okay. Here’s it It’s a nurse. It’s it I don’t I’m kind of scared now because I don’t really go against many nurses So, um, they can go through walls too so I better play this safe, okay Excuse me Okay phone generator It is my fave fave killer nurse Do I see them? I’m there. I hear the screams getting closer Okay, no, they’re getting farther I hear I hear her Okay, I think the sounds are getting closer – screams this isn’t good I Mean at least I’m not going against the doctor. Am I right? There’s next game right there, all right Now hold my kidney. We’re not gonna get the chance done this early Okay. Hit it great. Someone just got injured. Okay Man I almost hit that great Almost hit the grade again. All right Come on come on, come on generator. You’re almost done I feel like that Dwight’s also I think that’s why it’s gonna keep that generator over there. So renomii down to three for Jen’s The nurse screams and sites with every blink according to the developers blinking It’s a painful procedure. So she screams from pain and oh Dear Okay Thank you for telling me that descriptive answer Appreciate it. Oh, the screen said getting closer. Am I getting closer to her? Okay, this screams they’re getting farther I think she is on this person Okay, we gotta play it safe here because I don’t really go against many nurses My head in this locker because that’s what the whites do Okay, I can hear her Can we get out now Where she’s over there, you can still hear it her from this far. Damn Okay, I’m gonna go for this generator my toolbox is gonna a waste you know, okay Good great. Sure. I’m not gonna finish While I’m making this well making fixing this generator Hit the pedigree, okay, she’s going that way over there where I’m looking shoots I wasn’t paying attention That’s what I get for not paying attention final walk away walk away come on Oh calm down The screams are getting closer Other than the blink ability the nurse also seems to possess a telekinesis like ability that is exhibited during interactions using it to The screams are getting closer so I’m gonna stick staying here Okay, she’s injured someone okay, I get out now But they weren’t luckily for me we’re not going against the Huntress then she’ll find me in that locker To reload on hatches To break pellets damage generators and hook survivors, okay Someone healed himself or someone or someone to hold them. Wait, I don’t get it You can’t kill someone without having to make it but you need a med kit to heal yourself Okay, I hit it. Great. Okay. My toolbox is gonna go away now Mm. How about that? Okay, we’re gonna go down to one more generator and we should find the exit Yeah, I hope you don’t mind but every time we We have to all the generators finishing the sets find the eggs. They I just love saying find the exit So I hope you don’t judge about that Shoot he found others white He found other Dwight The nurse is the only killer who floats she does not have an audible footstep for her dress makes a faint rustling noise and while moving Okay Okay Okay, I’m gonna have to go around now Shoot they just hope to Dwight Be quiet crows Okay, I’m hearing her don’t attempt escape man Oh shoot Oh go for the same she’s on me drop the pellet She’s on me stay away from me Oh shoot stay away from me No, no, oh Man I am dodging super-good. Okay, you still on me? You still on me? Whoa, I Tried dang it dang it. I’ll smart get out of my way Run boy run Damn I’m gonna help get help in the basement out We have one more generator left wiggle wiggle wiggle, sorry first. All right for that reference, I’m pretty sure you guys are annoyed right now Man, it just sucks The Nurse is one of the one of three killers to have a unique hatch closing animation I actually I actually didn’t know that thanks for telling me that Do I is that you are you going for the same or You’re right up up Okay, she’s near Why didn’t I think of that The nurse has the lowest base speed Ernie is even slower than a survivor’s running speed No, I actually legit didn’t actually know that She’s after you mate might want to run whoa. Whoa, what are you doing? Okay, I’m gonna start struggling any second now Okay, so it turns out that wasn’t light I think that that is that Dwight Okay, what’s that person that’s the farthest farthest over there Oh Mike I got a C word. Oh, you’re right there. Stop bullying me. The nurses power is called the link Right because she can blink through objects, right? also, where is everyone there’s one someone over there or someone right there find the exit I Think I’m gonna go on this eggs if I get saved, okay, you’re saving me. Thank you I’m dead Get out of here I’m dying it’s game over for me Nia just get out. I’m gonna die game over for me Man I was gonna win this match. Oh, well can’t win tomorrow. Am I right? Also, I find it weird how we just Clipper the ceiling of the basement Which is actually the floor of the other of the floor. It’s on top of us We have hit the one hour mark, but currently it’s a 1 hour 5 minutes Anyways until everyone else doing someone seems to have escaped. Okay Dwight. I Died so you better survive for me Okay exits right there you’re so close to victory just go through there and you win You have won not bad nice No now don’t teabag I don’t see bad I Hear her getting closer Dwight shouldn’t underestimate the killer. I Mean I would just escape but I don’t get why the nurse doesn’t he have bought windows their freak pilots Since she can blink through them. That is true. That’s very true So like when you play the nurse you just have a You have to do a different play style than regular killers because you have the ability to teleport through things How do you moonwalk you thumb because this guy’s moonwalking also he moonwalk to get out that was funny oh Man, I died. I did really good. I think Wait, I actually didn’t do really good because I friendly look at my score Man I really thought I did. Well there you guys did it On another match So what let’s can see a white stripe behind you if you blink oh, yeah, that’s true That’s how I could tell where the nurse was going to go Right. That’s why I tried tricking her fortunately. I didn’t work. I Think the entity’s gonna consume this one next Cuz I’m gonna go for this one or they may go for this one to the mystery box I’m gonna go for the tool box and then the mystery box So I’m gonna go for the boxes next Not so sure about these two I hate the entity doesn’t everyone hate the entity because they’re the one that brought this upon the survivors and the killer’s All till there’s three were people watching thank you for that by the way It’s been very quiet in this live stream also, I see Quentin the own place Quinn I’m not saying that’s a bad thing I’m just saying but it’s good to see a Quinton every once in a while Alright Also, did I rank up plants Claudette’s she has self-care perk I don’t play