Greedfall – E3 2019 Story Trailer | PS4

Greedfall – E3 2019 Story Trailer | PS4

One thing brings me cheer… They say the island is full of miracles
and we might find a cure. Lively there, lads and lasses! I promised the merchants and their Prince
we’d be off before the tide. I’m De Sardet, the Prince’s nephew. If all is in order,
we will soon be embarking on your boat. It brings me comfort to know my son has
left on a mission to heal his people. Ahoy! What a charming welcoming committee. Hmm, the new governor’s cousin. I’ve heard stories about you. Our people have always lived in harmony with nature. Our very existence revolves around her, yet you call the spirits that guides us “demon.” It is my feeling that you do not understand the consequences of such a decision. One of our friends posts
has just suffered a brutal attack. We didn’t want this fight. Tell me then,
what is your intended purpose? Do you renounce your gods?! The spirits of your lands must be quite horrendous to cast down such evils upon the peoples that lived there. Take your time to think about the consequences.

100 thoughts on “Greedfall – E3 2019 Story Trailer | PS4”

  1. Greedfall
    AKA play as a white man invading foreign lands telling the local populous their beliefs are wrong and evil and then trying to kill them XD

  2. Gábor Dr. Németh

    Bye-bye Bioware! It was a lot of fun, but looking back at your storytelling performance in MEA & ANTHEM, it’s time to give your seat to newcomers. 👋

  3. Literally never heard of this game until now. And man, it looks fantastic! And less than 3 months from release too! Dayyum take this $$$ dammit!!!

  4. In my opinion, They shouldn't try to rush this for release in 2019. This actually has the potential to become a great game. I suggest releasing this on early or mid 2020 to really give them time to work on the finer details of the game. This game will definitely be on my radar.

  5. It's funny how people constantly say that they don't care about graphics, but when something like this comes along with sub-par graphics that is all you will hear about in the comments.

  6. I'm up for this game, I'm sure some of you think the graphic aren't the best but hey!! There were many game with bad graphics yet many of them beats the games that had better graphics. Mass effect andromeda was a let down and I love mass effect!!

  7. If it's going to be full price and this is final/near final footage it needs to bake a little while longer, those faces and the lip sync need to be polished.

  8. when i heard of this game i was kinda meh but after seying some gameplay i got really excited. it looks like it has potential at least. ill be keeping an eye on it

  9. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technomancer is a personal favorite of mine and im very much looking forward to this. Although i hope spiders revists their mars world they have crafted.

  10. Wonder if this game will have complete voice acting or not? In some of the early trailers it appeared to only have text for dialogue not any voice acting in parts of it.

  11. I always wanted an Assassin’s Creed game like Rogue or Unity that took place in a bloodborne atmosphere, can’t wait to play it

  12. AH, so this is what I thought of when I heard the word, "American revolution, but with wizards". Turns out it was american settlers

  13. RPG's and their obsession with the English accent just puts me to sleep……..zzzzzzzzz………zzzzzzzzz………

  14. am I the only one who is getting some witcher 3 vaibes out of this?, I can hear at least one voice actor from the witcher 3.

  15. Whilst I am excited for the upcoming of this game, I can already hear the outrage mob crying about this game due to similarities of American Colonization, mistreatment of Natives, and traditional values used in earlier history. Then again: when are these mobs never outraged?

  16. A fantasy rpg that's more 17th century than medieval and has overtones of European colonization? You have my attention

  17. Spiders game, like the Technomancer, remind me so much of early Bioware. They don't quite have the same magic, but I'm keeping my eye on this game. If it's even half the game DA:O or Kotor was, I'd be ecstatic.

  18. I hope all factions have pros and cons to them to make them more interesting and a gray area so that the one you pick is based more on personal choice and thought rather than: "You can pick which faction to choose from! but we really really really want you to pick the natives".

  19. This is looking awesome but the annoying screen shake is doing my head in!! Please have the option to turn off the stupid/useless gimmick!

  20. Anyone have a game comparison for me? I heard it compared to Bloodbourne and Black Flag but someone else compared it to Dragon Age and Witcher 3

  21. Anyone know anything about that “do you renounce your gods” guy? He seems like the personification of one of my favorite character tropes (or whatever you call it)… he also kinda reminds me of Victor Saltzpyre from Vermintide.

  22. Anyone else gonna ignore the natives and just go full on imperial colonialist and convert the lot of them and take their land? Cause I will.

  23. Does anyone know what the song is called? I can't find it anywhere, maybe not released yet… But would love to know the name! So AMAZING!

  24. I don't know why, all Focus Interactives games that they are published, all character models look dated. Like they never know about motion capture or something, it looks like the character from Assasin Creed 3.

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