ELITE Sterzo Indoor Cycling Steering Device: Lama Lab Tested // Zwift MTB Course

ELITE Sterzo Indoor Cycling Steering Device: Lama Lab Tested // Zwift MTB Course

The Elite Sterzo steering device has been popping up at trade shows and bike events recently and Elite tell me will soon be available for consumers to purchase. Now the Sterzo all which I have a demo unit of here is lightyears ahead of my kind of embarrassing homemade device that I Put together when Zwift first released steering on their mountain bike course. This one is just a simple pivot plate a bit of hard cardboard there and This is pretty embarrassing. So I’ll put that away and we’ll focus on a real product. That should do a much better job So the Sterzo features a return to Center mechanical Movement. So it wants to return to center just like a bike riding out on the road It wants to go straight and progressive resistance. So it’s harder up here than it is down around here And again, it’s harder to turn a bike further than it is To turn it not so far. I’m the spec sheet It does say there’s 34 degrees of movement this way and this way, but we probably won’t be using even half of that indoors testing this out. It’s only a slight bit of movement that we need for that gamification of steering. The Sterzo is also angled to match your head tube angled and your fork rake So your bike won’t creep forward. If you put a bike on a flat plate it’ll sort of creep forward as things steer so this has a little bit of angle to it to make things nice and steady when steering.
Now this unit is a mechanical only version so it will need to be paired with a smartphone with Accelerometers on something like Zwift to allow that steering to take place in game. This is only for the movement. A few months back over at Elite HQ in Italy I did have the chance to have a look at a Sterzo in action, but there’s nothing like getting one in Llama Lab and on my bike. So today that’s what it’s all about Let’s get to it Okay, here we are just about to enter the mountain bike steering course Just off Titans Grove press sideways to that and We’ll soon be getting our steer on Nice little warm-up out here three point five kilometers of undulation and here we go Just here to the right We have the mountain bikes racked up We don’t have to change bikes it will automatically assign us a mountain bike as we roll here into the steering park There we go If I want to test it, absolutely, that’s why we’re here. Let’s go. Okay Center your bars. They are centered Done alright, five, four, three, two, one. And it’s on. I mean very subtle but It’s all we need to steer. This works really well. This works a lot better than my lazy susan and that return to center Is the key. That’s what I didn’t have on mine. oh, that’s yeah okay, sensitivity wise we could play with it probably a little, but that’s It’s only subtle movements but for the game that’s all I need. Yeah, come on where’s my good line reward? Yeah, here it is Alright That was ok line was it. I forget to change gears I’m having too much fun steering. Oh No! That would have been a virtual wipeout I’m sure, or a real wipeout in a virtual world. Now the camera angle does change on this to more of an overhead View so you can pick what’s coming. Oh that is That is working perfectly now Over the rocks here slow down again. There we go. Nice line. Thank you So just the subtlety of the camera angle change when things get technical is really welcome 136 watts okay, let’s just Not go too hard today The end gets really hard on this And we’ll save some for later on Okay Good that’s That’s the experience. I think we’re looking for when they first put this in game That front end freedom and the accuracy. Now, that’s an iPhone 10 Doesn’t appear to have too much drift Or any at the moment. We’ll see how it goes near the end, but that’s That’s allowing you to be really precise I’m going to say the level of concentration on this course is so much more than anything else on Zwift Just that subtle turn works, oh and the resistance I’ll try and breathe quietly. All right On to the more hillier sections We find when I’m really putting the power down and see if the steering gets any twitchier. that was fine That sensitivity Is spot-on I think Because on a bike you’re not steering a bike outdoors, you’re also leaning the bike So the subtle steering works Working for a workout too. It’s putting me to the sword. All right Are we there yet? ha So the steering block under the front wheel I’m not even looking at at the moment even know how much it’s moving Here we go. Technical Yeah nailed it There we go Because my concentration is just up the road Cameras up higher again That’s really cool that works so well So just the log there we go goes to the line, yeah Loving it, I Think we’re coming up to a four and a half or five years on Zwift And I’ve done this before but when you add something new…look at that! railed it! When you add something new to it like that I’m like a kid in a candy store. I can say that about most things Lots of new stuff out for bikes that I really enjoyed riding Ok No drift on the phone That’s locking me in straight and going straight Happy days Quick turn sweet. Back there dude, back there. Is it drifting now? NO. Sweating buckets here with the fans on low. I Might have to do another lap after this with the camera off the fans up so I could enjoy it a bit more I do for the fans on lower so you can Hear me talk. if I can talk On to the ash at night Grab some the tail Oh One-handed steering haha It’s busy busy, well it’s concentration 15% No worries Wow Okay, pumping on the pedals nothing’s drifting the steering I can slightly twitch the wheel you get that turn Almost got the full moon power up come on There’s no easy ride at 100% trainer it really isn’t Haha, that’s cool I’ve had a few different experiences with a steering module the The first one was good the second one where I use an old iPhone 6 Not so good This takes the cake No question That return to Center is the key It’s meant to be a test course for fun I’m sweating buckets Get out of the saddle It’s not throwing that off at all. except my gearing 12% urgh. Can hear crickets Okay, so the towel my top corner whoa Oh turn All right, almost there Wow, I’m being slaughtered it start off as a bit of fun I Can see the birds in 4k now We’ve this updated system alright So fast down hills Let’s see how gnarly they get If gnarly is still a word Showing my age, here we go. Twist twist twist outside bad line hook it Yeah Done Okay, so my quick overview there after you saw me right through and have a tonne of fun that is the best steering experience I’ve had with Anything I’ve used under the front wheel. This is a for purpose device So, of course it’s going to work a lot better than our hack together a little Tool that I’ve made in the past from things from the homewares section but That’s good to go. So there we are the Elite Sterzo steer-so. A steering block in action They should be out soon the mechanical ones What I want to see is all the digital stuff built into that so we don’t have to have this phone Anyway, it’s a five-star rating from me five star five thumbs. Let’s go And do it again. Oh, hi. Thanks for watching this one Remember to hit subscribe to be alerted of new videos coming up on this channel and hit thumbs up Like I just did then on that experience. I’ll see you soon