Claudette though This thing is Dwight’s my only survivor that’s why I see it down here Dwight Fairfield equals best survivor When I am planning to get that protocol to self care it goes well with the insta he’ll Take med kit why I make it No, I don’t have a medkit I just have toolboxes You know what since no one uses the common items. I’m just gonna go for the fries and the worn-out tools What offerings do I have have anything offering in a while? Never mind? I’m not going to a hard locket blog laurel sachet and a Tenant your wreath. I Think I say you can add the temple of per Purgation predation. I think I say I say I can’t say thank you. Well today I can’t talk well My English is out the window at this point. Oh That map yeah, thank you for reminding me Because I Never mind It is latest. It’s oh wait, it’s a new maps. Yeah, I’ve been trying to look Things for like the new constant coming up data by daylight But I never really be able to find any so this is news to me. Thank you for telling me this by the way Hey, we’re in the farm again, I keep getting this map for some reason game what the demise of the faithful chapter Seems like a lot of stuff came from that chapter, or maybe he will just like it a lot Can my clients told him I hope it doesn’t get me exposed Okay cleanse the totem Oh Lesion I Was not expecting that that honestly startled me That Quinn I Actually didn’t actually Expect the lesion to be the killer. I don’t I if I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know how to play against the Legion So I may perform terribly and on this match just aim Okay, I may be able to finish this generator You’re healing yourself To half the team it’s gonna go down soon Also, don’t bring him to me, please when I’m being chased when the kinder I just try to chase them away I’m gonna fix this generator to be done with it Let’s get out of here Be quiet girls, I’m trying to run away from the killer the lesion I heard a heartbeat for a brief moment right there You almost messed that up There you go Oh looks like someone just got down okay, so there there over there, okay Are you gonna hook the quater right there? I think it was caught it. Do we have a platter? Here – oh that’s it kills the fing min I can see them from over here slightly Yeah, I’ve heard of that Perkins very strong also a whoa there they go Almost messed that up Also, the lesion was right there I stopped them There they are you gotta pay attention with my skill checks Hey there on that person is there any lockers to hide in Get out of here, let’s get out of here That perk is similar to barbecue ok, I Gotta find I don’t cameras search here. Ok, I’m just gonna get out of here Shoot. What’s that Quinn? That sound like him? Okay, another toolbox collect it alright, okay since he’s not on me I’m still down here Another generator, okay. He’s over there Use all tool boxes I’m planning a plan to do that also. Glen is actually pretty near me So if this generator isn’t like is like close to being done didn’t it I’ll probably go State Clinton first Actually, I’ll go I’ll probably go for the Kuantan anyways, I think that’s coin I’m not sure a Great officer giving me a lot of skill checks I barely hit the streets go check also made just a point almost the great If think you better move before the killer catches that I know I got a move Okay, two more generators, well they’re dead This isn’t good also welcome to the stream Okay, lost someone and good two more generators can be done by the way Oh Oh, shoot shoot shoot. Hey, what’s up Legion? How you doing? I Don’t usually go up against you. I’m just gonna go ahead and say that Look I know you saw me I’m right here Come on, buddy. You saw me. Wait what you hurt. You should’ve heard to look this blocker. Come on You saw me come on don’t lie to me did I really lose you that easily? Okay, you’re still near Looks like you’re the one doing all the way I know And I’m not even that good and I’m barely a ranked night 19, I think actually I’m gonna rank 18 survivor Okay, looks like he’s gone. Well, they’re gone Wait, is he I mean it are they I care. No, I don’t want to go swimming genders Okay Wait, can I all right, it’s just habit dodge. Okay. Okay. Come on Quinn. We got a fix is January And it great Where’s the other person besides Quinn integrate? Okay. Let’s get out of here Okay, I think there’s a generator in here there’s many lockers here I choose What’s going which going this one? They’re near somewhere somewhere My heart’s pounding so much. I gotta find a generator quick Where are they because I feel like they’re not even on me, but they’re just near me. Okay Okay, looks like they’re gone Let’s find your next generator Oh No, there’s no Jen here Okay, I’m close to victory, but I can’t get cocky now I hear generator Here it is Oh shoot hello are you doing I’m a new face aren’t r9. Ow Run guys run. I’m so stupid 14 this pathway. Where are you? Hey, how are you? I’m a new face aren’t I what am I doing? Okay, I’m still good you guys fix the gin I have been hooked once you guys are good you guys are good come on Have you been hooked find the exit Come on Well, you sweet fast Looks like I’m gonna be healthier Wow Okay, I think I believe you’re on the exit gate come on come on come on Are you gonna save me or is the on you I Can still see them I’m gonna die, aren’t I I’m Gonna have to attempt escape Looks like basically killed myself here That just sucks Nope they left with the kid Well, I did I think I did this you’re my stupid karma Getting back at me Oh well Let’s count it Good game good match interesting and Pretty cool for me because I don’t really go against Legion And when I go against killers, like I never gone against it, it gets me frantic and all I’m really scared But uh, yeah good game. Good game Yeah, and I lost my worn-out tools my common item I did some work. At least I wasn’t useless Also, it wasn’t ranked 16, er, I’m just happy that I wasn’t spotted as much. Oh Well looks like we can have to go for your next one next match What’s going on? Let’s get on with it Okay Company’s rigging it to a box now Okay, what offering should I use Tremendously increases the chances of being sent to that gideon meat-packing plant was burned Congratulations, you are still alive. Most people I didn’t get to read that I’m gonna continue reading it Yeah, okay plot it and Dwight, I don’t know who the killer is though they’re right ela Okay Being said today gideon meat-packing plant when burned congratulations you are still alive Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you know anymore Okay, golden flowers harvested at their peak. The releases are strong earthy and comforting aroma McMillon skeletal remains were found in the basement of the minds Storehouse his leg bones shattered into pieces and a mining hammer lying in his lap Damn, you never leave a broken home the only run away