Gaming without a video card in 2019

Gaming without a video card in 2019

bring high performance gaming a small footprint together with the all-new Corsair 1 available with up to an Intel ninth gen 9900 K processor and an RT X 20 atti this small PC is capable of big things convection assisted cooling with separate loops for the CPU GPU means the corsair one sucks in the best way possible to see our review of the new corsair 1i 160 click the link in a description below so exactly one year in one day ago probably one year and two days ago by the time you guys see this we did a video about us retesting the 2400 g from AMD because reasons and stuff so here we are retesting it again one year later because you know one of the most common things i've seen people say with the launch of Radeon 7 and with the increasing prices of nvidia and whatever however you guys want to look at that I'm just not gonna buy a graphics card and then they do like the Superman pose because they're standing on righteousness and so I thought well what kind of performance will you get today with the latest games more games have launched since this card did card it's inside the Vega inside they're little little bitty guy so I thought what kind of performance where you get with today's titles in 2019 by running the 2400 G now being the J that I am I don't condone running your stuff at stock I always recommend overclocking if you're brave enough and you have the cooling Headroom so that's why we're running our 2,400 G overclocked I'm running four gigs on it so a multiplier of 40 we're in our memory at 29 33 admittedly I would love that to be higher unfortunately I can't get it higher it keeps crashing the memory we're running though is 16 gigabytes of G skills flair X technically there are 3600 dims I believe but we can't get anywhere near that any more tweaking as needed later but I digress we are also running our graphics clock frequency at 1600 I want to say something like 1200 is factory so our graphics graphics clock is overclocked we can't really get that too much higher right now any bit higher even like 20 megahertz we get black screens when we try to load into windows rather than that not too much it's change we're actually running manual one point four on the cpu we're running our graphics core voltage at one point two to five and we are running our DMM voltage at one point three five and this is where this is where we land it so we didn't just timings or any of that stuff I didn't adjust the fan curve none of that nothing has changed other than those settings I just showed you oh it's ready good it's running at four point two nine million megahertz that's good okay so we're gonna do dirt rally here and it's kind of funny the second dirt rally's getting ready to come out but this is a game that we've kind of tested in the past with like AP use and laptops and stuff sighs kind of want to sort of give me something somewhat consistent for me to sort of test with so as you can see right now we've got everything showing here CPU usage this is our core frequency right here so we're getting 62 FPS though I mean remember guys we have no graphics card installed right now this is impressive more so than my driving obviously whoo meant to do that so the FPS is pretty solid though winchell wipers why maybe we'll go ahead and pull it back slightly on the overclocked alright so we moved on to battlefield 5 he's clearly dirt rally wasn't exactly my speed but I want to see right now what happens when we play battlefield 5 on let's go for this try for medium or low 1080p yeah we're gonna go ahead and just adjust this ourself – let's go ahead and start with medium how's that all right so it's probably hard to see because you guys are watching a 30fps video but you can see the counter on the left there it's 40 41 motion blur is on we're gonna obviously have to tweak this a little bit cuz 60 FPS is clearly that number that we're going for especially in a shooter you could probably get away with lower fps and like mmo's or games where it's just story based like Resident Evil and stuff like that this would clearly put us at a disadvantage it's not a very smooth experience so far anyway so 20 FPS because everything's on ultra now so let's just go low hello Logan you go so with everything at lo we're getting 52 FPS right now 53 yeah I don't think this is gonna work did my settings somehow know I guess it's time for us to make me play with the resolution scale now okay well we're getting 70 FPS in 720p while we were protecting there anyway it's just friendly I'm on fire I'm on fire oh the tank saw me you know oh they got stuck to the Train all right so if you want to drop the resolution down to 720p and low settings you can get pretty close to 60 fps in battlefield 5 with no graphics card okay so our settings right now on in terms of video 1080p custom with a mixture of medium medium often Sun shadows on any of occlusion I think that should be off honestly depth of field level of detail I'm gonna go to medium on that as well tessellation off screen space reflections nothing really reflecting on the screen now and think motion blur off vignette blur off pure hair of course off and they're 30 40 fps I mean we are looking off quite into the distance right oh she's going to a rave we're gonna rave see this we're gonna rave I mean it's pretty consistent now about 40 fps 39 40 so can we get that number higher we're still sitting in the 30s so I don't know if I would necessarily call that an amazing gameplay experience but this is the kind of game that I was saying that you could you could technically play at this fps I think and not feel too gimped because you're playing a single-player game I mean I don't feel like I couldn't play this if I