[FIXED AUDIO] Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 1 | Gameplay S5E7

[FIXED AUDIO] Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 1 | Gameplay S5E7

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where you can support us directly. And now kick back, and enjoy the show. (music) Jan: Hey Spikes, we’re back again this week
with some hot, fresh, exciting commander action. Jim: ASMR CEDH. Jan: ASMR. Bill: NO! No no! Eliot: Ehhhh. Bill: Eliot’s gonna have to edit that. What
are you playing today Jan? Jan: Today I am playing Elsha of the Infinite.
It’s kind of a mish mash combo deck, I’m running a lot of different pieces. There’s Barrin,
Dockside. There’s some Top shenanigans, all sorts of random stuff. I’m excited to throw
everything at the wall and see what sticks. Bill: Some say that Dockside Extortionist
is a powerful card. Jim: It’s alright. I am Jim. I am playing Yarok, Aluren intruder
alarm, which is… Bill: Hard to say. Jim: I’m practicing saying it. It is a deck
that abuses ETB triggers, and the card Aluren, which allows you to cast things for free,
and hopefully do a little bit of bouncy action, and exploit some ETBs. There might be actual
factual exploit, but we’re actually just exploiting things. Dictionary exploit not Magic keyword
exploit. Eliot: (sigh) I’m playing KrOHxa. KroXa. Titan
of Death’s Hunger. This is literally my Xantcha deck, with Kroxa at the helm, instead of Xantcha. Bill: Are there any other changes? Eliot: No. Literally there is not. This is just the correct choice now. This
card I think slaps. So hopefully you fools will be slapped. Bill: What does your deck do? Eliot: I said Worldgorger Dragon combo. Bill: You didn’t say that. Eliot: I think I did. Bill: I think you did in your mind. Eliot: No I think I did. Check the tape! Yeah, it’s Worldgorger Dragon combo still.
And yeah, Kroxa’s just…everything Xantcha hoped to be. Xantcha’s a 3 mana 5/5. Kroxa
is a 2 mana 6/6. With an asterisk. BUT. Y’know? That’s where it begins and he does so much
more things for the deck. Bill: I am Bill. I am going to be playing
Atla Palani, Nest Tender. This is known as shuffle panini by the competitive community.
It is a Naya-combo deck that is based around buffing Atla Palani’s toughness by at least
1, and then getting a Mirror Entity and activating it an unbounded amount of times. So that you
can trigger Atla Palani’s “whenever an egg dies” thing, because Mirror Entity…you’ll
see it on screen somewhere, it actually makes…this way? Over this guy’s face? Mirror Entity’s ability makes your other creatures
all creature types, including egg. So when they die, you get to get other cards, put
them into play, abuse ETB triggers, and it’s just a fun time. It’s a wild ride. Jim: Cool. I think Jan’s starting us off. Jan: I think I am starting us off. Alright,
I’m going to draw a card. Ooh that’s unfortunate. I’m going to play an Exotic Orchard, and pass. Jim: I’m going to draw a card. I will play
a Windswept Heath, and then crack it going to 39. I’m going to get this Tropical Island,
and cast Ponder. Bill: Whatcha th….that’s a throwback now. We’ve been doing this for too long. Eliot: Time to stop. Jan: Just…stop. Jim: I’m going to put them back exactly the
way they were. Draw one of them. Then I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: I’ll draw for my turn. Bill: That seems really bad for us. Eliot: It doesn’t seem good, that’s for sure.
Fersure. I’m gonna do a thing. And I think it’s pretty
cool, but you guys might not think so. I’m going to play this Sulfurous Springs. Jan: That’s not cool. Eliot: I’m going to cast this Mox Diamond. Bill: Slightly cooler. Eliot: Any effects? Jan: I’m going to Spell Pierce the Mox Diamond. Jim: That’s the way to do it. So he can’t
make us discard. It’s better than discarding a Spell Pierce. Eliot: I’m not going to pay 2. Because I cannot.
I’ll pay a colorless and cast Sensei’s Divining Top. Pass the turn. I just wanted to cast my 2 mana commander. Bill: Command Tower! Pass the turn. Jan: Untap, draw a card. Play this Flooded
Strand. Then I too will Ponder. Eliot: You gave him the blue mana to Spell
