Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

I wouldn’t do a Series just because
Drax as a series would be really rough I mean, with the makeup and everything. It would be too tough. But what I would like to do is honestly and this is not my idea. I’m stealing this
idea. But James Gunn had the idea to do a Drax mantis movie. And that’s what I
would be up for, because there’s just too much fun there. Yeah well all right hold
on a Drax and mantis team up movie? Hell yes. James Gunn, let’s get on the phone. Let’s go ahead and make some moves and get that started. He wanted to do it, he had an idea for it. And it was just Marvel has their slot. You know, for the next five years
and they know how their story’s going to go. It’s hard for them just to have an idea
for a film and say yeah we want to fit that in here so. It just didn’t fit into
their schedule so… You should fight one another for the honor of leadership. I got some blasters unless you guys want to use knives? Oh yes! Please use knives! Yeah, knives. I am groot! [Nervous Laughter] Not necessary… There shall be no knifing one another. Everybody knows who’s in charge. Me… Yes…Yes, you. Of course. Of course. Of course… Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my breakdown video for all the guardians of the galaxy spin-off
movies that Drax here is talking about as well as the other stuff that they’ve
announced so far Marvel does have big plans for more space based movies during
Marvel phase four in phase five if you’re new to the channel we’re doing
that movie ticket giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and
let me know what the next big space-based character you want them to
introduces so first surfer Nova who do you guys want
so we’ll just break this down top-5 style starting with number five so as he
says James Gunn has pitched a couple guardians of the galaxy spin-off movies
the Drax mantis movie that Dave Bautista is talking about in this clip at the
beginning of this is just one of those the main reason being is that before a
lot of the new Marvel phase 4 in phase 5 movies that they’ve talked about that
they’re getting ready to do there just weren’t that many space based Marvel
movies with places for some of these weirder guardians characters to show up
Peter quill is from Earth it’s totally believable that he could show up on
earth in a future Avengers movie just to briefly pick them up and fly them
wherever their next battle is docking at the newly created sword space
in a fury created at some point crude is one of those characters that you could
put with almost any different team in the Marvel Universe on earth anywhere
else and he would work really well just as a great comedic addition and when
James Gunn was talking about this Drax mantis spin-off they didn’t have the
Disney Plus series yet which are primarily created for stories that they
didn’t have space for in the movie release schedule like he says because
Marvel can only do three to four movies per year if you count the Sony
spider-man movies usually it’s three per year but with the spider-man movies it
makes it four for the most part Disney Plus is also for the stories that they
don’t think have quite as much box-office potential as Safer picks like
one division is a great example in the Hawkeye series two really cool
characters that wouldn’t necessarily be as big of a box-office draw as say Thor
for you also again like six hours to tell a story instead of two and a half
and some stories just do not fit in that short theatrical runtime q Avengers end
game even though it was over three hours long think about how much footage in
scenes they left on the cutting room floor number four the main reason why
they don’t have space in their release schedule even though they’re doing up to
four movies per year is because now they have Deadpool 3 all the x-men characters
a ton of x-men characters and all the Fantastic Four characters to deal with
that’s in addition to them setting up the idea of a new Avengers roster
introducing all these new solo characters like shang-chi Nova Silver
Surfer Galactus so many huge characters there’s just only so much space that
they have and they’ve already announced their schedule through 2022 and 2023
even though some of these Marvel phase 5 movies just have release dates they
haven’t announced what they are they just untitled Marvel movie although I
have done a couple Marvel phase 5 videos about what those are based on what their
production schedule is so I’ll link some of those at the end of this as much as I
would be down for a Drax mantis Disney Plus series the reason why Dave Bautista
says that they’re not going to do that it’s just because from a practical
standpoint the process of putting on his makeup is so torturous that he
physically would not be able to withstand doing it for the duration of
time it would take to film all six episodes and it takes a lot longer to
film the Disney Plus Series than it does one of their big movies what would they
be about though the Drax mantis spin-off what mostly Drax is still deal
with the loss of his family the completion of his revenge arc with
Thanos which is now kind of complete because that was initially the reason
why he joined the guardians team is because he wanted to get revenge against
Thanos and they got it during avengers endgame so his arc should be complete so
both he and mantas would presumably go start a new life together because even
though they didn’t really have a romantic arc during the film’s through
guardians to an Avengers infinity war Avengers endgame they do form one of
Marvel’s better odd couples the oddest of couples but you’d have to imagine
them getting into a bunch of crazy adventures créme ring themself from one
