[ENG Sub] 雲南探險之旅 EP05 碰上想敲詐的司機 品嚐回族美食「Men’s Game玩物誌」

[ENG Sub] 雲南探險之旅 EP05 碰上想敲詐的司機 品嚐回族美食「Men’s Game玩物誌」

they said hiking is like a challenge in your life as it can train your determination but to me, they are not so related to each other you only encounter body ache and soreness thin air however you will be enlightened by the achievement the real challenge in life is not only that you have physical hardship but also mentally hence this is incomparable this part is just so dangerous (a single slip can cost your life here) this is so scary here we are oh my god, it is so steep never ever look downwards this is too scary who arranged this trip he has acrophobia finally we arrive safely good job everyone, this is so memorable so tasty (satisfying meal to comfort their soul after the thrilling trip) we have oranges as gift thank you very much what are both of them doing in the car looks like lovely couple both of you are here are you guys finish with the meal what are you guys doing here we are chit-chatting what you watching are you guys so close to each other that having chit chat in such manner (unspeakable secret) hello everyone right now we are at service area we are heading to BaiShuiTai and let’s see what can we explore over there (BaiShuiTai, the blossoming flower) here is the holy place for Naxi race who has the tradition of worshiping genital part (BaiShuiTai — white mineral deposit in the form of terraced pools, formed by calcium-rich water emanating from springs.Here is the origin of Naxi race who worship this place as their Goddess of reproduction) so right here they have sculpture as a pilgrimage to Goddess genital part no wonder i was having a weird dream last night (hahahaha) i dreamt of some weird thing last night will tell you more later off the video and they have 2 holy water here 1 is drinkable and another is not but later we gonna check it up with the locals because i am not sure which is drinkable actually usually we will just tell people not drinkable (hahahaha) what are you talking about are you trying to fool us around we will check it out there let’s go BaiShuiTai, with no ending terraces they have horses there let me take a ride go ahead let’s move on may i know how old are you now 70 this year (shocked) 90?! no, i am 70 i was wondering how am i supposed to have an elderly guiding horse for me at age of 90 look, it is drinking the water they are all grannies one of them even has a baby on her back not easy to earn a living having arms widely opened this is how we should enjoy a horse ride actually i had a horse ride yesterday as well oh no, yesterday should be donkey ride (i almost….) he is leaping around my backside is cracking so now my backside still a bit painful she is tired let’s have a rest here because she has a baby with her that’s very tiring the horse is tired as well need to hold tight when moving up the slope let’s move slowly are you guys taking horse later to go back no, we will be going back on foot more challenging to ride a horse going down the slope how long have you been doing this 20 over years this is a very tough job while watching this video maybe some people will thinking that although this job looks tough but they should be earning good money actually these are 2 different matters and we should judge in this way think about it, will you still be willing to do such work at the age of 70 most of the people will choose easy job be careful this are geologically made up of limestone as along the way to here we can see limestone in white accumulating at the road side we can probably find hot spring here i assume we should be arriving soon here we are they built a stage here so that visitors can get off easily from the horse come down slowly thank you very much same to you too they will leave her tomorrow the 3 days 2 nights will probably be more challenging (getting tougher and tougher) unfortunately you guys won’t be able to join that will be much better (sigh of relief) she don’t want to join anymore so we had a horse ride just now not us, but only you and now we are at BaiShuiTai which looks very similar to Pamukkale in Turkey however in Pamukkale the spring water is hot but over here the water is cold in Pamukkale people can have hot spring bath down there it looks like a pregnant belly and further looks similar to female genital part hence the people here believe this place is the origin of lives a lot of Naxi local women will visit here and pray for having next generation which seems to be very efficatious since we do not plan to have any other kids hope this won’t have effect on us very soon we will be on the half mark of our total trip hopefully our remaining journey will be as wonderful as we had so far not sure if you all find our trip till now interesting this trip might be slight different from previous ChuanXi trip as there belong to highland area hence most of the views are covered with endless snow mountains over here we are mainly travelling in between valleys hence most of the views are valleys surrounded by mountains we can find rivers here but not for lakes all these are carbonate minerals they are natural and looks gorgeous in the form of terraces this should be carbonates as well right are you gonna try it yeah let’s