Game Of Thrones Prequel Teaser – House of The Dragon 2021 Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Prequel Teaser – House of The Dragon 2021 Breakdown

with arts now lost to the world we
transformed a tiny outpost into Dragonstone a fortress fit for the last
dragon lords then Aenar’s descendant settled into it like a tomb for their
lost homeland until Aegon when he looked east he saw the past old tired dead but
when he lived west he saw the future gold in the ground gold in the fields
and no dragons in the sky but his he and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya flew
over the great continent ostensibly visitors to a strange land but when
Aegon returned he ordered construction of a massive table carved in the shape
of Westeros with all the notable rivers and mountains that they had seen a
personal map of the Seven Kingdoms then ruled by seven squabbling families
house-door ndon held the Stormlands from their seated storm’s end due south of
Dragonstone house horror of the Iron Islands had also conquered and enslaved
the Riverlands and ruled them from Harrenhal
a monstrous castle rising on the shore of the Gods aye
how stark held the frozen wasteland of the North the oldest largest and
emptiest of the kingdom has Lannister held the westerland’s the wealthiest
Kingdom thanks to their gold mines house
gardener held the reach of the second wealthiest Kingdom thanks to their crops
House Arryn held the Vale or rather the Vale held them the mountains were
impossible except through the bloody gate which had never been taken house
Martell held the deserts of dome from the plate because no one else wanted
them together the Seven Kingdoms made Westeros a realm that wasn’t yet around
ruled by great families who didn’t know what greatness was Aegon would teach
them welcome back everyone it’s Charlie we have awesome news about Game of
Thrones they just picked up the brand new prequel series about the history of
the Targaryen family called house of dragons straight to series they ordered
10 episodes for season 1 which means they want all the seasons to have 10
episodes we know a whole bunch about it so I’ll break all the details down if
you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the bonus videos of
course I’ll be doing episode videos and book Easter eggs for the series when it
gets here and I’ll do bonus videos before it gets here too we do have an
early timeline for when they’re going to be casting when it’s going into
production and when they’re actually going to premiere the series so I’ll
just do this top ten style like I would normally do a game of Thrones video
starting with number 10 the name of the series House of the Dragon is based on
fire and blood if you haven’t read that book George RR Martin published it last
year is basically all this extra Targaryen history that he wrote while he
was writing the main series winds of winter he’s still working on right now
eventually he just compiled so much extra history in details about these
characters that he just stuck it all in a book and called it fire in blood and
it’s only part 1 there will be a part two because part 1 really only goes up
through the end of the dance of the Dragons
but number 9 who’s making the series in what’s Martin’s involvement very
important they announced the series is being co-created with George rr Martin
and Ryan Condal miguel Sapochnick is actually going to be co show runner with
Ryan Condal in George RR Martin is going to be an executive producer which he was
not on the main series during the first four seasons of the main show
George RR Martin did get to give a lot of script notes and tell them when they
were getting things wrong he wrote an episode per season eventually what
happened is what you all saw is that it hurt his progress on the main series of
books he was able to finish Dance with Dragons during those first four seasons
but because winds of winter was taking so much longer he had to back away from
the main show after season four they didn’t say whether or not Martin would
be writing scripts for the new series but I’m assuming for now that he’s just
providing a lot more creative oversight and having a bigger say in what actually
happens than he did on the original show but pretty safe bet that he’ll probably
write an episode or two over the course of the series if it runs seven to eight
seasons number eight though miguel Sapochnik very important get for this
series he was one of the best creatives behind some of the best of the best
Game of Thrones episodes on the original series that’s probably one of the
reasons why HBO is moving so quickly on this Targaryen prequel there was another
prequel that they cancelled recently I’ll talk about that in a second but
sipar chanak didn’t start working on the main series until season five but he did
the gift hardhome battle of the bastards in winds of winter in season six and
then he was forced to skip season seven because of family issues but came back
and directed the long night episode three during season eight in that
episode five the bells so he’s mostly known for doing the
biggest craziest in a lot of cases what you would consider the best episodes of
Game of Thrones so I’m really happy that he’s gonna be Kosho runner so super
powerful person on the new series but for the most part he’s probably going to
be spending most of his time on set managing that aspect of creative his
partner Ryan Condal and george RR martin are probably gonna be spending most of
their time riding the series they had to show runners Dan and Dave on the main
show they still have to show runners in the new series but you have the addition
of George rr Martin himself who is also providing way more creative oversight in
case you missed it after season 8 I did a video about Miguel Sapochnick’s
deleted scenes that he talked about I’ll post a link to that at the end of this
video because the stuff that he says will blow your mind number 7 when does
this house of the Dragon series actually take place most reports all the news
outlets that are reporting this in the trades are saying it takes place 300
years ago which would put it right at a cons conquest because they say they’re
chronicling the targaryen conquest of the seven kingdoms
but it will also eventually encompass the dance of the Dragons here’s the
thing if you know your game of Thrones history obviously Aegon’s conquest 300
plus years ago but the dance of the Dragons Targaryen Civil War was about a
hundred and twenty nine years ago so there’s either gonna be some massive
