Double Dragon III (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

Double Dragon III (NES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

♫ He’s gonna take you back to the past! ♫ ♫ To play the shitty games that suck ass! ♫ ♫ He’d rather have, ♫ ♫ a buffalo, ♫ ♫ Take a diarrhea dump in his ear! ♫ ♫ He’d rather eat, ♫ ♫ the rotten asshole, ♫ ♫ of a roadkill skull AND down it with beeeeeerrrr! ♫ ♫ He’s the Angriest Gamer you’ve ever heard! ♫ ♫ He’s the Angry Nintendo Nerd! ♫ ♫ He’s the Angry Nintendo Neeeeerrrrrd! ♫ [♫ Double Dragon / Title Screen ♫] Ooohh, I know what you’re thinkin’: “How dare you pick on Double Dragon?!” But I’m not; Double Dragon’s awesome! And so is “Double Dragon II: The Revenge”. But “Double Dragon III: “The Sacred Stones” is just a fuckin’ waste. First of all: those talking parts really slow the game down. I mean, why not just shut the fuck up and let me fight? Now, the big problem I have with this game, is just that it’s too damn hard. All you get is one life. ONE life. If ya die once, you start all over, again. Now I can get through the first two Double Dragons without dying a single time, until maybe the last levels. But this one, I can’t even get through the first level. Everybody gangs up on you and they just drain your Energy. And yes, even your Energy bar goes down faster than in the previous games. I guess they were tryna to make this one realistic. Like, if in real life, if you went out onto the streets to fight this many people at the same time, you’d get your ass handed to ya. And when ya die once, that’s it. You’re brown bread; you’re not comin’ back. You can’t fuck around with this game. Never, EVER go in between anybody; try to keep your enemies on one side. And keep using that Spin Kick. [Or “Spinning Cyclone”, as it’s called.] When they’re all over you, it’s your only attack worth using. But sometimes the fuckin’ Kick won’t work! Yes, I swear it’s true. I know how to do the Spin Kick; I can get it to work most any given time. But when I’m desperately tryna get my enemies off me, it just doesn’t happen. I mean, what the fuckin’ shit Is that about? Fuck this game. Your only chance to see beyond the first level is to either be a Double Dragon God, or to use two players. But whatever you do, don’t pick “Game B”. Because that’s where you can hit each other, and that makes it pointless if you wanna get far. Now just like the “1Player Game” it starts off with the story sequence. But this time, it shows both Double Dragons: Billy and Jimmy Lee. Oh, wait… …”Bimmy and Jimmy”? How’d they make a mistake like this?! “Bimmy” isn’t even a real name! How did this happen?! They didn’t even proofread this shitty game before they released it? “BIMMY and Jimmy”?! I’m sorry, I just can’t get over that. “BIMMY and Jimmy”. There’s a typo in a Nintendo game. Let alone a fuckin’ Double Dragon game, and it’s the first screen. Well, anyway, using two players is much easier, but it’s still a hard game. There’s so many enemies on the screen, and… sometimes it just gets ridiculous. And all the characters start to blink, making it hard to see what you’re doing. And obviously, this is an old video game flaw, and it’s common when there’s so much shit on the screen. So even though you never get another life, the game designers at least had the courtesy to refill your Energy, after you beat a level. And along the way you, meet other characters that you can play as. So when you die, you can still use this other character. So it’s kinda like finally having another life, except that… he sucks. This man in a business suit, who does belly flops, he’s completely useless. He’s so slow. I have no chance against this ninja. Fuck! What a piece of FUCKIN’ goddamn shit. Fuck!

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  1. I remember in my younger years, I think I was seven or eight when were playing this game. It's super hard. But we got used to how hard it was and we were able to finish it even in 1 player. Once you play this game a lot of times, you'll get used to it and finally it'd be easy for you to finish it.

  2. Did anyone else ever get that glitch where if Noiram(Marion) would do that push move it would send your character completely off the screen? I always hated that shit.

  3. Enserio qué mierda hace este juegazo aquí lo ._mil veces mejor qué el primer y Segundo double dragón lo tenía y me lo parti me decepcionas si no te lo pasaste ._que matao ni qué fuera el kung fu ése si es difícil no este .