situation to the next because of the way they interpret other people and social
situations so number three the other guardians of the galaxy three spin-off
the James Gunn has spoken about earlier were rocket and Groot spin-off he talked
about that when he was working on guardians of the galaxy to so some of
those plans may have changed a little bit because rocket is supposed to be one
of the main characters of guardians three focusing on him in a ways the
previous movies happen you may have seen James Gunn responding to a lot of people
on social media recently getting upset with him thinking that he’s going to
kill off rocket for the same reason that they kill groot in the first movie and
then yondu in the second movie even though we got another version of Groot
he is adamant that Groot died in the first film and that this is kind of like
groots offspring technically groots powers are a little bit different in the
comics he can regrow himself from a single twig so if you’re going by
comic-book rules it’s the same Groot but if you’re going by what James Gunn
says baby Groot and then teenage Groot are completely different versions of the
character part of the reason why people think that he might kill rocket off is
that he’ll complete his life’s arc he’ll go from being this angry little trash
panda with a laundry list of issues because of the terrible things that have
happened to him in his life and wind up sacrificing himself selflessly to save
the other Guardians the same way that group did in the first film the same way
that yondu did in the second film remember the scene that rocket had with
yon dude during guardians to talking about why he understood him why he’s
such a crap bag to all of his friends why you’re so angry all the time because
I used to be exactly like you yondu found inner peace through the course of
guardians to sacrificed himself to save Peter quill his adopted son
they even both acknowledged it even though this guy is your birth father
he’s not your real father I’m your real father
when characters get that sort of self-actualization in completion of
their arc that’s usually when people kill them off same thing happened to
Iron Man in Black Widow in Avengers endgame they sort of complete their
life’s arc the path that I set us on so even though the Black Widow twist was a
little more confusing the Black Widow movie which is going to be set during
the past will provide some more context for that but I’ll talk about that when I
do more black widow videos the other spin-off although technically I don’t
consider it a spin up is Sylvester Stallone implied that his guardians 3000
team might continue to show up again in future space-based movies number 2 what
is going to happen to the guardians roster after guardians of the galaxy 3
if James Gunn really is implying that at least one of the team members will be
killed off remember he’s killed off one of the team members in every single
movie so they’re probably going to do another one in number three also a lot
of these guardians actors contracts are going to be up after Guardians 3 and some
of them will come back some of them will not come back Chris Pratt has already
said many times that he wants to pull a Chris Hemsworth Thor and keep coming
back for more Marvel movies as long as they’ll have him so he’s probably
sticking around long term if they’re talking about doing Drax and mantas
spin-offs it sounds like they were originally going to leave the team
anyway that leaves a lot of open spaces for new characters so I think Thor would
be amazing if he hung out with him after Thor 4 love and thunder for some real
ass guardians of the galaxy beta ray bill would be an amazing long-term
addition to the team and obviously we’re just heading into Marvel phase 4 and
Marvel phase 5 there’s going to be a bunch more space based characters debuting
during those movies including x-men characters who would all be great on a
new guardians roster so there’ll be a lot of other new characters that we
haven’t met yet like Nova is a good example he would be cool on a Guardians
team but number one as for Thor actually coming back during guardians of the
galaxy 3 Chris Pratt was actually just talking about this recently in an
interview here’s a clip of that. Thor. Not in Guardians 3. How do you know that Thor’s
not in guardians 3, we haven’t shot it yet?! He might be in guardians 3. You know we don’t know there’s no definitive yes or no on that. Magic! But we’ll have to wait and see You’ll just have to wait and see!
it’s this they’ve got you just silent. Zipped tight. Yeah. Can’t say a word! Chris Pratt’s trying to be funny about it but
it sounds like he isn’t flying Thor’s supposed to have a cameo
during guardians three if it’s not going to be a really big role they just have to
sign Chris Hemsworth to a new contract so they haven’t completely worked out
all the red tape yet but that is the idea the Thor would cameo everyone let
me know in the comments what kind of guardians of the galaxy spin-offs do you
want to see after guardians 3 and what do you want them to do with Thor after
Thor 4 love and thunder if he’s not going to stay on earth really hoping for
that Thor Silver Surfer crossover you could also do a Guardians Silver Surfer
crossover too but I’m mostly expecting guardians 3 to introduce Adam warlock
I’ll name a new giveaway winner when I post my next Marvel video leave all your
requests in the comments below everyone click here for that new
Avengers infinity saga deleted scenes of Thor in one of Iron Man becoming Doctor
Strange and click here for my new Thor for Christian Bale video thank you so
much for watching everyone stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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