First Look at MARVEL Future Revolution and More! | Marvel Minute

First Look at MARVEL Future Revolution and More! | Marvel Minute

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, true believers. I’m Ryan, a.k.a. Agent M, and this is the
Marvel Minute, bringing you 60 seconds of Marvel news. I’m back from PAX
East in Boston. And, boy, do I have
games news for you! First up, Marvel and
Netmarble unveiled a brand new mobile game called Marvel
Future Revolution, featuring an all new original storyline
and starring fan favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains. Marvel Future Revolution is
Marvel’s first open world RPG game on mobile. Plus, yours truly, will
appear in-game as Agent M. In Marvel Strike Force
news, it’s mutant mayhem and the mighty Marvel manor. Big headline here,
Cyclops joins the game! And as the fearless
leader of the X-Men, he includes special synergies
that boost the X-Men in battle. And there’s even more
because Toad is now in game and the Blob is out this week. Finally, keeping that
mutant news going, Havoc has joined
Marvel Puzzle Quest. Do you love to watch
our red carpets? Of course you do. Well, you could join us. Marvel Studios’ Black
Widow is in theaters May 1. One lucky fan will be able
to attend the premiere of the movie in LA. How, you ask? Well, apply for a
Marvel MasterCard from now until March 15, 2020
and be entered for a chance to win. No purchase or application
necessary to enter the sweepstakes. And you must be
18 years or older. For rules and to apply,
visit And we have a new episode
of Marvel’s Hero Project this Friday. This time, we meet Gitanjali. She’s a middle
schooler and inventor, creating some cool
tech to test water for contaminants in an effort to
combine science with kindness. Go to
to sign up and catch up on all the episodes of
Marvel’s Hero Project so far. As a dad, I am so inspired
by seeing Gitanjali and fellow young women
in STEM warms my heart. That’s all the time
we have for this week, but I’ll see you next
time on the Marvel Minute.

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  1. Wow this is actually what im looking for a long time ago .as a fan of open world games together with a marvel universe :O

  2. No more microtransactions Marvel a waste of bullshit get out of the mobile market is not working and this game is online anyway not offline give up

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