Game of Zones S1:E2 ‘Winter is Coming’

Game of Zones S1:E2 ‘Winter is Coming’

*Gasping* I had the dream again. I saw it. Were you inside Benny the Bull again, little Lord? No, it was the three-eyed bird… Might as well tank next year. We’ve got no chance since Maester Rivers Went West. You know nothing Rondo. When I heard a Gasol brother got knocked out by the Thunder, I didn’t believe it. But here you are. Here I am. I’ll take that hot-dog now. I’ll tell you what, we’ll trade ya. You one of our hot dogs for one of yours. Give us a go at the point guard like to have me a little one-on-one with this one You were talk Stalkers make me thirsty This here these are the kings colors no one’s standing in our way now the coons Carmelo after [surge] orden, I have only loved one players The [Black] [Mamba] you you

100 thoughts on “Game of Zones S1:E2 ‘Winter is Coming’”

  1. TBH Carmello Anthony's trash ass really should've been pushed from at least the 95th floor of a New York skyscraper!! has ALWAYS been a lazy, selfish, diva actin bitch, with a shitty ISO shot!!!! ALWAYS WAS/WILL BE OVERATED!!!!

  2. So basically………..Heat=The dinosaur team
    Knicks=The betrayed team
    Thunder=The team that was like oh no kd!!!!
    Spurs=Scavenger zombie team that comes to beat everybody????

  3. Lol 🀣🀣🀣🀣 lol Iol lol 🀣 🀣 lol 🀣 🀣 lol 🀣 🀣 lol 🀣 🀣 lol Iol lol 🀣 🀣🀣 lol🀣 🀣 lol Iol lol 🀣 🀣 lol 🀣 🀣🀣 lol🀣 🀣

  4. Yo why they have to kill Melo like that. Smh i swear he has the worst luck..but in comparison the meme of LaLa getting dicked down by the white boy in Power is way worse πŸ˜‚

  5. anyone notice after Phil Jackson through Melo through the moon door the top of it looked like the garden. 1:34

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