FEAR games bundle – currently available cheap on PC (July 2018)

FEAR games bundle – currently available cheap on PC (July 2018)

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always. Just a really quick video with another great
PC gaming deal for you. This deal is valid at the time I recorded this video on the 11th
July 2018 – I assume it’s valid whilst stocks last, but given the site doesn’t say either
way, I would suggest picking it up sooner rather than later if you are interested. Currently, on the Fanatical website, what
used to be Bundle Stars, you can pick up a bundle of the FEAR games with a 91% saving!
This bundle includes the three games, along with the ‘Project Origin’ DLC for the second
game. FEAR, in particular the first game, is recognised as an excellent horror FPS,
where you have to survive the wrath of a girl known as Alma. Alma will use psychic powers
to control the environments and scare you in the process. FEAR was very popular at the
time due to its ‘John Woo’ style slow motion bullet time, called ‘reflex time’. The first game was very well received upon
release and although it’s aged a bit, you can get lots of mods to update it and make
it more modern looking. Sadly, the games declined a bit as the trilogy progressed, but for £3.27,
the bundle is still a bit of a bargain! I hope you get yourself a key from Fanatical
whilst the deal is still running. If this video has been useful to you, show your appreciation
by tickling the like button for me. I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with a cup of
tea as always and I will see you all in the next video – bye now!

4 thoughts on “FEAR games bundle – currently available cheap on PC (July 2018)”

  1. A quick video with another PC gaming deal for you – a great deal on a bundle of Steam keys for the F.E.A.R games trilogy 🙂

  2. Will be picking this up when I get my PC. Never played it, but I’ve heard nothing but positive stuff about the game.

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