Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze

Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr Disrespect, here with the three-time NBA champion, Klay Thompson. And we want you to come play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with us. That’s right. To support the Call of Duty Endowment, we’ve joined forces with Omaze to fly you and a friend out to hang out with us to play some Call of Duty on my stream. We can team up, go head-to-head, basically whatever you want. But first things first, if you’re gonna play with us, you’ve gotta have a great online name like Dr Disrespect. And if your current one sucks, don’t worry, I can fix that. Check it out. I actually came up with some names for Klay. I mean, I told you not to do that but… Too late. Let’s begin. AKlay-47. No. Klayzervision. Pass. What about Klay’s Anatomy? Double pass. I’ll mark that as a maybe. How about the Termiklaytor? No. Termiklaytor 2: Judgment Klay. No. Termiklaytor: Dark Klayt. No, man. Nothing with Terminator. Okay, here’s a classic, like mine: Nurse Practitioner Inconsiderate. Why not Dr. Inconsiderate? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had a PhD. Oh, you have a PhD? We’re not talking about me. National Lampoon’s European Vaklaytion. Yeah. Really? No. Well, no need to decide on it yet. In the meantime, you go to omaze.com/cod and enter for the chance to join us to play some Call of Duty. And the best part of all is that every donation supports the Call of Duty Endowment. They’re an incredible nonprofit committed to helping veterans get back to work. Go to omaze.com/cod and donate right now. And we’ll see you soon. Okay, so… Yesterklay by The Beatles. Klayby, It’s Cold Outside? Too seasonal, or… Okay, I’ll keep thinking!

100 thoughts on “Dr Disrespect Comes Up with Online Nicknames for Klay Thompson // Omaze”

  1. If you laugh you sub!

    Treyarch stole my purchased items in black ops 4 and are now listed back in the black market as if I haven’t bought them!

  2. Glad you listened to the paying public about removing zombie trophies from the list as the majority of us don't play it, thus stops us platinuming the game, this is a first one ever on this franchise.

  3. Мрази вы конченные! Вам лишь бы кого то обосрать! Никогда не был Русский человек, таким, как вы показываете и никогда таким не будет! Во веки будет стоять и крепиться РУССКАЯ ЗЕМЛЯ!! А вас кто-нибудь но когда-то покарает, будь то Русский человек или Господь Бог! Смерти вам выблядки американские!!

  4. PirateBayFats Loyal

    I be trying to figure how all you normal youtuber become so big like that’s crazy half your content don’t make sense

  5. FIXED YOUR GAME!!! this game is trash!!! at this point the games been out for almost a week and I haven’t even got to try it out! 12gb update is useless!

  6. es jugado mucho todo los call of duty pero este call of duty modern warfare es el más intenso es más táctico hay que ser más análistico para ir de un lado hay otro por lo mapa es más intenso y táctico en todo sentido por eso para mi es el mejor call of duty de la historia que es jugado

  7. os odio ,,,me dais asco hijos de la gram puta,,,,,,juego de mierda ,,otro año mas hijos de la gran puta ,,,,que se hunda activision ,,en lo mas asqueroso ,,hijos de puta

  8. Are you losing players already that you need to post this video. This could be a great game but so many bugs. 2 years to work on this and there are bugs on things like challenges and missions. Challenges and missions have been around for a long time. they should be working. I keep losing my mission's and they reset to zerO. The daily challenges are not registering on the board.

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