Eurovision 2019 – Duncan Laurence Arcade The Netherlands 🇳🇱 reaction

Eurovision 2019 - Duncan Laurence Arcade The Netherlands 🇳🇱 reaction

hi welcome to my channel it's me Abdi the channel you're watching is Somali community official I'm gonna react a video Netherlands life Duncan Lawrence our cadet grand final Eurovision 2019 Eurovision is annual contest that is held or it's a competition that's normally held for the European countries it started from 2000 up to date so we're gonna react that of Netherland now still forecast and if you need my channel don't forget subscribe and hit the performer notifications I will be reacting the entire revision from all the countries let's go and react the first video from Netherlands [Applause] wow the place looks back but this all no polite mobile lights or yeah what a nice voice please carry me carry me home wow this gets to be taken back to another land cause wants to be Talia to another to another one yes aunty I like that all that he knows this love in you is that version again amazing voice this become you know the competition [Applause] [Applause] great performance [Applause] what that means it was a quite interesting performance the gang was pitting the piano for himself the voice was from his side he was representing Netherlands the entire country that means Eurovision is a kind of competition that people gather from all the countries in Europe in Europe so that they compete and they produce the challenge eight people they have in their in their country that is good you know youth need to be given chance for them to reproduce all that they have they're people who are talented but need assistance so if you know that you can do make sure that you try to represent your country there's a competition in between the country first before they proceed to the Eurovision and that is amazing performance this guy came with something that made all the fans to be happy and cheering

5 thoughts on “Eurovision 2019 – Duncan Laurence Arcade The Netherlands 🇳🇱 reaction”

  1. I Made a #Cover of the #Winner #Eurovision2019 #Song #Arcade of #Duncan #Lourence . You can see it at

    I hope you Like to 😊🌠

  2. Thank you for the nice reaction.
    I have here a list please can you do a reaction on a view of them?
    1.I'll be There….. Ladies of Soul
    2.Count me in…. Ladies of Soul.
    3.Lady Marmelade..Ladies of Soul
    4.Glennis Grace Mariha Carey medley.
    5.Glennis Grace singing man in the mirror MJ
    6.This is Glennis Grace singing walk on Water
    (this is her own song)
    7.Glennis Grace….To much love will kill you


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