Good Games For Free – Off-Peak (AKA Warrior Weekend)

Good Games For Free – Off-Peak (AKA Warrior Weekend)

this is the copyright free intro song to
the series known as good games for free warrior weekend free now let’s hit that oblivion Tory dump
stairs Rock Chalk Talk damn it how does Skrillex do this all
the time , oh alright then welcome back this is off peak ok so I’m supposed to engage the people
in conversation and look for this guy’s one ripped off ticket they scattered
around the station asshole you mean you want me to jump in there Marcus I guess ok so he doesn’t like a
guy named Marcus some people talk to you others talk amongst themselves why text
people talk to you great tax people talking about yourself so you just
supposed to watch alright can get too close to objects to
activate them use them to take up a group of people honestly it’s about time partner status
both status quo want to the spy school oh wow you guys it straight out in
nineteen eighty-four aren’t you come back now now yeah i’m getting pumped up yeah yeah Bernie 2016 Bernie 2016 Bernie 2016 Oh Marcus just more of a negative
interest group I’m not really into those sorry big
bands had some work done apparently button oh wow oh I hope my frame rate doesn’t go to shit right now holy
shit it’s like do you in arts prolapsed ask just first ticket peaks here’s a map ok let’s see where rap I so there’s two subway stations open
there you can gamble we can sightsee we can eat we can hear music eat oh and the whale we got to make sure we
know about the will that’s our anchor in this whole thing or we can just bail and just throw
ourselves into seat I think I’d rather stay dry bonk Oh Joe has passed him bak nice what’s this I built this up in my
backyard Oh take a piece I looks like an adult ticket eat all why
couldn’t I mean I wanna ever order pizza always order the bigger size so let’s say you order an 18-inch that’s
actually something like three times the size of a 12 inch piece of protein oh it’s about not having on my pc you’re in trouble now we’re going to
tell security I’ve got scared of you up you know I’d make a joke but i actually
live in the neighborhood where this stuff is very prevalent so meet oh that that’s banksy band bansky back seat McCaskey makowsky turn in your badge you have stolen top be written actually
I don’t have any actual comprises most of his stuff yeah this is definitely advanced banks
bad keep by about ski that’s about it Art Smith sounds awesome shit just cover it I whatever I don’t care this music is
too cool you can hear I really like the way the the lady goes
in the lady I really like the way the skull turns
into a paper clip it’s very reminiscent of our current
white color work out great part 5 News do with the oh that’s crazy I love these type of pictures with
Giants and the sort of behemoths type creatures all
of the sort of paintings are cool oh you guys ever read a book called
scary tales to tell in the dark yeah that’s cool book okay so we know where at we’re in front
of the well good going to use that anchor to up there’s a ticket right over there hello
so she’s looking for a girl with the red hair and a blue dress I wonder these are objectives or she
just tell me where I could find in this place I love this sort of astok art it’s
amazing it’s really bad ass still we can really describe it but
badass so anyway let’s get the full foot to
fuck oh ok how are you doing that let me go come out let me out let me out
oh yeah no no no no we are whale we’re behind we’re at the wells ass could we know where we are planes Bronx
well Fleetwood tuckahoe presswood scars do hartsdale why planes north white
points harlem and a hundred twenty fifth street that’s our reference huh this guy’s got the right idea here we say a prolific weekend warrior
he has been separated from his group and more than likely is an able to get more
of his ship nutritional substance known as cocaine try as he might the ground underneath
him is not his precious booger sugar and is pecking at it will heat no results he will not survive the winter twizzle
sticks african folk are check random skulls
check banksy check plastic fall apart check native american folk art check a giant well check helps their paradise
is open for business those shows this marks oh the famous mr.
marcus i presume oh it’s just some fat nerd ok I think we just entered New York City oh yeah an average New Yorker you get what you pay for Oh No was that what what did you put in those
cookies seriously what did you put I’m stop eating them if you don’t tell
me eventually yeah that you kill you fuckin marriage and I
join you guys play for skulls that’s fine metal that is the
appropriate response to twizzle sticks yes I am I ticket very good now just
board the train and right y’all that was okay come the fuck out he gave
it to me there’s little reason our change your
thought I was sorry I didn’t wow you guys are actually a lot more
imposing what up close like this dole wow that’s the red hair woman I
have bad news for you at a no woman all wrong are you I’ve seen this I see this in the movie The Godfather
please don’t kill me please don’t kill me I’m joining the circus yeah shoot me shoot me now good games for free warrior weekend

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  1. Definitely a unique game. Loved the beginning intro too man XD can't say ive seen someone do that before! Loved the video and keep up the good work

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