Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 486

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 486

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  1. Игорь Мирзаянов

    Плс не надо больше вставлять эти унылые батлграунды ради богаааа

  2. 3:20 god this clip reminds me of that classic trump moment where his death wing got facelessed then big game huntered in arena lol

  3. Videos should sectioned so that Battleground videos are grouped together at the start or end of the video.

    TL;DR: I don’t give a fuck about Battlegrounds.

  4. 4:05 got cocky using his HP to chip some health before running in Leeory into his opponent. Should have played that 2 mana to make the chance Leeory getting sniped by the Juggler to 11.1% instead of 25%.

  5. Фигня выпуск. Тупо скучные миссплеи савижи и француза. Разбавили ролом с Алекс, который не влияет на факт проигроша роги(у вара больше хп чем 12 урона)
    Поднимай уровень трольден, или не клипай так часто!

  6. Thijs: Keep this a secret
    Trolden: Lmao what? I cant hear what you just said over the noise of me sharing that cool interaction you just found with everyone.

  7. 4:04 That had a 25% chance of happening. He could've reduced it to 11% by playing the 2-drop first. So, you know what? Actual justice in Hearthstone..

  8. Savjs is uh… gettin a bit thicc in his older years. My dude for sure has put on at least ten or fifteen pounds. Hope he isnt depressed or anything.

  9. RIGHT at the half way point of this video I was wondering "Is Kripp banned from Trolden or something?" . . .dang video knew what I was thinking.

  10. Kripp is not allowed to complain till the end of his life. Under any circumstances or emergency. He cannot complain for he is the luckiest hs player of the entire community of retards who still play a game which is so rng based championships are a joke.

  11. Я человек простой, вижу больше 1 видео по бг, ставлю диз и закрываю видео

  12. Hey mister editor! Just in case you dont know, there is a "modern version" of "I Could Stay forever" that has better quality audio than the one you put in the video Love your vids.

  13. 8:15 Андрюха решил прислушаться к человеку в чате и не терять ценного подписчика.

  14. maybe I’m stupid but can someone explain what happened in the Savjz clip? what did he do wrong? I just don’t know what he was reacting to

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