Games Radar Feb ’20 – 34 new games discussed!

Games Radar Feb ’20 – 34 new games discussed!

welcome to John gets games this is my GamesRadar vlog for January 2020 and today I will be discussing 34 new games that I’ve learned about over the last six weeks or so now I will be going through them in alphabetical order and before we jump into that I do want to mention that if you’d prefer to just listen to this vlog instead of watching it on YouTube then you can do so by finding the John gates games podcast wherever you regularly listen to podcasts now at this point I do want to ask that if you enjoy this video that you please click the like button for it down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel also if you would like to directly support the channel in the creation of future videos like this one then please go to John gets slash support there you’ll find a bunch of ways that you can really help things out and some of them come with cool perks like voting on a couple of the videos that I fill in each one alright let’s now start talking about games and since we are going in alphabetical order we will begin with alma mater now this is a 2020 release from AG reveal and the artist is Chris Williams who also did coimbra now this is designed by 4 different Italian designers who have a hand in Coimbra as well as at Terra Mara and eggies eeeh and Lorenzo el magnífico so quite a bit going on there now this looks to be a euro style game set in the Renaissance you have drafting a hand management and tile placement and in fact there is an overview video that I watched earlier and it seems like this is a worker placement style game where you were doing a bunch of euro a type stuff in particular this is the type of game where you place a worker down on a spot and somebody else can go there if they spend more workers than the previous placed person and in addition to that while you’re playing through the game you are going to be essentially making books for your university you are in charge of a university and then it sounds like you actually sell those books to your opponents or they take them away from you I’m not sure exactly how that works but there is kind of a sliding market on your player board for the price of the books that I believe you make so there’s kind of an internal economy I guess of your books and your opponent’s books as you’re trying to get as many students as you can and I think also professors and whatnot so it obviously looks a lot like Coimbra and it’s probably a similar way to overall BoardGameGeek says 90 to 120 minutes so maybe a little bit less way to than Coimbra since there was that was certainly a longer game to play in my but either way this one looks fun and I’m certainly interested in learning more about it and also trying it now the next game is a Muffy and this one is designed by yamada Takei oh now I don’t think they have any BoardGameGeek listings for previous designs and this is another Renaissance game with drafting and worker placement so it says you take on the role of merchants in an Italian port of Amalfi during the Renaissance period the town was a dominant maritime power during the last century but the importance is diminishing and you are trying to essentially recapture that previous success with your tiny little ships you are going to be purchasing charts to investigate navigation you’re gonna be building ships collecting paints doing all that kind of stuff right now the working week page does not have any photos of the board it’s got photos of little bits little ships and whatnot and they look interesting so I am curious to learn more about this game it says it’s a hundred twenty minutes to a hundred and eighty minutes so that’s not a short game overall for one to four players and I would definitely like to learn more about what’s going on here because there’s not a lot of information on vgg next up we have Aquatica the cold waters expansion now I loved Aquatica when I played it last year and I’m hoping to get a copy of the game I don’t actually have it yet but I played it twice at bgg con and it’s a really neat game that uses a handy building mechanic kind of like Concordia with a bunch of cowboy stuff going on and this expansion essentially has thematically the cold waters of the north ocean rushing into the area of Aquatica and it’s causing a bunch of I guess volcanoes to erupt and the city collapses and mechanically this just adds in new modules new cards new locations and new goals that you can work towards in the game and I think quad ICO is great too but I also think having some extra stuff to shuffle in and in particular some new bowls to hunt for is probably going to be a good thing so I’m hoping to own a copy of Aquatica someday and when I do I will certainly be interested in also having this cold waters expansion I’m not sure when exactly it’s set to come out but probably at some time in 2020 alright next up we have our crate the card game now actually learned about this one because the publisher game brewer reached out to me about potentially making a sponsored tutorial playthrough for this game that is potentially going to happen later on in the year I don’t actually have some timing on that but this appears to be a card game version of Ark right now we haven’t actually played Ark right I know it is a heavy euro game about the Industrial Revolution where you’re trying to use your work for us to generate stuff and then you start to get automated workforce robot type things in to replace the actual humans and there’s a bunch of other stuff going on I think there stocks again I’ve never played it but this appears to be a card game version of it so I can’t exactly tell you how they are different at this point but it says there’s loans markets stock holding industry and manufacturing and a whole bunch of other stuff going on in here so I will potentially be doing a playthrough video for this in which case I will learn a lot more about it obviously the designer is Stephan wrist house who they design Arkwright’s so it’s likely to have a lot of similarities to the big board game version all right next up we have a strim now this is coming out from cosmodrome games the same publisher as Aquatica and this one looks to be all about creating constellations on your board it says it’s a medieval abstract strategy puzzle game with drafting and tile placement automatically I guess there’s a king who’s a wise astrologer and he wants everybody to like make charts for the future why not and in this game you are trying to make these constellations and it seems like the thing is that you do what kind of impact the options for your next opponent around the table you are also trying to score in specific rounds and there are no images of where this game actually looks like at this point it says it’s a 30 to 45 minute game so not particularly long overall it does have a picture of the cover it looks nice all Cosmodrome games in my experience look great so that does not surprise me too much overall and I would definitely like to learn more about this see what the board looks like see what these constellations look like that you are trying to build out in front of you and yeah I’m just looking forward to seeing some more