Great PC games that you will play more than once!

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always. For many of us, finishing a game is an exciting and
happy moment, because it allows us gamers to move onto the next challenge that is awaiting
us on our chosen platforms! But if you are like me, it’s also an opportunity to decrease
my backlog of unplayed games by one – but that’s another story. However, some games just beg to be played
again – thereby being the interactive entertainment equivalent of my tea addiction – you are powerless
to say no and will immediately do the gaming equivalent of me chain drinking tea. These
games may compel you to replay them for different reasons – hidden secrets, unlockable extras,
an alternative storyline or just plain bragging rights. Here are four of my favourites: Mass Effect is a series that is just begging
to be played through several times. In fact, I have played Mass Effect 2 four times – twice
on PS3 and twice on XBox 360. I’ve played Mass Effect twice and Mass Effect 3 twice,
so I know that the Mass Effect series will have you starting another new game from the
in game menu in less time than it takes me to make a cup of tea. The Mass Effect games
will have you playing through the game multiple times to romance a different crew member each
time and also to have your Commander Shepherd play in a different style. Given that Shepherd
is tasked with saving the galaxy from the Reapers, most of us will feel compelled to
play through the game as a Paragon first time round – basically a selfless, by the book,
good Shepherd. But the fun really starts when you play as a Renegade, when you’ll punch
annoying reporters, exterminate entire alien races and shoot at people just to get their
attention. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the Mass Effect series of games
are epic masterpieces that any self respecting gamer should have played. Any of the Dark Souls games – you’d think
that after 50 odd hours of video game punishment, dragging yourself through one of the most
difficult gaming franchises available, that the last thing any sane person would think
of doing would be to punish themselves by doing it all again? You would think that,
wouldn’t you, but with the game menu teasing you with ‘new game plus’, I bet you’ll be
giving in and having another go. New game plus lets you keep your high level gear from
the previous playthrough, which you’ll need because the enemies have been made more poweful
as well. Fortunately this madness doesn’t go on forever, because From Software obviously
believe that no-one has the skill necessary to beat New Game Plus Six. Beating Dark Souls
on a new game plus mode guarantees you instant bragging rights whilst your friends will claim
that you cheated your arse off. Bioshock is a game I’ve also played more times
than it’s healthy to. But Bioshock is such a masterpiece, that any gamer should play
this as many times as possible. The game will almost compel you to do this though, because
there are mutiple endings to the game. Depending upon whether you harvest or save all of the
Little Sisters, you will get a different ending to the game. There’s also another ending if
you harvest some and save some others, but essentially the ending recognises you being
a selfless person or an evil git who thinks nothing of draining life energy from toddlers.
If you’ve completed the game without using the Vita chambers, then I raise my mug of
tea to you! Dishonored is a game I expect many of you
played through stealthily the first time round. As a masked assassin, it’s likely you tried
to avoid detection and kill from the shadows, but Dishonored lets you play through by just
running around, gunning everybody down without worrying about the consequences – because
anyone who saw you, is now dead anyway. It’s when you play the game through a second time,
on the offensive that you realise many of your powers went unused the first time round.
Dishonored is a beautiful, amazingly crafted role playing game that allows you to kill
the way you want to. Dishonored also has multiple routes that you can take through each level
and it’s likely you’ll discover some more of those on a second playthrough. Let me know in the comments section below
what games you’ve played through multiple times and why. Thanks for watching the video
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on social media. I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with my cup of
tea as always and I will see you all in the next video – bye now!

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