wanted to play the story if I had a choice between playing a game or not this still seems like the right way to go about it so let's see if we drop it now to 720 just like we did last time so I mean the FPS increases real okay so 74 I mean the FPS is very good okay you could play apparently as the ninja known as Laura Croft or Lara Croft whatever Angelina Jolie whatever you wanna call her 720p is obviously looking like it's our sweet spot right now for this so I'm out of here okay so we switched over to doom because you've heard me say this before and I'm gonna say it again doom in my opinion is the pinnacle of allowing low-end hardware to give you an amazing experience but in terms of settings real quick we'll just go ahead and show you we are running of course Vulcan because Vulcan is important we're running FXAA to take some of that vram stress off motion blur is off all this stuff is off that's not needed advanced we're running a mixture of medium settings here actually pretty much medium preset is what we're running ok so 50 fps now this is the kind of game where you would definitely want high FPS because it's a twitch here right light you like fast turns and shooting and shooting of things and I mean it does look like it drops down to the 30s here obviously in some of like this dynamic lighting like as you can see coming up through here you're not gonna need that arm so what if we go ahead and drop this to low now where's low look like I mean it's not the prettiest thing obviously because we've got it at low but it's funny cuz that's if you look at the game quality on a lot of consoles now even Xbox one s's and the PlayStation 4 Pro and all that stuff if you compare it to PC it's still equivalent to either we're either between medium and low on PC so I'm going to put us at 720p like you were previously on some of the other titles and see what we got there I'm expecting a pretty good result 65 to 70 FPS like I said this is again no graphics card it's always it always blows my mind that that's where we are now when APU can actually give you 720p gaming performance 82 fps now this is this is perfect for the person that wants to build a system now doesn't have a lot of money for a graphics card but it's a good enough CPU to where if you add a graphics card to it it's not like you've got a cheap Athlon or something like that that you know you can easily bottleneck the cpu by going with a and GPU later you could even add a high end like 1080 or 1080i to this CPU and not really bottleneck it I mean you would have some sort of performance impact but it's not gonna be like a huge diminishing return where if you got something like a dual-core like an old a Pentium Anniversary Edition or something like that you can easily add a graphics card to this and not necessarily bottleneck it in fact to give you an idea of just how fast the CPU actually is when it's overclocked to four gigs well go ahead and compare it to we'll go ahead and Cinebench right now so you can see how that sort of stacks up so Cinebench r15 it's going to remember we are overclocked so I'm looking to see how it compares here to around this 4770k range that's a four core eight thread Intel CPU with hyper-threading yeah it's quite a few years old but remember that CPU also cost over $300 whereas this one comes in at less than half of that including an IGP you can actually game on if you tried to do the same test with any sort of Intel CPU right now that has a GPU inside of it like a 1900 K even even with the iris pro graphics or whatever you're not gonna get anywhere near this level of performance in fact do me a favor comment down below if you'd like to see us do a comparative head-to-head on the latest Intel iris graphics with these AMD raisa and ap use and here we are we're finishing our tests right here remember we are overclocked to 4 gigahertz and an 846 so that's a little bit lower than that 866 we actually got in our previous tests but it's important to remember that this is not the same system it's not the same motherboard it's not even the exact same memory we can't get this memory as high as we were able to in the past don't know why it's not the same operating system installs there's a lot of variables in there that you need to keep in mind but what you can learn here is that you can actually build a gaming system in 2019 that utilizes the 2400 G and still play modern titles if you're willing to drop the resolution down to 720 that's design for someone that's trying to get by somebody wants to play games can't afford a GPU yet but wants to sort of future-proof themselves or make themselves more future ready to put in a GPU in there we could take something like the 16 60 TI and stick it in here or something like the rx 590 it have no problems whatsoever yet amazing performance as we've already shown and then your CPU is still going to be an amazing eight core well eight logical core is a fork or eight thread with SMT or a simultaneous multi-threading on AMD giving you a great CPU at an affordable value so we've talked about this in the past it's like our third or fourth video talking about this over time and as you can see it still maintains relativity here in 2019 and with the new risin to 3000 series coming out later this year I expect to sweet see good stuff coming with next-gen hopefully some next-gen Vegas stuff may be coming out with APU all right guys I'm gonna go if you want to see us do more tests with this let us know what you'd like to see us do with it and we will go from there thanks for watching guys and as always we will see you in the next one ah are you think power power all right guys we're gonna go if you want to see us to do this all right guys we're brother brother if you wanna see us to do the Morris