until the memory. Stop haunting you a round piece of metal which has lost all Sheen or knotted a piece of fabric a small cotton pouch filled with Black salt crystals some believe it brings good fortune. Don’t spill it The pale green leaves are highlighted with peculiar crimson veins I Ran I think it’s I say it’s said to be everlasting And yeah, that’s all the offerings that most of them are common actually Most of my outbreaks are common then I have the throw of uncommon and then like for rares and then event offering for the three-year anniversary 11 y’all don’t add ons by the way I said, I was about to say that wrong a smart handsaw mounted with the metal metal cutting me Moderate I didn’t get to read that Hey look another Dwight Yes, I do agree they are deep I do agree oh I’m facing the huntress. Okay, this isn’t good That means I can’t hide in lockers now also since it’s telling me this have have I not gone against the huntress Because I think it only says who you’re facing when you face him for the first time But I’m pretty sure I already faced a huntress more than once I’m just surprised why it’s telling me this that Doesn’t matter what matters is that I can’t hide in lockers now It’s just more riskier do honestly And I’ve run a line I’ve read online. And if you hide in lockers, well faith in the hundreds. It’s pretty stupid apparently That’s where the hatchets are at so can’t do that I’m gonna have to think of my own way to hide and escape. Oh well Let’s just see what happens in this match Where’s my water bottle? Oh here it is. Okay We’re in the xylem father camp bells chapel Crota is praying. Asylum. I I don’t know if I said that wrong right? I don’t know. Okay, there’s it’s a full moon Okay, come on. I hear humming. It means she’s near Okay, this isn’t good dear so near I mean I always get spawn still next to the killer Can hear humming anymore, let me help you What’s a weakness for the hunters that you can use I’m not sure honestly I don’t really go against many huntresses many people play the other killers on PC but not really on console from what I know from what I’ve seen I Am hearing humming Oh shoot no Don’t throw the hatchet at me wait Geez maestro go go – I Know Wait, what’s that? Like, I don’t know. All right. Looks like I’m already gonna be hooked. Also, I noticed that I’m the obsession Wait, how did you finish that generators hopeful generator so fast also there’s a um chest right next to me Hello crow, I know you’re watching me Also, is that person being chased Also, what are you two doing? I think you’re fixing a generator. And you’re I don’t know going for the save. I don’t know The frames dropped like crazy when you got yeah, I know right That’s why I said is that lat? Was that like I Don’t feel stammered me So I was wondering what happened there because I mean that should that should not happen Thank you, I Don’t okay, I’ll follow you for now. Imma follow you okay? See work we can get it. Okay. I spawned a generator. I believe it’s one. Nope. It’s just like all right. I Must go with you. Sorry about that Okay, we’re far from the killer. So I’m gonna use my tool box here Nice Wait, let me finish the generator. Okay, let’s run Are you gonna kill me? Thank you Wait, no want to run. Yeah, I want to run too Okay here gonna kill me, thank you Katie the hunters. It’s not someone Okay, hello crows, we don’t want to spook you Okay We’re gonna keep crouching until a spotter generator Can’t with you bag with you. All right I’m starting here humming Okay, okay Humming czar getting louder. Oh shoot not on me again. How are you? Hey, look I I saw the zombie horse Oh What happened there the framerate went really down, oh, I don’t think I said that right Look, I’m gonna get helped again Okay Wow You’re really good getting the generators. Well, she’s on me cuz I’m you said I’m the obsession Also, there’s a generator right next to me, but there goes the Huntress Come on come on is someone gonna go for the save? Oh there Dwight Thank You Manny you’re my twin brother Well, she knows that I’m with her so she’s gonna come after me again cuz you know, I’m the obsession she’s not obsessed over you I know that’s what I wonder why I Don’t like I said, I don’t know if it’s them or me I Just gotta find someone so they can heal me and get away from the Huntress Hey, it’s me again think you can heal me again, um, she keeps coming after me, thank you Why are you being chased? Yes, you are um Odd me much we might have want to run Because she’s on other Dwight shoot other Dwight’s down Stay away from me Over there shoot Michael for the save I Will be some I try to Be very quiet It’s getting louder oh shoot she sees me not again Whoa, nice throw but you missed You are you still on me Oh They interrupted why I really noticed you still on me Okay seem to have lost that’s good Okay, I’m bold Be quiet grows trying to win here can’t do it with you guys squawking all the time No, I did I Think I saw a generator don’t I’m not injured this time Good to see you Okay, I think I saw generator somewhere here you gotta find it cuz we haven’t been doing generators for a while now, okay fine one Hit a great Jimmy I think she’s on you Welcome back the I’m going against the Huntress if you’re wondering I’m almost dead. I Was in laundry and cooking things Well, ok ready for the show cuz I don’t know. I feel like come on since you got food ready But welcome back good to see you The obsession I barely get that great I almost failed that Almost hit the great. No problem One more generator we should okay. There’s another can fix better run cuz launchers is coming this way Where is she Hey, you guys are fixing that generator Humming stopped Okay gotta be careful got a place safe here Yep, this is the map Find the exit, where’s the other one? Oh right here. I am not going that way Shoot did I say there is an exit over here. I Think it did what is that you? That was Kate I think Be quiet cross I know. Oh Okay, humming stopped I think I’m gonna go for the safe since I’m close now I Know okay humming stopped, okay Wait, you’re gonna go for the safe others white. Okay, you are We better run No, please no, we’re so close to victory She’s on me, isn’t she she’s following me Where’s the exit gotta find it hello zombie horse bunched up Wait, did I have I found the other exit? Yes. I have I Will not lose to you I’m taking my chance and getting out of here Looks like we have skipped and escaped another match survived. I Know GG spectate see what happens. Okay? Oh there Dwight. Okay, you’re in dangerous. Whoa, she’s right there caught it run Whoa, that’s one tip. Okay, how are you doing? I’m not so good Sure when you don’t have unbreakable either Can your cleansing a totem you’re down okay caught it I Think you should have saved the capers Dwight Dwight escaped. You have the chance escape you guys can do it Okay Okay, you’re