Ep. 11: Meetup Game w/ Johnnie Vibes $4K buy-in $5/$5 cash game session w/ Wes Cutshall – Poker Vlog

Ep. 11: Meetup Game w/ Johnnie Vibes $4K buy-in $5/$5 cash game session w/ Wes Cutshall – Poker Vlog

What’s up over people. My name’s Wes and
this is my poker vlog. Yoday we got a special event cuz Johnnie Vibes is in
the house. We’re here at Texas Card House in Houston Texas and we’re going to be
playing a $5/$5 the No Limit cash game session. In this game there’s no cap on
the buy-in and no cap on the straddles, so the game can get pretty fun.
Wish me luck. This is for entertainment only. I am NOT a professional poker
player. I’m not trying to be a poker coach. I’m trying to share the fun and
games I play in. Enjoy the action. Johnnie Vibes had a meet up game at Texas Card
House in Houston, Texas. He played cash with all his friends at
all the different tables. This is also where I run my game, on Saturdays. But we
had a special game on Friday night to coincide with a Johnnie being there. We
had two tables of $5/$5. The house had three tables of $1/$3 and
everyone had a really good time. As I mentioned, the game I host at Texas Card
House is a no cap game which means you can buy in for whatever you want. I
bought into the game for $4,000. Other players bought into the game anywhere
from a thousand to four thousand dollars. And you can straddle whatever you want
$10, $25, $50, $100, your whole stack. It doesn’t matter. This is the beginning of the
session. I open to $20 with no straddle with Ace Five of diamonds and everybody
goes to the flop. And I’ve said before, if you get this many people going to a flop
that means you’re in a good game. But, it also means you probably should be
raising bigger preflop. Which is what I tend to do later in the night. I tend to
start small and then I start going bigger and bigger just to make sure I’m
not discouraging some of the other players to play early on. So I flop an
Ace. I decide to check-call on this spot and I turn the best card in the entire
deck. The Three of diamonds on the turn gives me a flush draw and a double
gutter. This is a strong enough hand that I would normally want to check-raise this
hand. Or if I was in position just raise. But at the beginning of a game I don’t
expect to have any fold equity at all so I decided just to check call. And I river
the King of diamonds for the nut flush. And now the awkward part where I didn’t
check-raise, I don’t have the lead, and I feel like I have to donk the river after
check calling the entire hand. And the guy goes in the tank for a while.
And he just ends up giving it up and we win a pot. I don’t know if he would have
bet if I checked to him, but I hate checking and seeing them check behind.
I’d rather bet and see them fold than never getting any value. Onto this hand I
have Jack Ten of spades. There’s a button straddle. A few limpers. And the under
the gun plus one player is gonna make it $80. Which actually isn’t big enough. He
should be making this a minimum of $100 to $120 and I’d probably go even bigger to
$150. If there’s this many people in the pot you have to adjust your raise sizes
to the type of game you’re in and how those players play. You guys have seen
this game. No one’s folding for $80 and now we’re
going six ways to the flop I have Jack Ten of spades in the cut off. And I’m
gonna flop a flush draw. The players who limped in are clearly gonna check to the
raiser. The raisers gonna think for a while, act like he’s not sure what to do,
we know this trick, and he bets $225. I call $225. The players behind me fold but
it’s on to the under the gun player who seems like he’s thinking about calling.
He does make the call and we go three ways to the turn. $1,200 pot. I hit a Ten,
which isn’t the card I’m looking for, but in reality it does increase my equity.
Rivering a Ten or Jack against something like Ace King is often gonna be the
best hand. But we really just want to hit this flush. The raiser bets $500 and I’m
definitely calling $500. I want to hit a spade on the river and win a big pot. I
don’t even care if under the gun calls. He ends up folding. Now we’re heads up
and looking for a spade. That’s a spade! Oh, Hello! This is the
best-case scenario. We’ve got a player that raised preflop, bet-bet and we’re in
position on the river with a flush. He checks to me and I bet $1,100. He doesn’t
really take that much time, asks how much it is, and calls. I show my hand and he
shows a set of Aces. Wow. What a suck out.
Such a sick beat for Wes’s friend. Here’s my stack after that hand. Check
out my website RaiserClothing.com for poker t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Okay,
here’s a lesson on how to actually play pocket Aces. In this hand there is a $10
button straddle. I’m the small blind and I make it $30 to go. Being first to
act I didn’t really have a reason to make it more than 3x. We didn’t have any
limpers. There was only one straddle. Plus we don’t want to make a huge pot since
we’re gonna be out of position. And we’re gonna c-bet almost every flop. I’m
okay with this sizing. Four of us go to the flop. Maybe we can flop an Ace. The flop
is Four Four Three rainbow. I’m definitely c-betting this flop.
Nothing here scares me. I bet $125. I get quickly called by the under the gun player. And the hijack raises to $300. And this is
where playing an over pair gets a little bit weird because you can’t just
fold even though the guy’s basically saying I have a Four. We’re gonna call
and see what the turn is. We get heads up. The turn is of Three of hearts. This is
kind of a bad card because even if this guy was just getting silly with the
Three, he now has the best hand. He bets $600. He only has a thousand so I’m
either going for his stack or I gotta let this one go. Does he have a Four? What
do you guys think? Does he have a Three? I let it go. Later he said he didn’t have a
Three or a Four. But that he had a really good hand and I
have no idea what that means. I’ve been working on making sure I don’t
just call down every time I have a pair. Maybe that guy got lucky and played
