Yo yo, my name is Tony Junior and welcome to Vlog #8! A very good morning, it is Monday.
Right Con? Monday morning for me, but it is 1.15pm. I’ve recovered from last week. I got to chill yesterday and had a good night sleep. Yum! A slice of bread with, what I think will
be extinct shortly… liver pate. I feel human again, going to work out with
my friend Fedor in a bit. Later I have an interview to do. After that I want to go to the tanningsalon, go fishing
and do some work in the studio later tonight. So… And of course when you wake up and it is Monday… …and you need some energy,
you work out with your buddy. He’s already warming up. We did our backs, now on to shoulders and arms.
No legs today, right? After my workout, I had to do an interview for…
…Guestzone, right? Introduce yourselves. Hi, I’m Nikki.
– And I’m Danouschka. That was it, no promoting? Are you single, for all the guys watching this? Not me! Ok, Nikki is still single, so all handsome men comment
if you want her number. It’s still Monday afternoon… …I did the interview, my workout… …but before I’m going to work in my studio tonight,
I need a couple of hours to chill. And what do I do… with my best friend. We’re going fishing, my dad is coming along.
Great! We arrived at Maarsseveens… damnit Niels! Arrived at Maarsseveenseplassen and look at this. Calms you down, right? Our very own fishingboat. We’ve sailed out. Daddy is being stubborn and has already thrown
his line out and is now stuck. I’m very happy today because I have a new rod,
from my uncle’s shop, a Traditional. We’re going to put some big ass fishing lures on there.. …and let’s see what we can catch. Keep you posted!! Thirty minutes in and we finally found a good spot. But still not catching anything. Another boat just caught a perch. But we’ll catch some, we brought Niels,
he’s our lucky charm. Our time will come. Are you okay Niels? Well, that wasn’t a succes. Two and a half hours
later and we caught nothing. Apparently Niels is not that lucky. He’s got a deadly aroma and pisses on everything. We’ll try again tomorrow, now it’s time for Thai food,
which should be delivered any minute now. After that I’m gonna work in the studio… …and hit my bed early tonight,
so tomorrow I’ll be as good as new. Let’s see what’s happening in my house. No!!! No! He, you old fucker! For the ones watching, this is Ludo. Ludo is a very old friend, I’ve known him forever,
ever since I was a little boy. And he’s helping us out with our Youtube channel.
Not the vlogs, but all the other videos. Cameraman/ Editor! Yo yo, my name is Tony Junior. It is Tuesday. And today is filled with meetings, already two down. I doubt she’s gonna appreciate this, but I would
like you to meet someone. She’s sat right next to me. She is the coolest manager in the whole wide world. This is Karin, she works for Spinnin’. I didn’t ask her if she wanted to be filmed,
decided to just put her on the spot. We’re off to do something really fun. I played at a party for mentally impaired youngsters
about a half year ago. They went wild and were such fans. They didn’t even know the songs, but still went wild… ..that I thought it would be great to organise a party,
for the mentally impaired. So we did a little research. Karin also. Which brought us on our way to a health institution
that organises all kind of events. Apparently there is a week designated to fun activities,
like a festival. So we thought it would be a great idea to have
a stage at that festival. Today we have our first meeting. I get to meet a guy with a DJ booth and spinning tables. I’m really looking forward to it and
I’ll take you with me. And Karin’s tits… Huh, what?! Unfortunately they asked me not to film. They preferred no filming, because of the privacy
of those youngsters. The meeting was super fun! I’m curious to what the future holds. I’m not gonna tell you everything we’ve discussed. But it comes down to the fact that we’re gonna organise
a massive party. I’ll keep you posted. Right now I’m off to my aunt and uncle for dinner. A nice traditional Dutch meal. And tonight you can find me in my studio again. Finally! It’s Wednesday afternoon. I just went to see my uncle, Traditional Fishing rods. And ordered a new one. I can’t quit. I don’t like spending money on anything
but fishing rods. Nice rod, great reel, all good! It’s now somewhere in the afternoon. Where are my friends? Where are we going? Ah Terschelling, right! I keep saying Schiermonnikoog. Terschelling is where we’re off to. Let’s go to Terschelling, they said… …let’s enjoy the sun. I couldn’t film because of the weather. Doesn’t get any Dutcher than this. Do you have a vest for me too?
-Yeah I always bring three… …but not in this suitcase! Can we smoke in this bus?
Yeah seriously?! Do you have a Youtube Channel? Yes?
-What’s it called? It’s very big!
– Really? Do you know ‘Gewoon boef’?
-Yeah! Yeah, that’s not me. I am Tony Junior. How many subscribers do you have? Around 56.000. Really? That’s nice! I have 300 right now.
-Jesus Christ! Wanna shout out? Shout out to Joas and to my channel
‘Gewoon Jochem’. We’ve arrived! Just got off the boat and we’re
already in the city centre. It doesn’t get any Dutcher than this. This is our suite, at the Braskoer hotel. We do have a view! We’re gonna get a different room, because this was
a little too cosy. I think this is the right moment for Bryan
to give a little recap. A small recap of the last few hours. This morning we got up and took
the ferry to Terschelling. When we arrived, our room turned out to be
not what we asked for. So now people in a prison camp in North Korea
get to sleep better than we do. Just kidding!!! This is gonna be yummy! Can I ask you something? Do you have desserts? Do I have what?
-Desserts? Yes I do!
