Destroy All Humans! – Ich Will Trailer

Destroy All Humans! – Ich Will Trailer

This is Bill Curtis. Authorities have issued an official government statement firmly refuting any rumours of alien activity and labelling them communist propaganda, aimed at undermining the American way of life. I want! I want! I want! I want! I want! I want your fantasy! I want! I want your energy! I want! I want to see your hands! I want! To drown in your applause! Do you see me? Do you hear me? Do you feel me? Can you hear me?! Can you hear me? We hear you! Can you see me? We see you! Can you feel me? We feel you! I can’t understand you! I want! I want!

100 thoughts on “Destroy All Humans! – Ich Will Trailer”

  1. Павел Скаляр

    Очень хороший трейлер!
    Можно просто пересматривать этот шедевр!

  2. Hahahaha thats a fairy. Back then fayries did that all the time. Except they either were pretty as fuck or they were more intseresting to watch.

  3. Everyone is talking about how they should remake the second DAH after this when it could pass as an expansion. DAH is very small and can be beaten in a day if you’re dedicated enough. I’d be happy to pay another 30 for the second game as a DLC and maybe as an incentive when the DLC is purchased CO-OP will be added to the first game.

  4. This trailer…is actually amazing. I feel it’s perfectly able to grab your attention without really going to far into nonsensicalness. It has a good blend of that modern flair while bringing on what made the original games work. Hopefully the remake turns out well.

  5. Destroy all humans ..what a great old game. I had A blast playing it. Looking forward to the remake. Should be alo8 of fun all over again. 👍👍👍.good video.

  6. I don't know if you have the rights to Big mutha truckers but it would be great to see the remastered version of this series. Especially the first game was great, the second was bad. The sequel should come. Or a slightly different spiritual continuation. This game is unique.

  7. Finally Alien life communicates using Rammstein. After realizing that their songs are much deeper than they are being credited for >:D

  8. Aliens from outer space adopted a humanoid language from a lonely planet within the trillions of astronomical miles know as our universe

    Seems legit

  9. Really, seriously, are you fucking kidding me??? I'm from The Netherlands, first we had an invasion by the Nazi's. And now an Alien Invasion, and they also speak German. What the hell is going on with the German Language???

    But Captain, they say they come in peace. Yes Private, but do you recognize that language? Wait a minute, yes, everyone open fire…

  10. SEGA: We Made New Sakura Wars!

    SpongeBob: I'm Ready!
    Crypto: ICH WILL

    SEGA: Surprised Pikachu Face
    THQ Nordic Should Buy Relic, Sonic

  11. Anybody have a clue when this will be released??? Im eagerly waiting on this and Psychonauts 2 ! Lol 2005 coming back in full swing

  12. It’s great how rammstein starts playing after the news anchor mentions aliens as communist propaganda cause some of rammsteins members are from east Germany before the wall collapsed and this game takes place during that time period

  13. Der deutsche Kommentar den du suchst.
    (23.01.2020; 15:38) Scheiße der Trailer ist seit Juni da und die Deutschen haben den
    Kommentarberreich noch immer nicht bis zum Anschlag besetzt.
    Grüße aus Leverkusen.

  14. Just got the original for Xbox on my Xbox One. Cant wait to beat it again in honor of this remake. This is gonna be one hell of a year!

  15. Лучшая реклама за последнее время! Единственная, которую не скипнула.

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