DONT Open The WRONG Mystery Door – Challenge

DONT Open The WRONG Mystery Door – Challenge

If you pick the wrong door u will delete your fortnite account you’ll fall off of the roof Today’s challenge we have three mystery doors and three challenges We’re gonna take in turns to pick a mystery door while the other two challenges hide behind them If you pick the door that nobody stood behind then You’re safe But If you pick a door that somebody stood behind They get to give you a punishment and the only way to win the challenge is by eliminating the other two contestants So we need to make our punishments extreme and since it’s my channel I’m gonna be going first. Make sure you guys smash that subscribe button to give me good luck We’re on the roads to ten million subscribers and I need your help. I’ll make sure you caught the brand new limited-edition Rainbow mg Zed merch before it’s gone forever in seven days Okay guys if Morgan picks door number one he’s gonna be getting wax stripped by me Okay, guys I have the choice of door number one door number two or door number three I am so nervous guys comment down below What should I pick? Okay, I’ve made my decision I’m gonna go with door number 1 Lucky for you Morgan, you gotta be getting wax stripped You know what mom My legs are looking really really hairy at the moment so I could probably use a was strip Yeah, well Morgan it’s still gonna hurt. Morgan are you ready for this? Do i look ready? Well Morgan, do you want to forfeit? No, I can’t forfeit the first punishment. Let’s just get it over with Well Morgan, I think it’s a bit late for that three Well Morgan, I think it’s safe to say it works Look at the state of that. Look at what you have done to my leg. Now i know what it feels like to be bald. All right. My head looks nothing like that. Guys this challenge has been amazing. It’s been so much fun I’m having such a great time If Jill pick door number one. She’s gonna get ice down her pants And if Jill picks door number two, then she’s gonna have to drink hot sauce. Right guys It’s time for me to pick the mystery door I know for a fact that Morgan will have something really bad for me after what I just did to him So I’ve just got to make sure I don’t get Morgan and preferably not Martin either guys I’m gonna go with door number three Door number two right guys, let’s do this You’re gonna be drinking hot sauce Mum revenge is sweet isn’t sweet Morgan it’s hot. she’s got a point Mom what are you doing? I’m just getting my teaspoon of hot sauce Morgan. You’re not having a teaspoon of hot sauce You’re drinking it out of the bottle Congratulations mom you did it. Now what you have gotta do is finish the entire bottle. No Right guys next up is my turn so far both Jill and morgz have had a punishment So I have to hope that the luck is on my side Door number two, he’s gonna get a frying pan to the face And if Martin takes a door number three, then he has to sit on a cactus guys You know that I am number one on this channel. So I’m gonna go for number one. Here we go guys I think i have picked to right door but I’m feeling nervous Yes, I picked to right door What Happened. I think he actually picked the right door What can I say I’m just a natural winner right guys If morgz picks door number one, i’m going to spray paint his new rainbow mgz merch and guys if morgz picks door number two i am going to cover his face in makeup and turn him from morgz to morgina guys when martin picked door number 1 he got away with it with no forfit So I’m gonna go with door number one, three, two, one What are you gonna make me do I’m gonna spray paint your new merch Mum you can’t spray paint my merch. Do you not realize this is limited edition It’s only available for the next 7 days and then it’s gone forever if you ruin this one I’m not gonna be able to get another one you can’t do this For Goodness sake Morgan shut up about your limited edition merch Whoa, do you really think this is funny? Yeah, it’s funny. This this is not funny it is pretty funny. This is not funny he’s right guys. It’s not but this is I think you’re gonna have to go to to get one it is fully gone forever. guys, at least she forgot to spray paint the new rainbow mgz joggers You must have forgot that we also have them available Morgan you should have kept your mouth shut Well on the bright side guys at least it still looks rainbow guys It’s mom’s turn next and since she wanted to spray-paint my brand-new merch if she picks door number two I’m gonna spray her hair pink Since she likes cake so much, if she pick door number three she is going to get some cake, but it is not to be eaten it is to be smashed into her fac It’s gonna be smashed into her face guys I know I did in the last round – Morgan was way too far – I know for a fact He’ll be wanting revenge as long as I pick the right door? I’ll be okay. I’m gonna go with door number Two here we go guys You seemed to really enjoy Spray-painting my new merch pink, so I think we should match but instead of spray-painting your merch pink I’m gonna spray-paint your hair Maybe Morgan is it permanent yep So, let’s see if I can do it twice in a row if Martian picks door number one He’s gonna get punished in the face with a boxing glove. And if Martin picks door number three, then he’s gonna get slimed? Guys, I can feel the luck coming back. I’m going with the number that my bald head is telling me door number Guess who’s about to get slimed No Martin I’m only gonna ask once do you want to forfeit no well in that case three two one! Swamp well guys, that’s the end of round two so far. Nobody has forfeited yet So for the next round, we’re gonna have all the punishments make them even more extreme ok guys, if morgan picks door number 1 he is going to get smacked in the head with all of these eggs Number two Is Xbox okay guys as I said the dads are gonna be even more extreme this round So I need to hope I pick the right door. I’m going to with door number two What are you doing with my xbox do you think I’m doing with your xbox Morgan you’re gonna buy these new books? you’re all gonna have to throw your Xbox off the Books, you will not be able to play fornite at all, Morgan I’m only gonna wash you this once are you sure you want to do this? Oh, do you want to forfeit still if you want me to fall you’re gonna have to do Better than that I’m doing it Well, I Don’t think I’m gonna be playing for tonight for a while guys. If spray-painting is merge was too far destroyed His xbox was way too far. I’ve got to help I get the right door or I’m gonna be in real trouble Mom takes door. Number one, then. She’s gonna gas up boxing punch in the face And if Jill picks door number two, she will have to give you $50,000 Range Rover one plus two is three So I’m gonna go for door number three please dont Morgan Well guys, it’s my turn jill picked the right door, so let’s hope that I do the same Hi guys, if Martin picks door number two He has to give me his credit card for 24 hours and if Martin picks door number three, he has to destroy his $50,000 Guys, I’m gonna go with door number Three I’ve got a real bad feeling about this one Unfortunately for you, you guessed no wrong mystery door. Oh no move go easy on me, please You’ve already signed my button. I warned you that the punishments were going to get more and more extreme So since you picked door number three, you have to destroy Oh No Martin I’m only gonna ask you once are you gonna smash your car with the hammer or are you gonna Forfeit and lose the challenge I need to win the challenge three two one I’m sorry. I let you down team bald but Unfortunately. I’m out of the challenge now. It’s just Jill vs Morgz Okay, guys, it’s time for round four. I’m for this round. We’re gonna take it to a whole new level literally because the doors are no longer on the ground they are on the road and this round is gonna be sudden-death one of the mystery doors will have a cash prize of $10,000. I’m gonna be rich. However, if you pick the wrong door, not only will you get no money for your fall You’ll be plummeting down 20 feet onto the hard Floor the question is are you gonna take the risk for the money or is this video gonna end in a draw? Morgan You’re on I’m gonna take the money and hide behind door. Number one. Anybody comment down below. Which door is Morgan gonna pick Let’s hope He picks Number two guys. This is it Door number one or door. Number two. I have a 50% chance of the $10,000 richer I I’m gonna go with That’s right door number two Let’s find out if I picked the right door. This is it guys No, go back from here I won the 10,000 dollars Knew but to walk off the roof. Oh No Well guys a deal’s a deal please subscribe to the channel I’m probably gonna die doing this. So I at least want to die with 10 million subscribers Caught the new rainbow MGZ merch much more stock o link in the description. Let’s do this Subscribe I actually do

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