Grenades Explained! – Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide!

Grenades Explained! – Escape From Tarkov Beginners Guide!

what’s up everyone I’m JesseKazam and
welcome back to another escape from tarkov video in this video we’re gonna
be talking about all the grenades an escape from tarkov what their
differences are and certain situations you might want to use one over the other
extreme escape from tarkov a few days a week on twitch and all my links will be
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for a little bit we also have a discord where you can ask more questions get
some help or even run some raids with some people but with all that stuff out
of the way let’s go ahead and dive right in
so there’s currently three different types of grenades in escape from tarkov
you have fragmentation grenades flashbangs and smoke grenades so we have
three different types of fragmentation grenades in escape from tarkov right now
the f1 the RG d5 and the m67 there’s only one flashbang in the game and
there’s only one smoke in the game the only thing as far as I’m aware as far as
confirmed grenades that are coming is that we do have a few more smoke
grenades coming they leaked kind of some information back in a podcast a while
ago about a few different smoke grenades and a few different colors and stuff
like that that will be coming into the game which I am very excited for but
this is what we have right now so we’ve talked a little bit about grenades in
the past and some of my other videos but just quickly you can only throw grenades
from your pockets or your rig you can’t throw a grenade from your backpack and
you can actually bind a grenade if you would like to a number like you would
meds or something like that and then that way you can do an underhand toss if
you want or just kind of hold it out and like prepare the grenade beforehand
check out my 10 tips and 10 more tips that escape from tarkov doesn’t tell you
videos for stuff like that but really we’re here to talk about the differences
between these grenades and mainly the differences between the three different
fragmentation grenades because you know they’re all priced differently and
people are you know often wondering why use one over the other the m60 7s are
purchased from peacekeeper and they’re purchased with USD at about 9 – USD
which makes them you know around nine thousand rubles the our GD fives
and the F ones are purchased from perp or the our GD 5s are cheaper than the f1
zip ones can be pretty expensive I think they’re around thirteen thousand roubles
and they can be even more on the FEMA if you’re trying to buy more than purp
or we’ll sell you the main differences between these is the blast radius the
fragmentation count and the the fuse time so for instance Nihat the f1 is the
kind of the most common grenade it’s the one that people use most often as an
explosion delay of 3.5 seconds a maximum for a AG meant a shindig of 110 you know
150 fragments and the explosion radius is 3.8 meters and obviously I mean you
know you don’t need a video for this you can pull these things up and read them
yourselves it’s nothing crazy the differences are pretty minimal but we
can talk about Hawaii you know you might want to choose one
versus the other so the rgd 5 and the f1 hand grenade both have the exact same
fuse delay of 3.5 seconds the RJD 5 has a little bit more potential damage but I
think that is basically negligible and they have similar explosion radiuses the
f1 has a little bit higher but the big thing is the fragment count so I think
that’s probably the main reason why people do it there’s just more damage
potential there because you’ve got more fragments going out of that grenade and
then the m67 the big difference here is the fuse time it’s the explosion delay
is 5 seconds which that might not seem like a lot between 3.5 seconds and 5
seconds but towards the end I’m gonna just kind of throw them all in sequence
so you can see what the delays are on them and you’ll notice that this can can
feel like forever andrade because these numbers are not taking into account the
time of the animation for you to pull the grenade out pull the pin and then
throw it so it can feel like forever since you actually press G that that
happens the fragmentation counter is 100 so similar to the RG d5 and it has a
little bit bigger even of an explosion radius which is kind of nice these
grenades aren’t used a lot because of that fuse delay
but I’m starting to see a lot more players use this fuse delay to their
advantage it can feel so long that I’ve seen clips of people who will basically
bait players to do something when you hear a grenade when you hear that clink
of it landing right next to you if you don’t even if you don’t see it even if
you’re not sure exactly where it is your absolute first instinct is to run it’s a
reposition right there is nothing more frustrating than holding holding a
really good position and they’re just blowing up and not even getting a chance
to like aim and shoot at the person and so what I’ve seen a lot of players do is
they’ll throw this grenade into almost like a safe place maybe right at their