try not that sweet but still taste sweet you are really great in capturing view in perfect angle i didn’t even came across this view just now i am good in finding poses too what are you talking about there is kid beside you see you, goodbye welcome back where’s your son oh my god, where is he isn’t him together with you guys just now no, he was’t (lost?) (5 mins ago) let’s play a prank to you dad later alright since he let you follow us later i gonna ask him your whereabouts for sure he gonna say isn’t my son together with you then i gonna deny that and say only three of us together you get somewhere to hide yourself isn’t that very funny let’s give him a big shock once Sony come down later we will first stare at him for 30 seconds and ask him where is his son for sure he will think his son is with us then let’s give him a stunned expression and say no (hahahaha) you seem very happy to have your dad being teased but are we really gonna do this this can really be a big shock we know this well as a dad he can’t wait to see his father being teased they are back welcome back where’s your son isn’t he together with you guys no he wasn’t (such awkward acting skill) (that’s fine, we give up, hahaha) they didn’t fall into our tricks how did you know about this plot within 2 seconds he realized everything come out now your dad saw though this already he didn’t fall into our tricks he used to be like this (daddy, i am going to washroom) so he had past records before no wonder his dad is not worried at all can you enlighten me up for this trip alright let me sing you a song give me lyrics then i will sing told him to sing us a song but he doesn’t has lyrics look, he had been keep watching ladies’ Douyin these 2 guys had been hiding in the car to do this maybe is my past life is it the girlfriend in your past life we have great show here you looks like from Xinjiang Urumqi Urumqi?! yes you look like from Xinjiang (hahahaha) pls don’t say that gentlemen and ladies over there have great looking i am Tibetan in fact so where are you from actually should i show you my ID yes pls take it out now what are you doing now Tibetans have the custom of polygamy seriously? you must be kidding me i am telling truth then tonight i will go and check if you have 2 or 3 wives beside you that’s not the case but is truth that they are polygamy in the 60’s that’s in the past do you admire that that’s for sure (hate that i was not born earlier) he has no hesitation to answer this he is really a funny guy (hahahaha) alright everyone that’s all for today and we are heading back to hotel now it will takes us around 2.5 hours by car (driver) let’s start to have a nap no way, you can’t sleep why not for me of course not for you as you are driving or else all of us have to sleep forever then (hahahaha) it is way too cold here what a place is this (place for gods to live) do not visit here if not necessary because it is way too cold at -5 degree are you saying -5 degree i told you before can’t believe that now it is -5 degree (terrifying) too cold (here is the little cutie) (so cute) this is huge pls remain at a distance i am an Alaskan my name is HeiBeiLe pls do not dump anything into my little cottage do not feed me stomach is sensitive it’s not afraid of cold it is so cute how i wish to have a whisky now my nose is freezing and my knees are painful may i sing a song yes that will be great go ahead can you pls provide me lyrics everytime he is asking me for the same thing he is just fooling me -5 degree unbelievable in the room we have floor heating so heat is coming up from below although it might a bit slow but once it warms up the room you will feel very comfortable as it heats up every corner evenly so no such feeling of extreme heat coming from a particular direction personally i prefer this type alright that’s it for today we gonna rest now see you next time pls repeat your gesture just now gorilla is going off now crazy guy goodbye good morning today we are going to FeiLai Temple we will be staying tonight in the hotel beside this temple and there is a observation platform beside for us to have sunrise view the next morning once arrive later we will move on to MingYong Glacier pls share your experience for yesterday yesterday was tiring although not too much walk however i enjoyed those gorgeous views a lot (very previous experience) yesterday i thought we went for rock climbing i think consider an adventure which not much people will try that at earlier stage i thought my knees were fine but once arrived at hotel i found them swollen yesterday was really thrilling while climbing up the stairs i not even dare to have a glimpse downwards my heart was beating so fast yeah my hands were holding to the support so tight those structure actually only having reinforcement bar simply secured to the rocks there is a limit on their allowable loading hence cannot have too many people climbing simultaneously or else it will collapse (that’s quite risky) as it is almost perpendicular to ground climbing up perpendicularly the reason for being so scary when you look downwards was that at certain point you can’t even see the ground below so you feel like dangling in the air (sound very high) i woke up this morning having my ankles so