Fanatical Colossus Bundle, FREE Game and Steam Deals

Fanatical Colossus Bundle, FREE Game and Steam Deals

Hello and welcome to low budget gaming
and welcome to a quick look at some deals so recently things have been a bit
quiet as far as sales or bundles are concerned but we have a set of bundles
from fanatical game bundles and they’re calling it the bundlefest where they
will release a bundle every day and the first one looks pretty good there is a
mystery bundle and I think they’ll be adding one every day for this week but
before i look into this i wanted to quickly mention the game called king of
the hat this is free on discord so if you are a user of discord and you have
the discord app all you need to do is just go to the store and go into browse
and look for the game called king of the hat click Add to library and download it
as far as i’m aware this is not like a limited time thing you can download and
play this so yeah if you are interested it looks like a fun sort of silly little
game yeah check it out if you’re interested
available through discord only so back to the bundle and basically every day
they will have a new bundle so we look at the first one tonight released on
Monday this is the Colossus bundle and just like humble they have multiple
tiers and you get certain number of games so in the one dollar tier you get
Chaos Reborn, stalker clear sky and sniper ghost warrior trilogy, the sniper
ghost warrior trilogy does not feature sniper ghost Warrior 3 keep that in mind
this is the previous game this I think sniper art of victory, sniper ghost warrior 1
and sniper ghost warrior 2 this has been not sail frequently for $1 so on
this occasion you’re getting two more games with it Stalker Clear Sky is a
decent game it’s an older game a lot of people who worked on the metro games
that worked on this as well so a similar feel post-apocalyptic Russia Chernobyl
type thing so decent game in the middle tier you get if you pay $4.99 you get
all these games and these games as well and you have the last Leviathan so this
is sort of like a shipbuilding game were you make ships and destroy other players
ships and you have moon hunters again I don’t really know too much about this so
a four-player RPG the town of light Heliborne looks like a fighter
plane type thing unfortunately a lot of these games I’m not really aware of
these games then you have epistory I know this one this is a typing sort of
game value basically type out words and when you type to love certain actions
happens it’s not a typing tutor but typing this game there of course is war
hammer vermintide this is the first game great game I enjoyed this quite a
lot so it’s good to see this here and you’ll also get two more mystery games
that will unlock on the 25th so overall the middle tier is a bit weak in my
opinion I mean these two games are good and you get a lot of games unless these
two turn out to be great I can’t really say I would highly recommend the middle
tier but the third tier is were it gets better again so tier 3 you get mafia 3
and Sid Meier’s civilization Beyond Earth so for nine dollars you will get
everything all these games and you’ll get these two of course so I think Mafia
3 alone is worth the price of the bundle if you are interested in it’s not
that great again by still a decent game so yeah so you get mafia 3 Sid Meier’s
civilization beyond Earth if you like strategy games epistory is decent Vermintide
is good stalker is great sniper is okay I guess and can’t really
comment about the others because I haven’t played these but over all a lot
of games and it’s a very good bundle and yeah so consider picking this up and visit the site daily and they’ll have new bundles as well on to humble and humble is a bit quiet
these days they have these bundles currently they had the fantasy game
dev bundle this released on Tuesday I did not make a video simply because it’s
game dev bundle not like a games bundle as such there’s also the intro to code
robotics microcontrollers great game maker games so the theme has been about
making and developing games recently rather than the game bundles so if you are
interested there’s a lot of good stuff here but not a lot of games at the
moment so these are the bundles so I did not want to cover them too much of
course there’s the monthly bundle that’s still available until the 1st of March I
believe so I don’t know when the first fridays but yeah so it’s still time to
get that if you are interested but if you are into coding and making games
then you have a lot of good material here
and finally onto steam again things have been quiet not a lot of games on sale
but I picked out a few that are interesting and on good sales first we
have dying light now dying light in the past has been about about the same price
this is a bit cheaper at this time we have it used to be down to about 67%
here for the enhanced edition currently is 70% so $17.99 previously it went down
to $19.79 and 494 rupees and it’s 449 rupees so yeah if you were interested
in this this is about as low as it’s going to get perhaps it might get lower
but right now this is the lowest it has been so yeah great game I enjoyed this
quite a lot but when we got to the expansion the following I sort of lost
interest a bit I think some of you who were on the stream may have seen that
already but the main itself the game was fantastic the movement the crafting
fighting zombies parkour all of that was good story was weak but overall yeah I
think it’s definitely worth picking up at such a low price so have a look and
if you’re interested I think the second game is also expected soon
and you also have a great deal on soma so this is a story rich horror game and
yeah 80% of 146 rupees six dollars only and finally wanted to mention house
flipper so this is another my kind of game basically where you are building
and repairing stuff so this is I think published by the same people who
published all the car mechanic simulator type game so these are games where you
sort of do a real-life stuff in this one you are buying and selling houses
cleaning up selling them for a profit things like that so this is 25% off 396
rupees and 1499 dollars so yeah that’s it for this one not a lot going on in
terms of sales right now I’ll try and make more videos when we have some good
deals and some more free games hopefully but yeah for now this is it thank you
for watching see you in the next one

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  1. Discord trying to compete with steam and epic ๐Ÿคจ. I don't think they have a chance.๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™‚๏ธ

  2. House Flipper is definitely a fun little simulator(?) game. There's just something satisfying about fixing a house and making it look neat and nice so you can sell it and make an even bigger profit. Kind of like Sims when most people were building houses to their preferences.

  3. Free Game On Discord 2019 Improved Soo Good (Danganronpa v3 free for noobs from the orginal developers or somewhere on internet would be cool) I have Danganronpa 1 2 Ultra Despair Girls But Not V3 Is Just Too Much Money to give out)

  4. You're leaving out dozens of great games that are on sale each week on Steam. ALL under $3.00. And the best part is, not everyone knows about these games and that they're even on sale. Here are a few examples for this week…

    I've got dozens more if you want them. Hundreds of games go on sale every single Monday on Steam. What I do is look through each and every one of the hundreds of games and make a list of all the games that are actually worth their price tag. I recommend you do the same for your channel because there are a LOT of games on historic lows every single day. Just gotta put in the time and effort to look through all the duds. I've been doing it the past couple of month or so and it takes around a couple of hours but totally worth it in the end.

  5. Iโ€™ve checked the link for the Fanatical Bundle and it is two tiers only!
    The third tier which included Mafia is missing!

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