feet or right into a doorway then they can push all the way in and around a
corner maybe to cover and basically aggressively push the people who now
have their back turned because they’re trying to run away I’ve seen a ton of
clips of that working really really well and it’s actually really inventive and a
fun way to use these nades I’ve started experimenting with that a
little bit as well and it can be a lot of fun to do that so those are the main
differences between them there’s a price difference there’s a very small damage
difference but the most of the damage is coming from the amount of fragments and
the potential to explode or the potential to damage somebody after it
explodes moving on to the Zarya the Zarya is the
only flashbang in the in the game it the other benefit of the Zarya is that it
only takes two seconds from the time the pin is pulled and you’ve thrown the
grenade it only takes two seconds to detonate so a lot of people use these
because not only like we’ll see in a second is the if you get a good flash on
someone it is devastating it is absolutely devastating to that
player and their potential to do really anything for the next few seconds or
even 30 seconds but not only that is it explodes so fast the potential for
somebody to actually like land something good is much higher because the thing
with the grenades is most of the time you
a fragmentation grenade you’re really just displacing your enemy you’re
showing them where you’re using that information to figure out where they are
so that you can then push or something like that or you’re just spamming it a
bunch of nades to keep them at bay or something like that but this grenade
really allows you to land it really good and then just get that flash and then
move in now the downside is of course that you’re not gonna know if you
flashed somebody you know what I mean you can try and peak a corner and see
what they’re looking like a lot of times people will just start spraying and
praying if there flashed really good so you can try to use some of that
knowledge to your advantage to figure out if you have but that’s the obvious
downside if you hurt somebody with a grenade you’ll oftentimes hear them
grunt or if you kill somebody then they’re dead and you can peek a corner
or whatever and you know that you don’t have to worry about that threat anymore
so these once again probably aren’t utilized very often at all because of
that because there’s no way to tell if you flash somebody and there’s no damage
potential the other grenade we have is the single smoke grenade this is the
most underused coronate and it’s getting from tarkov and the reason is because it
takes so long to bloom so the explosion delay is three point five seconds of
that’s before it starts blooming that smoke but once it starts blooming it is
very very slow it takes a really long time we’ll see and here in a second and
it takes up two spots so you can’t just throw it in your pockets you have to
have a two slot and then that often means if you have a two slot because
your character will pull grenades from your pockets first and then your
tactical rig and the smokes have to go in your tactical rig well that means if
you have any other grenades you have to bind this so that you can use it exactly
when you want to because if you have any other grenades in your pockets and then
a smoke as a just in case and you just press G you’re gonna throw that first so
it can be a little weird it can be a little wonky that doesn’t mean that
there’s no use for it though I have seen people use these a great example is a
friend of mine loves can you use these on maps like woods if we see and in an
enemy ad like a medium to long distance we start engaging and it doesn’t
immediately and in death like hey now we’re starting
that reposition game if he wants to go right
he’ll Chuck a smoke grenade left because as the 10 20 seconds of everybody
repositioning now you have completely divided the attention of your enemy
because that is the thing is when you do see someone you smoke it is so hard not
to stare at it because you’re worried that somebody’s just gonna emerge from
it and start shooting at you or even just at the bare minimum you’ve
distracted somebody now they know that they have to watch more than one angle
does that kind of make sense so it can be used the uses for and currently are
pretty minimal because of that delay but there are uses for it and you can also
just meme around with it me nobody I’ve just taken like 15 of these in the labs
and just gone ham with them but we’re really excited about the future of smoke
grenades because there are some of the more westernized smoke grenades that
bloom a lot faster and are different colors and stuff like that and
potentially one slot we don’t know so we’re really excited for the future of
those grenades so now I’ll go through and I’ll just throw all the grenades so
you can see kind of like what the actual fuse times look like in game so we’ll
just kind of go ahead and throw them this is the f1 so you know definitely if
you’re throwing it longer range like that you’re definitely gonna see a quick
