Griefing The Cheaters #1

Griefing The Cheaters #1

26 thoughts on “Griefing The Cheaters #1”

  1. Deathtouch of the Administrator
    Enchantment – Aura
    Enchant Griefer
    Any amount of damage dealt to enchanted Griefer is enough to destroy it.
    Prevent all damage that would be dealt by enchanted Griefer.

  2. I guess he didn't turn on damage output or the damage done sound. Then again, I don't cheat when playing a multiplayer game either.

  3. xD noobs only try to cheat instead of spending some time to learn how to play the game.. this isnt a "u have to get a lot of kills"game .. tf2 doesnt even show ur kd count to other players, it show points instead witch u earn not only by killing but by assisting ur team (healing, sapping enemy building , capturing points and a lot of other thing)… learn the game damit
    P.s. he dies when falling cuz he uses speedhack (fall damage is counted by height And movement speed)

  4. I respect that you have your own taste in music, but it has nothing to do with the content of the video and it covers up what makes the video entertaining.

    Not trying to be a dick here, but either turn the music way down or remove it for better results.

  5. @omegasephiroth6789 what is it with you and gay people?! i think you are just saying this because you are secretly hiding in the closet and afraid to go against religion, people, and maybe all the people who like to troll other people on the internet. WHO THE HELL CARES IF SOMEONE IS GAY OR NOT?! i dont as long as there happy..

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