Epic funny memes !!! (Saiman Sees #2)

Epic funny memes !!! (Saiman Sees #2)

Jacksepticeye: Top o’ the morning to you ladies! Saiman: Ouch! Hello, everybody.
Welcome to Saiman Sees. [BHENDI intro starts]
♪ Hoo…BHENDI! BHENDI! ♪ ♪ Hoo…BHENDI! BHENDI! ♪ Thirty thousand members
on this subreddit! OMG! OMFG.
Oh my friend Ganesha. Thank you so much for
the love and support. These are not just members,
these are family members. You are my family, guys. You guys come live at my home.
Screw my parents. You are my family. All of you,
thirty thousand, come live at my home. You are my family, guys! [Bootleg intro by a fan]
♪ Leave your entries in the subreddit ♪ ♪ And I’ll watch submissions
in the next episode of BHENDI ♪ Thank you, SaimReview.
Nice intro for the show, but… This is good, but this is better. When the bully takes your pencil
and doesn’t return it, so you take his seat: That’s it. That’s the meme. 1.4k upvotes. Okay, okay. It’s a joke on reservation,
so it’d be funny. No, no. I actually like these
reservation, SC/ST memes. I find them pretty funny in general.
(Ba Dum Tss!) Okay… A few moments later… Salman Khan: Should I come at you? Playing a game… Now, I say to you!
Meet me outside! – This is a nice edit. “Meet me outside!”
“Meet me at the footpath!” Didn’t know Pewds was
a Salman bhai fan. Oh, my… Killing black buck is justified
because Bhai is a tiger. “You gotta understand zoology.” Eh! No more Bhai memes, okay?
Understood? I hope Salman bhai does more
movies like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. It’s an amazing movie.
His acting in it is also very good. And the kid was very cute in the movie.
She too acted well in the movie. Salman Khan leaves Munni
in Pakistan and then comes back It was an amazing story, right? How long since the movie’s been out?
5-6 years? Yeah, she’s married by now. When people are dying but it feels lit: “Huge problem for smartphone
market in India – CORONAVIRUS – Lit emojis” Okay, guys. I checked.
This is an actual video. “Huge (problem for) smartphone
market in India – CORONAVIRUS” “Lit emojies” – Friends, we all know about Coronavirus
and how fast it is spreading. So it’s impact on the world of technology,
or rather, smartphone… LET’S START Sir, is there a headphone
jack in Coronavirus? Is it made in China,
and assembled in India? Tsk, tsk, tsk Who the heck make videos
on Coronavirus like this? “Where’s Timothy?” “Where’s Timothy?” “Here’s Timothy!” “Timothy face reveal at 100k subs”
“Hahaha okay!” Top 10 anime betrayals… How many times should I say this? Timothy does not like to
come in front of the camera. He does not want to reveal himself. Come here, Timothy.
Lemme give you your stipend. Come. Come here, SaySena. Lemme
give you Timothy face reveal. Come here, Murray.
Lemme tell you another joke. I know “Come here” meme is old,
but it is my favourite meme. Boots has come a long way. I don’t watch Dora but this is still
funny because they look the same. They’ve the same bag as well. I don’t know if I look like the monkey, but okay. Deepika: *has a political opinion*
Bhakts: *Ok Ghoomar* Saiman: What is this Mumbiker Nikhil?
Do you copy Casey Neistat? Also Saiman: Wow, Saiman Says ROASTED! Roasted!
OOF size: Large. Very large. – Daddy!
– Not now, son! – Daddy!
– Not now, son! – Dad!
– Not now, son! Son!
– Now we won’t let Indian remain a normie. You need to change your shit mind,
and India needs to become dank. I saw this meme on Instagram.
Thank you, HUNTERRR, for posting this. Context time! Lakshay Choudhary is a YouTuber.
He’s a really good YouTuber. and I am in touch with him on Instagram,
you know. We chat on Instagram and all, but… recently he did a boo-boo! He gave a few YouTubers copyright
claims, and took their videos down, just because those
YouTubers were criticising him. And he did not claim them himself.
He did this through a company, which is a clear misuse of
the copyright system on YouTube. So, that is why most of the Indian meme
community has been making fun of Lakshay bhaiya. And it is very weird that
Laksay bhaiya got offended because he is the CEO
of dank humour in India. – There are a lot of things on the
internet that you wouldn’t like. You should scroll past them.
Don’t make India a normie. Now we won’t let Indian remain a normie. You need to change your shit mind,
and India needs to become dank. [copyrighted applause] Now we won’t let Indian remain a normie.
(I have a dream…) You need to change your shit mind… Oh my, even I am not this dank. I need to learn something from Laksay bhaiya.
My audience is filled with normies now. What do I call my audience?
Say Sena. Say Sena? What’s Say Sena. Do you know what Laksay bhaiya
calls his audience? DHOOMCHUTTDA SQUAD Why didn’t I think of this? Normies, Saiman, r/SaimanSays
(laughs) Offended?
A NORMIE ANYMORE! Her: I love your accent,
say ‘eraser’ again. Me: RUBBUDD! Ay! Don’t make fun
of Indian a̶c̶c̶e̶n̶t̶. ascent. So what if our
