EVE PULSE – Visual Updates, Upcoming Changes, CSM & More

EVE PULSE – Visual Updates, Upcoming Changes, CSM & More

Hey Capsuleers, welcome to the Pulse,
your regular catch-up on everything that’s been happening in EVE Online. The Council of Stellar
Management – or the CSM – are here in the Reykjavik
office for their summit. CSM members will be discussing
a multitude of subjects to do with EVE Online even making their own
presentations to the staff. We will have more details to share with you on
the outcome of the summit on the next episode of the Pulse. To talk about the motives behind recent and
upcoming changes to EVE Online, here’s CCP Burger. Hey guys, this is me, CCP Burger talking to you
from the CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s CSM week, super busy, super fun, a lot of fantastic conversations going on,
pretty awesome. Over the last few months, we’ve been upping our game
when it comes to content delivery. We’ve been shipping features and changes to the
game every 2 weeks since October. These range from awesome things like
the Frigate Escape Bay to new Filaments, but it also includes more
eat-your-vegetables type features like Broker Relations and
changes to mineral distribution. We’re doing all these things to give you more reasons
to log in, undock, and do amazing things. Due to recent Fanfest changes,
you can expect to see more of me in the coming weeks and months
to give you more glimpses glimpses into what we’re thinking
about the future of EVE. See you in space. Back in January, we reported that the transition
to the 64-bit client for EVE Online was complete and that we would be
deprecating the 32-bit client. Since the 26th February, users have no longer been
able to launch the 32-bit version of EVE and have had to use the 64-bit version of the game. If you have previously manually
selected the 32-bit client in the launcher, you will be automatically moved back to the
64-bit version of the client, provided your system supports 64-bit. The move to a single 64-bit client will
reduce the development time associated with maintaining two clients,
while allowing further investment into the technical infrastructure of EVE. While the 64-bit client has been
in use by a vast majority of players, if you are experiencing any issues,
please file a bug report. And now, to an undisclosed location
in deep space, it’s CCP Convict. Hi everyone. EVE is beautiful,
and we want to keep it that way, so I’m out here now just checking out
some of the visual updates that we’ve made to the
moons of New Eden. With higher resolution textures,
improved lighting and updated shaders, these changes will add more detail
to these planetary satellites and increase the level of immersion
Capsuleers will experience while out in space. *Sigh* they do look really good. Oh that’s right, last week we introduced
Needlejack Filaments to the game, and since then over 3,500 of them
have been activated as pilots yeet their
fleets all over New Eden. Wait a minute… Well, looks like I’m not going anywhere,
but at least while we wait, we get to have a look at the new
Gila Abyssal Exostorm and Darkfield SKINs which are available in the New Eden Store right now. In addition to that,
the Forces of the Abyss SKIN bundle is also available for your Gila. As well as these two new SKINs,
the bundle also includes the Abyssal Firestorm, Afterglow,
and Abyssal Thunderstorm SKINs The bundle is available for 30% off,
so make sure you pick it up for your Gila. Now, where did I set my clone? Thanks for joining us Capsuleers,
that’s all for this episode of the Pulse. Remember to click subscribe
to stay notified of updates to to EVE Online and when a new video is posted.
See you next time.

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  1. Puerto Ricans for Trump 2020 MAGA! Making liberals cry again and again and again and again!

    F the crybaby liberals!

  2. Anyone else notice that the sound effects were in the wrong order for Convict's segment? Cap alarm, followed by armor alarm, followed by shield alarm, followed by guidance disruptor sound? Wat?

  3. Clone transfer is a function of capsules. You sitting in a pilot seat… you just die outright. No need to worry about where your clone is.

  4. How is nurffing giving the players more reasons to log in? If Frigate escape bay is the new norm for "Content features" we are doomed.

