what is good YouTube warstu here with a
video on the flash movie now by now everyone expected the flash movie to
have already been filmed and out of the cinema but for some reason the flash
movie is nowhere to be seen so if you’re new to the channel make sure to
subscribe to never miss any the videos so as we know as room Miller is supposed
to be the flash why I say supposedly is because in 2016 he appeared in Batman
versus suicide he appeared in the Suicide Squad movie and he also appeared
in the Justice League movie so far we’ve had three roles by Ezra Miller playing
Barry Allen so far which is a hell of a lot considering there’s were talks of
the flash movie for years before Aquaman movie now that that’s that movie is very
good for DC movies but let’s be honest there is more talk of the sequel to the
first Aquaman movie and even the spin-off show the trench then there is
the flash movie is this movie still in production because if you do look on
IMDB it says flashpoint movie 2020 pre-production but let’s be honest guys
I don’t really even think this movie is going to be made now the biggest problem
at the moment is I don’t think DC want to make it there’s just been no news
with all the news coming out recently about mattresses Batman etc they have
not mentioned the flash so Ezra Miller is currently delayed for the flash
because there’s delayed for Fantastic p3 which is also being made by Warner
Brothers the fantastic beast franchise is doing pretty well and Ezra Miller is
a quite prominent character in that franchise that was supposedly the
reasoning behind why they haven’t actually started to shoot the flash
movie so the flash movie has gone through multiple directors at the moment
at the moment the directors are John of Francis daley and Jonathan Goodstein
apparently who are directing the movie apparently but there seems to be no
updates absolutely nothing happening and on top of that Ezra Miller has just
signed up to another movie called the mourner an emotional drama film which I
mean it seems pretty cool seems like it’s a small production so we’ve got
Ezra Miller two roles and the flash movie has been in production for years
it’s like absolutely years so what I thinking is going on here guys is at
some point they’re gonna have to recast the flash because for some reason Ezra
Miller being the flash isn’t working now if this is this a back on knock-on
effect from the failure of the Justice League movie because they’ve already
liked Ben Affleck scum out and said he’s not the Batman no longer for some reason
that mean he kind of gave a reasoning which didn’t make any sense on the Jimmy
Kimmel show recently when he says he’s no longer Batman he said something
online and of it’s the script I couldn’t get the script to work yet industry
experts who like to read it so it was the best balanced script that he had
read so we were gonna get Deathstroke we’ve got Deathstroke teased that at the
end of the Justice League movie to go up against Batman but that is never gonna
happen now so that is a shame not only that we have my boy Henry Cavill who is
the best Superman we have manis though – they don’t seem to care about that
either which is very weird yet they seem to be
focused on Wonder Woman for some reason and a crow man so I honestly do think
I’m starting to believe this I don’t want to believe this that Wonder and
Aquaman are the only original members of this version of Justice League
that won’t be recast now if Barry Allen does get recast then I don’t really
think it’s going to make any difference because Ezra didn’t seem that committed
to the role in my opinion there was no he keeps saying in the media yeah yeah
it’s coming nude his coming news is coming but there is no news so if this
is the case and if DC do want to make the movie all they’re gonna do is recast
the flash because let’s be honest he’s only really
had cameo roles set for the Justice League and they can wreak on everything
if they decide to it is a massive shame because the flash TV show well at least
it used to be not so much now in season five but season one two three the
ratings were really high the ratings are still solid for a small Network being
the CW so the flash is pretty popular the comic book run DC rebirth is pretty
awesome so they do have a massive fan base for the flash obviously the flash
and the TV show played by Grant Gustin he’s killing that role doing a very good
role but for some reason that doesn’t transpire into the movie world which
really would make DC a lot of money now the flash origin story with the reverse
