Today we’re gonna have fun by playing game that I’ve never done before. I have an arena that has obstacles. This game will compete for prizes worth ten millions Rupiah.
So, keep watching. But first, make sure you already toped up your data package on Tokopedia. Cause they always have interesting promo. I put the link in the description and I also pin at the comment section. Just give a click. Top up on Tokopedia. Welcome to Matte Puzzle~ Ok, guys. It’s a Matte Puzzle game. I have some boxes.
1 box means 1 step. Their move will be decided by the dice. I won’t play now.
I’ll lead the game instead. It has some obstacles. For example, step back 5 steps. Choose friend to step back, back to the start, don’t roll the dice and else. I got the price in my pocket. The cash. -Is that real?
-Give me some. You don’t even play it. The prize is the cash. Celebration! It’s only for the winner who can reach the finish line.
But not that easy. Since the obstacles are so hard. Easy peasy Now let’s step on the start line Ok. They’re ready. Here’s the order : Alviand, Yogi, Christina, Lucky, and Kelvan. 5 players. One winner will get million cash. Ok I can’t wait to get the money. The game starts now -5. Please move.
-1,2,3,4,5 Instantly get the first trap.
“You can’t roll the dice for two rounds” I’m so finished -Stay there for two rounds.
-Duh.. Yogi! 6. That means in front of Alviand. He’s safe. I give you 35 minutes to play Roll it fast 4. Safe on the pink puzzle. Roll it 4. Stand behind Christina. Come on -2. Safe.
-Still safe -Now Alviand.
-I’m not allowed to roll -Skip!
-Ah right. Skip, guys. Now Yogi. -4. Go ahead
-1,2,3,4 safe Yogi is safe again. Why he’s always safe? I can smell the victory Look! Christina got 1. That means she can’t roll the dice for two rounds. Too bad.. Please win, Chris.. So my money will not be wasted. -1
-Hey he got 1 too. Apparently Lucky got 1 too -There! He got 1. Read it “Back to start”
-Go back to start then. No. You can’t roll the dice for two rounds. I prepared this hard game. -4. 1,2,3,4
-Yogi is safe again. Next.. You can’t roll. You too. Lucky now. Lucky can’t roll too. Skip him Now Kelvan then.. -3 Kelvan
-1,2,3 safe. -Now you roll?
-Yeah. It’s been 2 rounds. Lucky and Christina have to wait for another round. -2. 1,2
-Read it, Nal. It’s good. “Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps” -Yogi! Step back!
-So sad. -3
-Do revenge, Gi. (Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps(
-It’s fine to just step back. Ah the punishment applies only once. Now Yogi. Go ahead. Gi, it’s a waste that you stepped forward but stepped back again. -No. I’ll roll it.
-Hope he gets 2. -5
-1,2,3,4,5. Safe. He’s awesome. Now Kelvan. -How many times did Christina skip?
-Done. 2 rounds. 2, Kelvan Look! Now Kelvan got the trap
“You can’t roll the dice for 2 rounds” -Now Christina.
-Me first. -Really?
-Why always Alviand? Cause she skipped. -2.
-He gets it again. Look! -choose 1 player to go back to start
-Yogi! Get back to the start! -next
-Yogi Why Yogi again? 1. That’s safe. That’s fine. Christina When will you finish it if you keep staying here? -1. Safe.
-Next. Lucky. -1
-Why are you keep following me? -He skips 2x. Now Alviand.
-Roll it -6. Cool!
-1,2,3,4,5,6 -Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps
-Yogi again No you can’t. I only took 1 step forward -Christina then
-Aah… So mean. -Yogi on the green puzzle right?
-Yeah -6
-1,2,3,4,5,6 safe -1. Choose one player to step back 3 steps
-Who do you choose? -Alviand
-Alviand! -Why the furthest one is always chosen?
-So you won’t win Next. Kelvin is skipped. Alviand again. Guys, as the game master here,
I have to say that this game is hard. -You’re so dead
-Step back 10 steps 10 steps. When will we reach the finish line? As you can see. They are all gathering here. 3. 1,2,3
Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps -Ok choose.
-It’s obviously Lucky. -Step back, Lucky.
-1,2,3,4,5. So far. Next is Christina. -1,2,3,4 yes!
-4 is on the red. Read it. -Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps
-Yogi! Step back! The money is still right here, guys.
I guess the money will stay in my pocket today. It’s been 10 minutes. You guys have 25 minutes more. Please continue -Back to start
-He got back to the start -Next!
-Me Kelvan -He can roll again finally.
-1 Hahaha only 1. Hahahaha Why they don’t get the fortune here? Step not on the trap. -3
-1,2,3 safe So lousy. You can’t move forward? Stuck -6
-1,2,3,4,5,6 safe. -That means everyone is being mean to you, Gi.
-Yeah. I keep coming back all along, sir. -5
-1,2,3,4,5. Safe. -Where are you?
-on the start Good, Lucky! Aah.. When will we finish it? So boring.
The money keeps coming back in my pocket. -5
-Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps -Yogi
-Yogi you’re chosen to step back 5 steps. Help, Viand. Why everyone keeps coming back? -4
-1,2,3,4 safe. Next Yogi. 1. Next Christina. Why we’re all here? -1
-Step back 10 steps Christina has to step back 10 steps. It’s been more than 10 minutes.
This game that I invented was created to be hard to win. -4
-1,2,3,4 safe. -Kelvan
-I can smell the money -Impossible
-1 -That’s safe.
-I’m shocked. Don’t be. There’s a more shocking one in front. -3
-1,2…. -Step back 10 steps
-Crystal clear Why we it’s so hard to finish it? Never ending game. -4. Safe.