right into it. I’m not sure, but in this hand I have King Queen of hearts. I’m the
$20 under the gun straddle. We have one caller from middle position. The
small blind calls $20. And the big blind folds. I decide to go ahead and bump it
up. I’m gonna make it $120 to go. I probably had the best
hand plus I want to play a bigger pot if I hit something. And I don’t always have to c-bet when I miss. So the middle position
player calls and now the small blind limp back raises to $325. You could have just raised before, buddy! Well, I call. I still
want to see a flop with King Queen suited. I don’t even care if this guy has
what it looks like he has, which is Aces. We can suck out on this guy and win a
big pot. I kind of put it in my head at this point that he has Aces just so I
can be a little bit careful but I’m not just gonna be laying down in case an Ace
comes on the flop. But hey, we have two hearts. I would love to hit a flush in
the spot. And the guy checks to me. So I’m just gonna check behind and try to hit a
heart. That’s a Five of diamonds. The guy now bets $225 into a $700 pot. If he has a
set of Aces this is horrible. If he has anything else that is horrible. That’s
not a heart. Why can I never make a flush? And now he’s tanking. Just bet! Just…thank
you! But in all seriousness, if you have a set of Aces don’t bet $225 into $780.
Mystery hand! I’ve got the mystery hand of the day on the button. And I straddled
$50. The small blind has already folded and the big blind decides to limp in.
We go heads up to the flop. Let’s see if you can tell by the action
what hand I have. The flop is Queen Jack Four rainbow. The big blind checks and I
check. The turn is a Six of spades, which puts a flush draw and now a second
straight draw on board. Now the big blind decides to bet $100. I go into the tank
for a bit and I raise it to $300. So what kind of hand do you think I would do
this with? That’s what you should be thinking about. The big blinds should be
thinking the same thing. He decides to call. $700 pot. go into the river and it’s
the Ace of clubs. That’s a scary card for anyone who had
just a one pair hand. The big blind checks. And now it’s over to me with my mystery hand. What do you think I’m gonna do? Well, I’m definitely gonna think for about 10 seconds. And then I’m gonna bet $300. It’s
actually the same bet that I made on the turn. You definitely don’t see me do this
very often. What kind of hand could that possibly be? The big blind tanks for a
while, he seems uncertain, and he folds. And I show Three Five for Five-high. I lost a few hands that didn’t make it
into the vlog and now I have $6,000 in my stack. And I get Ace Jack suited on the
button with my $25 button straddle. At this time we had converted the game to a
$5/$5/$10 game. But the $10 is a third blind, so I can still straddle my button as long as it’s $20 or more. The guy in the $10 blind makes it $60 to go and I’m
just gonna call with Ace Jack suited. We go a heads up to the flop. I flop an Ace
and two of my suit. Ace Five Four, two spades. And I have Ace Jack of spades. The preflop raiser checks and I’m gonna bet this flop about 1,000 percent of the
time. This is a good flop to bet small whether you have it or not because most
of the time they either have an ace or they fold.
I bet $75 and he decides to call. Nine of spades. We have a flush. Finally our first
flush since we had Jack Ten of spades and sucked out on a set of Aces. And I’m
gonna bet $150 in this spot. He didn’t c-bet the flop. I
don’t know that he has much and I want him to call. The river’s a Six of
diamonds. I’m just glad at this point it didn’t
pair the board. We still have the absolute nuts and now it’s time for that
chunky value bet. I could continue to go small, but I usually like to make it
questionable what the heck I’m doing. And I put my chips together in a formation
that equals $550 and he folds. Everyone leave a
comment below on what amount you would bet on this river. I’m really curious
what you guys think. I’ve gone on a heater and now my stack
is up to $8,500. What do you guys feel about these one gapper hands? I’ve got a
suited one-gapper in late position; Seven Five of diamonds. There’s a button
straddle. A few players fold. The under the gun player calls and the hijack
raises to a hundred. I’m on his immediate left so I’m gonna have position the
entire hand. I say let’s see a flop. I call $100. The under the gun player also
calls. We’re going three ways to a flop with Seven Five of diamonds. In reality
this is a hand that you probably want to 3-bet or fold. But I decide I was just gonna
call, use my position and see what happens. The flop is Jack Six Four with the
Jack Six of diamonds. We have a straight draw and a flush draw. The under the gun
player checks to the raiser and he bets a $150. I should
definitely be raising in this stop but yet again I decided just to call. I don’t
know why. I don’t remember if there was a reason when I played this hand live that
I didn’t raise, but I decided to just call. And the most frustrating thing that
can possibly happen when you have a huge draw happens…
it simply pairs the board. Do you realize there’s only three other Fours, and I had
like 15 outs, and you couldn’t put one of those out there??? But they check to me and
I’m gonna go for it. I bet $400. The under the gun player
folds AND the raiser folds and we take it down with Seven-high! Unfortunately, I
don’t have any footage of me playing poker against Johnnie Vibes. He did make
it around to all the other cash game tables except for mine but it was nice
to see Johnnie Vibes at my local card room. Hope to see you again soon. And
here’s a very blurry picture of my stack at the end of the night. I’ve really got to work on
taking better pictures of this stuff. But anyway, there’s about $8,300
in this photo. I bought in for $4,000, so it’s little over a $4,000 win. Be sure to
check out my vlog next week when I play with this guy wearing bone conducting
headphones! Please like and subscribe and visit RaiserClothing.com.

