Futuristic Singles Speed Dating Game Show | The Button | Cut

Futuristic Singles Speed Dating Game Show | The Button | Cut

– Yeah, I think so. – You’re divorced? (Brit laughs) – [Announcer] Welcome to The Button, a speed dating show. When the button lights up red, either player may press it and swap out their date for a new person. – [Announcer] If two people can last on a date for 10 minutes, they win all expenses paid second date. – Hello. – Hi.
– Hi, I’m Bjork. – Jimmy, nice meeting you. – Nice to meet you. – Just wanna say I’m super nervous. – Okay. That’s fine. We’re all nervous up in here. Tell me about yourself. – I’m an artist. I’m obsessed with societal issues and trying a solution to that and just be really aware of the problems going on in our society. – You are? – I am (laughs) – Okay ’cause I feel a ton of emotions coming from that pink shirt. – Yeah, I mean. There’s a lot there,
but I don’t really date. – You’ve been a magician
since you were six? – Yup. – Tell me about being a magician. – Well, ’cause I was bullied
in elementary school, one time I just this lady doing
a performance in the mall, so I was really intrigued by it. I think everyone is inherently curious and I wanna bring that curiosity– (buzzer) (Bjork laughing) – That was so mean, he just told me such a deep thing and I just nexted him so hard. Hi. – [Jasmine] Hi. – I’m Bjork.
– Bjork, I’m Jasmine. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. You said your name was Bjork, right? – Yes.
– Okay, cool. Like the singer? – Yup, just like the singer. I can gather that. – Oh, thank you. – Cool, so tell me about yourself. (buzzer) – (laughs) Fuck. – Can I wait ’till she leaves? (Bjork laughs offscreen) It felt like an interview
instead of a date. I don’t know. I felt like I was applying for a job. – No. – Hi. I’m Tyson. – Hi, Tyson. – Nice to meet you. – Jasmine, nice to meet you too. – Wow, you’re very beautiful. – Thank you. – What’s your favorite… What do you like to do? – I love to read. – Oh my god, you’re a baby.
– I am 19 years old. – Okay, I’m so sorry. (buzzer) (Tyson gasps) – It’s okay, it’s okay. – Oh, no, no, no. – Oh my god. It’s not illegal, but he’s a child. – Hi. What’s your name? – Brooke. – Brooke, I’m Jasmine. – (together) Nice to meet you. – You’re beautiful. – Oh thank you, you too. – I can tell you care
about your appearance. – Yeah. – You have pretty eyes. – You too. – Thank you. – What color are they? – Hazel. – Same, but hazel-green. – Yeah. Yours are more green. – Yeah. – This is fun. – [Brooke] I know. I don’t really meet people
out of bars or anything, so this is nice. – When was the last
time you went on a date? – Six months ago? – Really? – No, no. Like five months. (buzzer) – I’m sorry. – No, it’s okay. – I don’t know, I felt like I really
driving the conversation. How are you? – I’m well, what’s your name? – I’m Jasmine. – Jasmine, I’m Brit. – Are you nervous? – Yes, very much so. (Jasmine laughs) My mom put a lot of pressure on this. – Why? Does she want to you to– – It’s speed dating and she said like 20 people, I’m
bound to find somebody. – Aw, she wants to you settle down. – It’s time, yeah. For her. – [Brit] I do not own a gun. Do you own a gun? – I do. – That’s awesome. Protect yourself. – Thank you. – Tell me about that, actually. That’s really interesting. – I didn’t grow up being
somebody that wanted a gun, but my dad always taught me that because I am an
attractive young woman, you never know what can happen. – That’s great, though. – Okay, so, you’re not put off by that? ‘Cause most people are. – No. No, my family’s military on both sides. – Cool, so you know how to shoot a gun? – I know how to shoot a gun. I’ve been shooting since I was 14. – You’re divorced? – (laughing) Yes, I am. – Do you have any kids? – No, I do not, no. – Would you get married again? – Oh, yeah. – Yeah, okay–
– For sure. – But for the right person. – For the right person, yeah. – Cool. So what do you do for fun? – I’m a performer, actually. So I do high femme, like afab drag and splice in some burlesque because I can’t my keep clothes on. So– – Really? – [Brit] Yeah, it’s fun. – The burlesque thing, that interests me because that’s something I’ve kinda been wanting to get into. I grew up dancing. – Nice, tell me about your background. – Ballet, tap, jazz. – Okay. – A little of hip-hop. – [Jasmine] You are. – [Brit] That’s true, that’s true. – Yeah, I think so. Honestly, I was pretty
nervous ahead of time, but I’m very pleasantly surprised, so– – Well, I’m glad I– – Yeah. – Did that for you. – Yeah, not no disappointment whatsoever. – I hope you’re hungry. – Yeah. – I love you, Button. – I love you, Button. Yeah, can I? (laughing) (people offscreen clapping)

100 thoughts on “Futuristic Singles Speed Dating Game Show | The Button | Cut”

  1. Robotic voice was a trash choice….my first words “ayeeee girl it’s an all paid second date don’t fuck this up”…..be funny the dude she called a child had more money and investments than her

  2. Alejandro Ramirez

    Jasmine low-key seems super shallow and judgemental with everyone but this is also is designed to show the ugly side of people

  3. I would hate doing this bc my feelings would get hurt real quick lmao but ngl its entertaining seeing people do it

  4. Once the pretty girl sits down, the rest of the show is about her. Same thing happened in the other "the button" vid. From that point onward everyone is hoping she won't push the button, while not even thinking about pushing it themselves.

  5. “You’re divorced”
    Insert 20 minute dramatic stare for absolutely no reason coupled with zero information about her divorce lol
    Like why? 😂

  6. kurtisconnersgirl

    I liked that Jasmine explained exactly why she pressed the button! Last time, a lot of people were just pressing it bc they didnt 'feel a spark' haha but she genuinely gave people a chance before dismissing them for an actual reason :))

  7. Jimmy was so cute and seemed sweet and I'm just wondering if you're "emotionally unavailable" why sign up for this???

  8. Honestly, this has turned into a shit show! It was fine at first, but now that you're having the "button" putting people on the spot (as in, revealing various facts about em to their date) it's just gotten too cringy (the button is now failing people on the date, people who might've gotten a long, just part ways because of newly discovered facts about their date)

  9. Why the button keeps on telling people to say 'i love you' in the end?
    Bet the button never went on a date before.

  10. Talking while the button is red feels so intense. The anticipation kills me wondering if someone’s going to hit it.

  11. This was great show idea needs to be longer and is this romantic dates or just meeting ppl cuz your new in town?

  12. Heterosexual man watching this stuff reminds me of why i chose to be and stay single.

    Everybody has its own perception of love and being with someone but that video is atrociously painful To experience.

    Great idea of concept nonetheless.

  13. oh my god it pisses me off when people just a few years apart says to the other that there a child or a baby. like bitch im a grown ass man

  14. This has got to be one of the most annoying series on YT right now. The "Buttons'" voice is dreadful, and the contestants are rather typical. So glad I'm married, and happily so for nearly 9 years. Dating in today's world seems like one train wreck after another, in hopes if scraping by, barely missing the train each time.

  15. Is everyone there Bisexual or something because from the looks of it they don't care about if they are or not???

  16. It's literally just like dating apps when you text someone and the conversation is going good but they don't answer anymore. The red button is there to represent the rudeness

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