Gangstar: Miami Vindication – iPhone/iPod touch trailer by Gameloft

Gangstar: Miami Vindication – iPhone/iPod touch trailer by Gameloft

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  1. If you get the police helicopter and die in it when you come out of the hospital scroll through your guns and you will have a Gatling gun! Highly effective.

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  3. @MrLlevac The reason the game is not available for your S G Note is that the game hasn't been released for android . As soon as that happens you will be able to play.

  4. @Gameloft Hey Gameloft, I bought Gangstar: Miami Vindication but it keeps force closing. I have an samsung galaxy s plus and i really want to play it, it really looks like a fun game. Could you fix this for me please?

  5. @CodBlackOpsGlitcher2 Hello there,

    Please follow these steps- delete the game , clear the cookies from your device, redownload the game and install ii, try to play it again.

    If this won't fix your issue please write an email to [email protected] with the details of the problem and everything extra that you thing could be the problem.

    Have a nice day!

  6. i love how you could just steal a car without having to hotwire it or any thing just push the person out and try not to steal or shoot a police car or they might catch you and put you in jail

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  8. Hey can anyone help me everytime i play the game after a minute or so it closes (Ps i play on a iphone 3)

  9. Hi,
    It looks like some files were corrupted when you downloaded the game.
    What you need to do is to re-download the game.
    Please delete the game both from your device and iTunes.
    Note that you will lose all your saved progress.
    You can then re-download it from iTunes.

  10. Didnt work, i reuploaded the game 2 times or 3 and it still shuts down at a random time, now i have an iphone 4.

  11. PepsiBoy428 Productions

    Nah, Gonna have to disagree with you on that one, this one ran smoother on my iPod Touch 4G and Vegas had bad controls and map is better on here

  12. gameloft pode ate pareçer que não mais a maioria das pessoas gostam de seus jogos antigos pq vc tem que tiralos da play store eu queria jogar os gangstar antigo me lembra um pouco os de java sou fá da empresa desde de quando fazia jogos javas num era jogos nossa que espetacular mais eram jogos divertidos e se eu tivesse um aparelho java iria jogar pra relembrar os tempos antigos então para de ter vergonha gameloft lança seus jogos antigos de volta com suporte ao android marshmallow eu queria jogar seus jogos antigos mais num posso pq meu android e o 6.0 eu vou ate ver se consigo baixar no meu galaxy y a maioria irei conseguir o unico que num deve da e o 9mm jogo foda de vcs queria um remaster pro android 6.0 do jogo com gráficos em hd e do shadow guardian tbm por isso ouve seu fá sincero gameloft ah e vcs podiam lançar o prince of persia warrior whitin pra android tbm eu imploro gameloft😭😭😭😭

  13. Federigo Giustino

    Why is this game no longer available on the app store, but every other Gangstar game is? This was my favourite game in the series…

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