painful did you sprained them no, i didn’t i think was because climbing up and down too much don’t you feel yourself revived after yesterday yea exactly have to make sure your wife doesn’t watch this video yes or else she will kill me his wife had been asking me if this trip will be risky i told her not to worry at all since i was having such enjoyable trip last round but in fact this trip is out of expectation that should be the road to heaven we are done and gonna depart soon (not only for the outcome but also enjoying the process) let’s go hopefully today will be a smooth we are going to glacier and hope that (sun is too strong) not too much of climbing again but since we are already here no matter what we have to overcome it never ever give up have to get some good films back this is very important this will be great welfare to our fans but at the same time will work me out just send Johnny let him take up all those challenges and i focus on nice foods we should try some extreme activities next time for example conquer MaTeHong Peak it was the last peak being conquered in Europe would you like to challenge that yes but after this trip i think i need to do more training before going for that i thought i had enough training and exercise so i should be very fit physically but during this trip i found i am defeated by Jonny (hahahaha) seriously this is the first time i lost to someone in hiking he is really moving very fast yes indeed he was he was so disrespectful to have travel all the way with both hands relaxing in pockets everything was so smooth for him look at him, still not pulling his hand out let’s bet, if you later pull out your hand then you have to pay us CNY 500 (hahahaha) he is only 21 this year this is really the first time i lose to someone else in hiking that’s fine since you are already 45 this year we are even old enough to be his father i walked the mountain twice before pls explain what is “walk mountain” it is similar to the rotating scripture we saw before and for Tibetans they believe they can get blessing from God for trekking one round of their Holy Mountain as there is a God for each mountain with respective zodiac for example if you belong to zodiac of Tiger during the year of Tiger and you went to trek around mountain represented by Tiger you will be able to accumulate 7 times of virtues i can’t remember well is 7 or 12 times (actually is 12 times) so now even virtue has been digitized yes therefore lots of people do so but actually this is not an easy task at all even Kangrinboqê travelled for 52km yes 52km in total normal people will take around 3 days to complete but they took only 2 days and in fact the route is challenging similar to HuTiao Cliff that we been before that’s really challenging similar to yesterday having all small paths by the cliff and without any protection barrier furthermore need to carry along camping equipment each person will carry around 12-15kg of loads yes so that will be much more tedious we swap to another car today as Sony’ wife and kid are leaving here today so it will only 5 of us to continue the remaining journey not bad, there is hand rest here (satisfied) this is great how is it this part is broken can you pls bring me to pharmacy is there any pharmacy here yes, over the front there seems like he doesn’t understand Mandarin well so from now on we can enjoy this comfortable seat for 3 hours do you know SongZhan LiJiang LingKa Hotel (driver trying to persuade them for changing to another hotel) that hotel belongs to my uncle we enjoy having this car today because it is very comfortable but in term of the driver he seems to be a bit slow in reaction when we asked him to brake or stop by roadside he will continue for another 10-20m before stopping very slow in reacting to our requests anyway let’s see how it goes i bought another jacket to keep warm this is much better compare to my previous one as for down jacket especially for hiking purpose there are few different types of materials used for example chicken feather, mixed feather some even having stalk inside the highest grade will be made of geese feather which is best for keeping warm and water proof some time you can even feel the feather exposing out as they are very tiny the tinier the better for warm keeping i just realized the restaurant we went for lunch yesterday belonged to his wife oh really? big herds (so much materials for food) (stay alert) (the butcher is here) (run for your life) (mommy, pls save me) (pls don’t kill me) here we go he did not focus on the road at all just now he was driving in the opposite road juts for the sake of greeting his friend even after vehicles coming in opposite way he still taking own sweet time to react (this is way over casual) this is NaPa Sea (wow) there is a Yak down there (satisfied) let’s move on to next destination go (wow) right now we are at MeiLi Mountain National Park which is one of the World Natural Heritage feeling so good to have sun bath here (so comfortable) i wish to keep enjoying this have you had a good sleep yes very good today we are only pass by here for a short visit as our main destination today is the glacier i gonna eat this this is spicy konjac snack need to restore some energy good Sichuan peppercorn