Pierce me there. I’m mad at you. Jim: I gave him that? Eliot: Yeah! Exotic Orchard! Tropical Island! Bill: That’s true actually. Eliot: You gave him the blue mana. Jim: Yeah…I’m glad that I did. I didn’t
want that to happen. Eliot: You would be. Bill: Eliot’s like I’m mad, the game isn’t
goin my way! Eliot: It’s true and I’m pissed! Jim: You should be mad that I’m not winning! Jan: I’m gonna put those back like that, and
I’m gonna draw this card. Bill: How are you not outraged? Jan: And Eliot, I’m going to play Mox Diamond. Eliot: I hate you. Bill: You gonna Spell Pierce it? Eliot: I physically cannot. Jan: I’m going to discard this Polluted Delta. Eliot: I shouldn’t have asked, I should have
just said I discarded. Oh, it’s already resolved. Jan: Then I’ll pass my turn. Jim: I’m going to untap. Draw a card. I’m
going to cast a Llanowar Elves. Then I’m gonna play this Gaea’s Cradle. And then I’m going
to tap it, and I’m going to cast Elves of Deep Shadow. And then I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: Ramp as we call it in the business.
I’m going to untap. Draw. Alright, well it’s a turn late, but I’m going to play this Verdant
Catacombs, and I’m going to crack it, going to 39. I’m going to get this Badlands. I’m
going to take a pain off my Sulfurous Spring, and try to cast Kroxa. KrOXa. Crickity Crackity.
He is hungry. (laughs) Jim: Alright, Bill? Bill: No effects. Jan: No effects on Kroxa. Jim: You got it. Eliot: ETB, trigger. Bill: No effects. Jan: I’m going to cast Brainstorm. Jim: What does it do when it ETBs? Eliot: Each opponent discards a card, then
each opponent who didnt discard a non-land card loses 3 life. Jim: So many negatives. Eliot: It is worded so if you don’t discard
a card, you lose 3 life. Jim: So I would rather not discard a card. Bill: I’ll take 3! Jan: I’m passing. Eliot: We’ll just put him over here, and then
please everybody discard a card. Well everybody but me. Jim: Snow-covered Swamp. Bill: Finale of Devastation. Jan: Chain of Vapor. Eliot: Jim, please take 3. Jim: 36. Eliot: And yeah, I will pass the turn. Bill: I’ll draw. That’s my favorite card.
Not gonna cast it, but I am gonna play this Savannah, and cast…have y’all ever heard
of Grob? It’s green bob! James controls a green permanent, so he costs
2 less to cast. Eliot: Oh no. Jim: I’m just enabling everybody. Eliot: Except me! Bill: So he’s a 2/3 with deathtouch, and whenever
he deals combat damage to a player, I get to draw a card. With that, I’ll pass the turn. Jan: Alright, I’m gonna untap. I’m going to
draw a card. Play a Volcanic Island. And then I’m going to cast a Scroll Rack. And pass
the turn. Jim: I’ll untap. Draw a card. I’m going to
play this Urborg. Eliot: My Sulfurous Springs taps for a black.
Without taking a damage. Jim: And I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: I’ll untap. Bill: Does Yarok have flash? Eliot: He better not! Jan: With deathtouch and lifelink. Eliot: I’ll draw. Being greedy and not activating
my Top. In my upkeep, because I wanted to get there, but I didn’t. I’m going to cast
an Arcane Signet. Bill: Now you can activate your Top. Eliot: You’re right. I’m going to cast Nihil
Spellbomb. Neehil. N-eye-hil. I should stop playing cards that are difficult to pronounce.
Or something. I’m going to pass the turn. Bill: I’m going to untap. Draw a card. Eliot: Spellbomb. Did i finish? N-eye-hil….wait
for it…. Bill: I’m going to pre-combat…I’m going
to cast Qasali Pridemage. I’m going to move to combat, and attack Eliot for 3. Eliot: Yeah, no effects. Go to 35. Bill: Then I will trigger Grob! Draw! Nice.
Pass. Jan: At the end of your turn, I’m going to
crack this Flooded Strand. Jim: I have a response. (gasps) Eliot: He still pays a life, he’s at 39. Jim: I’m going to tap Gaea’s Cradle for 2,
Urborg and Elves of Deep Shadow for black, and Llanowar Elves. So I’m at 35. I’m going
to cast Ad Nauseum. Eliot: I have hard no effects. Bill: Same. Jan: Yes. Jim: Kay. Somebody wanna track life for me? Eliot: Sure, I can do. Jim: Overgrown Tomb. Earthcraft. Eliot: You are at 33. Jim: Baleful Strix. Eliot: 31. Jim: Forbidden Orchard. Spellseeker. Eliot: 28. Jim: Breeding Pool. Mana Crypt. Collector