you’re gone Claudette find the hex escape to that Nice Very nice play right there We all scaped Claudette escaped. I escaped Kay escaped and other Dwight escaped very nice play He knows the rank 16, er Wait was this equality? I think they had. Uh, let’s see. Yeah in stick you I think That was actually a very good match and now so close to death but the end I made it on on top Oh Actually no that you get more blood points if you escape with the hatch I Guess I know the thing is for me. I never I’m never able to find the hatch. So I I have trouble getting out There’s a hash ticket egg to get the extra blood points Also, it seems like I did the least amount of work Oh well Also, I got three golds this one’s bronze But ya see I’m a ranked 18 Let’s see what I can get now since I’m getting more and more blood points They’ve been nice Turns out the entity didn’t go for different And level 21, okay Okay, I can’t get it I’m gonna go for the perk and in the flashlight Okay Looks like I was able to what’s it called? The toolbox. I’ll see what uh keep it cuz I survived nice got to loop two of them now Have that offering This one right is it this one the bone I Think it is cuz it’s called that. Oh, okay. Oh Yeah, I also have add-ons see what I can I’m not gonna start the match because now that one’s for the toolbox See what I can use It effort sabotaging Okay. This one’s in comment. I only have one rare You must know a lot about this game because I’m pretty decent but I’m not good, but I’m not bad either If it was one, I’m guessing but you seem to know a lot nice Okay I’ll use this point Amazing so I can do when I’m repairing generators. They can do it much faster. I don’t have that much good stuff Okay, let’s start tonight Yes, take all items all right But I hope you know, I’m investing a lot to this the thing is the only problem is now I have to survive But with this I feel pretty confident in my loadout, yeah All right on to match let’s get on with it Well, did you see my toolbox floating upside down whatever we have Claudette Nia and Jake Okay, you are beginner survivor, you need to take all things for each much as that is true Thank you for giving me all these tips. By the way in information. I really appreciate it. Oh I got a trophy a definite survivor. I think sue me, okay Why am I not drinking my water I have a water bottle me, I’m not drinking it Thirsty So we’re about to reach the two-hour mark, we’re just like 20 minutes away or so make it 18 minutes, I don’t know But what about I reach them did to our mark Thank you for the good luck I may need it I Know me too, but I also hope my teammates are pretty good too. I have to rely on them sometimes That’s because I’m sometimes in so much as I do pretty bad But some so much as I also do pretty good Like that one match with deletion now, it’s kind of almost caring cuz I think it fixed like three generators. I don’t know I Wasn’t go for saves but I couldn’t so hello Nia. Okay, we gotta find em Generators cuz my repair speed is Really good. I know I believe this is the map you’re talking about be quiet girls. I’m trying to find a generator Generator, okay, no generator here Shooters Ackroyd found the generator nice All right feel good about this, where are you being chased by the killer yes you are Wait great. See you whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I almost hit that He’s being chased G-god see yes, I believe you can still see em when he’s talking though. Oh Shoot I thought that was something stupid crow it scared me off. I almost messed that up Oh, I didn’t even notice you were like, oh really next to me I Don’t want to alarm you but the killer’s coming I have to run Want to heal, I’ll heal you. Oh, you’re getting me wait. You’re not even touching my back Okay, seems like they went back for the generator to kick it also hey look they just finished a generator okay, I Mean he’ll you know Thanks for healing me, by the way Okay, hit the great Okay, you’re down there yeah, I think the rave went back to kick a generator that’s why I lost him Thank you for that Okay, shoot, okay Cross don’t make any noises. Okay can sabotage yourself, but I’m not going to yeah Okay, this one’s doing that they finished okay Seems like he’s not nearly fresh be quiet crows. Look it’s look it’s a generator. I’ll start fixing I can’t talk right today Be quiet crow He’s invincible kiddo you can bring him with the flashlight while he’s invisible Actually didn’t know that. Hello Nia looks like you find it toolbox, too If see on you We got to fix generators because we’re not doing that much so we got to step up our game and the fact that no one’s been injured either – We should use to it to our advantage. Also. I had a great You can still see when it’s cloaking go. Okay, I’m gonna run Okay, it looks like he hit someone I’m not going over here cuz I already searched over here and no generators Okay, I think I spotted a generator always had a hook Generator yes generator Oh Oh, that’s not good I think that’s Claudette hit it great barely Hey, look at his face to finish the generator nice And it great Kenny great I just noticed that we’re all over here. So I’m off to run he comes this way Behind the locker I’m very nervous. He’s an ear and we I think we Jen rushed him He’s getting near Okay, I think I’ve seemed to have lost them I’m gonna go for the save Shut up crows Don’t worry Jake I got you man. He’s near Shoot sorry Jake I just killed you Run Dwight run Let him okay, that’s not him. Okay great He’s dead I’ve already gone through here quiet close. I don’t want to hear it. Okay. Jake’s dead Not good Sorry about that my mic cut off there’s some reason that cuts off randomly. Come on wiggle Come on come on. Come on looks like I’m dead. I Might have attempt escape Looks like it didn’t work. I noticed that he didn’t know it Looks like I’m dead GG Come on are you guys coming for the save wait both of you? Can you’re opening that exit I Think you’re the one being chased after this match, uh changes clothes wear darker pants and blue shirt. Okay. I’ll try We have to run No, no, no, no, no, I’m dead. Good game man Good game guys were dead Looks like I’m dead Oh Run I’m dead Hello Jake are you doing? Whoa Claud, I think you might want to run Um, yeah, you got to run – Looks like we all got ourselves killed wait wait, but Claudia can escape by crawling to the eggs in come on you’re close Drop that pallet on him Yeah, he does Come on you two are so close to victory and it looks like Claudia is gonna die. No It’s like goddess, oh, well looks like we’re all dead now Yeah, I think you might want to run yeah close to the exit – Yeah, I think we all got ourselves killed It’s game over for us I Would have taken the chance to leave Whoa, that was very close, but what it looks like you’re dead I’m just happy well, at least one of us escaped Too bad for us though