Engaged Couple Plays Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

Engaged Couple Plays Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– I am about to demonstrate
how Levi pleases me orally. – [Producer] So, he just hovers like that? – Yes, I just breathe on it. – You do! (laughs) (opera music) – [Producer] Hello! – Hey.
– Hi. – I’m Hailey. – I’m Levi. – [Producer] And how
do you know each other? – We’re engaged. – Yeah, something like that. – [Producer] So, why did you
guys as an engaged couple decide to come on “Fear Pong”? – It was my idea. – Surprised me for my birthday, and I said yes. – [Producer] Happy birthday! – Thank you. – [Producer] Okay, cool,
who wants to start? – Go for it. – Oh, me first? – [Levi] Yeah. (Hailey mumbles) – [Producer] So, how did you guys meet? – We met in college. – Technically, I talked to
her first, first day of class. – Yeah, then, you ghosted me. – For four months. – [Producer] What, why the ghosting? – Yeah, why the ghosting, Levi? – She has a very powerful presence, and I got a little intimidated. – [Producer] Oh, woo! – Yeah. – All right, take one shot of hot sauce for every prior sexual partner you’ve had. – Are you gonna do it? – Well, you’re the only one so. – [Producer] Hailey, did you
know that this was the case? – Yes. – Grew up super conservative Christian so. – I corrupted you. – You totally, yeah. Cheers to my one and only! – Hats off to you! – Hailey, how’s it been
getting along with my family? – Aw! It’s been a great journey. Your family is 100% different from mine so it’s been like a learning process, but it’s been good. – Yeah, there’s not
really been any hiccups except for like they’re
a pretty white family so they had to grow a lot. – Let your fiance apply
your wedding day makeup as he sit behind you
and acts as your hands. – You know, it’s your wedding day so. – I like purple. – I’m so excited for you. – I don’t know if I can say the same. – Okay, don’t look. – Okay, I mean, I don’t
think I really can. – Okay, that’s good. – Do I look like the baddest? – Those lips are gonna kill me. I’m sorry. – Use your engagement ring as the ball for three throws into your opponent’s cup. I’ll do it. – [Producer] Do you have
an engagement ring, Hailey? – I do. – Don’t break it. – [Producer] Levi, does
this make you nervous? – Yeah, it was a lot of money. We’re still okay. – [Producer] Levi, will you
buy her another if it breaks? – I’ll have to. – That’s a great answer. It’s safe. – It is. – [Producer] Nice. – Tell your partner 10 things
that annoy you about them. – Fuck. – I’ll do this one. When you chew with your mouth
open, it drives me insane. When you never fix the
couch cushions back. You can be super indecisive. You have this husband habit of
already putting your clothes right next to the laundry hamper. You claim to not be a picky
eater, but you are picky. Oh, when you stole my sweatpants before you finally got your own. The fact that you wear hats all the time. When you play video games
for however many hours. When you take a phone call
while we’re doing something, and it’s supposed to be five minutes. And then, when you flake last minute. When you flake on things. That’d be my 10. – [Producer] Hailey, what is
your family think of Levi? – I think it depends on who you ask. So, some of my family thought
you know Levi’s the first guy I’ve dated ’cause I’ve
been super secretive about my dating life, but I don’t think they have
an issue with you being white. Do you? – I’m gonna spill your tea. – [Producer] Nice. – Let your fiance wash
your mouth out with soap using a toothbrush and soap. – I’m gonna skip that
one, I’m just gonna drink. – [Producer] Really? – Yeah, I don’t know. That sounds just really bad. – I took a shot of hot sauce. – [Producer] Oh, nice!
– [Levi] Gotta drink! – [Producer] Levi, Hailey was your first sexual partner, right? Hailey, is that the same for you? – Definitely not. – I honestly don’t care. – It was very cute. You were just super shy and super scared, and oh, you did that quick
so I wouldn’t have to answer. – [Producer] Do you think
your family expected to wait until marriage? – Yes. – [Producer] Do they know that
you are no longer a virgin? – Yes, they do. We had a baby scare, and
that’s how my parents found out ’cause I had to call
my mom and talk to her ’cause I was freaking out, and that was a terrible choice on my part. – [Producer] Why is that? – ‘Cause then they knew. – Finally. – Cake tasting time! Let your fiance smear
cake all over your body in preparation for the big day. – You should put your hair down too. – No, ’cause you’ll get cake in my hair. – Do you feel moisturized? – Yes. – A little sprinkle. Right here, sprinkle. – Woo, that’s cold. – [Producer] Do you wanna
put a little piece of cake in his belly button, there ya go! We had the same thought. – Yeah! You wanna give me a kiss? – Yeah.
– No, I’m kidding. I reject. – Cake is just falling off of me. – Show on a piece of
fruit how your partner can improve their oral sex skills. – Yeah. – I’m actually gonna drink on this one. – [Producer] Wait, really, why? – ‘Cause you’re actually really good. – All right. – [Producer] Do you wanna
show us on a cantalope like you know, what his style is? – Do you want me to? – Yes.
– [Hailey] Okay. – Come on, it’s your last dare. – Okay, I’ll do it. – I hope my parents don’t see this. I really hope my parents don’t see this. – Damn, I’m about to do this on YouTube. – Yeah, you are. – Okay. – Come on! Hey, it’s just me. – For now.
– [Levi] For now. – Oh, I guess I’m laying flat so. – Is that accurate? – Here, let me get into the camera ’cause you be looking at me. You be giving me the eyes, you know? – [Producer] The eyes? – Be like… – Fuck! – [Producer] Levi, is that
pretty accurate you think? – Oh yes. – You don’t think I’m
noticing, but I notice what’s going on down there. – Oh my gosh, I can’t
believe you just did that. – [Producer] So, you guys
are like pretty young. Why get married now? For me, it’s like why not? Worst thing that can happen
is it doesn’t work out. Damn. – [Producer] What do you
think the most likely reason is that it wouldn’t work out? – I think my fear would
be there comes a point where we both need to go
different directions, yes, and we have to choose
between staying together or both of us flourishing
in our careers and lives. – Hmm, that’s not what I would’ve said. – What would you say? – You found somebody else. – Wow, okay. – [Producer] Oh! – Happy birthday! – [Producer] Hailey, I’m sorry you lost. How are you feeling? – Happy to lose to the birthday boy. – Aw! – Levi (mumbles) will you marry me? (crew cheers) – [Producer] Are you still engaged after this “Fear Pong” game? – Yes, I am, are you? – Yes. – This was so much fun. Way too much fun. – I would do this again any time. – [Producer] You guys
gonna play “Fear Pong” at your wedding? – Yes.
– Oh yeah. – Actually–
– We have to. – No, we have to now. We have to. I love you. – I love you.

