Dungeon Hunter 2 – iPhone/iPod touch – Trailer

Dungeon Hunter 2 – iPhone/iPod touch – Trailer

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  1. @youdarkraver I will forward your suggestion to our developers and they'll take them it into consideration 🙂 Have a nice day!

  2. @carlisio123 I've forwarded your message to our team. When I will have more information, I will get back to you :).
    All the best!

  3. Add me to play DH2 Mr_C4 also @gameloft how do you play multiplayer for DH2? Do you have to add people on gameloft live?

  4. @carlisio123 XD the itouch 3g 8gb is essentially a 2nd gen..it doesn't have the upgrades that 3rd gen 16/64 gig and up have.

  5. i need help plzz i had 3 lvl 100s warrior rouge and a mage but i left i left my IPOD at my friends house and he deleted them all is there any way i could get them restored plzzzzzzzzzzz help

  6. @chee006 ya but i was mad for a few days but dont u have to pay for 3rd char idk i forgot but if u do he owes me some money god damn it i had to start over

  7. @crusaderzshahmi Hello crusaderzshahmi,

    We are sorry for your problem:(.

    You can contact our support team at the following email address [email protected] The error appeared because the phone is not compatible with the game or vice versa.
    Try having a great day though!:)

  8. @Reb10101

    We're sorry your experience this kind of problems, but if you could, please e-mail us at [email protected] with more information in regards of your situation and we'll do the best we can to help you.

    Have a nice day!

  9. This is the best game ever!! especially when u start a new game with diffrent difficulty, u still could keep ur items and level!!

    make more games like this please

  10. great game. I enjoyed it very much, but there is one major bug which needs polishing (at least in your future games gameloft – its invisible wall detection! It's just terrible). But anyways – best action rpg on android 🙂

  11. I have this game, havn't tried out alot of features such as multiplayer but i can guarantee you that you will love this game, it is really addicting , nice graphics and a really good gameplay!
    5/5 !

  12. This game is awesome and it's only 99 cents at the moment. Despite being inferior in graphics and complexity, this game's entertainment value is better than many major platform games, and it's a very enjoyable game for gamers who are Diablo fans. It'll be a good game to keep you occupied while you hope D3 will be released for purchase.

  13. Hey I have purchased Dungeon Hunter 2 on my Iphone 4 a while back but I dropped my phone in salt water making it not function. If i redownload this app on my new Iphone 4s, will I have to start again? What if I sign into Gameloft Live?

  14. heywww.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2647748949974.2147516.1143186195&type=1&l=13922d4750 PIC SNAPS CLOSE TO THE FINAL BATTLE WITH THE VOID

  15. hey guys i just downloaded this game to my nokia 700 but when i start in confirming a character/job it goes back again to the menu of the game.. i cant start the game.. please help me…

  16. @gameloft i did it.. but still didnt works..i bought it from nokia's Ovi store.. please help me.. same as in the Eternal Legacy game, it also not working… 🙁

  17. Great Game I've already completed two of the choices Warrior (Berserker) and Mage (Shadowmancer) although I'm having a hard time equipping Abjudicator hand with the Shadowmancer, can you help Me? What do I "pair" with it? Say rings, boots, belts, gloves, cowl etc. Be happy to hear from you.

  18. hy gameloft!!i played dungeon hunter alliance on ps3 and honestly"it was awesome"!!!many of my friends downloaded it from psn and all of them found this game brilliant…in fact this has been one of most appreciated game on psn…so one question many ps3 owners would like to seek to gameloft is…are u planning to make a conversion of the 2nd and the 3rd one on psn as u did for alliance??hope someone will reply to me…regards from italy Andrea

  19. its a trailer that was release by the developer, gameloft, which has an emulation software on their pc on which they can test their games and record videos

  20. They are not planning to do that right now but a ps vita port of the upcoming dungeon hunter 4 might be possible

  21. Ive played all these dungeon hunter game including the psvita version but great games gameloft ….you guys made great mmo s yall should make another dungeon hunter for the psvita

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