information on bgg alright next up we have Vivek now this is a 2020 game I think it’s going to be going up on Kickstarter I’m not sure exactly when but the main reason I’m interested in this game is because of the theme I am an Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts in America so I have camped a lot in my life I love camping and summer camps and whatnot and the theming of this game is essentially a camp themed board game where you’re trying to create a camp retreat center there is worker placement in this game and it seems like you’re trying to go throughout an entire season so you are generating some materials you are building out your camp and certain things are better at certain times a year versus other times in the year I believe based off of the description so that all sounds interesting again I’m mostly interested in this one because of the themes so I would love to see some images of what the game looks like right now they just have the kind of box image cover and it looks like it kind of has a simplistic vector-based graphics thing going on which I do like in video games as well as board games so yeah I am curious about this one the designer is chris van vogelin and on bgg this is their only game of note or I guess only game that they are listed as to the designer for so yeah looking forward to learning more about giving back and after that we have the verasun bibliothèque or something like that sorry I’m not great at non-english languages the main reason of paying attention to this game is because of the designer li o : e is designing this one it appears to be another escape room type game kind of like unlock it says that oh it means the lost library this is an escape game that consists only of cards the door to the library is locked shut and you’re stuck inside and there are combination locks and you have to complete the puzzles to obtain the codes for these locks there are a couple of images on bgg and it looks like some of the components are actual doors that kind of open up with various puzzles and stuff like that on the inside it doesn’t look like all of these are standard cards like maybe that’s just the artwork on some of these cards but either way it looks like it’s a puzzle e game just another entry into the unlock style escape room in a box sort of game and I think Leo Colavito makes some pretty cool games he has a lot of entries on board and geek but some of the ones in particular are think straight as well as Oh what is it Castello methylome Metheny which I played recently and really liked he’s done a lot of other stuff obviously so either way I’m quite curious to learn more about this one we have a bunch of exit games here in the house which we haven’t actually played yet so if I get this it might just sit on the shelf as we wait to get around to playing it but either way I do like escape room in a box type games so I’d like to learn more about this alright next up we have the Wigner saga now this one oh yes the reason I’m interested in this one is because I actually watched the overview video that organdy did from a recent convention this looks to be a game that has some tech building it has some simultaneous action selection and they have quite a few images on BoardGameGeek unfortunately none of them really show the main mechanism now the way this works is on the board in the middle of the table there is a track going from 0 to 35 now on each round you’re going to draw a big card and on it is kind of a subset of those numbers like 24 to 31 and you line that up with the big track on the board and then on your turn you essentially play cards from your hand that have different values on them to move your pawn down the track I think you start at 0 or maybe you don’t always start at 0 but what you’re trying to do is land your token on a spot on the the card that’s kind of floating there which gives you the benefits that you want now some of these are actually bad so if you overshoot you might actually lose points or lose money and sometimes you have to kind of like thread the needle on different options in the middle now at the end of the round you actually do some deck building to add new cards into your deck and those cards have new numbers on them as well as a special effects that can activate so this is the kind of game where you don’t necessarily always want to a big number you might want a one for instance to get a bunch of extra points because you just need to go over one more time it sounds pretty interesting honestly I watched the overview video on bgg and I wanted to play it it seems like a cool idea on deck building relatively simple overall as you try to piece together the options on your hand so you add up to the spot that you want to go to I’m not sure what kind of powers these cards have on them but a lot of them seem to have text so yeah I am quite curious I think every single round you essentially go through a random card and some random events that have other things happen overall so either way there seems to be a lot of cool stuff going on here I’m not sure if it’s gonna come out in English anytime soon it’s a Schmidt spiel game and there is quite a bit of German on the cards so even if this one is available unlike Amazon de or something like that I would not be able to play it without some serious paste-ups or whatnot so I hope this one gets an English version because I would definitely be interested in trying it alright next up we have gates of Amara now this is a whiz kids release for 2020 the designer is JB Howell who sounds familiar looks like wow he has a lot of games released as well as in contract it looks like flotilla and Papillon and some other ones flotilla was a wacky game that came out just earlier this year or last year of like a couple different phases and some Concordia stuff going on it was like an hour to teach the game there was a lot of cool stuff in that game but it didn’t end up being my favorite but either way in this game this is a fantasy area majority work replacement style game it says it’s 90 to 180 minutes so definitely not light overall and it looks like you are leading a tribe and this is a fantasy world with pure elemental energy and in this game you have upgradeable worker placement and a layered area control mechanic I guess there’s also just thematically like reptiles and insects and elves and whatnot so you’re trying to it says strategically positioned your tribe members around the realms and gates you enchant your tribe members to give them abilities and you compete for short-term objectives while also I guess looking on your influence it seems like there’s some cool stuff going on here there are no images at all no box cover or anything so I would definitely like to learn more this seems like it’s kind of my wheelhouse I like mid weight euro a style game’s upgradeable worker placement sounds cool so yeah I’d like to see what’s going on in this game alright we can now move on to Glasgow now this is game being published by lookout games and it’s a two player only game and generally I’m not too focused on those I don’t play two player games all that often with my game group but this has some pretty cool ideas now I actually looked through and the designer is