fragrant dried mango this is too sweet so sweet (but still want to finish it) this is BaiMa Mountain it is covered by snow the peak look gorgeous we had been keep moving uphill and now reaching altitude of 3535m here is the chart to show our journey today non-stop moving uphill (so nice) i like the name of this mountain “BaiMa” white horse great name over there is MeiLi Mountain there is a glacier in between which will be our main destination for today gorgeous (8K view right in front) 10,000 inch screen bigger coverage here with a cup of coffee and laptop then i can do my work here we had an awkward incident just now what happened Johnny told us that the driver looking sleepy he thought this driver doesn’t understand Mandarin and the driver replied in Mandarin that he is not sleepy (everybody stunned) he said he is not sleepy at all he said he was tired and thought wanna have a nap we will get our meal here just tell the driver to have a quick rest these are dried meat what are these they are beef stomach deep fried after dried up good taste this should be bull head can i take a photo with this (full of salute) it is huge look over here what are these these are livers how about this this is lung so this is lung as well how about this this should be lung as well is there any heart yes right there what is this these are dried beef they call it “NiuGanBa” what is the use of these bones for cooking soup this must be the tail of Yak any purpose for this during summer time can be used to chase away flies (hahahaha) so this is for Muslim this is halal sign isn’t it can feel the weather is cold here stir beef stomach (looks very tasty) taste better with spicy or else it won’t be tasty Muslim doesn’t take pork when you are slaughtering or killing something you need to recite scriptures where are you from we are from Taiwan Taiwan yes Taiwan should be very far away yes it is quite far from here finally we got to know the difference between them and Tibetans because they are all Muslim first of all they slaughter beef themselves strictly only themselves and not accepting from Hans race because slaughtering they will recite Muslim scriptures they need to go through Muslim ritual before any slaughter secondly they don’t take pork so you cannot find pork here, only beef available so we had a meal and quick rest here since our driver is tired he has been driving for more than 2 hours for the sake of safety we choose to take a rest here they are serving foods soon let’s go in to have a try let’s start (driver said that he was playing mahjong till 4am the night before) who the driver how you know that he said that himself let’s eat do you want to join us no worry, come and join us you are very important for us today yes correct (our safety is in your hand) (wow, this is delicious) this beef tendon is so nice come and grab this look at this water proof casing it makes sure your phone is well protected this is a good match with the rice soup is good as well delicious which dish you like the most i love this beef stomach how about you beef tendon same as me same for me too both beef tendon and stomach are you Tibetan yes i am so you take pork yes we do (Tibetans don’t take fish) we don’t take fish what’s the reason i heard is related to water burial yes, due to religion culture (suddenly a stranger approaching) i need more white rice what is he doing asking for money (casually give some money to him) (wish you good health and safe) is okay he was mumbling just now is he chanting scriptures yes he was praying for you ohh is it (wishing you safe journey) yes correct so delicious very nice will think of revisit here again especially for the tendon i like it so much we are done, this is a great meal the foods are so delicious so that’s it for today’s lunch we gonna continue our journey again hope that today we introduce some special thing to our fans which is the Muslim culture that rarely we can hear so much information about this religion let’s move on to next destination if you like our video pls subscribe to our Channel and follow us on Facebook, Weibo and Instagram goodbye (highlight of next episode) we are going to visit the glacier now this part of my knee is swollen now lot of fluid accumulated here i worry that i will hold up everyone progress to leave here finally we are back in hotel if you think that’s not enough then i will just pay you for today CNY 1800 how can it be CNY 1800 now since we agreed CNY 900 in the first place this is not the matter of money let me tell you (starting to make story) when you guys going for meal, let me know you originally quoted us CNY 1200 now we want to cancel and you raised to CNY 2000 how can you do business in such way (atmosphere heating up) pls dun interrupt and let me finish my words you agreed with us in the beginning for CNY 1200 how can you twist the word and say i requested two ways now and now asking for CNY 2000 i can’t make a deal at CNY 1200 then let’s call the police here seriously alright let the police come and deal with this if the police later told me to pay you CNY 3000 then i will give you CNY 3000

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  29. Abdulrahman-sharif AbuHamuz

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