accent is different? If… If you learn English, and you have
an accent different than Indian, it doesn’t mean
you’re intelligent. You’re a vagina’s #1 dick. (President Donald Trump messes up
Swami Vivekananda’s name) You’re a vagina’s #1 dick. Bruh! (x3) Petition to make this the
new icon of this subreddit. Thank you. Thank you, Saymaz.
You made a very nice subreddit icon. I already changed it. Saiman on his channel: Saiman on Tanmay’s channel: Let’s admit it, SaySena.
Admit it. ADMIT IT ADMI TIT Come on, guys.
Admi tit. Yes, I admi tit.
I was very quiet at the Treemathon livestream
on Tanmay Bhat’s channel. That day I was not Saiman,
I was SaiManmohan. – Saiman, say something, no.
You are so quiet. – Saiman, yeah, why are you being very quiet? – I am a big fan of Saiman. – [unintelligible] as given 10,000… – But that is because I am
very introvert in real life. Having a stage fear and being
an introvert are two different things. I like to perform in
front of an audience. That is not a problem for me, but the
problem for me is to socialise with people. So, that’s what happened
on Treemathon livestream. Tanmay Bhat had called his friends,
and I was meeting his friends, for the first time, in front of 10,000
people wathcing it live on YouTube. FanFest, Cringe YouTubers, Good YouTubers. I love this meme format just because of
how awkward I look in this, guys. I mean… But we raised a lot of money. So, if
there was cringe, it was for a good cause. So the cringe cancels out. JEE Mains result announced.
Rope sellers: STONKS! Oh, shit! Guys, this is such a good meme,
but why ‘Le’? Why did you write ‘Le’? Huh? Are you from Ladakh?
Huh? It’s an old thing. We used it
in rage comics 10 years ago. Now there’s no need to write ‘Le’ here. I’ve already cancelled the ‘Nobody’ memes,
now I am cancelling the ‘Le’ ones too. Please don’t write ‘Le’.
(sad French noises) I am sorry, guys.
I have to be strict with you. If not, how India will
become dank? Huh? Why are you staring at my cleavage? Because I love partition. It’s a Gandhiji meme,
so it should be funny. Laugh. A memer has
made a meme. Laugh. Laugh! What’s there
to feel about it? Huh? Don’t remain normie, guys.
Understood? You and me have to be upfront.
Then and only then we all become dank. Le Ashish Chanchlani: Who’d pay
the electricity bill? Your father? His fans: *laugh in NPC* 🙂 😮 [smacks lips in anger] Don’t show me this
ButtonChor’s face. BHENDI… I am so angry right now. (laughs) Wow! This gives a totally different
meaning to digging cauliflowers. Saiman Says – JoJo art style.
Thank you, shashwat-69. Now I am going to show you
why they call me Ben 10. [laughs] Why? Is it because you last 10 seconds? Or…10 inch! Okay.
10 inch. Okay. Putin with his dog. Obama with his dog. Trump with his dog. 🅱️odiji with his dog. I am trying not to make
political jokes on this channel, but guys, this was
a good meme, okay. Ay, it’s not like I joke
only on Modiji, okay. I did one on Pakistan today.
Did I not? I did, right? CarryMinati’s hidden fetish. CarryMinati: I’ll finger your navel.
Guy: Feel it, sir. Feel it. Another guy: No, sir, you
can feel anything… See his face. How happy he is!
Woah! He’s missing the soft hole of my belly button,
and that is why he’s depressed, guys. Come on. National Indian Gaming Association N- [heart thuds] NigaHiga is my favourite YouTube channel. Saiman. Sai-Man. [laughs] Gangadhar is Shaktimaan. Like that, Sai-Man is NOT Saiman, okay. Sai-Man is a totally
different human being. But I don’t know where he is.
Timothy, have you heard about him? I mean, I haven’t heard about Sai-Man
since the past couple weeks. I hope, wherever he is, he is safe. Your girlfriend says she has exactly
what you want for your birthday, but then starts taking off her clothes instead of
giving you the board exam question paper. BHENDI! I hate when this happens!
You know? Huh! Girlfriend…
(cries in single) (impersonates Donald Trump)
“Prime Minister Modi is my best friend.” (impersonates Narendra Modi)
“Prejideynt Donaald Trump is my true friend.” Meanwhile motabhai:
*cries in autotune* Billie Eilish: * visits Gujarat*
Billie: Ahmedabad Guy. ♪ Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad guy ♪ ♪ Will make you play garba guy ♪ ♪ Will show you his dandia guy ♪ Study concludes that bigger
than average PP is a disability, and is associated with low mental capacity. So that means Darsheel Safary
is getting all the girls. ♪ My PP is so big ♪ ♪ My PP reaches the ground ♪ “Became lovers by chatting; met and found
out they already were husband and wife. Digital India. (Digital India song plays) Alright, that’s it. Thank you
for watching this video. And please, go and donate to treesena.org
We are very close to our goal. Good night. Bye.
Shab-ba-Khair. [Outro starts playing]
Kailash Kher. Wish you a happy married life. [outro fades to ominous music]

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