I think we all know what’s gonna happen. I Lost I lost my tool box in my add-ons I Did so I did some work also, I know that well this guy had a full load out You know, he had an ultra-rare and the Whaley Bell is completely silent that’s why he got me He had him worried too You worked well the last one is yours. Yeah No one escapes death he had that That was like that killer was actually really good he got us off Okay time to change the Clothes I keep that okay, one of these two are probably the darkest ones Probably this one And I think this one because there’s more shading on it So imma take that. I might just have to be default Dwight ya See, these are the dark expense I have I don’t have much since I haven’t bought it I know many people think Dwight’s handsome. And honestly, I agree right Dwight looks pretty handsome But I think I’m just gonna have to be default Dwight because that’s the darkest I have Yeah, I think I might just have to meet default yeah, let’s go with it Wait the the best Stop with that drinking water this one Is this is all I have all right, what’s the more of this do I? Wanna see what I can get. Can we get meal and a flashlight? Can’t get this one yet. Let me see what I can use for my loadout We use it Take it I don’t have really good add-ons for my item. Let’s see what I can use. I Can use this one now your mouth cast each date we can go there All right Yeah, I don’t think I have any good on add-on or at the moment Except for this one, but it’s a comp. Oh I guess how many I’m gonna use these to cut this one increases skill checks in essence. It’s tax Tax and that’s 15 more charges I’m just wondering when I start by like buying DLC for this game. I just wonder who I should buy next as a survivor That’s why just notice we hit the two-hour mark I Like this music It’s like he can hear it saying Dec might be like like dead by Daylight and you can hear it. I’m pretty sure And I like how the killer version of the theme makes you like feel aggressive and it’s everything And I like how the regular version of thing when here and you hear in the main menu a like it builds like suspense They get supposed to be mysterious and everything Also, I’ve never seen that Claudette like that So we have two closets, I’m Dwight and we have a segment. All right Little web my lord. I already have it ready Yeah, I think we already already put on darker clothing. Yeah, I think we’re ready Now you see it away on this Claudette and the killer and well we should be ready like any second, okay We can’t run ready anymore now we Can’t however go back, but I’m not going to It’s crazy it’s intense All right, are we going up against? Okay, very rare rare Comic. All right, I Know I might need that. Good luck Dull totems can always be found scattered throughout the trial area certain killer perks called hex perks Activate doll totems and turn them into hex totems cleansing a hex one of the activates. Is it associated hex perk? So I was that’s all I was the being that’s all I was able to read If a survivor does not survive the trial they lose any items and add-ons that they were carrying Well, here’s he just saw that happened to me. I lost my my common tool box. It’s an uncommon. No Yeah uncommon toolbox And I lost my add-ons – OH I Can hide in the bamboos? While in it while in a trial survivors can swap their carry item out for other items found in a chest or on the ground Yeah, I’ve tried that I’ve tried hiding in lockers Sometimes work Okay, we’re here. Okay Look, there’s a next gate. We need a power to generate here. So I spot a generator, too That’s why I’m hearing sound is already okay Man we are fixing this fast. Not bad Nice Nice Nice We are done here, let’s get out of here Also, how did you screw up at the end? Okay, these two are fixing it generator. I’m gonna go with them help them to help them out Can’t help them out. Okay. Let’s not have to go for next one Okay, you said I can hide in bamboo so I’m gonna try that early see if I could try that okay Okay, yeah the quiet crows I’m trying to hide okay Everyone’s here, right? Yeah. Okay. We’re on next to each other. I don’t want to hear it crow Well, I started hearing a heartbeat, where is it where are they okay, yeah, there’s a neck see when I spawned over there On the generator Hmm Oh what barely hit the grave Also, I’m the obsession again Oh someone’s exposed is the go space or Michael Myers Actually, no, it’s not Michael Myers because I want to create the turn turn turn tintin tintin. Yeah Another one two more. Oh, it’s go space. Yeah. Okay, we better run Yeah, it’s probably Ghostface Oh Someone just got down I’m out of here Dang it crows. I know cuz if he stalks me then I’m gonna be exposed and I’m about down in one hit Okay, and you’ll find another generator. There may be one over here and then I built this small building right there. Oh Okay for a second I couldn’t repair that generator also he hooked him in the basement Wow, that’s not good Okay, someone just got injured damn hook them I think they might wanna run oh He doesn’t dang he’s gonna kill us all pretty quickly The Geysers quicks only after two more generators left Generators are blocked Oh when by the entity went. Oh, okay. I didn’t know that when he has someone, okay Thank you for telling you that He’s hurting everyone up step the official wishes me Okay, one more generator There may be one in here yes, sir is I believe that I guess agates are over there. So that’s pretty exact. So I’m better be careful Also those stairs are blocked Almost done and we are done find the exit Be quiet crows, I don’t want to hear it Come on you’re almost there. Come on. Come on, come on We have won another match nice Kind of the trophy right? Alright nice gg. I Almost did the best I might work expecting Yep, it’s got spacing. I didn’t even get attacked by him. Not even once Are you gonna go for the save Claudia? Thank you. Yep Yep, he is right there walk into M exit. Oh No, no, whoa I Think you two are trapped. What about you other Claudia? Dang it my phone just fell Okay. Yeah, I think you’re gonna go for the escape. Oh Well, they are we are they gonna skip – okay, you’re healing yourself Okay, okay he’s chasing you he’s near you I think horse each air is he though you’re the one he’s been chasing Clock’s ticking and he’s More than halfway now throw me good do my voices crack there? I Did not see you at all. Well, you’re aware you were He’s coming after you why would I run Okay, if you’re going to die Also, I think your good luck actually work I didn’t even get called once like not even once I did a really good play there And I lost my my toolbox cuz I used at all It’s probably worth it and I got to it iridescent light bringer and unbroken 100% escaped unbroken which means I didn’t even get caught once and I’m surprised honestly I did pretty okay, and I repaired a lot of January generators 