Don’t Play Mind Games If You Want Real Love

Don’t Play Mind Games If You Want Real Love

Hey there, it’s Clay, with,
where we help you get the great loving relationship that you are looking for, without having to
play mind games, without having to play hard to get, and without having to pretend to be
someone or something that you are not. Because I believe that you deserve to be loved
for the person that you are. And if you agree with me do me a favor by
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that being said, let’s go ahead and get into this. Why should you not play mind games? I’m not gonna tell you that mind games don’t
work, first of all, it depends on what you mean by work, but I’m not gonna pretend that
mind games won’t get you to the next step, that if you pretend to be aloof or something,
that it’s not going to trigger some sort of psychological thing that makes people think
that they’re missing out, that there’s scarcity, and that they’re gonna start pursuing you
and chasing you or something like that. But what I’m saying is that mind games, even
though they might get you to the next step, they’re most likely just getting you to the
next step with the wrong person. Because if you need to play a mind game to
get to the next step with somebody, that means that showing up as the person that you are,
being who you are, being the unique person that you are, is not good enough to get them
to that next step. Which means that you’re gonna have to put
on a mask, you’re gonna have to pretend to be somebody that you’re not. And although it might get you to the next
step, you’re gonna be at that next step, but you’re gonna be wearing a mask. And then you’re gonna have to play another
mind game to get them to the step after that. And then you’re gonna have to play another
mind game to get them to the step after that. And before you know it, they don’t even know
who you are. They think that you’re someone, but you’re
really someone else. And you’re lying in bed with them, looking
at them in the morning, wondering, “Do they even love me? Would they actually want to be in a relationship
with me? Or are they just in love with this act that
I’ve put on, this performance that I’ve put on?” And that can be a really lousy place to be
in. And it can really make you doubt a lot of
things. And it’s not something that I would want for
you. I want you to have a relationship where you
can be loved for who you are. I want you to have a relationship where you
know that that person next to you loves you for who you are. That they want to be with you. Not because of some act that you put on, not
because of some magic text message that you sent, or some mind game that you played. But because of who you are. Because they connect with you, because they
value you, because they have similar values to you, because they want the same things
in life that you want. And that, is really what it takes to have
a great relationship. Not any of this mind game BS. So if you liked this video, go ahead and give
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talk to you next time.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Play Mind Games If You Want Real Love”

  1. Thank you Clay for your advice!! But I don't play mind games. As I've tried to explain before , but don't want to get into that right now as it's too long of an explanation and seems no one will believe the truth about me!!!! Again I thank you.. And I'm not trying to be Another person that I am not!!!

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