  5. Second: If you want to increase the level of immersion, move all the celestial warp-ins to the light side of the planet/moon (or at least the terminator). Seems like all gates and warp ins are on the dark side of celestials

  6. Galileo Humphreys

    @2:48 is updated moon graphics live now? I was admiring just yesterday how good some of the moons are looken

  7. Have not played my 8 characters since as a member of TEST and Battle of 6VDT The Fountain War when Testes actually wanted to fight Goons but backstabbed Sort Dragon who could have led us to victory and then PGL used us as a meat shield so many times. The game had gotten stale and too many powerful alliances owning too much of 00 space. Probably a good thing since I was spending thousands on the game over the years. I do have fond memories of the game and it does look beautiful. But until they get rid of ridiculous things like bumping with no damage to the bumpers and Alliances who are so powerful the little guy corp cant make a living in null so they are forced to live in high sec, I will watch from afar and spend my money elsewhere.

  8. Gonna talk about moons and not bring up their impending doom? Love that you guys are working on EVE so much still, never feels like EVE is getting old or dying out. Wait did you just call it a "jeee-laah"?

  9. "we're doing these things to give you more reasons to log in"

    You couldn't have missed the mark any harder if you tried.

  10. Is the DDoS over? Nothing mentioned about that. And I'm probably missed the notification if it's over. Btw good visual upgrades and nice skins.

  11. nice ! pulse 5 min updates should happen every day so long fanfest is "officially canceled";) thank you for the fish ; bevare of vogons … o7

  12. how about some kind of lore update …https://www.eveonline.com/article/fanfest-2017-the-kyonoke-inquest? the past the present the future … eve pilots voted for saving the peasants… what now?👽where does one get a 'triglav emoji'???✨💥💨

  13. Can we introduce an anti-blob mechanic?

    Eve should add an effect called dissonance that affects positively aligned ships fighting too close to another. 500 allies together in the same battle?

    BAM: all allied ships suffer a 15% decrease to their turret cycle speed and drone/fighter damage.

    Things like that might help minimize the effectiveness of Hell-blobbing smaller entities.

  14. Yeah brilliant ,, Kill moon mining so other areas of space can put an embargo on other areas . So what was the fucking point in researching all my science , production , resource and PI skills again .

  15. Why don't you guys fix the rules for suicide gankers and make it a bannable offense. Just this week alone I have been killed on Gates warping into them at zero. And the perpetrator getting away scot-free without CCP getting involved or should I say Concord this is really frustrating High SEC is supposed to be safe. The shame is I feel safer down null space then I do in high sec there's a problem with that. And I'm sick and tired of it I'm almost to the point that I don't want to play this game anymore. If I'm moving things from a low security system or a non security system and get ganked fine that's on me but if I can't be protected moving my goods in high sec what's the point in playing this game. I have played this game since the beginning of Eve I've seen lots of changes and the times have changed but the worst change I've ever seen came with the introduction of Plex, brought on the suicide ganker and this is unfair to the people that work hard too fuel the player-driven market if this kind of piracy was to happen in real life we would see a mass economic disaster on biblical proportions. Why don't you guys do anything all I see is CCP in Concord sitting on their hands why the rest of us that spend money on a monthly basis with you take all the Heat. it's time to step up before you lose players and we see the market completely destroyed

  16. Wait… so they did cancel fanfest because of the corona virus, but not the CSM?!

    Welp, let's hope none of them had the virus, otherwise you can say rip to the whole Iceland.

  17. "Awesome things like frigate escape bay or new filaments"
    Instant downvote right there, frigate escape bay is pointless, new filaments are incredibly fucking dumb decision you should revert while you can.

  18. 64bit is now only 12 years old
    ccp has now decided to make 64bit a thing.. after 12 years of 64bit being the normal


    are NOT the same

    and omfg if talking about gilas and abyssals isnt as old as the fuck

    these guys are so off their own game.. even GGG from path of exile are more on top of their game than you BY FAR

    This video was as cringe and sad to watch as I never expected to feel in my life.. and the end..the end was just top retarded..

    i think i need to go vomit now

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