125% – and this one I Got – 25% from hook survivors. I know My first 44 have been delayed, uh starting Valley it was almost in the still free range – however, this one is none because uh Twenty percent of I was twenty percent of me was being stealthy and everything. I was fading starting down That’s when I started to imagine. I had nine percent 9 percent still yeah, I Have nothing on this because I didn’t think see the ghostly It’s not even once so I did pretty kind of occasion as much so it’s good game Yeah So rank were they an 18 okay? You had a some decent amount of stuff. I’m all ears thrilling tremors Faint Regent client think it’s dark minutes, okay Nightshroud Olsen’s address book until telephoto lens. All right I’m giving props. They did pretty well Akemi sauce I’m gonna give them for us the DL today. We’re All right, we’re done here Flawless victory in that one nice. Okay, what else – Okay case flashlight birthday panic commodious fuck somebody loop box I this is not over watch my bed I’m too used to have watch see what I mean Tool box my bed Okay. What can I use? In beep packing plant king I can start the trial with someone else then prove myself can come in handy Can use both of these Can’t lose this Let go with this because then I’ll start to trial with someone else And maybe we can find a generator generator together and prove myself. Oh Yeah, haven’t checked my blood weapon why now, there you go See what else Dang you can’t get battery then I’m a goal for this perfect sentence rare Now this is wait for a match Okay, I finished my water bottle get another one Okay, sorry about that I just went a took look go get another bottle of water and I am back with a fresh new bottle of water. Okay? You said a jigsaw? Okay, I May use it. There you go Now I’m ready let’s go Now we just gotta wait for a match You Sorry about that when Mike keeps cutting off If here’s something in the background, that’s a fan cuz it’s really hot in the room that I’m in. So yeah That’s why I also got a new fresh bottle of water Also, we have a thing man We have a bill haven’t seen bill in a long time and he’ll old David go to see you again Now we’re just waiting on Frank min. I hope he hasn’t breakable cuz then if you get down and then What’s he called if he leaves you to go get someone else or do something I don’t know you can get up Wait, are you just connecting or switching or I don’t know editing your loadout also. Thank you. First thing it is. Okay I’m just waiting care. Can we count on ready ourselves anymore? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 ready Mm-hm. They’re on male mine and I can’t see the other two for some reason Carry survivors can attempt illegal free from the killer’s grasp If a survivor succeeds before the killer hooks them the killer’s momentarily stunned so that the survivor can make a quick escape you can also escape from the killer scraps grasp if you have decisive strike, I Don’t have that so that’s why I don’t have it That’s why it’s not happening once enough generators have been repaired. The survivors goals activate one of the two Exit switches which will open the exit gate for survivors to escape through Yeah lorries the one that has decisive strike Filling us I was gonna read that okay the game Hey, look it’s um Apple uh I was actually when I did my first game a survivor like from my very first time this was the map I was in and actually escaped on my first my match Oh Laurie’s your favorite. What’s he called? Survivor? Nice. I know she has really good perks Okay, yeah, um, this was the map house in for my actual first game and I ended up escaping I’m very happy that I succeeded in my in my first match, but I don’t know it was probably beginner’s luck It’s a pig. Hello. Jigsaw. Well Billy as you can call Okay It’s a pig you guys We’re going against a pig because I saw jigsaw Bob is also is that a pig head? Looks like someone’s being targeted Usually the generators are down here. So let’s see Oh bill Without you bill shoot. I don’t know if that was Bill or David Yeah, I noticed that too pig on the pig map there near cuz I heard us faint heartbeat Okay Pull you up for my first match. I went against a doctor on this map and I screwed up Yeah, but I’m surprised I got to pay on a pig map there’s someone dead right there creepy mind if I help Wait you’re near Shoot Made a great Let’s go onto the next one wait, wait, why did that open? Oh That’s the basement I’m gonna follow you bill for now You seem to know what to do oops because he gone against like zombies before Infected as you call it Oh you wanna heal Oh guys I hear the reverse bear trap Beeping so we you got to get that off of you man. Go find a jigsaw box. Maybe that can hurt that can help It’s time to search for a next generator I Screwed up the one I was on – okay. Is there one here? Okay – all there is The reason why I’m down here is because usually most of the gens are like down here so that’s why I’m over here Found the generator also that person is still down Okay, you’re going through the jigsaw box to get that for very spare trim off of you Also, I don’t like how the you still hear the Terror radius the heartbeat like that, doesn’t it? That’s yeah, even when the killer’s in a different floor this year Will you remove when they’re in a different floor? It’s not good because then you get scared for no reason Bill, is that you? Okay, Hey look you got the reverse pair Trump off of you am I the only one that’s down here in the bottom floor Okay Okay, one generator finished, excuse me has someone already been here I think so Okay now it looks like I’m not going anymore just checking okay fine another generator Oh my god this that scared me I Was not expecting that jeez, oh God I scare me That really scared me. Oh God here they come run be quiet crying. I don’t want to hear it Oh That actually scared me Shoo are you up your song? Alright? No. Hey, I didn’t actually notice you were that close. Oh That’s not good I got to find it go to a jigsaw box and I’ll scatter all over the map Um, why is everyone here okay, I think dogs built you might want to run bill Okay bill is safe for now. Um Are you sure you want to heal me? I mean they’re gonna um They’re right there Come on come on, please be the one I need to get this thing off me Okay, also, hello Billy jigsaw, okay Um What are you doing birth time Also, why are you following me Okay, looks like I got to find another jigsaw box they’re all up there over there so I got to get over there Where are the stairs? Um? If they’re still on me And I’m the obsession – I really noticed that stares I could use some stairs by now Why are the stairs? Okay, look there’s a signer there. Okay stairs Okay found Easter’s You still on me? I don’t know if you’re on mister I’m hearing – laughs Come on, why has my what’s it called reverse bear trap not started ticking