Gangstar Vegas – OFFICIAL Trailer – iOS & Android

Gangstar Vegas – OFFICIAL Trailer – iOS & Android

100 thoughts on “Gangstar Vegas – OFFICIAL Trailer – iOS & Android”

  1. I love this game! Jus one thing. If anyone else that works for the update section of Gameloft or knows someone that does could Gameloft add a MULTIPLAYER UPDATE WHERE YOU CAN NOT ONLY PARTICIPATE IN MULTIPLAYER EVENTS BUT ALSO HAVE MULTIPLAYER FFFRRREEEEEERRROOOAAAMMM!!!! AND MAYBE ADD A THING WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY GO INSIDE OF YOUR HOUSES YOU HAVE BOUGHT!!!!!PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This trailer won't load on this video or from App Store trailer but All other videos work fine sooooo weird !!

  3. A trick I haven't figured out…..trailers and demos have stunning graphics but the game LOOKS LIKE CRAP EVEN THOUGH ITS AMAZING

  4. Hi gameloft! I have been playing GV along time and spent money on this game… The only thing about this game is Multiplayer. Yes u can talk in ur gang or do events but those are just simple.

    What im asking is to add multiplayer so u can play with people in Online Servers. So u can battle, Rob stores, do stunts together and much more, so im just asking for Multiplayer Online servers to play on with real people. Thanks.

  5. Hola Gameloft , me an bloqueado la cuenta sin ningún motivo , no utilizo bugs ni hacks y mucho menos insulto jugadores , quiero que me regresen mi cuenta estaba por gastar dinero en el juego

  6. Aziz Alfauza Triananda

    Hey Gameloft!I like your game but can't you to disable the update notification in game?I can't to update this game more,my device storage was full.and why when that notification came,i can't to continue my game?please fix it!i'm sorry if you not understand what i mean,i am not very good in english.I'm Indonesian people.

  7. vengo del futuro y sacaran a Gangstar new orleaans que es una mierda con cebolla y mierda de bacca con zal y no tendrá tanto tiempo

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