Faster Than The Flash or Dash? Super Speed Glitches Out Of Control! Steel Kids

(guitar) (intense music) – E5 – Ugh, hit. (explosion) – Hey, friends, before we get started, click that like button. – All right. Whoa, that moon looks awesome! (gasp) Yes, a meteor shower! Karlie and Chase don’t know
what they’re missing out on. (gasp) What is that? I’ve never seen it
before, is that a comet? (wind from comet) I gotta show Chase and Karlie this! (footsteps) – Aw, hit, you beat me again. – Guys, you gotta come check this out! There’s a giant meteor, it’s like a once in a lifetime chance! – Okay, but first, I have to beat Karlie. – What do you mean? Chase, we’ve been playing
this game since this morning! – I’m just getting warmed up. – But Chase, you haven’t even
hit one of her battleships. – Like I said, just getting warmed up. – Fine, you guys play your game, but I’m gonna go look
at this meteor, hmph. (sci-fi music) Hmm, I need a better spot to look at this. I know! Oh, I’m gonna have a good
view of this meteorite. It’s gonna be close… Too close!
(screaming) (explosion) – Ugh, it’s getting late,
I should probably go home. Oh, what’s that? (alarm clock) (yawn) – What was that? I don’t know why Shawn thinks it’s a race to always
get out of bed the first. (sigh) Yes, today’s my lucky day! I don’t have to wait for Shawn
to get out of the bathroom! (door shuts) Nobody is faster than me at
getting dressed in the morning. (door shuts) (bowl clinks) – You’re just in time, slowpoke,
let’s go play football. – Slow poke, I’m not a slow poke. I just sleep in the top bunk, so it takes longer for
me to get out of bed in the morning. – Whatever you say, slow poke. I’ll be out there waiting for ya. – Slow poke, I’ll show
him who’s the slow poke. But not ’til after I eat breakfast. – Hey Shawn. – Oh finally, you’re ready. – What are you talkin’ about? It only took me five
minutes to eat breakfast. Your problem is, you need to
stop being in such a hurry. – Come on, let’s play. – Shawn, you threw it too far. – Well, maybe it wasn’t my
throwin’, it was your running. – Right, I’m gonna show
him who’s slow poke. – Woo, yeah, that’s
what I’m talkin’ about. – What, how’d you do that? – Do what, that’s just football, man. – No, you looked like you
had super speed or something. You were so fast. – I don’t know, I was just
thinking I needed to get that football and then I did. – Really, what’s the trick? – Seriously, Chase, it wasn’t a trick. – All right, Shawn, let’s
see if you really do have super speed. You’re gonna run up there, grab the ball and run back. – Super speed, all the way. – Go, nope, nope, nope. That’s normal speed. – Really. Argh, all
right, let me try again. – Go, no, no, no, no. That’s still normal speed. – All right, this time do the opposite of what you did last time. – Faster than Flash. – Wow, that was so cool. – I don’t know how I’m doing
it, it’s just happening. – So, you just woke up and then magically you have super speed? – I guess, I mean, I slept really well. – This isn’t fair. – Sorry, man, I don’t know how I got it. – I just don’t get it. How come you get super-speed and I don’t? I’ll tell you what I got, nothing. I got nothing. And I’m just gonna end up as the sidekick and I don’t wanna be the sidekick ’cause I’m pretty sure
the sidekick doesn’t get to do anything fun. (sigh) (sad trumpet) (intense music) – What am I going to do? – Chase, I need your help. – Well, I’m not even sure I can help you. I’m just a sidekick, after all. – Well, you can start by giving me advice. That’s a sidekick job, right? – Well, here’s my idea: So, it all comes to a choice that you have to make right now. You can either forget this
all happened and not use your super speed or learn to control it. – What if I run into
the middle of the ocean, then get tired and have to stop and then I’m stranded in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of hungry sharks. – But try looking at it a different way. You could learn to control your super speed and maybe
you have other powers. – Other powers, like what? – I don’t know, you suddenly ended up with super speed. Maybe you can climb walls
or jump over buildings. – All right, I’m in,
but how do we figure out this super power thing. – I think we’re gonna
need to run some tests. (heroic music) (dramatic music) – The Flash and Dash speed test. Is Shawn faster than Flash or Dash? – Go.
(zoom) – Ugh, I feel weird, whoa. – Hey, wait, where you going? – What’s happening?
(zoom) I think I’m speed-glitching. Chase, I need your help. – Whoa. – Chase, I can’t stop speed-glitching. – Speed-glitching?
– Yeah, I can’t stop. You gotta help me. – Oh no, what am I gonna do? Come on, think, think,
think, think, think. Come on, gotta do something to help him. (zoom, zoom, zoom) – Well, let’s see, I don’t
have any super abilities to help him, but, um… How do you stop The Flash? Come on, think, think, think. Um, it’s like impossible to stop him. Wait a second, that’s it. Maybe I don’t stop him,
he has to stop himself. Come on, what would a superhero do? – Chase, help me. – I got it, Shawn, it’s
not something you control by thinking it, you have to feel it. – What do you mean, feel it? – You don’t think yourself stopping, you have to feel yourself stopping. Just like you wanted the
football and you got it. Did it work? – Yeah, I think it did. – Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough if you speed-glitch again. – In the meantime, I’m not
going to use my super speed for a while. – Good thinking. – Thanks Chase, I don’t know
if I would have been able to stop without your help. – No problem. – See, it’s like I always say, just because you don’t have
a super power doesn’t mean you don’t have abilities you
can do super things with. – Since when did you start saying that? – A few seconds ago. (sigh) – Wait, Chase, I forgot
to tell you something. When I was speed-glitching,
I remembered something from last night. – Well, what’s so important about that. – Well, it might have something to do with my super speed. – Okay, so what happened? – Well, I went to go get a better look at that new meteorite, but I had miscalculated it’s trajectory. – Okay, so what happened? – Well, I remember running and screaming because I almost got hit by it. Then there was a big impact. – Well, I’m glad you didn’t get hit, but what’s that got to
do with super speed. – Because then I found this. – Whoa, no way, this rock is awesome. I can feel something happening. I feel so strong, watch this. (explosion)
– Whoa. (boom) (explosion) (boom) (boom) (boom) – Hey, what are you doing here? I thought it was to be continued? – [Voiceover] Friends. Have an awesome day. Don’t forget to like this video. (match strike)

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