-1,2,3,4 -Yogi.. The key is to keep even number start from now.
-Ok ok -2
-Aaahh… -Skip again
-Now Lucky -4
-1,2,3,4 safe Me! -6 so far
-1,2,3,4,5,6 safe Not that fast. All of your friends are so mean. -Yeah they are mean
-Yeah they all are -2
-Duh. Got the trap again. Too bad, Alviand. 2x skipped. -4 safe
-1,2,3,4 -Good
-Cool -4
-1,2,3,4 ok safe. If you guys get the even number, then you’ll be safe. -2 safe
-Good! Since Christina will be skipped, that means Yogi now. So cool! Yogi got even number again. -You’re on the yellow
-And kelvan on the red Ok next Lucky – wow 6!
-Guys, they are lucky. When they reach the safe spot, all they have to do is only to get even number -Please 6
-There! 5 is odd. Back to the start Back to the start. Too bad. Your movement is too far. Now Yogi. Christina will roll the dice after it. odd number Wow! Nooo! My money! He’s almost there, guys. 6. Cool! My money is about to come out. -I can’t accept it
-Let’s cooperate with Yogi. -Knock it off
-3 Safe -even number
-Ok good. Kelvan. You’re on the start all along. 1. Safe. odd number! Yes! -Roll it!
-odd! -odd is something, guys.
-1,2,3,4,5 -Read it
-Choose 1 player to step back 20 steps All clear. I don’t wanna be overtaken. Ok good! -Where’s the “choose 1 to go back to the start?
-There! -1 ok.
-Please 1 Trap! odd number -1,2,3,4,5
-Step back 10 steps Aah.. Go back again Ok next is Lucky! -6 safe
-1,2,3,4,5,6 -6. 1,2,3,4,5,6
-Good! -Alviand!
-5. The fun is about to happen. Choose 1 person to step back 5 steps. He has to choose -Yogi, do you wanna cooperate with me or not?
-Not allowed! If you win, give me 30% That’s not a problem.
Do you think there won’t be any obstacle again? Yogi, you’re my bro. odd number! Look! -No. Safe.
-Read it. -Where did you start?
-From here. That’s fine. There are still more obstacles ahead. Next. Christina. -3
-Safe -2
-Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps -Obviously Yogi!
-He refuses to cooperate. 1,2,3 I go back. Ok. 10 minutes left. -Duh so lousy!
-Step back 10 steps -Kelvan got the price 10 step back
-Keep being trapped Best heading! -2
-Step back 10 steps Eat your best heading! Come on, Gi! Reach the finish line. I’ll give you the money. Yogi won’t reach the finish line. -6
-Duh. Hey it’s a trap Come and see, Nal. -1,2,3,4,5,6 step back 3 steps. That’s fine
-Duh. Who stick it? Why only 3 steps? -1,2,3
-Yogi’s still leading the game 10 minutes left. -2
-Ok next. Lucky. -4.
-A trap. -Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps
-Obviously Yogi! Yogi. Step back 5 steps. Next. Kelvan. Just go back to start as always. -3.
-1,2,3 safe Next Alviand That’s because of his best heading. 5 minutes left. Yogi, can you finish it? -5
-1,2,3,4,5 – I go back
-But you’re cheating. You got Alviand’s back. -2
-safe -4
-Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps Lucky has a chance to ask 1 player do 3 step back. -Yogi!
-Yogi again. Kelvan! 3,5 minutes left. No one wants to move forward? Help! 2 Where are you going? Roll -3
-Choose 1 player to step back 3 steps It seems my money won’t be wasted today. Yogi! Since you’re my bro, I choose Lucky instead! 3 minutes left, Yogi. Catch it! -Please 6
-2, Gi! 4. Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps. -Lucky!
-Obviously! Lucky! Step back. Guys, what a fun game. So tiring. -3
-step back 10 steps -It made so many victims
-Correct Good!
That angle is the best one -3
-ok safe Kelvan -1! 1!
-2 minutes left -6
-safe Ok Alviand. Make it fast! 2 minutes left. -5. Where is it?
-On yellow -Good. Next. Yogi!
-Please 6 -1
-safe on the blue Safe. Ok next. -2
-Aah.. I keep staying here. Christina will be skipped 2x -Choose 1 player to step back 5 steps
-Obviously Yogi! You’re not my bro here. He said he’s not his bro. -3. Choose 1 player to step back 10 steps
-Obviously Yogi! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 I gotta tell you that this is the last round. If no one wins, and it seems no one will win. This game will be continued in the next episode with a bigger prize. -6
-safe -Your last roll, Yogi
-6 -It’s 6
-1,2,3,4,5,6 1,2,3,4,5,6. So sick! So cool! Cool!! Choose 2 players to go back to the start -Give me 1 name first
-Definitely Lucky Lucky get back to the start -The 2nd name?
-Obviously the one who brought me back. Kelvan. Kelvan go back to the start Ok, guys. 2 players are at the start now. Yogi hasn’t reached the finish. Now we have 2 more rolls.
Go ahead. Christina skip. The last ones are Lucky and Kelvan. -No hope
-Don’t play it. Will be such a waste! This game doesn’t have any winner.
This game isn’t over yet, guys. They didn’t reach the finish. That means I still got the prize. And I’ll challenge them again with bigger prize. Thanks for watching. Hit the thumbs up. Leave comment. And subscribe. See you on the next game. Bye! And subscribe. See you on the next game. Bye! -Why you all can’t even play it?
-So hard! All traps!


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