Duncan Laurence "Arcade" Official Music Video Eurovision REACTION

Duncan Laurence "Arcade" Official Music Video Eurovision REACTION

46 thoughts on “Duncan Laurence "Arcade" Official Music Video Eurovision REACTION”

  1. Try some Greece in next Eurovision reacts.

    Helena Paparizou – My Nunber One (2005 winner)
    Youtube . Com /ghQZojJWxKI

    Greece was a little more (american) pop in this performance, but the song bring some ethnic element from the country.

  2. TerranigmaQuintet

    Want another Dutch talent to wow u? Nightwish – Ghost Love Score live @ Wacken 2013. Front woman is Dutch and she gonna blow your mind 😛

  3. Im sitting here sobbing a bit (so glad you reacted to this!) thinking about how proud his loved one must be up there. I know she knows his amazing journey and to win the biggest music competition in the world? what an amazing gift to give someone for their past life. Truly unspeakable

  4. I love that you choose his video instead his winning performance because everyone is reacting to that performance. You should try his live final performance. The video is about drowning and the light is about hope. And feeling vunerable.

  5. Hey Steven.. great reaction…
    Check this one out, would like to see your reaction on it. You won't be dissapointed
    glennis grace i'll never love again

  6. live is better :')
    The crowd that claps with him, the lighting, the atmosphere, his impression, the emotion.
    You have to see the live version, just a tip from a Dutchman.

  7. Steven, thank you for your nice reaction. Your pronounciation of his name is good. In the Netherlands we are easy with that. If you say a name in your own language, nobody of the Netherlands will bother. Today I heard a origional song of Duncan of 6 years ago. And it was great too. Probably you will also like this song. Please listen and react to his song "Come back home": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViZbBEZ0J-U

  8. Екатерина Тарик

    Amazing reaction 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
    There are a lot of quality songs in the 2019 Eurovision live ..i was gonna suggest (esp. Australia's staging ) but it's probably geo-block ..if you are in the US
    Thanks for reacting
    And the Ukrainian MARUV who withdrawed (politics)😥 I do think you'll like it
    I know you would😅

  9. Once a decade a good falsetto finds a vehicle that propels him into the stratosphere. Congrats to Duncan Lawrence.

  10. If you think the official video is good, check out his performance at the grand final of the eurovision song contest! Blows you away, and obviously did a big part of the european audience last week 😘


    I am Dutch but I really want you to check out Michela (Malta) with ‘Chameleon’. I also loved that one.

  12. He wrote the song for a friend that died in the hospital after having been there for a long time. She always kept hoping that her ex-boyfriend would visit her, but he never did. She passed on, still waiting.

  13. I'm just glad that finally a song that was about the music won, rather than a song that was about how much of a freak-show you can put on stage.

  14. For your information the song already reached double platinum in The Netherlands. And last Monday Spotify announced that Arcade broke records : never before one song has been streamed so many times in a periode of 24 hours, more than 1 million times in one day . Respect!

  15. When people first never talk about the Netherlands *the Netherlands win finally something and now people dont stop talking about the Netherlands😂😂😂 ik ben btw nederlands😂✌

  16. This song is so popular in the Netherlands! It is played on the radio so much and I just love it! Of course I think it is amazing because it took the Netherlands 44years to win again🎉

  17. I’m a subscriber for a while now. I subscribed because of your Pentatonix reactions. But I’m also Dutch, so I loved this reaction too 😄 we are so proud! Duncan is amazing

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