Wait, my arms are pleading everybody. Um, you’re gonna die soon Oh, Nope what’s in the one? Okay Well you’re dead Yep you died Okay, well why is it giving a lot oh Geez, calm down on the skill checks well Okay Nope wasn’t the one you’re really giving me a run for my money. Also. Did I just see them I Think I just saw them Someone else is dead This has to be the one someone just got down This isn’t good, yes Okay, any other generators I hear one Hang on Oh autoharp. Laughs No, no, I should have chopped the peloton you Go onto the table, no, I can’t It’s over But I have them breakable, that’s my only hope right now I’m not hearing no heartbeat And it great Don’t tell me you’re being chased Hi don’t breakable Mmm, let’s go. Looks like I lost them geez, that really scares me This is a good This is gonna be a really close match and this isn’t good two people are dead Cuz the reverse bear traps, they couldn’t find the correct jigsaw boxes. I don’t know what the one plank pig is doing All this one’s done, okay Great, I gotta stretch up there now, don’t I? Yep I’ll assume you yeah, no, wait. Oh, they just finished one. Okay Look, there’s one right here Okay, are you being chased by this pig yep, did you look this way I Think I’m gonna get ready to run hit it great Gator another great barely I think you’re being chased Let’s mess that up I Lost my tool box to used it You know, I never expect that Come on I haven’t breakable. You know, how do you think I’ll say way to get up or unless you already know that? All right, I’m braking boy can’t use it got to find help See I I need help Are you doing Just kill me already Wait what I’m sorry, what? Um, you’re just gonna let me die like Mine cuz I can’t use a break of one now. Uh It’s like I’m a die now cuz I’m already halfway I Gotta say this map. Well match was pretty weird and I’m so close to victory – look. There’s a generator. I was fixing Hello big On the right run Dwight run Are you hiding are you you’re next to a generator? I don’t know shoot Found the hatch over And my only hope now is to just camp here and hope for the best How you doing look I found the hatch see Oh wow I don’t know what’s gonna happen here I’m really startled. I don’t know what to do now The killer notes I’m camping here and I don’t know what’s gonna happen to the other my other to me I just wanted to escape from the hatch or is she gonna let both of us die? Shion you man Okay, I think now he I think he saw the hatch look it was a killer It’s a pig crow. What are you doing Oh cuz I may have K right? Yep. I Can spin too You know or mad because I’m camping Jamie crow two crows now I wonder what’s gonna happen to that person is are they really gonna let me survive Oh I honestly don’t know what to do. And I’m sorry. I haven’t been speaking a very very nervous They’re near You don’t know what’s gonna happen So close to the hatch right here, but I wonder award the killer is and where my other teammate is Cuz I look I’m right here in the head next to the hatch we only hope is to stick camp here I thought I saw them Dang it crows I see you are you gonna close the hatch? Well, that was a long match Wow Damn they let me escape You Okay, that match was very very long but I escaped through the hatch luckily whoa I got three iridescent and a gold I Lost my toolbox and my hat on But yeah, I did the most amount of work You Sorry about that that was messaging someone. Okay. Looks like I learned earned a lot of blood points You Alright I’m back I just messaging someone but um, yeah, I got a lot of blood points Okay. What can I get I? could get Let’s see forget this. Let’s see if the entity starting to consume things And I can’t get anything now he’s got to get up to 3,000 now All right, I think we’re fine imagine them Well first I need to see what I have in my loadout Mm, I could bring this map with me. I think I might will okay Okay, when I activate it everyone will see it black locks, what does that mean Okay, oh I can’t track exit gate it’s nice I’ll use it Look at the trial with someone else. Okay, I feel good about this. Yes. I’m investing a lot in this So, I hope I could have good luck in the next five match Now I just gotta wait for it match I’ll summon drink some water but I am thirsty after that long uh match It was a good match GG to the killer Van I am thirsty, okay But I feel like the matches and I’d won here Actually, actually I’m if I’m gonna be honest, I actually performed better. I Went on these matches I’ve been doing in less time than actual when I’m playing off Off camera. Also I noticed that my survivor rank when of summer sprang 17 survivor now, that’s good It’s got away for a manner Also, I flick we’re about to hit that three hour mark damn I’ve been playing for a long time I don’t know it dad, but they’re like such a good game. It’s addicting and I like it Thing is I only play survivor So all you’re gonna be seeing for me for now in live streaming when it comes to dead by dla you just survivor gameplay But yeah, however this is my first amira gameplay survivor game play number one, and this is my first day by livestream on my channel We have Nia Kate Dwight and plot it alright Alright I feel good about this let’s get ready Sorry about that my microphone keeps cutting off for some reason I don’t know why so if you ever like hear sound where the Where you just stop hearing my hearing my voice. It’s probably because of my microphone cut off. There’s no times happens All right or here and gone that found a match and a killer let’s get ready Like I said, I invested a lot in this map so I better be careful to not die Also, we’re gonna beat the same map again. Someone used the offering okay a survivor in the dying state cannot fully recover to the injured state on their own without the help of a perk or another survivor to Help me That’s hence why I have unbreakable Just waiting Or eight minutes away from the three hour mark, so yeah, I’ve been playing for a long time But if you check my channel The longest I live streamed is not his overwatch and that livestream was like back in September of last year I think and it was six hours Waga stream on my channel yet Yeah, there you have it if you wonder if you’re wondering how long i’ve streamed how woman longest stream is. It’s a six hours So if I hit the three hour mark, it’s only going to be halfway of my longest time live-streaming Now we’re like seven minutes away We’re here again All right It’s like it’s against another killer. I mean, well obviously killer what I meant to say a pig Okay I’m not gonna use my map yet I’m gonna cleanse this totem. However I see someone my clients is turning four extra black points Okay, so just in case you have no it they can’t use it Okay generator, where are you you here you’re not here? Okay. There’s no generator in here, but however there is a chest Hey you want this you can come have it