-What kind? Come check them out. You were being hit on Bryan! Yeah did you see it? There’s plenty I like. What’s your name? Anne-Carina! Hey Anna-Carine, we’re here. I’ll take a seat for this. You didn’t want dessert? I just had a large pizza! Fuck it! What is that thing over there? Brownies with salted caramel. Milky Peanut, is a bit like Snickers. This is heaven for Bryan. I suggest we share. Can I have one of those. Can I have one with salted caramel. And then one of those. And this one?
-Yes! This is going to be gooood! Well… we don’t know for sure. Fuck it, I always say, when in Terschelling
you have to eat what you’ve been served. There she is! Could I take a picture with you? Of course, but that means you’re in my vlog. That’s ok!
-Come here. Braskoer! See you tonight guys!
-For sure. Who’s stronger? 460 kg. versus a slim 74 kg. Help me out. The backstage of the Braskoer. It feels like the Blairwitch Project. You’re right, but it’s still fun. Just one picture? How often did you get laid?
-Sorry? How often did you get laid? This is my girlfriend, so I don’t know if I should
tell you that. Seven times. Honestly. Would you like to say something to your
mum and dad? I love you and have fun in Italy! It’s time to go home! It’s twelve o’clock. Thursday night. Just slept three hours, was super tired. I want you guys to meet someone, this is my buddy… …met him online, great guy! Young producer and I am helping him out. Look here he is, Isaac Palmer.
-Hey! Anyway, he is a really sweet, good guy,
and we’re helping him out. Bryan and Jay Ronko too. And we keep in touch and when I’m in the states for
my America tour, I’ll pay him a visit. So that’s Isaac Palmer! We’re going to Montpellier, to play at the Amnesia. Which is a super sick club.…nose and mouth and breathe normally.First put on your own mask, before helping others. Another fine crib. Haven’t been in France for a couple of months,
so like to be back again. Going for a swim and a tan
and you’re coming with me. Now that’s a bummer. Why a bummer? This is not a fucking pool!
Now I have to share a jacuzzi with three guys. This is as much as were gonna get today. You’re not going to take a piss right? Already did!
-Me too!. And you’re not joking! I’m not some brisket you have to grease. Goddamnit, as if I’m being put on the BBQ. They are really testing my limits! We’ve been waiting for twenty five minutes already… …I am starving! I can hear Bryan’s stomach calling out. So you’ve waited for thirty minutes
and this is what you get. I’m not ungrateful, but this is a bit pathetic. A lot of people ask me about my pre show rituals. And to be honest I don’t really have any.
Just this… …I put on Dutch music. Frans Halsema, Ramses, Andre Hazes. Then I brush my teeth, do my hair and get dressed. And last, I start drinking vodka. I do have lucky socks. These, I always wear these to big shows. And this is a big show, because Amnesia,
in the South of France… …has had Steve Aioki, Axwell Ingrosso, Blasterjaxx… …and now me. The other guys are not here tonight,
but have played there in the past. Ready to go. Good outfit, looking sharp! Ten minutes for a cigarette and then we’re off
to the club. I decided that I am going to drink loads tonight. A lot of people ask me, why do you drink? Can’t you play a show without drinking?
Of course I can! Easily. You know, I never went clubbing when I was younger,
because I was always busy with drumming. I was a drumteacher and wanted to keep developing. I think spinning is the best thing in life
and I get to do it as my job. So I like to combine that with a couple of drinks. I never let it get too far, I never made a mistake,
because of drinking. I usually drink three of four vodka before a show… …and then maybe five to six beers during my show. After that I switch to water. And if I have more than one show a day
I build it up slowly. We’re sat here like a bunch of lost hippies. Two friends… and Ludo. It was supposed to be Black Saturday. So they expected sixthousand kilometers of traffic jam. And there was nothing. So we got three and a half hours to spend at the airport. It’s Saturday and a couple of hours ago… …I got back from…
I know it! Oh yeah. Montpellier. I’m still beat, but look who I found in my house. This is the boss! Tell the people who you are. Honey, I don’t like this.
-Yeah you do, just tell them who you are. Who are you?
-You got some explaining to do. This is the boss, the rascal. And we’re gonna have some food now. We just had dinner, my teeth are full of crap. She didn’t want to say anything before,
because she was hungry. Yeah I’m not fun when I’m hungry.
-Just tell them your name. My name is Kelly
-Such a pretty name. So I started playing again guys. I quit two weeks ago. But then I thought, fuck it, updates are coming. So we’re going for a ride in a bit.
But just for fun, not the whole day! What are we going to do honey? Are we going to catch some Pokémons? Hi, I’m Ro.
-And I am Bo. Don’t forget to subscribe to Tony’s channel. Subscribe, like, thumbs up! He did a great show tonight!


  1. Je moet je haren weer opscheren aan de zijkant ๐Ÿ˜ dat stond je zo mooi ! En dan nog steeds je knotje ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ ga zo door met je vlogs !

  2. I'm from Brazil and i aways watch your videos ! Keep going bro ! Really good vlogs ! I just want you to show more of your shows, beside that i would like to send a Demo/Promo hahahahaha

  3. Wat een bazenvlog weer! Facking hard gelachen bij sommige stukken, dit zijn toch wel de video's waar ik altijd naar uitkijk ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tonyyyyy Please tell me what is the name of the song 15:20 minutes ????
    Greetings to Bryan is so charming
    Kisses ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„

  5. Cynthia Wesseling

    Wat een baas ben je toch. Ik geniet van je vlogs en ondanks dat ik nu in Peru zit ben ik er toch een beetje bij. Hilarisch dat stukje insmeren van Bryan met die muziek en slow motion ๐Ÿ˜›

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