44 thoughts on “Gaming without a video card in 2019”

  1. I'll be honest, you're running gaming on a GAMING motherboard.The video title does fit the description if your goal is without a GPU. But this is redundant as it's not exactly using a very low form of Graphics performance. Try doing this kind of video on a motherboard that's not gaming but a normal one for your average everyday use system. I will doubt that you will get the same results. Also, by default, you are running on a standard that's acceptable to a level that's running WITH a GPU. It's running on an AMD Radeon chipset. So chances are, there's a built-in GPU in it and it CAN run games in 2019. What I want to see you do is use stock form of display. Like what we have in office desktops with no GPUs. This is quite redundant cause the fact that you are RUNNING on GPU Standards with the Radeon Chipset enabled. It's not exactly a very helpful thing to show to your viewers. Show them one which isn't running on Radeon or Nvidia chipset. It'll be better to present this kind of video with an Intel CPU as their motherboards often grab the GPU unit from the processor and the processor of Intel uses Intel HD.

  2. this is a great show and tell example. my build will be using the same APU. I've been looking at "real world" examples in performance. thank you. AMD is the future.

  3. callum hawksworth

    Very impressive and have heard Raja who used to worked for AMD is designing a new graphics cards for Intel or is working on newer CPU to be like Vega CPU. But let me tell you something Raja got serious telant of that. Who do you think made a r9 290s and 390s ?? Them cards are still going strong and turned the table. That what AMD is most successful is keeping it like a fine wine while Nvidia is performaces but last like 2-3 years then decaded the Frame rate. That why GTX 970 is slower then 390x today. GTX 970 used to be faster then 390x

  4. c'mon Jay, when u said u can upgrade later with a graphic card and the APU still perform good, why you don't put the graphic card and show us the results with the same games ? 2060 ? 2080 bottleneck ? new navi cards ? what's the best graphic card ( in terms of price and performance ) for this APU ?

    And you will update this video with the 3400g in a few weeks ?

  5. A 2400G is pretty much as good as a current console. Seems like a great placeholder CPU when you're in between upgrading your GPU or CPU

  6. honestly, on board graphics aint that bad nowadays, you may have to go 720p but its not that big a deal really.

  7. I'd like to see something with the Iris chips. I had good experiences with my old MacBook Pro in college. It was the 2013 15" base model. I was able to play Tomb Raider 2013 at 900p with medium settings at acceptable frame rates.

  8. I was shocked when you ran Doom 2016 because my laptop has a GTX 950m and it can barely keep a 30fps on low 720p Vulkan. That is very impressive!

  9. I used to game without a GPU since the first one I had gotten was a counterfeit GPU. It was alright, but not the best.

  10. watching on my 2400g powered pc 🙂

    then again thats just the cpu part, i upgraded to a 1070 a few months ago and plan to go with a 2700 or 3600 when its released lmao

  11. So my PC with Intel i7 6700 CPU, 12Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD for OS Windows 10, 1Tb HDD for Games, and a GTX 980 GPU should be good to go till 2030. I'll just play all Games in future at Low Settings at either 1080p or 720p 😀

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