72 thoughts on “ELITE Sterzo Indoor Cycling Steering Device: Lama Lab Tested // Zwift MTB Course”

  1. I had built one of these using lazy susan from the HW store – but lost interest in the MTB route on Zwift – Now I'm on a Kickr Bike, so will have to wait for Wahoo to integrate steering into that before I can Get My Steer On… 🙂 EDIT TO ADD: I really like that the pivot point is behind the contact patch – in line with the steering axis. Big improvement over my home made bodge… EDIT TWO: They totally missed the boat on the name. Should have been SWERVO! =)

  2. Daren Chandisingh

    I wonder if the frontal pivot will prevent trainer walk in all cases. I have a "Lazy Susan" style turntable that's on a 20-30 degree angle or so. It does the trick and also acts as a self-centre mechanism. This Sterzo is £ 34 in the UK so while it's not a bank breaker, it's not cheap as chips either. Zwift (or other platforms) would need to make more of steering to make it worth the investment for me.

  3. Thanks Shane, I watched your videos on making a homemade one but never actually got round to doing it myself. This looks really good, keep the great videos coming mate 👍

  4. Once that is in the entirety of Zwift then I would buy one and actually use Zwift again. I was a beta tester of Zwift back in the day (and tried it again about a year ago) but it just isn't for me. I preferred just hitting numbers on Training Peaks.

    But steering would really improve the Zwift experience for me. I'd be down with that for sure.

  5. This is really neat. Thanks for the review. Would it be possible to check with ELITE on whether they have any plans to make one that which would support strapping the wheel into the center pivot? Something like the mechanism that is used on the Saris M1 would be great. I often jump the wheel around when pulling on the bars in a sprint, and it worries me that it might pop out and create a safety issue. Thanks.

  6. Alan Taylor Farnes

    For the life of me I can't understand wanting to steer on Zwift. They know that when riding a bike IRL turning the handlebars is a very small part of steering, right? I guess with mountain bike then steering comes more into play but still only a small part. If we're just talking about gamification to keep us entertained but having nothing to do with IRL riding then I can see it but this has no real life application. I prefer to get things for my trainer that makes the indoor experience MORE like real life–like the kickr climb.

  7. I made mine using a car cam belt tensing bearing and welded legs on it and fitted a wooden platform on top. Luckily it even self centres as well. I have used it all the time since I made it.

  8. Looks interesting. Had noticed it in a few of your videos previously. Can I ask how wide it is at its widest point?

  9. I would like to see ELITE Sterzo in conjunction with the Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform, if only there was a way to segure the front wheel

  10. Thanks Shane.
    I tried the Sterzo at the TDU and I knew instantly it was a winner. I made a comment re this on your rocker plate video so you’ve delivered on cue!!
    It’ll be on my Neo setup ASAP!

