Destiny is Fabulous

Destiny is Fabulous

Help! The Covenant! They’re attacking! It’s The Covenant! Covenant? Oh thank God, it’s the Spartans! They’ll save us! We’re not Spartans… We’re Guardians! And we’re here to defeat darkness. it’s our Destiny! (Sexy bite) Oh God. It’s the fucking Awoken. We’re here! We’re here! We’re Awoken! We’re here! We’re Awoken! And we’re outspoken! Fireteam Leader! I found a chest… (Gasp) Accessories!? Glimmer!? Oh goody! Oh goody! Oh goody! Goody! Oh goody! Goody! Goody! Oh my goodness! Let me try that one on! That’s gonna look fabulous with your eyes, honey! Oh Jesus! This is gonna make the outfit.Look, I’m actually a homosexual. Look, I’m actually a homosexual. And you guys might not be homosexual but
you’re definitely fucking gay. Uh! Wow. Let’s go!

100 thoughts on “Destiny is Fabulous”

  1. Destiny is the game for James Charles. James Charles is gay. James Charles owns an XBox acc. Therefore Xbox is gay.

    (This meme is old and might be shit)

  2. As I always say; there is a difference between a homosexual; and a faggot. And these three are definitely faggots!!!

  3. Emir Escobido Luna

    So if they have their helmet on their not gay's but in the opposite their gay's maybe there's something in the helmet

  4. Lol I get it destiny is gay because it's legit a copy of Halo and Master Chief and Master Chief will always be more better

  5. Master Chief has been freed! He is returning to the best gaming system of all…

  6. 2:05 my life exactly in 2014, moving from halo to Destiny and back and forth, concerning myself with styles in Destiny and not giving a shit in Halo. I actually was like all of this. This is fucking hilarious.

  7. as a male awoken who loves all the fine ladys of the galaxy i can safely say those 3 were definitely gay. also f for respect for the actual dead gay guy you shall be avenged!

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