  4. I don't care for AVGN's opinion on double dragon 3. This game was one of my all time favorites for the NES. I beat it a few times. Bimmy and Jimmy kicked ass! As well as Chin and Ranzou! Not to mention it has one of the best 8-bit soundtracks in the whole NES library!

  5. When they run at you just go up or down ! so they can't jumpkick on you, the stop running and don't jump , just go up or down. that's the secret

  6. And in the ending Ranzou was going back to Japan to be a Ninja. Wasn't a freaking ninja already? Then he would be called Emperor….LOL It must be a his new nickname. "My name is Ranzou but some call me Emperor"

  7. Metalicamemo.92 Memo

    Nice game but that man in the blue is very strong vs gangs but you muust using the punch yes slowly but strong try it you will know that

  8. I guess I am a double dragon god, I actually did finish this game, despite only having one life, but I never finished ghost's n goblins for the nes when I had one. James said he never finished Ninja Gaiden (I also finished that) for the nes, but DID finish ghosts n goblins? In his review he gets to the second playthrough, but I didn't.

  9. Decir que es casi imposible pasarse el primer nivel salvo que seas un dios de Double Dragon es una exageración. El primer nivel es facilísimo, y el segundo también es bastante asequible. En realidad se empieza a complicar en el tercero con los ninjas. El truco está en no quedarse en línea con los enemigos. Hay que subir y bajar la pantalla para obligarles a ellos a que se pongan a tu altura y entonces golpearlos.

  10. Double dragon 3 is a shit …..why have we just one only fucking life…..producers broke thier spectacular art s effort by this stupid mistake.

  11. This games pure fucking garbage.
    It's obviously a joke by the programmers because the arcade version is a pile of shit with its pay to win and its 1 frame a minute framerate and the garbage AI.
    So then when the programmers o the NES version saw it, they set out to make a game even more flawed and fucked up than the arcade version. Its not even really hard either, its just bullshit. You literally just spam the fucking spin kick all day and night for the majority of the game. Might as well use turbo and tape those fucking buttons down.

  12. The Misunderstood Assassin

    If your theory about wanting to make Double Dragon III more realistic is true, then that one of the worst decisions they made.

  13. I think classic franchises make for classic eps. Much like Castlevania, Double Dragon is a series that many people feel nostalgic for and these reviews just send us back to the past so well. While it's funny to watch the Nerd's frustation (and this one especially), the nostalgia trip is the real reason I keep coming back.

  14. 1:00. 2nd…what the FUCK is with that stupid Stance of billy? It's like the game character creator for him couldn't decide if he wanted him to be in a side or front stance ( facepalm).

    3:50…that man in the business suite is the strongest fighter in the game. Those kung fu claw strikes are devastating to ANYTHING..( except the mummies near the very end..ya have the do that jump – in – place double kick against them, then if you're quick can claw strike the egyptian bitch and kill her in less than 10 knock downs from the claw strikes.

  15. Double dragon II was an easy game than 1 and 3 (on 3rd series its hard to use the spinning kick). The double dragon 3 you can have 2 extra character. They have an item that can equip even Bimmy(Billy) and Jimmy. nunchak.

  16. Sridharan Srivathsan

    Lol was playing this game a few days ago using nestopia. Its not that hard. My favorite mode of play is 2 play B while i let jimmy die and fight everyone myself. Chin is the best guy to fight with coz he has the most life, damage and best weapon. He has slow movement speed but its not needed as long as you can hit them

  17. The flickering isn’t really a flaw, but a tactic most developers used to bypass the technical limitations of the NES. The nes can only display I think 8 sprites at once. So if a 9th sprite needs to be on screen, they will flicker. For example, sprite 8 will turn on, and sprite 9 will turn off. Then right after 8 turns off and 9 turns on, so that there are never more than 8 sprites at a time.

  18. Jon Emiliano Altamirano

    I thought this was a new video, but then I realised they're adding new thumbnails to all the old videos. Not that I'm complaining.

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