Mandela Fernandes Brendan and this is their only design credit and it seems like they actually are from Glasgow so they are designing a game named after the city that they live and in this game you are doing a time track type thing so you are going to deal out all of these cards in a big circle you and your opponent have a token and whoever is farthest behind can take their turn to go I think as far ahead as they want to to activate to a spot and what you’re doing is you’re constructing a 4×4 grid in the middle of the table that’s kind of shared of a variety of buildings and cards that will give you bonuses and benefits based off of other cards that are placed down and I imagine these are affected by the actions around the outside of the board as well you’re gonna keep playing the game until you finish the four by four grid in the middle and whoever has the most points wins I assume but either way this seems like a pretty cool game I love time tracks and games in general so I would like to learn more I especially like to see a video of how this works it’s got a decent amount of detail on the BoardGameGeek page already including a couple of photos with what the game looks like so for a first time designer I am certainly intrigued to see more about what this game is like to play because the description while being good is still relatively high level with the stuff that you are doing alright the next game is golem now this is being published by cranial creations and this is being designed by three Italian designers they are once again the same people who are behind Coimbra Lorenzo magnifico Tara Mara Alicia and whatnot so these people obviously work together quite a lot now this is a 90 to 120 minutes euro style game where you have action drafting you’re rolling dice there is variable player powers and set collection a whole bunch of stuff going on and it seems like it is semantically all about the 16th century legend in Prague about clay golems being given life essentially and wandering around doing stuff potentially becoming too powerful and destroying things but the the biggest thing why I’m curious in this besides the designer petteri obviously they’ve made some cool games is that this down here it says the game is divided into five rounds and at the beginning of each round players place 15 colored marbles into a 3d synagogue that will split them into five lines corresponding to the five main actions available in the game now that sounds interesting I’m hoping that this is simultaneous so that as you are trying to place these 15 colored marbles out you are doing it the same time as other people because I could probably take a while and it seems like the color of the marbles is impacted by some some of the things that you get to do later on in the round and at the location of the marble within that given gray is gonna dictate the power and different actions that you can do as well so it seems like a pretty cool idea and unfortunately they do not have any images of what this looks like they just have the box cover which looks pretty cool it’s got a big clay faced golem thing on the front so yeah I would definitely like to learn more about this it’s kinda neat theme overall for a solid mid-weight euro style game it seems I like seeing different themes in Euro games so many of them are just based in cities or whatever but this one is about animating clay golems which is neat so yeah I’m looking forward to learning more about this alright next up we have Hilaire 2 which is a obey rosenberg design game now this is one of four players 90 to 180 minutes which means this is probably a medium to maybe heavy weight game as well and it’s been a while since you’ve a Rosenberg has come out where they have a game he’s done a lot of lighter games recently and there is not a lot of information on bgg about this game right now it says this is a farming style game with worker placement and specifically it says that this combines classic worker placement mechanisms with the thematic implementation of a traditional two field crop rotation and thus offers the players an interesting historical background now it says that apparently this color too is located in pivara which is the largest contiguous hop growing area in the world so you are making cops for beer it seems like the matically now as far as what you’re doing in this game that’s not actually that interesting I mean hops and beer or nice I like beer but calling it a classic worker placement game and they’re not really saying anything else makes me feel like maybe there’s not a lot of new stuff going on here but there’s also so little on bgg about this that I really can’t make those assumptions down below there are a couple of foreign posts already and in one of them somebody found a breakdown of the contents in the box and it looks like it has like 300 cards and 18 punch boards so maybe there’s a lot going on in this game and they just haven’t flushed out the description overall 300 cards is a lot 18 punch boards is also a lot so maybe this is gonna be like a feast for Odin style game of just components like crazy and a whole bunch of stuff to do but right now at the moment we don’t actually know much but either way I am quite curious to learn more about it right next up we have a tyra now the reason I know about this game well I mean I bumped into it on BoardGameGeek but also the publisher for this one reached out to me to make a sponsored tutorial style playthrough now I’ve actually filled that and edited it up already it’s not going to go live for a few weeks it’s gonna go live in the middle of March and this is a game all about trying to get pigments together to create flags of the world and you put them down into a grid in front of you where you will get extra pigment based off of the location and also the location is going to dictate a bunch of bonus points based off of D like stuff on the flags like does this flag have lots of diagonals on it or does it have animals on it does it have letters or you know the number of different colors on the flag will dictate the amount of points it has so that’s all kind of interesting I mean again take this with a grain of salt I was paid to make a video for this game so definitely keep that in mind but also if this sounds interesting to you then keep your eye out on this channel because in a couple of weeks I will be putting out a full playthrough of it so you’ll get to learn everything about it that you’d like to know alright next up we have Korra rise of an empire now this is being published by Yello Games in 2020 and there’s not a lot of information on bgg right now it says in this game you are the ruler of a resplendent city in ancient Greece it’s up to you to develop it faster and better than your opponents and there’s really not a lot of details about how this game plays and says that there is dice rolling and down below there is an English video on bgg that I watched unfortunately it’s only about four minutes long and they didn’t talk about the mechanics at all they just kind of gave a high-level overview of the game saying it’s essentially a race game and that they tried to make it relatively streamlined so that it’s a quick game to teach and to get out onto the table