Ouphe. Eliot: 26. Jim: Cavern Harpy. Eliot: 24. Jim: Wall of Blossoms. Eliot: 22. Jim: Mana Drain. Eliot: 20. Jim: Polluted Delta. Aluren. Eliot: 16. Jim: Dark Ritual. Eliot: 15. Jim: Ashiok. Eliot: 12. Jim: Birds of Paradise. Eliot: 11. Jim: Mystic Remora. Eliot: 10. Jim: Priest of Titania. Eliot: 8. Jim: I’m going to stop at 8. Bill: So that was… Eliot: ughhhhh. Bill: A lot of cards you just drew there Jim. Jim: I didn’t draw them to be fair. Eliot: He revealed them and put them into
his hand, and then lost life. And then could repeat that process. Jim: Any number of times. Eliot: Ad Nauseum as some would say. Jim: I’m going to pass priority on Jan’s fetch. Jan: Sweet. I’m going to get this Hallowed
Fountain tapped, and then still on Bill’s end step, I’m going to Scroll Rack for 2. Bill: That’s desperation. Jan: That is desperation. Eliot: I can tap my Top still too, we’re not…well…we’re
up the creek. We’re up the creek and the paddle’s slippin. Jan: Alright, well I’m gonna untap. Bill: Grob was not strong enough. Jan: Draw this. I’m gonna play a Mox Opal. And then I’m gonna
Scroll Rack for 2. I know about one of these cards. Bill: One of them is free. Eliot: Come on big daddy. Bill: Come on yah! Windfall. Jan: I’ll play this Snow-covered Mountain. You know…we’re just gonna hold this up. Passin it up! Jim: Okay, I’ll untap. I’m going to play this
Polluted Delta, as my land for turn. And then I’m going to cast a Mana Crypt. Bill: I was gonna say the Polluted Delta taps
for a black, the Mana Crypt decidedly does not. Eliot: Decidedly. Jim: I’m going to cast this Dark Ritual. 3
black floating. Then, I’m going to tap my Gaea’s Cradle for 2 green, tap my Mana Crypt
for 2 colorless, cast Aluren. Bill: With 3 black floating? Jim: With 3 black floating still. Bill: Okay. Jim: Then, I’m going to tap Elves of Deep
Shadow, and Llanowar Elves, and use one of my black floating. Bill: Yes, and for one of the…take a damage
for the Elves of Deep Shadow. Jim: Yes. So down to 7. And I’m going to cast
Eldritch Evolution, sacrificing my Llanowar Elves. Bill: I have an effect. Eliot: It costs 2 green. So you would have to tap the Trop, or fetch
for a green. Jim: Yes…so then I’m gonna keep my Elves
of Deep Shadow untapped, I will tap my Trop. Bill: My response is I’m going to use Aluren
to flash in this Vexing Shusher. Jan: I also have effects, I’m going to use
Aluren to flash in this Soulfire Grand Master. Bill: This is on the stack? Jan: Yes in response. Bill: Okay, in response to that I’m going
to flash in Eternal Witness and get this Finale of Devastation. That’s it. Jim: Okay? Eliot: I don’t have any creatures. Oh wait! Jim: Eldritch Evo? Eliot: Yeah it’s good. Jim: Off the Eldritch Evolution, I’m going
to find Parasitic Strix. That enters the battlefield but does not trigger,
because I do not control a black permanent. I would then like to…I would then like to
flash in Cavern Harpy. Bill: Oh no it’s a black permanent! Jim: It appears to be a black permanent. ETB trigger, I’m going to bounce Parasitic
Strix. I’m going to cast Parasitic Strix. Bill: I see where this is going guys. Eliot: Um, yeah so as you guys can see from
the cards on the screen, he’s gonna…he’s gonna do this. Jan: I’m activating Soulfire Grand Master’s
ability. Jim: Okay. Bill: How many cards do you have in hand? Jan: 0. Bill: Nice. Eliot: I have no effects. Jim: Okay, so I would like to demonstrate
a loop. When this enters the battlefield, I’m going to drain Eliot for 2 life. Eliot: Yes sir, 33. Jim goes to 10. Jim: Yes. I’m going to use one of those life’s…lives…to
return Cavern Harpy to my hand. I’m going to then cast Cavern Harpy using the alternate
casting cost bestowed upon it by Aluren. It then enters the battlefield, and I bounce
Parasitic Strix. Then I cast Parasitic Strix, and drain Eliot for 2. Each one of these iterations
of the loop I gain one life and Eliot loses 2. When Eliot is dead, I will then proceed
to do that to Bill. Then to Jan. Bill: Well, but Parasitic Strix says specifically
Eliot, right? Eliot: When Parasitic Eliot comes into play… Jim: I’m gonna do it until you all stop movin. Eliot: I had a mittful of sorceries. Jan: I had no cards left in my hand. Top card