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    Also, since it's a straddle I do understand wanting to charge potential draws which is why I like to keep pot conservative as turning my hand into a bluff catcher and/or getting value out of hands like 10's/J's that bet into you.

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    Unless you have history with V where you know he will call down light, I think a 1/2-2/3 pot bet would be better.

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  15. I think with the AJ of spades on the river with the nuts.. u could maybe bet small to induce a raise, because 9/10 a chunky polarising bet is nuts or 0 .. and all good players are aware of this these days .. so give him an opportunity to hero at such a good price for extra coin or give him a little bit of rope to hang himself with, change it up a bit 🙂 … also with the aces hand I’d like to check raise the flop or check call.. not much is going to be able to call.. some sticky players will call with some sort of ace or suited king.. less likely they have a pair in that spot as you would have heard about it pre or should have anyways lol .. if we raise and get checked raised (as what happened in the video) it really puts us in a spot and we then we have to check call or fold as we’re not sure where we are. Also by checking the flop it makes our hand look like AK AQ as well and they will take the initiative and try and blow u off the hand. So check raise give u the aggression to get to a possible free river .. or it keeps u in control of the hand. I’m not a fan of the lead calling fold .. if your going to take that line then your going to have to call all the way .. and as it’s a double paired board him having a hand with a 3 or a 4 or less likely and u have blockers .. he can only have A3 A4 of spades and his bet sizing is so large as well on the turn .. I think that’s a jam or we call call if you choosing that option.. Do enjoy your blog A LOT and I’m certainly no expert, I just play aloooot haha but it is always nice to get another perspective or to break down hands and try other things. See how other people play. So certainly no shade here or trying to tell you how u should play. Just maybe a different outlook bud

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