now they do have an image of what the game looks like when you are playing it it seems like everybody has a private player board with some inset tracks with like a double layer player board apparently you’re racing to do a bunch of stuff there are four big tracks in the middle of the board and a whole bunch of icons going around there is dice also in this game and I’m not sure if you are drafting them or just rolling them but I’m curious yeah the game the art looks nice and yellow games makes some pretty cool stuff they don’t actually have a designer listed at this point but either way I’m quite curious to learn more about this specifically to learn about how the dice rolling mechanics work and how the racing mechanics working the game alright next up we have machination now this one is not very fleshed out on bgg it says this is an abstract strategy puzzle game with card drafting pattern building and sigh collection now the reason I’m mostly paying attention to this is because it is designed by Matthew Dunstan and phil walker harding now that’s a pretty good design duo they have made a lot of very cool games I’m not going to start listing them out here right now but yeah a lot of fascinating ideas and good design decisions have come into the game so these designers have made in the past now this is coming up from cranial creations and it says that in this game this is a vehicle dismantling Depot and you have to choose the right cars to pile up in your warehouse you try to be the fastest player to fulfill common objectives to receive the best bonuses and you don’t want to forget to respect your stock requirement this is a 30-minute game two to four players I’d like to learn a lot more about this game there’s no images there’s just that to sentence description so I am interested enough from the designer pedigree of this game and also the publisher cranial creations puts out some great stuff certainly some good looking games so I am hopeful that this could be an interesting game and I am hoping that becomes the case as they add more stuff out here onto bgg alright we now have maharajah now this is also being published by cranial creations and I am probably going to be doing a sponsored tutorial playthrough for this game that’s having a Kickstarter going out in April in the early stages of April unless the timing changes and this is actually a reimplementation of maharaja which came out many years ago 2004 so 16 years ago now I have not played the original Maharaja I believe this one and the old one or both Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer it looks like that is the case yep and there is a video on bgg for the new version and it seems like they have changed the theming a little bit around here but it is still an area majority style game and what you’re doing in this game is actually simultaneously selecting what your action is on each round hiding it from your opponents and then when it’s your turn you reveal with a little dial with some specified little arrows for what the action that you did and then you do that action now it seems like this new version has more replayability I think they also added some other mechanics so I think it’s going to be heavier than the original version but again I never actually played the original version so I can’t really speak to that but if I end up doing a sponsored playthrough for this game and will likely learn a lot more about this one in the next few weeks and I think that Kramer Inc you sling have made some really cool games out there in the past so I am quite curious to learn more about this one and have a chance to actually play this one on camera alright next up we have mad mouse out Don and Conan and now translated this one means you have to also grant others something now I probably just gonna call this one gone and Conan in the future because well I’ve actually bought the game already now there is an overview video on BG gene and I watched it and I became very intrigued so this is a roll and write style game where you have these square cards and when it’s your turn you roll all the dice and then you get up to two rerolls now you’re trying to get a set of specific requirements on the dice that you rolled to fulfill the requirements on the cards in front of you and if you don’t then you can rear all the dice and every time you re roll every one of your opponents can take one of the die rolls that you just re rolled and mark that off on one of their cards which will make it that card easier to complete when it is their turn now again you have to completely fully complete a card on your turn so the more individual requirements you take off on other players turns the easier it will be to complete them when it is your turn now you’re trying to complete a 3×3 grid and some of these cards that you complete will give you special illnesses and actions to manipulate your dice a couple times in the game and other ones just give you ways to score victory points and that all sounded super interesting to me so I looked it up on Amazon de and there was a copy for like $15 shipped from Germany all the way here to California and then after I did that a couple of reviews came up on bgg and they’re not super positive there are people kind of complaining about how random it is and how there are some disadvantages to going first but I guess I’m gonna learn about it because I had already put the order in once I read and watched these reviews that we’re not quite so glowing I love the idea of it maybe this is the kind of game that could be leads week to effect the first player disadvantaged but either way I will be trying to own and Conan it sounds intriguing maybe I hope be disappointed to like some other people but either way I will learn a lot more about that one soon because it is currently in the mail heading over towards my house alright next up we have merchants of the dark road now this is published by elf Creek Games and I am planning on doing a sponsored tutorial for this game it popped up on vgg recently I’ve actually note about this game for many months you know like four or five months or so now I got to actually know I’ve known about it for longer than that I played a prototype version of this one had origins last year in June so yeah this has been on my radar for quite some time either way I am finally going to be doing a tutorial for this one and it is a medium to heavy weight euro game where you have your merchants kind of traveling around a road on a rondelle in the middle of the table and you are doing a variety of actions based off of where you land you are trying to you’re doing some stuff with dice there’s a dice worker placement going on with the rondell and I did play it like seven months ago and I’m sure things have changed and unfortunately there aren’t any photos on bgg at this moment but I can’t say that I thought it was pretty intriguing and I’m interested in doing the sponsor plays before it of course again take that with the grain of salt I have being paid to make a video for this now the designer for this one is Brian sue her and he has done a few things recently in particular paradox and Winterbourne a cold water crown is also one that I’ve heard of I haven’t actually played any of