flash and the flash it cannot really fail so I don’t see the problem I mean
now as it’s got two roles they need to get rid they need to recast someone they
don’t even have to do technically the flash they could do Kid Flash they could
do impulse there’s so many different versions of the flash who they can do it
just I don’t really know what’s going on with DC moment they seem so occupied
with doing these random like spin-off walking Phoenix Joker movie yet which
looks cool bird to prey Suicide Squad too which is cool but why can’t they
focus on the flash movie I honestly do think that if the flash movie he’s ever
gonna come they are gonna have to recast Ezra Miller because Ezra Miller just
seems too busy at the moment he’s got two movies coming up they haven’t even
started to shoot fantastic p3 yet so there’s massive delays on the flash
movie ever hitting the screen now this is isn’t the
first time I’ve spoke about this before I said before that it’s being canceled
it’s being delayed and it’s still delayed I can’t believe in February two
thousand nineteen they haven’t even announced when the movie is going to
start shooting now obviously they did pick some pretty awesome directors John
Francis daley and Jonathan good stain they were attached to the movie but it’s
unclear what they were doing were they gonna go for a reboot where they gonna
do flash point where they’re just gonna do a standalone storyline it’s just a
bit unclear but some is clear is as Remillard doesn’t seem to commit it to
the role now I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it
but why would you sign up through another movie when you already have the
flash in the works obviously he knows a lot more than we do I just find it very
disheartening as a flash fan that we are still waiting to see will this flash
movie ever happen because it wouldn’t be the first flash movie that was cancelled
would it it just doesn’t make any sense I mean there’s been a video game in the
past that’s being cancelled there was a flash video game in the works that never
got finished I just don’t get it because the flash in the comics is really
popular the flash TV show is still fairly popular obviously cicada and
they’ve got the reverse flash of stuff in the sheets in season five so why
don’t they want to transfer that into the movie world it cannot fail I just
don’t get it I know they’re trying to do standalone movies but the flash is such
an easy movie to make so if I was important in the DC world I would just
recast the flash to someone who can start straightaway because I would be
fuck focusing on Man of Steel too and the flash movie they all the Savior’s
are the DCE you which realistically doesn’t need saving because it still
made a lot of money even that the kind of DC movies that didn’t do that well it
still made a lot of money so it just doesn’t make any sense to me why they
kind of bring out a random Joker movie walking Phoenix it’s got nothing to do
with anything cows and birds of prey I mean it’s gonna be cool to see Black
Canary and Harley Quinn etc but they could be working on the Flash movie
currently they could be working on Man of Steel too
I just don’t get it I just feel like it all stems back to the fail of the
Justice League Joss Whedon cut it really does go back to the failure of the
Justice League movie it honestly makes no sense of how popular the flash was in
that movie and our poplar Superman was in that movie that they still haven’t
pushed any ideas or they haven’t said anything about either projects yet we’re
hearing stories from rumors from sources insiders saying that there’s going to be
a super movie that they are working on and that
Harlequin will be involved with Suicide Squad – obviously James Gunn is fronting
that from what we can understand which is pretty awesome but you’ve got two
awesome franchises Superman and the flash but DC don’t really seem bothered
with them – they’re pushing forward with Wonder Woman and Aquaman
which is cool don’t get me wrong it’s just they have two other properties
which could be utilized a lot better than what they were so hopefully they
don’t recast Superman but hopefully they recast the flash so we can actually get
a flash movie out there because that is what the flash fans do deserve era guys
please like subscribe and comment in my opinion flash movie is at a standstill
it’s Counsell there’s been absolutely no information I really think they should
recast Ezra Miller because he just seems too busy to work on this project at the
moment anyway guys please like subscribe and comment and I will catch you in
another video very soon get ya later


