DIY Soccer Goal | World Cup DIY Party Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Party Decor

DIY Soccer Goal | World Cup DIY Party Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Party Decor

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have another quick and easy video for you guys and today I’m going
to be making three DIYs for my soccer lovers yay if you are a soccer fan then
you know this soccer season just started so if you’re going to have a World Cup
game party or gathering at your house you are going to love these three DIYs
because they are great for the entire family
alright let’s get started alright guys so here’s everything I need
to build my kids gold net so basically what I have here are two one inch by ten
feet pipes and I cut them as follow these two right here are four feet these
two right here are three feet the two right here are two feet and then I have
six elbows there are 1 inch elbows and I already paint them in black now I’m just
gonna go ahead and assemble them together next I’m going to be using a decorative
fishing net from Dollar Tree you can use it as it is or you can paint it in black
as I did so I chose to paint it in black instead of dyeing it because this was
simply one dollar and I didn’t want to pay more for the dye for a dollar
product so since I had lots and lots of cans of black paint I ended up to
spray-painting it in black and it’s not that bad but like I said you can also
leave it as it is here it is or you can paint it in white I just wanted it to be
darker okay you can do it either way you know I just use what I have around the
house guys you guys you guys already know and you know the whole process of
dyeing it was just like too much you have to boil the water and you have to
do all of this and I was just like no it’s gonna spray paint this bad boy and
make it work so now it’s time to attach the net so the first thing you’re going
to do is turn over the frame and you are going to work from the back and then you
are going to place your net right over the frame and you are going to
distribute everything evenly okay so you’re gonna open it up and make sure
that it’s even as you can see both ends they seem to be pretty even there you go
it’s hanging from there you see that and then I’m going to tie the corners of the
net with the same net so just you know grab a little entire now I’m going to glue the top of the net
here to the top of the pipe and what I’m going to do is use a little bit of e6000
to help me keep it up make sure not to only use e6000 because that is not an
outdoor glue so make sure to not only use it by itself so I’m just going to
use it to help me keep the net up and right on top of it I am going to add
East 6000 so it can bond permanently I’m actually going to switch and use
guerrilla glue instead of e6000 it dries faster and it’s a strong so let’s do
that for the net on this side I’m going to tie as much as I can and then I’m
going to glue the rest I’m going to use my scissors to cut some of the netting
at the bottom so I’m able to tie them together and here’s the one in the
middle and I’m going to give you a close-up so you’re able to see how I did
it okay so just pull tight okay then you are going to cut it in half and then you
are going to bring it over you’re going to bring it over in the
middle that’s all and then you are going to tie it here now let me show you a bit of the top as
you can see the Gorilla Glue has expanded which is great because you’re
just going to make it stronger and it’s not going to go anywhere now here is my
dilemma I can technically tie this as well but I
didn’t want any of the netting showing on the front that’s why I glue the top
so I think I’m going to do the same on these sides I think I’m going to glue
the sides instead of tying it to the sides hmm okay let’s do that
so I basically did the same process on these sides as I did on top not all
there’s left to do is cut the excess netting and that’s it and here is the
finished soccer goal net I love it but I must say one thing since this is a quick
and easy video I think that the best way to do this is just to go ahead and tie
the whole entire net to the frame no need for glue no need for anything
actually I just got married to the idea of not having any netting on these sides
because I just saw you know like a picture of on Google Images of a goal
net when I was looking to make one and I just got married to to that one where it
didn’t have any netting around these sides so but yeah I think I’m the
netting on the side it’s not bad you can see the bottom it’s not that bad at all
so on the sides it would have made that big of a difference and it’s just easier
it’s easier and no mess alright guys so this is pretty much it I hope you guys
enjoy this video make sure to like comment and share with your friends
until next time bye the manana pretzels and potato chips oh good Scoob
oh they got candy boy sorry not in your diet bedtime oh yeah goalie now you got
a score on the goalie yes oh he’s getting good good job goalie
you’re awesome goalie pass it pass it go go to the go-go to the dough go to
the go you gotta run to go run get it go shoot three blue red go cut it back hard
now good job one two three yay yay
three people next to five times one two three one two three four five yay

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  1. Once again, your creativity never ceases to amaze us. The ideas keep coming and you keep sharing. Beautiful lady, inside and out. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤….

  2. Wow! I am in love! I recently did the baby shower block DIY for father's day and it was a hit. I love DIY and my hubby looks forward to them. I enjoy watching your videos. I am excited to make this one for my nieces and nephews.

  3. The adorable kids in start of video, the music , and simplicity, clear instruction , creativity…keep it up Tayra!

  4. Hi Tayra
    One of the sports I don't partake in but I certainly partake in the way You go inside your head and create your visions and share them with us. Thank you, keep it moving and continue to reach for the stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞💕

  5. Bellísimas ideas. Nunca me lo hubiera imaginado todo quedó padrisimo. Y sobre todo gracias Tayra xq nos das ideas hermosas, pero sobre todo super economicas.👏👏👏

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