these games by him before so this is my first for him but again I’ve heard about his games I’ve heard a lot of good things about Winterbourne in particular so yeah looking forward to seeing the essentially final version of this game that I’ll be filming a video for alright let’s now move on to mysterium park now this one is being published by little bud and this is designed by the same people who made the original mysterium now there’s not a lot of details on bgg at all in fact there’s a little bit of fluff here about how this is mysterium Park and the former director has disappeared and you are investigating it says this is releasing at the end of 2020 and from what little I’ve been able to glean based off of like a forum thread and some videos it seems like this one is to have hidden roles I think actually down here it might say that over here as well so it seems like it’s probably going to be a mysterium ask a game with pin rolls I’m not sure if that’s going to be traders or whatnot but I really liked mysterium so I am curious to learn more about this honestly I don’t generally like hidden roles in games so there’s a distinct possibility that the more I learn about this game less interested I am in playing it but there’s so little on the internet about this game right now so I would still like to learn more before I actually make that decision all right next up we have Novgorod now this one is designed by Stefan wrist house who again was the designer of arc right and it says down here this sounds like such a euro game it says players build contours in Hanseatic cities to ship goods and manufacturer luxury products these are necessary to fulfill missions that give you victory points and allow you to step forward on your career card so have you heard something that Euro II anytime recently in particular you’ve got an image on the front cover with kind of happy guy in a robe in front of a boat I mean man this looks like a euro game but I like euro games and now it says that it’s a forty to fifty minute game so it’s probably not that heavy overall there aren’t any images of what the game looks like to play and obviously there’s very little detail about the mechanics it says this is a hand management game with investment and it’s a card game set in the medieval times that’s it so I definitely want to learn more about this one I have been finding myself gravitating towards some simpler euro games recently there’s a lot of very complicated very cool very thinking games coming out right now and I’m kind of rebounding away from that and looking for more games that have like three to six page rule books instead of twelve to twenty page rule books and maybe this is gonna be one of them I don’t know either way I definitely want to learn more about this one all right next up we have Paris now this one is a Kramer in Keasling game it’s being published by game Brewer and unfortunately I am not going to be doing a sponsored playthrough for this one because my schedule was too full they reached out to me to ask me to try and hand do it and I am super booked out right now like all the way to June so I was not able to fit this one in even though I am quite intrigued by it it’s a 45 to 100 minute game it’s a city building economic game with an action cue deck building and management set collection a whole bunch of stuff going on they have a bunch of photos of what the game looks like and it looks really Euro II you have little player screens that look like little houses you’ve got a big circular board in the middle of the table with a bunch of facedown tokens and a bunch of face-up cards on it there just looks like a whole bunch of your away stuff going on here and I like things that Kramer and Keasling have done in the past so I’m looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter campaign for this game to learn more about it because again unfortunately I had to say no to actually covering this one on the channel so yeah I will definitely learn more about this one soon alright next up we have Quetzal now this is designed by on Alexander Garcia and I think he’s done a couple things oh.just de lluvia project now that was a cool game that came out back in 2016 I think 2015 and that was a pretty heavy work replacement style euro game now this game does not have a time listed on it so I’m not sure how heavy it is but it says down here that Quetzal the city of sacred burns has just been discovered you have five days to explore the site and collect the most beautiful objects that are buried there you will you be able to manage your team and trusted to you on a daily basis to optimize your excavations so it seems like each turn you are rolling meeples which I’m assuming means this is dice work of placement it doesn’t have any mechanisms listed and then you send your groups out to different spots in the city to collect artifacts and your opponents are obviously trying to do this as well so it seems like actually after reading this again but this is a pretty typical go raid an ancient city kind of theme game which I’m not actually super jazzed about so either way we’ll learn more about this one in the future right now they don’t have any images of the game or any videos about it online but I’m curious to learn more about it but I guess that theme you know it’s the same kind of thing like raiding Egyptian tombs and whatnot it’s not great but but anyway either way let’s now move on to renature now this is another Kramer and Keasling game they come out with a lot of games and this is being published by deep print games now this is a brand new publisher in fact I just watched a video a little interview with one of the people with deep print games talking about the creation of it and the people behind this publishing company are from frosted games pegasus peel and agar spiel I think and maybe some other things so they are creating a new game a new publisher that is all about they said the deep is for deep development in their games so they’re really focusing on heavily developed games now this is going to be the first game that’s coming out from this new publisher and the description is is definitely light it says renature is an area control game with dominoes and that’s it that’s that’s really the only information we have out here besides the designers on the publisher so I’m looking forward to seeing some images and some more mechanics listed out I don’t mind dominoes and I have never played an area majority dominoes game before so I’m curious and also Kramer and Kiessling are just very established euro game designers they make a lot of good stuff so I am confident this one is going to be good I would just certainly like to learn more about it all right we can now move on to skyrise now this one is being published by Rox Lee and this reimplemented tropi ‘less now they’ve actually reached out to me about potentially doing a sponsored playthrough for skyrise I’m not sure the actual timing for that sounds like there might be a Kickstarter for it so that may or may not happen in the future I’m not sure but it seems like this is a standalone sequel to the 2008 at metropolis game it’s based on a similar spatial bidding mechanism but it also says there are many things that are new