  1. I'm so glad about this Ezra Miller just isn't a good choice imo get a better actor new script in a different universe then what's going on now that would be dope

  2. This movie has been a mess from the get go. Kept losing directors, redone script, its all screwed up. Im such a bug Flash fan and it sucks it hasn't happened yet and hasn't even gotten off the ground.

  3. I like John Francis Daley, but I don’t have a whole bunch of faith in him to create a great film. His writing is decent, but not great. He’s only directed 1 good film.
    I’m very weary of his work.
    It is a shame that we may not get Ezra Miller as Flash. I like him. He was AWESOME in The Stanford Prison Experiment.

  4. This ONLY proves my opinion that DC and Warner Bros. Doesn't have an effing clue as to what to do with their Super Heroes. It's bloody obvious to everyone why Marvel's kicking their assess, Marvel's Feigie knows what to do with their Super Heroes.

  5. John Mad Creator Fahey

    If DC turned around and said okay cast the series cast in the films (with exceptions like movie Superman) as well, then we can promote any up coming films in the series (close to free promotion and building hype before the film is released)

    But DCEU need excuses to pay their casting people and wasting screen time writing into the film things covered by the series.

    By recasting for the film universe you are saying that the current series universe cast are not good enough to play the character (which some have been for years) in a film, that frustrates me twice over (1. The different cast in film and series that are still able to play the part and 2. The disrespect the series cast)

  6. And this is why the DCEU experience failures more than successes. and so it seems that for the next couple of generations this pattern will continue. Maybe when the top executives over there finally give up their positions and leave somebody with half a brain will step in and take over the helm

  7. They’re just stuck in between we don’t know what we’re doing, mini reboot, and trying to salvage the pieces that weren’t a total disaster.

    Suicide Squad had Harley Quinn. That explains the Birds of Prey movie. I think and the Joker movie is easier because it’s a complete stand alone.

  8. Ezra Miller get recast I would mind it Ezra Miller is a great Actors in Hollywood better than TV Flash Actor , but timeline doesn’t make senses one time Warner Bro almost want to Production on ( The Flash ) With Director Game Night . Shame cause this movie is not going to updates but if Ezra Miller get recast I would mind it , now I kind of really hope Ben Affleck stay and Ezra Miller get recast this sucks even I did like Ezra Miller .

  9. I was not a fan of how the Flash Origin slightly change due to the death mother thing and father in jail. I felt it take away what made the Flash simple and fun and not what he currently is which is Batman lite in a sense.

  10. Thank god.. no harsh feelings but Ezra was NOT a good Barry Allen. He literally WAS Wally west in every shape and form except for the half ass DCEU backstory and name

  11. Tsukabu's Artsy Things

    Too bad they can't just do a TV movie with the CW Flash, that way they could still do a Flash movie, and have it be in a universe that fans generally love. We could still have Grant Gustin & Co. that way.

  12. Damn can y’all chill? They’ll get to it their just not focusing on it rn because like you said Ezra is busy. I think the movies happening just not anytime soon

  13. Oh thank god. Ezra Miller was the WORST! Get a better actor and I may watch another dc movie again.. first movie I ever walked out of the theatre during was justice league..

  14. They should recast miller and put Grant tv flash in. Everyone wants that, this is what the people want. Follow the people.

  15. As a DC fan I'm frustrated about their. I don't understand why they doesn't about peoples expectations. It's. Always so simple and limited. I don't know .may be in upcoming future we will see something special. Hoping for the best.

  16. Justice League and The Avengers

    Ezra Miller is a great Actor but Batman have to many recast this is one of the reason why , i would mind Ezra Miller leaving DCEU and be replacement by other Actor for Barry Allen The Flash movie role . But for me i think the reason is DC is silent because i have be , visit Warner Bro in my life for the first time so Warner Bro some how might talk about me for some reason .

  17. Morrell Pranks , Social Experiments & Challenges

    I hope it’s not cancelled, I would mind if they recasted Ezra Miller he wasn’t there that great playing Barry Allen Or The Flash

  18. Morrell Pranks , Social Experiments & Challenges

    They should of just had Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/ The Flash/Flash/The Scarlet Speedster/The Fastest Man Alive

  19. Ezra Miller is doing the right thing doing other movies because the DCEU can't get their shit together they need to slow down and stop trying to cram everything at once.

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