come on come over here if you want it. Maybe I don’t know I guess. Oh They’re near okay, there’s a hole right there. So all my classes told them And then probably go down there oh They’re near or are they in the bottom floor? Oh, oh they’re right there Okay, got a right through Mike hunting whoa, there’s two of you right there don’t leave them to me please First I wonder why both of you are there though. Whoa, I’m out of here Okay, okay Bronwyn I should be safe okay, I hit a great Okay – another great nice Has no one been working in a generator. I know I see both of you right up there with the killer I don’t know if it’s the same person though from last match Okay, fix one, okay good first-gen is done. I’m almost done with Nick Jake Okay, good, are they just heating the killer I Thought they were on me, okay good great Because they heard the sound and I thought there were they came like over here in this hall So I better start running but it can’t because I’m like in the corner of the room also wait all of you are out there Okay, good. Almost done Doraemon stop this generator Fixed the generator I must scatter from you guys. Okay? Okay. Where is it? Did it generate all up over there I’ll go for it Okay, where is it okay, it’s near okay Seems like I’m doing pretty okay for now The pig doesn’t know where Emma What’s that Okay, hit it great barely, oh that’s not good Fixing a generator, don’t worry Okay, hit it great Oh Heartbeats getting intense. Are they in here? Are they above? I’m scared. I Barely hit that great. I keep hitting grease for some reason. I don’t usually hit these much grates Okay, another generator finished I got to find a locker Hi if I’m gonna hide Okay, there’s this one. Let’s hide in here so they don’t find me in here. Okay Okay, so I’m hearing a heartbeat It’s getting more intense why are they? I honestly don’t know where they’re at, but I’m not leaving until I heard the heartbeat gone for a long time No, IKEA I can’t I’m not leaving this because I keep hearing the heartbeat And I don’t know where my teammates are I don’t know if they’re above me if I saw that they were above me and when them is injured then I would have got Enough to know that I’m safe. Then I’m getting scared over nothing You know I’m leaving Okay, I Wasted my time in there that way then another generator. No it isn’t it. Sure sure. That scared me. I thought they were on me Okay, I read my map. Where’s where’s that next generator? There’s one right there Okay, there’s no generators near here. Really? hmm Okay, the hacks is right here last match. I I respect the player that let that spared me And I’m back to where out what’s that? No more fooling around I have to go up there cuz I printed the rest of their generators are up there So I’m optical up there. I Got to be quite about it, though Okay, I don’t know if anyone’s being chased Okay generator why are you oh come on right there Hello jigsaw, I’m glad you don’t move. Oh I thought that was a came here Are you tubing chase with it? Yep, I saw the pig right over there in that corner Okay, hit it good. Yep. There they are. Oh Shoot I’m out of here Okay, there’s a generator down there, okay, I Can’t go down there anymore. Is there any generators near here? I need those two Okay, I’m in there I’m near an exit so I’m hoping that Someone’s gonna fix a generator and I’ll start opening this and get out of here. Shoot So close to victory Okay cleanse the totem Gonna hide behind his fin Come on someone please fix a generator. Um, my map is almost done Uh-oh I might have just have to go for this generator Quiet curls, I don’t want to hear it That’s not good Someone gonna fix a generator We only need one more unless you all are being chased by the kid the pig-like Haven’t even been caught once So I’m pretty stealthy, okay, I see you oh you’re gonna you being chased are you looking for a gent I hope you’re looking for a Jen cuz I I’m right here to the exit gate. I’m so close to victory Hoping someone fixes a generator Okay, I saw you for a brief moment there I’m hoping someone isn’t being chased so they can fix a generator because I’m right by the right next to the exit gate Dang it crows No one speaks to the generator i’ma have to do it myself Damn looks like it’s blocked off Yes Here John Their generator in here, no there isn’t I’ve been here for a few times now gotta find a generator quick Just following all right there my it’s already one that’s fixed someone back here How are you Shoot All right, if cleansed Odom I just saw them Here’s another X again They’re dead can someone please fix a generator There’s literally one more left and no one’s fixing one Oh there there down there, okay Here’s one the last one Last gen Where Okay Yeah, please help me fix that generator I’m so close to victory and I’ve been the one probably caring I don’t want to brag but seems like it’s true Find the exit Finally took you long enough also look, this is where I was originally yet I’m out of here. I’ve been the one that’s been least detected How I been detected That’s right, so I deserve this victory, I don’t know about y’all good game Alright that was like the maybe the second longest match or probably the longest I don’t know Cuz I’ve been just camping and I’ve been waiting for someone to finally fix it Jen Also, there’s someone right here this person doesn’t have the kid on them, but they’re trying to uh Get a jig the box to get the reverse back trap off with him, but I don’t need a war anymore But my heart was pounding so bad Okay, just find a way out now Killers right there Okay, what about you, okay you want to execute I was that nice You’re being chased by the killer, okay run, come on, come on yet balance landing Okay, yeah you escaped, okay You’re healing yourself. That’s where I asked you See I was the one doing the best job I believe Cuz I was doing a Jen’s while everyone was being chased around and I wasn’t even being detected once But you might Kate you might want to escape now, there you go Man those are intense match but really long with falling – oh My god, okay I Ate some water. I’m very thirsty Finally I was thirsty an entire mansion look I was doing with the most Stuff Look thing I didn’t do as much as I thought I did. Oh Wow Almost almost the highest rank because they were both ranked 16 errs. This person was These two were 15 this person was the 20 ranked 20 big they have one perk make your choice Way to shame that one person died Yeah, that was just a very long match Level 23 You got kindred now Anyways, uh, these were very good matches and everything And yeah, I guess you know what’s gonna happen next Lu rituals. Alright, I Just want to say thank you for joining me on this guy’s dream, and hope you have a nice day Well, all I can say now is goodbye, thanks for watching and thanks for tuning in

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