overall to this game now I never actually played the original metropolis it’s got a really funky looking board I’ve definitely seen images of it before I know that you are bidding to actually be able to place these tokens down onto the different spots on the board this is a definitely a euro looking city instead of like an American one this is not a grid it’s all kind of got funky shapes and whatnot but either way skyrise is supposedly a standalone sequel to it so I’m looking forward to learning more hopefully I’ll be able to cover this game on the channel hopefully the timings gonna work out right now that’s a little bit up in the air but it could happen and I enjoy that kind of game where you’re trying to put things out and compete for areas on a grid I’m not usually crazy about bidding but it sounds like this one might have kind of a raw type bidding where you have a unique numbers and the amount of bids is actually dictated I think by the number of free spots around the locations so there seems like there’s some cool stuff going on here I’m definitely looking forward to learning more I guess I could have watched a video to learn more about metropolis but I didn’t actually do that much research I guess before I started recording this but either way I’m looking forward to learning more about Scott rice all right let’s now move on to small railroad empires now this one I don’t know much about I certainly haven’t heard of the publisher Arcana games before or our chona now it says down here that this is a pick up and deliver track laying game where you are essentially placing two trains out onto a modular board each turn do you have to pay gold costs for different terrain and they do have some images of it looks like it’s a hex grid with a variety of different types of terrain and based off of the photo of this prototype it appears that multiple trains can go on the same spot I don’t know if it’s gonna cost extra to go where other people have been but I am finding myself enjoying these kind of logistics games more as the years go on so I’m curious to try this one out or at least to learn more about it they just have photos of the prototype up here right now on eg G and interestingly enough it says it’s a 30 to 60-minute game and I looked into the designer of this one which is Milan Becky and the only other design credit that he has on bgg is small star empires so it seems like this is kind of a shtick for him trying to have small versions of big sprawling games I think that small star empires was kind of like a miniaturised quick version of a 4x space style game so yeah there seems to be some pretty neat ideas going on here there’s even variable player powers it appears and set collection so I’m looking forward to learning more about this game alright next up we have Sonora now this one is being published by panda source games and this is a very funky game now they have an overview video up on bgg but I’ll tell you right now the the idea of this game is that it is a dexterity flicking roll and write style game so the way it works is in the middle of the table you have this kind of mini crow Canole board type of structure I say crow Colonel because it’s got a hole in the middle that is good to land he’s into there and you were going to be flicking around your disks that have a variety of different numbers on them and this board is split up into four quadrants now after everyone has flicked their disks and knocked each other’s disks around you will then use the disks and to do four different totally different minigames on your piece of paper that you have in front of you now the value of the disk and the location of the disk within at that flicking grid or at flicking area is going to dictate the the things that you can do on these minigames one of them involves just checking off a bunch of little hexes in order to finish that grouping earlier another one has the value of the disk applied to a tetromino its type shaped like Tetris and you like place that down into a grid to give bonuses another one has a branching tree path where you like if you use a three then you cross off two things and circle the third spots and you get points for that spot that you landed and the final one is like a big network for a city and they’re trying to cross off different lines and get points for that so it seems like there’s a lot going on for a simple flicking style game it’s definitely an interesting idea to combine dexterity with rollin right so yeah I’m curious to try this one I don’t think it’s necessarily the kind of thing that I would rush out to try and acquire for myself but this is certainly a game that I would try at a convention just to say that I did it might be great I’m not really sure it seems like a very strange juxtaposition of those two mechanics so I can’t really say until I potentially have a chance to try it all right next up we have steampunk rally fusion now this one is being published by Brock’s Lee games and this is a standalone sequel essentially to steampunk rally now this is a game that I covered years ago on the channel way back when like four or five years ago or actually did use to send me review copies of games back when I used to review games and I actually did a full playthrough of this game this was long before I ever took any money for any of my content I liked steampunk rally it’s a drafting style game where you’re building this crazy engine like race car engine think in front of you you then use dice to power up that engine to get some really cool combos going on and then you hit hazards and you’re your racing car it kind of falls apart it seems like this is doing the same kind of stuff although it says it’s science fiction related so I think the matically this one may be kind of in the future where the steampunk rally was kind of like old timey stuff it was like Tesla versus Marie Curie versus Einstein and whatnot so I’m curious about this game I mean I I enjoyed steampunk rally for the many plays of it that I had I actually got rid of a copy of it and Rox Lee has said they’re gonna send me a copy of this game for my impressions vlog so I’m not sure probably not going to do I sponsored playthrough of this one but I will have a chance to play it at some point in the future all right next up we have succulent now this one is being published by renegade aims and the designer is Jay Alex cavern now he has designed a lot of games some of which I liked quite a bit and other ones I’m not super hot on but some of my favorite games from Jay Alex Kevin are passing through Petra I also really like Gold West now in this game it looks like you are trying to cultivate a succulent plant garden and they have a bunch of images on vgg which I love to see and it seems like this is actually a game where players are doing tiling on a central area now the towels that you’re putting down appear to have holes in them so I’m not really sure how this is all gonna work like you place the tile and then maybe fill the holes and later on I’m not sure had the communal nature of this works but I do know that players have a little player board in front of themselves let’s see where they essentially have a variety of different succulent type of plants in your I guess