of my library… Jim: I had that many cards left in my hand. Eliot: Shut up. Bill: That’s pretty good. Jim: That opener was wild. It was a little
scary because it had 4 lands. But I kept it because I knew that probably turn 1 or turn
2 I was gonna have to discard something to Eliot’s thing, so might as well be a land.
And then the first turn Ponder I looked at the top 3 and it was Llanowar Elves, Elves
of Deep Shadow, Force of Will. So I left them exactly in that order, drew them, cast them,
and I had Rhystic Study in my hand. Which was going to be what I was kind of going into,
and just sort of start to grind out some damage. But then I top decked the Ad Nauseum after
the Force of Will, and I was like well. Jan: Just decided to win the game. Bill: The nuttiest Ad Nauseum I’ve ever seen. Eliot: Yeah. I wanted to cast my guy on turn
1. Bill: To be fair, well I was gonna say you
did get to cast him, but not on turn 1. Jim: Not like this. Jan: Cast him on turn 2. Fair. Eliot: Fair and balanced. Yeah, the rest of
my hand was 3 mana sorceries. So if you didn’t win there, I did have an Anger of the Gods,
which is pretty good. But yeah, I had like Anger, Wheel, byforce, so my hand was looking
pretty good. Pre-naus. And post-naus I looked very dead. Bill: My hand was okay, it was very land light.
But I did have the Grob, which is obviously turned on by the Llanowar Elves, so I was
like hopefully gonna be able to draw into some stuff. The only card that I drew off
of him was a Mox Diamond, with no lands in hand, which does not feel great, thanks for
asking. The rest of my hand was fine, I had like an Eladamri’s Call so that I could search
for like a combo piece, I also had Crop Rotation, so I could search for Okina, Temple to the
Grandfathers. Which is also a combo piece. So yeah, I had some lines to do stuff in like…maybe
2 or 3 turns. But the game was not going to last that long. In any case here Jan: I was going to cast Elsha, that’s about
all. Eliot: Yeah, I wasn’t winning by any means. Jan: Yeah, that would have been awesome if
you Anger’ed before my turn, then I could have just played my 3/3s. And sit there forever. Eliot: Actual forever. Prowess. Jim: But that was a quick one! So what do
you guys think? Eliot: Well, you know what we do. Bill: When we have a quick game. Eliot: Wait…who are you? Jim: We’re doing a double up! We’re doing
it. So here’s how a double up works. We just finished a quick game, so we’re going to do
a double up. What that means is you are watching this game on a Thursday. There’s going to
be another game, if you’re not a Patron you’re going to be able to watch it this coming Monday,
and if you ARE a Patron, you’re going to get to watch it right now. So go check Patreon,
right now, the other episode is live right now. So we’re going to shuffle up, we’re going
to play another game, and if you’re not a Patron we’ll see
you on Monday. (end credits)

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  1. What's a little weird is if you click what's supposed to be the link for Jim's deck, the card he used to actually win, Parasitic Strix, isn't even in the decklist. What's more, the primer goes on to talk about Lab Man lines to win yet Lab Man is nowhere to be found in the decklist. And the deck was last updated a month ago. Curious as to when Jim put this deck together. I honestly like the Strix win con and was interested in reading a comprehensive primer but it seems to be outdated, as far as the version Jim was playing apparently. Was Jim running Thassa's Oracle as well?

  2. Thanks for being so involved in the community. I see your comments on almost every video I watch. Hope you make it to magic fest Vegas so I can get some cards signed.

  3. Thank you for fixing the audio, for me personally its hard to consume the content without because of the nature of my job and didnt have a readily available alternative device 🙂

  4. I am curious why Eliot put Kroxa into the graveyard after casting it the first time. Sending it back to the command zone does delay the option of it being a beater but it makes a sol ring draw into another blightling.

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