Ekko: Seconds | New Champion Teaser – League of Legends

Ekko: Seconds | New Champion Teaser – League of Legends

People waste a lot of time. Then, they wish for more. They want more hours in their days.
More days in their years. More years in their lives.
Because if they had all that extra time… They could fix any mistake. I don’t need hours, or days, or years… …I only need seconds. Here’s the thing about time: If you can’t make the most out of any given moment, Then you don’t deserve a single extra second.

100 thoughts on “Ekko: Seconds | New Champion Teaser – League of Legends”

  1. I play League of Legends because of this video's inspiration. So i hope you can make more wonderful things like this (y)

  2. abdur-rashied kriel

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  3. i started playing lol by the time ekko was releas and the game honestly was one of the best games i have played at this time but now its just a garbage game , the game didnt die , the poeple who are making this game are garbage

  4. Yo can some1 tell me a "Why did Ekko go back in time" joke. Could be controversial, idc just trying to remember a joke I told my friend.

  5. I keep watching this video from time to time just to re-experience the chills it brought. I legit head banged to the music

  6. Morgana, the Fallen

    When are they going to make a group champion cinematic again? Like the first one and the one with Nautilius and Leona and Graves. They were amazing. I want to see Morgana and Kayle in a cinematic, revamped.

  7. Really good cinematics scene there… when League still fun and unique
    For Akali, Aatrox,… other failure reworked champion and the most enjoyable game ever 🙁

  8. When you flash under turret to finish that 2 hp adc,but it turns into full hp neeko:2:07
    My reaction:0:56

  9. Back here cuz Riot's new series relate to Jinx and Vi may be Ekko too but just to make sure and the graffiti on the wall is did look like it really relate to it.

  10. I seen lucian's lost wife coming back as a league champ,now i wait for a story about that boy from the graffiti.
    I hope I'm gonna find out what happened in the animated series with him.
    Looks like the best friend of ekko from the rough hood

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