putting little water droplets down on them to try and score points there’s not actually a lot of detail about the mechanics of this game on vgg it’s definitely about the theming as you are trying to collect succulent cuttings from your garden and then you want to get water crystals to use them to complete your projects and whatnot so it definitely seems like it’s a euro a style game it says abstract strategy but I like tile and games I like succulent plants when it comes to just like not talking about board games at all and I think that Jane HELOCs cavern comes up with some pretty cool design ideas so I am looking forward to seeing the actual mechanics of this game because I think I am pretty well set up to enjoy it all right next up we have Tekken ooh obelisk of the Sun now this one is being published by board and dice and the designers of it are Danielle tahini and David Turchi now I believe the two of them were also and in Teochew Wakanda is that true yes it appears that it is so Teotihuacan was a heavy rondelle game with dice and whatnot I think David sure she just did the solo version of Teotihuacan but this appears to be another heavy euro game this time with David churchy being one of the the main duo of designers doing the actual full game now this is being published by board and dice which means I am going to be doing a sponsored playthrough for it I have a great relationship with that publisher they have told me that they want me to make a sponsored tutorial video for essentially every game that they make which is great for me from a business perspective and I guess it’s great for you all if you enjoy the types of games that they make they definitely make a lot of medium to heavy weight euros so again take this with a grain of salt I frequently work with this publisher and I am planning on doing a video for this game but talking about the specifics of the game there’s a lot of information PGG at this moment I’m not gonna parse all of it but it seems like the core idea of this game is you have action dice drafting with a board that has an obelisk in the middle of it now the idea here is that the Sun is going to cast a shadow around the obelisk as it goes through the sky and the location where you draft dice is going to well the things that you could do with the dice is gonna vary based off of how in the Sun they are I guess if they are fully in shadow then they’re like corrupted bad dice which means probably bad things for you or maybe bad things for your opponent I’m not actually sure about that overall but I do know you are drafting dice from middle of the table to put them on to your own player board your player board looks to have some tracks and some various gyro we type things that are going on and I know that the Sun is essentially going to move throughout the game so the areas that are in shadow in the middle of the board are going to change so all that stuff sounds pretty cool I like games from both of the designers of this game I like a lot of games from board and dice and it definitely seems like a medium to heavy weight euro game which I have often times enjoyed it in the past so yeah looking forward to having a chance to cover this one I’m not sure offhand when this one is supposedly coming out definitely 2020 but I think later on in the year and in the second half of the year or so alright next up we have castles of Tuscany now this one says it really influenced the castles of organdy and that’s essentially the only information about it on the internet besides the fact that it is designed by Stefan Feld who did design castles of Burgundy now they have an overview video on bgg but unfortunately all they say is well the name sure sounds a whole lot like castles of Burgundy wank wank make that of that what you will wank and that’s it so I kind of figure considering it listed as re-implementing castles of Burgundy it will probably have nice worker allocation it will probably have a board maybe even hex grid where you are placing down your different types of tiles to activate different things like castles of Burgundy I quite like two castles of Burgundy so I’m curious to see what kind of tweaks and differences the castles of Tuscany bring certainly I think a lot of people currently 768 people subscribing to this one on PGG wants to know a lot more about it than just well wow the name sounds a lot like castles of Burgundy so hopefully more information will come out for this one soon all right next up we have the coldest at night now this one is being published by indie boards and cards and it doesn’t necessarily scream out to me as being in my wheelhouse but I don’t know something about it made me curious to learn more now it says it’s a 20 minute cooperative game where you are trying to feed fuel onto a fire to keep it lit now that essentially seems to be the entire thing that you’re doing in this game you have cards that will give you a certain amount of heat it also requires the fire to be at certain levels the fire is constantly dying out and players have to work together against the encroaching cold to sequence their cards so that everything in and the decades burned so it seems like maybe this is kind of a puzzle game where you only win if every single card goes away they do have a couple images of the game and it looks like there’s like rotten floorboards there’s a chest – there are photographs that all can get thrown into the fire there are some tokens of whatnot and these cards do have numbers on them and and yeah so it seems like it’s probably a cooperative group puzzle trying to get through these hands of cards as well as you can it doesn’t explicitly say it but in general this kind of game usually has some restrictions on the kind of communication the players can have I imagine if you could just say everything then it would be easy to get through the deck but I could be wrong there’s not a lot of information about that on you Gigi yet it only plays in 20 minutes and I don’t know there’s something about it intrigues me you know I kind of expected there to be like zombie is coming in the dark or anything like that and nope it seems like the enemy in this game is just the cold here whole trying to keep the fire going and I don’t know for some reason it has me intrigued so I definitely want to learn more about this all right we have three games left to talk about and this one is the lost code now the designer for this one is Leo Kolev Eenie who has made some cool games in the past I’ve already talked about him earlier on in this vlog and in particular the moment I realized I had to describe to this one is when it says that it re-implemented now think straight is a game that came out many years ago back in 2015 and this is a deduction style game we’re kind of like Konami you have some cards in front of you that face out to everyone else but it’s a competitive game where you’re trying to I sent I think race to be the first person to figure out what all of your numbers are now the way think straight worked I believe I have not played it is that you essentially make educated guesses about the range of values of the different cards in front of you and then your opponents tell you how close you were and then you write down your notes