Gameloft loves its fans! Valentine’s Day Sales (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)

Gameloft loves its fans! Valentine’s Day Sales (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)

36 thoughts on “Gameloft loves its fans! Valentine’s Day Sales (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)”

  1. @0REZOR0 They already have it on the PS3. It is called, wait for it, Modern Combat: Domination. It is Counter-Strike in pretty much every way possible.

    All they really need to do is port that back to iOS (which is where the base engine came from anyway) and get it functional over 3g as well as the current setups.

    Battlefield functions pretty well over 3G now since the patch. I'm sure Gameloft can do the same.

  2. @vegim96

    Since Gameloft is a company and not a gendered individual, I think "it" is more appropriate. Maybe if the company were run all by men, "him" might've been an acceptable choice, but there are women that work there too.

    Any ways, I think the engine is meant to be as compatible as possible, thus it is aimed at the lowest common denominator. If they upgrade it, they'll lose out on compatibility.

  3. Anyone else notice that Gameloft keeps having to push back Starfront, and then suddenly random accounts start popping up all over saying that their decision to do so is "perfectly logical"? xD I am sorry Gameloft, but I find it really pathetic that your marketing direction is so bad that you have to make fake accounts to pretend you didn't make mistakes. How about you start spending all that money that you AREN'T spending on skilled marketers on someone who at least covers his tracks better?

  4. @bhatz829 We are sorry that you feel this way about our games. Regarding the troubles you've had with our games, please go to our website (you'll find it in the channel homepage) and use the "Support" section to receive assistance from our team. Have a nice day!

  5. @0REZOR0 Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard is coming out soon!
    Until then the closest thing to CS would be MC2. — Modern Combat

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