Fresco | Playthrough | slickerdrips

Fresco | Playthrough | slickerdrips

6 thoughts on “Fresco | Playthrough | slickerdrips”

  1. My wife and I love this game so thank you for spreading the word. Question: where did you get the bit holders? I like how the have the spout.

  2. Thanks for the playthrough, wanting to add an art themed game to my collection and this one is definitely a contender.

  3. Thanks for the playthrough!

    Though at 1:16:00 you missed something very important: the bishop always moves to the section of the fresco that was just restored! That puts him in range of the last fresco tile, and the bonus points from that would have won you the game, barely, instead of glass Marty, barely.

    Sorry, I wasn't paying as close attention earlier so I don't know if you missed it before.

  4. Not sure if I missed it in the Klingon subtitles, but each apprentice sent to the workshop can mix twice or fulfill one Bishop's Request. It seems you were mixing only once per apprentice.

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