on your pad and try to figure out what your numbers are from there and I always thought think straight sounded cool and the reviews of this game in general said this game is really cool and the components are awful like apparently the cards are just like super flimsy paper and just just really not a good table presence and then it was very hard to come up with a copy there are no copies of it on me jiejie so I’ve been curious to try this one for years because I like competitive deduction style games so now here comes the lost code from the same designer it reimplemented this game and it looks really cool they have an image of a render of the game and it looks like it kind of has a kind of Central American my in kind of artistic vibe going on I’m not sure how much has changed with this game I’m not sure if it’s a straight reprint with a better Archana components or hopefully better art and components or maybe they’ve tweaked the rules around a little bit but it looks really cool I like competitive deduction games I like the idea to have a chance to play things straight especially with potentially not awful components overall so I am pretty excited honestly to try this game there’s not a lot of information about it out there besides of course being a reimplementation of things straight but for me I think that’s enough all right next up we have village green now this one is being published by Osprey games and it is a 30-minute game designed by Pierre Sylvester I think they’ve designed one other thing oh no a few other things The Lost expedition North American railways worse into decimal well I’ve only played the Lost expedition from all of these and I quite liked it that was a competitive or cooperative game about trying to find your way through a jungle and anyway what’s going on in village green is this is a competitive game where you are all trying to essentially vying for a village green of the Year competition essentially cultivating the plants and trees and whatnot on your property and it says you are rival gardeners and you are trying to let’s see here range flowers plant trees commissioned statues build ponds you have to place all of these carefully and you have to split your days between acquiring and installing new features for your green and nominating it for one of the competition’s awards so that all sounds like fun I like the theme overall it seems kind of Pleasant competing to have nice backyards being rival gardeners overall it seems like it might be tile laying they haven’t actually listed any mechanics but I do like tile laying in general in saying 30 minutes worries me a little bit just because I generally like this kind of game to be more like a 45 to 60 minutes tile game but either way I’m definitely curious to try this one out and I will probably have the opportunity to considering Osprey games seems to send me a copy of everything that they make they have yet to actually sponsor a video but they do send me free copies of games to try so it would not surprise me if one day I come home and this game is sitting on my doorstep alright let’s now talk about to the final game for today the 34th game and this one is watch now the designer of this game is Daniel Newman who has designed a few other things recently like rolled West and Dead Man’s cabal and this game is being published by spiel punks now this game has a pretty cool theme I think it says you’ve just started working at a Soviet watch Factory and you’ve discovered it used to be a world war 2 era munitions factory you have been sent here to making gears which you can sell for money but you also need those gears to disguise the munitions crates that you try to smuggle out so you are digging through files in the Foreman’s office to uncover evidence of the governor government’s corruption you are also monitoring your opponent’s areas because they are trying to do all of these exact same same things so it says that it’s a euro game that blends the theme and mechanics really well and yeah that seems Kennedy like I’m working in a watch Factory making years definitely don’t look at all this pile of munitions I’m trying to smuggle out while everyone else is trying to do the same thing they don’t actually have any images of the game board like what it looks like but they do have the box cover which kind of has a you are kind of old timey vibe to it definitely kind of AI spies and thrillers thing of somebody looking through the eye hole of a door with a big watch going on yeah this game just looks neat overall I definitely want to learn quite a bit more about it it seems like the kind of game I’d like to play I am mostly a euro game player so theme is not in the forefront of my decision-making for games that I play but I do love it when a theme is well integrated into the mechanics and according to the publisher that is the case with this game well at this point I have now done talking about all of these new games 34 games seems like a lot until you realize that I sifted through about 1200 entries that were added on to BoardGameGeek over the last six weeks now not all of those are board games a lot of them are like inserts or like tiny little expansions to save on games and whatnot but either way there are a lot of new games that are added to BoardGameGeek realistically every single day and I’m not sure when I’m gonna be putting out the next one of these at GamesRadar vlogs obviously it’s been about six weeks since the last one so it might be about four to six weeks before I get around to the next one and at that point who knows maybe I’ll have even more than 34 games to talk about this certainly went a little bit long overall and I tried to be as toosey as I could to win this down at two games I was really genuinely interested in or at least quite intrigued by and I hope I did a good job of that either way I think that’s gonna bring this vlog to a close as always I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting this channel including all of these producers level patreon backers if you two would like to directly support the channel and the creation of videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support to see a variety of ways with which you can do that also if you enjoy this video please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel thanks for watching

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  1. Really wish you could find time for Paris. I have had that on my watchlist for a while and looking forward to it!
    Maybe later after it’s released you can come back to it 🙂

  2. Great list, Jon! Watched it from the beginning to the end. I would love to play with you one day because it seems like our tastes in games overlap quite a bit.

  3. My most anticipated ones are, Tekhenu, Alma Mater and Golem (not sure about the theme yet) in Golem think of the marvel mechanic similar to Grand Austria Hotel actions but instead of dice with marvels.

  4. Jon, I’ll say that I really like the old version of Maharaja. There’s some wacky turn order stuff, and it’s essentially a race, but it’s got a surprising amount of interaction. I hope that interest in the new version will make my group want to play my copy

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