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  1. "The worst thing could happen is it doesn't work out"… that is literally the reason not to get married. Unless that statement is part of the wedding vows instead of the til death part.

  2. This girl has the mind of a teenager. She knows this guy comes from a very religious background and he take his virginity and marriage seriously. And she is clearly like "whatever"/ "why not?" About it not thinking it through. Talking about if it doesnt like we can just get a divorce. When you can tell he has in his mind he doesnt even plan on getting divorce has being from a religious background he probally is thought you try your hardest to make it work no matter what. Something tells me she doesnt think this way and she would be quick to throw some divorce papers in his face on the slightest falling out.

  3. Am i the only one that got an energy that she doesn't appreciate him enough ? Like gurrl he is a virgin and a gentleman that's perfect.

  4. the fact that they were sooooo shit at beer pong itself didnt even bother me cause they just have a wholesome, educated, intelligent, nice energy:)

  5. That was extremely disrespectful to use the ring as a piece of trash and then she said if she left him it would be for another person… she doesn't respect him. that disrespect is funny and cute now, but it won't be later. simp in progress

  6. Their answers as to why to get married young DID NOT make me feel good and they probably should rethink it or take more time dating

  7. So sad – – no way are they going to make it – she had that gripe list locked and loaded and they both already have a breakup scenario. We were married for 35 years – no way can you start out like this. And you DON'T marry the first person you date – that's just madness

  8. Catapillargirl 20

    I needed more answers in the beginning. Like how do you go from thinking someone’s a lot to letting them take your virginity and then asking them to marry you? I wonder if he’s had any other relationships. I wish them the best!

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