  11. Einar Almaas-Edvardsen

    Will this work for us that is actually using our trail/enduro bikes in the winter on swift for training with that 2.4 – 2.6 knobbie up front ? seems like there is not much room for bigger tires ?

  12. Tacx already have the ANT+ version in both the Neo version and the Genius version. I'm not sure if they still manufacture it or if Zwift will even support it in the future? https://www.amazon.com/Tacx-T-2430-Neo-Track/dp/B014FQX0H4

  13. Sweet! need to make one that can accept a MTB tire! I use my hardtail with a 27.5×3.0 tire up front! pretty sure that won't fit on this haha

  14. Hey, Shane didn't you get a new PC – you said you would go over your specs and Zwift config file settings but I can't find the video? This video looks great. What's your Zwift Config file look like? Did you change anything? I think I have the same video card you mentioned but my graphics look nothing like that!

  15. Don’t sell yourself short – I love the homemade stuff!(granted I still have my front tire on a phone book)

  16. Did you say "game"Shane tut tut. I suppose it is but I'm sticking to interactive training aid. Elite will.make a pile of cash on this.

  17. It would be cool to see them add vertical accelerometer support to allow those with suspension to ride in a more mtb way using their weight rather than constant pedaling. It's a cool feature for road right now but I'd love to see them really develop the mountain bike aspects

  18. Hi Shane, is it only iPhone 10 & newer that has accelerometer? Can find it on my 8. Would be great if elite or someone made a digital version 👍

  19. Too bad I live in a crappy apartment that makes us pay for their built in wifi that zwift companion doesn't work with. Any workarounds Shane? You're a tech man.

  20. Mountainbike course on road bike gears. Making that climb out it hard before you start. I really hope Zwift incorporates this on the road side so you can choose that you have to steer to make corners and maintain draft. If they could limited the width of the lane you can ride in and made it that you slowed down maybe 10-20% compared to your real effort at the very edges to penalise bad steering. If you steered well you'd be no worse off than riders without steering who would continue with the current system but with much more to keep your mind occupied indoors. Like mentioned below you don't steer much on road but then if the sensors you are using are sensitive enough then you wouldnt need to in Zwift either which is where a steering device with internal sensors would excell.

  21. Steering aside, does adding some movement to the front end make the indoor cycling experience more forgiving? I'm thinking a small scale version of the relief provided by the Saris MP1. Cheers.

  22. You say that the sterzo replicates the same feeling as riding so your bikes wants to return to center and it gets harder to turn the more you turn……..uhhhhh what bike do you ride that does any of those things? The bike only returns to center for a few degrees. After that you fall if you let go. And it is certainly not harder to turn the more you turn

  23. Just put a sensor in it, that connects to pc for direct, lag-free steering. How difficult could this be? Steering through cellphone gyro device is not accurate and the input lag makes it just annoying.

  24. I just don't want to do that in Zwift. I don't want my phone mounted on the bike either.
    The steering device would be good for Veloton perhaps.

  25. I used and slightly modified your original design and have been pleased with its performance. I am now considering how to add the wheel centering feature because of the improvement your report it offers. Thank you.

  26. While I appreciate the need for innovation – minus the corporate money grab – I will always celebrate the ingenious home-made designs for a problem that until recently didn't exist.

  27. Good idea, but a bit of a waste of money if you can only use it on one short course. Hopefully Zwift has more steerable courses in the pipeline.

  28. I went outside for a ride on my bike. Steering feeling perfect! The graphics need a bit of updating though…

  29. Jan Hendrik Burdinski

    Does the Zwift Companion App support route navigation using tilt instead of turn keys? In other words would I be able to use it in plain old zwift when approaching a junction?

  30. Hi Shane, been following you and watching your vids since the Beta Zwift days and you've made another cracking video. What are your thoughts or experience on using a quad lock with the fork connected into the kicker climb, does the steering MTB route still work the climb?

  31. Does gradient changed depending on the line you take on each coner? (inside line should have higher gradient than outside)

  32. Heere’s Maxi Davies

    Hi Shane love stuff u r doing…I just like 2know if u r or have done anything with Bkool turbo trainers? If not any chance u might do something in the future…Keep up the great work 👍👍👍Ride on👍👍👍

  33. I'm old school … if the 'home made' does what it needs to do then I pat myself on the back ….. cos no-one else will!

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