ability to or it kind of explodes not too long after it impacts because a lot
of that time is spent in the air but if I’m just trying to throw it around this
corner that’s a pretty decent amount of time to run if somebody threw that at me
you know what I mean like that person could have heard it bounce here and then
just started wrapping around so these long range grenades are really kind of
nice because by the time it hits over there there’s not a whole lot of time
but when they’re close like that really all the grenades you have that ability
to run away so this is the RG d5 basically exactly the same as the f1 the
f1 is just going to have more fragments and so a little bit more
potential to do some damage the m67 we can see when we toss it even long-range see one year when you read in those
descriptions and you only hear a one and a half second difference doesn’t seem
like a lot but when you’re when you’re here it’s really a lot and once again
you know if I wanted to do something if there was somebody on the other side of
this red and I just tossed the grenade right here I’ve got plenty of time to
push and make a play on him he hears the grenade and it starts running away or
trying to find cover plenty of time for me to do something now the flash
grenades once again very quick for the fuse times and you can even get them to
explode in the air because once again you only have a few seconds so if you’re
throwing it long range that can explode in the air if you’re throwing it around
a corner it’s nice and quick so you know that’s the huge advantage there you know
we’ve got the smoke grenades here and this is just like we said it’s quite a
while for it to start blooming and we’ll just kind of let this right out so you
know it just now started it’s not even the size of a person yet in any sort of
close to mid range battle that that’s just not going to be a super effective
now once again if I smell somebody all the way over there we started taking
shots and we didn’t land it and I start maybe healing up back here and then I
start to see something bloom over there and he actually went flanking this way I
you know what I mean I would be confused I would be like well they threw a smoke
are they gonna be coming around this way and it can distract a little bit once
it’s fully bloomed up like this you can see that it can actually be pretty
powerful you know what I mean like you can’t see through it and somebody could
be looting in there somebody could just pop out and shoot me they can be
effective once they’ve bloomed it just the bloom that’s the problem and so
the last thing I’ll show you is like the effect of the stun grenades
now the stun grenades don’t just affect you head-on if I throw it and then I’m
looking this way you know what I mean it kind of pulls just down in the bottom
left-hand corner and it’ll start to dissipate a little bit quicker you can
even get it to UM stun you even less than that because like if you throw it
and you’re looking even farther away so that’s something to be careful of if
you’re using the stun grenades you can oftentimes get a little bit of a stun on
yourself which can be frustrating and then you know this obviously in the
bottom left-hand corner that’s gonna stay much longer the rest of my screen
my vision is almost completely back and it’s here now if these hit you head on
it can be devastating it can take a really long time to go away and you even
get an auditory kind of ring as well which means you know your two your two
main senses and tarkov your hearing in your sight are impaired and so this is
kind of what that looks like see you get that loud screech that’s not pleasant
for everybody anybody and not only even as your vision comes back it’s blurry
you start to get a waving effect on your screen I mean you are absolutely just
stunned and concussed and if that big ol bright spot is right in the mil your
screen it can take a while so in a close-range gunfight that amount of time
to even get to here where my vision is still impaired but my peripheral vision
is OK is and it’s that can provide an insane advantage and a firefight but
once again there’s no way to know that somebody has been concussed so that’s
really it those are the grenades and escape from tarkov I hope that this
helped just break down the differences between them and then gave you a few
different instances where you might want to use one versus the other I definitely
highly recommend experimenting with all of them even the smokes if you want to
kind of move around a little bit but they all can actually provide really
cool gameplay in and of themselves so I hope does this help to explain that
you can have some more fun in your AIDS they kill so much as always for taking
the time to check out this video if you liked the video think about giving it a
thumbs up and subscribing for more content like this please drop a comment
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content that helps shorten the learning curve of escape from tarkov and gets you
in your raids having fun as soon as possible thank you again for stopping by
and I’ll see you all on the next one you

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