time jumps during the series or it’s going to be an anthology series which
HBO did not say they didn’t say anything about anthology so unless they really
are jumping through time many years each season they might just be handling all
the stuff in the past like Aegon’s conquest using flashbacks the way that
the main show handled Robert’s rebellion so most of season one may be season two
will be dedicated to telling the story of Aegon’s conquest they didn’t say
anything about covering the earlier period in ancient history like the doom
of Valyria or the period before the doom but as is the style with Game of Thrones
characters discuss history and tell stories like old man events that
happened in the past so there will be some old nan type character probably a
dragon stone or one of the other castles telling tales of the doom also keep in
mind that because this was 300 years ago this is still thousands of years after
the long night the building of the wall and the establishment of the Nights
Watch so all that’s happening up in the north long before Aegon ever conquered
the Seven Kingdoms number six the early seasons Aegon’s conquest of the six
kingdoms because remember he didn’t conquer Dorne so he only conquered six
of the seven kingdoms the intro at the beginning of this narrated by Viserys
Targaryen himself kind of gives you the small part of their early history after
fleeing the doom of Valyria after Danice the dreamer had a vision foretelling the
Cataclysm but Aegon himself Aegon the conquerer was a few generations removed
from a gnar Targaryen the Targaryen that took them to Dragonstone fleeing the
doom leading up to the actual conquest as a younger man Aegon spent a lot of
time flying his dragon balerion the black dread with his sisters before they
went full sister wiping all over the Seven Kingdoms so they spent a lot of
time in Westeros before they set it on fire
Aegon was so fascinated with Westeros that he actually commissioned the giant
map table that’s why the formal name of this room is called the chamber of the
painted table we spent a lot of time in Dragonstone across the series mostly
during season seven they really only built out bigger sets
in different rooms for Season seven like the throne room so hopefully they’ll use
it as an opportunity to build out other big sets and other places with in
Dragonstone the same way they did for Winterfell in the early seasons there
are a number of castles from present-day that we saw in the main show that were
being built or were already built by the time Aegon conquer the Seven Kingdoms
Harrenhal is probably the most infamous in fact the day that he finished
building the castle and took up residence was the same day that Aegon
Targaryen made landfall at the site that is now known as King’s Landing that’s
why it’s called King’s Landing because that’s where the future King landed his
army within a year of that he had taken balerion the black dread to burn
Harrenhal melting most of its towers in some say cursing it forever but for
after Aegon’s conquest the major events that the show would cover or probably
will cover depending on how long they want to spend on each event would be the
rise of Aegon sons the first Dornish war the faith militant uprising maegor the
cruel building the dragon pit the very first Great Council which was actually
held at Harrenhal after King Joe Harris the wisest son Balin died because he
didn’t have another heir he had to name another successor so Great Council was
called all the Lords of the realm assembled to try and compel King Joe
Harris to pick another successor then they billed through several other big
tragedies that lead up to the dance of the Dragons so 3 the actual dance of the
Dragons the Targaryen Civil War lasted for about two years so presumably if the
new show runs for seven or eight seasons the last two seasons at least would be
spent telling that story if not more seasons there’s no rule that says that
each season of the show has to cover an entire year of the timeline so they can
actually spend the last half of the series during the dance of the dragons
if they want if you’re not familiar with the dance of the dragons it was the
first major civil war in the history of the Seven Kingdoms it was basically a
war of succession between aegon ii and his half-sister rhaenyra targaryen
over their fathers throne the two different-sized were referred to as the
blacks in the greens and because this is a period in history when there are a lot
of dragons you wind up off a lot of dragons during this event so if
you’re a big fan of dragons on the main show this show in the last couple of
seasons will have more dragons fighting each other in the air than you’ve ever
seen before also around the time of the dance of the
Dragons there was a war in the East called the daughters war that was being
fought over territory controlled by an organization called the tri our key so
you could also cover things that are happening in Essos bouncing back and
forth between continents just like the main show did during the early seasons –
I know you’re all asking when a season one going to premiere when are they
gonna announce the cast and when will they start shooting it because they
picked it up straight to series that means that HBO is moving super fast
they only do stuff like that when they want episodes as quickly as possible
given the amount of time it took to finish special effects in the amount of
time it normally used to take to make seasons of the main show as long as they
cast it and start shooting by next summer they can get episodes out by
April 20-21 Game of Thrones was always intended to be a spring early summer
show I would plan on the new prequel series being the same but number one I
know you’re asking there was supposed to be a long night prequel series they even
shot a pilot episode what happened to that just a couple days ago before they
announced this new series they announced that they had cancelled the long night
prequel series but I think it’s clearly a dragon’s vs. no dragons situation so I
will do more bonus videos as we get more information but leave all your big
questions and your video requests in the comments everybody click here for that
Game of Thrones season 8 deleted scenes video with a really cool interview from
Miguel Sapochnik check and click here for my giant game of Thrones playlist with
all my bonus videos thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll
see you guys tonight!

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